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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XIII No 1
Raw OCR - 8/04/04

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Ijt J J,
VOL. XIII, No. 1
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I-iappq Ne VeLVL
Again, we remind our readers of a publi cation by Hrs. Eli V “ler, Rt. #1, Box 280, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, on the Peter Nafziger line of Ilibach. The Title of the publication is “History of First Amish Settlers from Germany in the US and Descendants of Byler and Naffsingers. The story of Peter one of the more tragic ones we have in our heritage in that Peter died at sea as did one daughter and widow Jacobina N. and six children arrived in a new, strange country, penniless and left to make their own way The oublication is more than a gencalogy report in that many personal stories about the life of a num ber of Amish Families have been related. All of the children of Jacobina N. married Amish and it is one of the few Nafzger faHi ilies to begin life in America as Amish. If you are interested in reading about our Arnish relatives as related by an Amish writer, you can secure information about the publication by writing to Mrs. Byler.
We have many pages of charts in our poss ession that were sent to us by Ray Noftsger, Pizzoli, Italy. The charts attempt to sumar ize some of his findings and theories regard ing our heritage At the beginning, I want to caution our readers that while much of the material is factual and there is documentation there remains the possiblity of error due to many reasons, probably the primary one being, the use of the same first name by family after family in Europe The use of some different first names in the various family lines would have greatly simplified the heritage hunting process but it was not to be. Also, in a num ber of situations, we find a Nafzger marrying a Nafzger, often a widow Nafzger, which adds further problems to the identification process. In future issues of the News, we hope to re print a more detailed explanation of the var ious lines or charts as provided to us by Ray. In this issue of the News, we are going to id entify a few interesting bits of information found on some of the charts.
To the best of our knowledge, the first Nafzger to arrive in America was Ulrich Nafz— ger who made the trip in 1741, Ulrich was marr ied to Maria Catharina Bischoff. Their child ren are Johannes, Hans, Christian, Peter, Stephan, Mary and Ann. If I am reading Rayss chart correctly, two brothers of Ulrich would be Stefan and Johannes. Both Stefan and Jo hannes are two common Nafzger names coninonly found in a number of historical documents and records in Europe In addition, they had sub stantial families and many of our European cousins trace to the two lines Looking over the charts, I see that Hertha, Willy, Alfons, and Bruno Nafziger came to the States with their parents, Andreas r!afziger(married Elisa— beth Esch). Some of our readers are descend ants of this line, For their records, the father of Andreas is Johannes (who married Elisabeth Roggi; grandfather is another Jo— hannes (who married Marie Hauter);Great Grand father is Valentin of Urbach(who married Anna
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A consumer report from Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, 0.
Beatrice Bayley, SpringhiH Road, Sterling, Pa. 18463, claims to have spent thousands of dollars and months of work to research through 70 million families and to have located almost every family in the United States with my name.
She also says that my family name is very rare, represented in only one in every 250,000 individuals.
I ordered two copies of my Family Heritage Book, for $55.
When the books came, I wasn’t pleased with the work, so under Beatrice Bayley’s 10-day refund guarantee, I returned both via insured parcel post and requested a refund. I have been waiting more than 60 days. — D.M.
Beatrice Bayley refunded for both books.
The firm was in violation of the Federal Trade Commission mail order rule, which requires a company to mail a requested “ within seven working days.
In a new report, the Council of Better Business Bureaus describes Beatrice Bayley, Inc., as a business almost five years old, whose president is Kurt J. Schneider and whose director is Beatrice Bayley Schneider.
THE REPORT emphasizes that the book is not a family history. It is sold as “a guide to the discovery and documenta tion of your personal and family heritage.”
“It is personalized only to the
extent of being titled with the purchaser’s family surname (e.g., The Smith Family),” says the BBB report. “It contains a list of nar and addresses of others in the United States having the same family name, obtained by the company through computer scanning of utility and government records. The list is not a complete list of family relations, but may serve as a starting point for genealogi cal research.”
On June 6, 1980, Kurt J. Schneider entered into a consent agreement with the U.S. Postal Service. The agreement bound the firm to discontinue making representations in direct mail solicitations that purchasers would receive a Family Herit age Book “specifically about the ancestry and family names of the addressee.” The agreement was for settlement purposes only and did not constitute an admission by the company that the law had been violated.
.THE FIRM has signed simi lar agreements in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Dale Nofzinger of Adrian, Michigan is a descendant of Valentine who emigrated to the States in 1831. After his return to Adrian, he sent some material in his possession. The material greatly adds to the data that we have on Valentine’s line. It spells out where they lived in Germany/France at the Diefenbacher Hof and the fact that they were from the Fleckensteiner Hof line. Also, that Barbara Nafziger, sister of Valentin, married Johann Roggi. I am for warding a copy of the material to Ray as he will find it quite valuable to identify the many names he has collected. _____________________________________
We received a letter from Faye Noftsger Flaugher after her visit. She reports that the old Noftsger homestead can be purchased in Brown County, Ohio and she is considering the purchase. I am not sure but I believe the lands on which the homestead is located may be the original lands acquired by Jacob who was a son of Jacob who emigrated in 1750. The house on this land may not be that old but it wouldn’t surprise me that it dates back prior to the Civil War.
It-it NA1LUtI( i NEWS
120 Edgewood Drive
GraFton, Ohio 44044
Elyria, 0., Sun., Nov. 13, 1983 Chronicle-Telegram F-i
PubL vea’uJ
Sp.’LAJ1 - WLn - FaiL - Swmne/t
Unfortunately, it is going to be necessary to raise our sub scription price to ten dollars a year. Quite simply, it is a matter of sending a lot of information to interested de scendants, keeping our foreign correspondance going and too heavy a postage/printing/copy ing costs to match our income.
Recent visitors at the Naftzger home in Grafton, Ohio are Dale Nofzinger of Adrian, Michigan, Faye(Noftsger)Flaugher of West Chester, Ohio and her daughter, Marian of Batavia, Ohio and a friend of her daughter. We had a great time discussing the her itage of the Nafzgers.
Page Two
Esch) and finally, great great grandfather is Stefan Nafziger, the brother of Ulrich who made the trip to America Stefan married Magdalena Gungrich in 1742 and moved to Stein steltz in 1743. Another brother to Stephan and Ulrich is Johannes N. Johannes Nafziger married Magdalena Nafziger, widow of Stefan, Stefan died in 1755 at Stei,iseltz and widow Nafziger married his brother in 1756. She died in 1765 at Steinseltz and Johannes married again to another Magdalena whose last name is not known. According to the death record of one son of Johannes, his mother, Magdalena Nafziger died at Steinseltz and his father, Jo— hannes died at Katzenthalerhof. According to a death record of another son, Christian, his mother (which is Magdalena) died at his house in 1831. Stephan and Johannes (brother to Ulrich who emigrated to America in 1741) is important because so many of our European lines trace to them. For example, I see where Gerhard Nafziger of Stockdorf and Matthias Otte of Plettenbery, Germany, both of whom were visitors at the Naftzger home in Grafton, trace to the Stefan and Johannes lines,.
In 1749, three additonal Nafzger families came to America. They are Rudolph, Peter and Nlatthias N. Just one year later, Jacob arrived in America, All four of them settled in what was then Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as did Ulrich. There is little new to re port on these four lines. kecords of the four are not easily found in Europe and believe me, Ray has made a jeoman’s effort to fjnu out more about the parentage of the four lines because Ray is a descendant of one of them. There are many theories but more and more, it
beginning to look as if they were not brothers as tradition has it, In fact, the more we are inclined to believe that one of them may have been from the Switzerland branch and at least two of them came from Germany, If there are some records of them in Europe, we have yet to uncover them, or maybe, we are overlooking something in the records that we have in our possession.
A Nafziger family that came to the USA in 1836 is Christian Nafziger (married to Cath anna Mauer) and settled in Tazewell County, Illinois, Children of this family are Christ ian (who married Barbara Schertz), Johannes, Barbara, Jakobina, Catharina and Magdalena. (We need more information on the daughters, who they married and data on their descendants of our records). Regardless, the parents of Christian Nafziger(married Catharina Mauer) is another Christian Nafziger (1727—1813), born at Waltembourg, Phallsbourg, Lorraine. This Christian married Katharina Somer (1754—1794). A number of our readers are descendants of this line and this bit of information will move their heritage back another generation.
A Nafzger family that came to the USA in 1840 is Joseph N. (who married Barbara Jantzi) Joseph emigrated to Canada, later moved to Kansas and descendants are found in many of our western states. Father of this Joseph is Jean (looked like it to me) who was a miller at Bradelting. He was born in 1779 and married Katharine (Gungrich) Naffziger.
Next, We have the relationship of Peter of lilbach and Valentin of Gauerheim (the one we used to refer to as Peter of Groversheim but this was discovered to have been in error). The father of Peter of Ilibach (the one who emigrated to the States in 1827 but died at sea) is another Peter (who is married to Anna Elisabeth Danner), This Peter died in 1792 and Anna, his wife, remarried to Johanne Peter of Uberau, The brother of Peter (who is married to Anna Elizabeth Danner) is Valentin of Gauerheim who first married Magda lene Fischer, then Magdalena Catherine Nafziger (nee Spring) in 1802, then Elizabeth Beck of Neustadt before 1814 and finally Magdalena Nafziger (nee Muller) after 1814. This Mag— dalena was the widow of another Peter Nafziger. Catherine Nafziger (nee Spring) is the widow of Valentine N. At this given generation, the Nafziger at Ilibach and the one at Gauerhiem are brothers so the Nafzgers from these lines coming to the USA would have been first cousins. The connection to the Uberau line of Nafzger is somewhat more complicated than this.
Also, I believe I know why so many descendants in the USA reported that they were descendants of Peter of Groverheim. In that Valentin was married four times and two of the marriage were to widows of Nafzigers and one of them was to a widow of a Peter Nafziger, it may have been that the one reporting this could have been correct. In the past issue of the News, the only thing we established that the father of Peter, the Apostle in the USA, was Valentin but the exact parentage of the other children have not been established, The Nafzigers widow that Valentin married may have had children from their previous husband.
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Page Three
This is my first letter to you although Pve had good intentions of writing a number of times over the years. I wanted to have a complete set of family group sheets for my brothers and sisters families as well as my own so I am sending what I have and I will send others as I get them. As you can see from the enclosed information my direct line goes back to Rudolph (emigrated to America in 1749).
My father, Daniel M. Noffsinger passed away August 23, 1973 at Moline, Illinois at which time, a number of his letter came into my possession. Two of them I have made copies of which you may find interesting.
DAN NOFFSINGER, West Jordan, Utah
Editor’s Note: The letters were written in 1928 by Mollie Lipple of Greenville, It tells of an old family Bible that is well worn and use but the fly pages with ily record is intact yet. Copies of the fly pages were included in Dan’s letter. cherished genealogical information because the Bible belonged to Eli Noffsinger who was born in 1794. It reveals the dates of births, marriages, etc. Here is a list of names that appeared in f letters.
Saloma Noffsinger
Elizabeth Noffsinger, born in 1819.
Daniel Noffsinger, born 1821
Joel Noffsinger, born 1822
John Noffsinger, born 1824
Joseph Noffsinger, born 1828
Euriah Noffsinger, born 1830
Susannah Noffsinger, born 1832
Eli Noffsinger, born 1835
Mary Noffsinqer, born 1837
Saloma Noffsinger, born 1840
John Noffsinger, death 1828
Joseph Noffsinger, death 1835
Mary Noffsinger, death 1869
Eli Noffsinger, death 1874
Other data found in Mollie’s letters are:
1. Daniel M. Noffsinger (son of John
2. Eli Noffsinger
3. Mary Noffsinger Root, daughter of
Aunt Martha, daughter of Daniel Noffsinger who is son of Eli.
Uncle Aif is Alfred Redinbo, borther of David Redinbo who married Susannah.
John Franklin Noffsinger,(son of Daniel Noffsinger).
Joel Noffsinger (son of Daniel Noffsinger)
Charles A. Redinbo (son of David F. Redinbo and Susannah Noffsinger Redinbc
William J. Redtnbo (son of David F. Redinbo and Susannah Noffsinger Redinbo
Elmer Redinbo (son of David F. Redinbo and Susannh Noffsinger.
Henry Mathew Redinbo (son of David and Susannah)
Mary Malissa Redenbo.
Dora Mae Eyman Noffsinaer. wife of John Franklin Noffsinger
Charles Durb in, son of Dora Mae
Jessie Mae Noffsinger Greer, daughter of John and Dora Noffsinger
For our readers who are descendants of Rudolph, the foregoing names may have some particular meaning and they may want to contact Daniel Noffsinger, 8235 Derby Circle, West Jordan, Utah, 84084. He has a wealth of information on this phase of the line.
Illinois the fam— It is
1. Eli Noffsinger, born 1794, married Mary Repel in 1817
2.	John F. Redenbo, death 1881
3.	Lucy Jane Redenbo, death 1885
4.	Susannah Redenbo, death 1911
5.	David F. Redenbo, death 1918
6.	David Redenbo, married to Susannah Noffsinger
7.	David F. Redenbo, born 1851
8.	Susannah Noffsinger, born 1856.
9.	John F. Redenbo, born 1880
10.	Elmer E. Redenbo, born 1882
11.	Lucy Jane Redenbo, born 1884
12.	Charles A. Redenbo, born 1886
13.	William J. Redenbo, born 1889
14.	Henry Matthew Redenbo, born 1891
15.	Mary Malissa Redenbo, born 1894.
F, Noffsinger and wife, Verdie V. Petersen Eli Noffsino
Page Four
MORE INFORMATION ON SEVEN NAFZGER LINES Continued from Page Three The only negative aspect of this logic is that we cannot find a Groverheim in Germany. Regardless, here is where Valentine (Gauerhiem) lived in Germany. In 1804, he is found at Neuhof. He was born at Diemstein,Pfalz. In 1808, he was a miller at Gauerheim, In 1811, he was 40 years old (born in1771) and is living at Hochheim. In 1830, he was a miller at Gauerheim.
Thus, It would appear that Peter (married Danner) and Valentine of Gauersheim are brothers so they have common parentage. Father of this pair of Nafzigers is Peter N of Rheinfelder who first married Maria Schenk, then Elisabeth Ehresman and finally Barbara Ehresman. The father of Peter of Rheinfelder is Ulrich N. who came from Barbeistein to Berwartseiner Hof He was born at Erlenbach/Dahn. Ulrich and family moved to Barbeistein with Jakob Erismann and at the time, both of them were Anabaptists. Ulrich and his fam ily took lease at Rodenbach 1715. In 1728, he took a farm at Essingen near Landau in der Pfalz, Perhaps, he had two wives. Only the names of four children are known. They are the already mentioned Peter of Rheinfelder, Barbara (married Jakob Schenk,) Ann (married Veltin Gungrtch)and Johannes who took a farm at Essinqen in 1759.
Peter Nafztger of Uberau married Jakobina Fischer. They are the parents of Johann, Christian N. who married Barba Stahl and emigrated to the States in 1853. Also emigraing to the states with him were his sister, Anna Catharina and brother Johann Valentin. Anna Catharina married a Valentin Nafziger of Gauersheim/Hockheim so that is the relationship of the Uberau line to the Gauersheim tine. The father of Peter Nafztger of Uberau (who mareid Jakobina Fischer) Is Christian N who married Elisabeth Linder of Windstein. This Christian N. was born in 1717 and died in 1782. He was born at Keninerhof, Leeheim, Hesse. Keep in mind that this line also crosses the Ilibach line as reported in a past issue of the News. This bit of information will move the Uberau line In the USA back several more
Another US line that can be moved back three more generation is Frederick Naffziger ( who married Barbara Naffztger) line who emigrated to the States in 1840. The sister of Frederick is Magdalena Helene who married Andreas Otto and also emigrated to the States in 1870. Father of Frederick and Magdalena Helene is Peter N. who married Henriette Schonbeck. This family lived at Obergladbacherhof. Father of Peter (who married Henriette) is another Peter who first married Katharina Nafziger and then In 1758, married Magdalena Schantz. Supposely, Katharine Nafziger came from Hochheim. Father of Peter (who married Katharina and Magdalena) is Johannes N. who married Katharina Gungrich in 1748. This family is found living at Hof Fleckenstein.
The information sent to us by Ray Noftscjer is massive and it is difficult to know where to begin to report it to you We have elected to report it by identifying some of the parents and grandparents of the various lines whose descendants are presently living in the USA. It would appear that Ray can identify many of the lines if we provide him with some basic information. Of course, the name of the marriage partner, birth date and date of imi gration is important. However, if you should know the area where they lived in Germany and the name of the comunity, this data will greatly speed up the search. Also, the way they spelled their name can provide Ray with an important clue. I encourage any of our readers with this basic information on their ancestor who came from Germany or France to write to him directly. His address is Ray Noftsger, via Sallustlo 26, 67017 Pizzoli, L’Aquila, Italia. You may wish to enclose a taken contribution because I know that the research and postage is costing Ray considerable money. It take finances to contact the various archive and places where records are likely to be found. Thus, a donation becomes very important because we are fortunate to have someone like Ray over there who is willing to take the tim to look for some of our heritage.
Several lines are causing us some difficulty. Besides the early ones already men tioned, we are having a problem with the Johannes Nofziger line of Fulton County, Ohio. Kno’ ing the area of Germany or France where he lived prior to his arrival in the States would bt helpful. Also, we do not have his birthdate. Another line is the Christian Nafziger of Ilopedale, Illinois who emigrated In 1846. We believe that his line is somewhere in the in formation that we now have except that we cannot identify it.
In closing, again our thanks to Ray Noftsger for this valuable assist with our herit age search. We appreciate his untiring effort in our behalf.
Page Five
L’histoire des vieilies
Plusi.urs familIes do Nouf-Brhach revondiquent, a juste litre, de compter pormi cetles tee plus anciennement itablios dane Ia yule. Nous nous soinmes penchés sur Ia question en con suftanI aux archives do Ia vifle es registres paroissioux ( it es registros d’etat civil en so ráfiront surtout aux octes do manage. Pour arriver a nos fins, nous avons employé Ia mitho di Ia plus •fticoce. c.llo do remonter di con flu yen I’inconnu. Cello façon do faire nous a
families de Neuf-Brisach
conduits infailtiblement cu premier membre d. chczque familte venu so fixer a Neut-Brlsoch
den connaitre I. métier et par là, mime, son ranq social. Ainsi avons-nous trouvé six fanill. es nstolló.s dans Ia place depuis avant Ia Revolution, dont Ia plus ancienns sit to faaul!. Naftzger. Un. s.We ;ou Is consulat St aucune so I rCgne 1. Nopolion 1’..
The article on this page was sent to us by Ray Noftsger but it is printed in French. We would appreciate a trans lation from our Naf zger readers who can translate French.
La famUle Naltzger
La famiite Na(tzger, comine nous lavons dit. ext 1* plus a.nclcnfle #tablte t Neul-ririsach Le premier dct cette famifle. qut vtnt NeuI-ItrLcach, fut 1)inioi Nat tzgtr, né Wissem bourg en 1696. ftls di’ Goorgc Naftz. tI do C flit— singer Maitre .seiIier d ‘inn ctat. Daniel Nattzgi’r Cpousa, Nttif-Brt Ic 28 jitiflit 1718. Marie Scittittiaciler. oat ive dc Viiux-lh isach. 1 clU h ScilehTia r, bourgeois set— her, et dAruic—Maric Cl.tu,in Di ceLl ullioli Oil :w,
Ocorge.. iie Ic 21 iivrir I 7 qiti CI comilu oarraifl Jean Ucorge Schumacher. ojaitre tourn sIn uncle ma ternel, et mmmc marraint M,tdcI Koi’ber. veuve de Jac ques ltcriniini*, di’ sm vivalit boniieta’r t tux—Brisach.
Catneruic. Ihir ii i 1723, qui c rornni parrain Phi— hippe Rolland. chirurgit’n et indgistrat di’ Ia yule, et comine marraliic Catherine Scii%Illngcr, epoui do presOt dc Nambs heim, Jacqw’e Koenig 5
Antitne LOuIS. nt’ Ic 18 jiili’.o’r 17 qiii cit comint par— rain Louts Ridy. nit d I vilIt it conime losers nc encore Uflt lois lepotic di pre d
Seba_stk’n, ne Ic 15 iioiiiiibri’ 1735 qui “ut cuOln’’ j)arra1i &basticn Meyer. jU di’ pSix. et cmli Iflarihle Catiie— rifle Engasser. I’epous,’ de han Sert .& an crvicc du rot.
La qualité des j)arra Ct dc m;rrsinis des eniants tic Daniel Naitzger denote di Ia contidcratiiit dont I jouissait d son itablissement N... -Briacli, ot ii acquit, des son marlagi’, It’ litre fort tire a lepoquc di’ boirgeois de Ia rifle.
Revcnoie a Sebatien N’fthgcr, dent Ia i nous con— dutra atix Nu qill hahit nt toiltaur’, Neiif—Brisach II exercait I metier di’ inut ri’ nicon , uancI h b rnai 1774 it ëpou’a Anne—NI rte thur di’ Net—Broach, di’ qili il cut pisi sicurs enfants, dent ii ii ‘i-ri lilt rIentioji qil de Nicolas.
Nicolas Naft7 ne Ic 22 mai 1776. qui cut pour parrain Nicola.s Oh ny, lilaitre taili’ur de plirt’ ci connie marrainc Madeleine Fanrion, (‘p011 Ic 30 iiovinbru )). Catherine Behr, née Blesheini Ic 20 Jun 1731, tilk tie Birtrielemy Rehr et do Cat heroic SaI D’ iIt’ onion s:iit jesus ctn’ enfants, dont Pu rr( NafL7 tic Ic (3 Iii:t 17, oiei cor donnter, quh epuu in ib \Illl - M ito’ Biichci’, dent ii cut six enfants, dout Pierre N.1t1 nit Ic 6 teptenibre 1857 (6).
et Louts Naftzger, né le 14 octobre 1822. maItre paveur. décé dé 1C 9 février 1678, epousa Ic 31 aeptembre 1865 CatherIne Grent2inger (7), née a Vogclgriln Ic 31 dtoembre 1824. d,écé dee Ic 27 fCvTIer 1900. Deux ent ants naquirent do cctte Union.
Fz-ançolse Natzger, qul épousa Louis Btilot, fiLe do Jean- Baptiste Billot, maitre cordonnier, et de Madeleine Frtt,sch. Dc cette union naqutt une title, Josephine Billot, décCdée sans avoir contracté manage 18). et Alfred Naftzger, né I 30 scptcmbre 1868, dCcédé Is’ 3 fcvricr 1945. victlme du born bardement do Ia yule. Dc son union avec Christine Frey, née he 11 janvier 1863 a Saint-Louis Moselle), qu’ll a’.ait èpousée a Neuf-Brisach Ic 26 juin 1894, Alfred Naftzgcr cut trots enfants: Elisabeth, qul épousa Jules Jacobin, gendarme t9), Marie, veuve Guillaume Klein, et Joseph, né Ic 20 novembre 1896, qut Cpousa Ic 20 octobre 1928 Matte Buob, originatre dc Baltzen, décCdCc he P octobre 1969. Deux enlants sont nCs dc Celte unton:
Joseph, né he 18 mars 1930. qul a. do son manage coiiLi a’.ec Annelise Kubier, originaire de Bale. dcux lilies, Annick et MireiIle, qut reprCsentent Ia neuviCme gCnCratton de Ia famihle Naftzger, Ctablie a Nesif-Brl.sach. Le second enfant des époux Nattager-Buob, e Marte-Chnitine, nec Ic 18 juil let 1931, epouse de Louts Brunet
(I Rigistres paroissioux soul lander ,égime sri depOt oux arcH. vie munlcipales. Los Clois cvi c doloni que d.puIs Ia Re volutIon.
(2) Por ordonronce du KroisI,iter Kretsko d. Colmar .n dots du 27 mat 1943. I. corn de irunol tot change in . Brave
(5) Pot ordonnonco du Krelikommissor sri date dv 10 jvltt.t 1943 Is corn do Coic lut tronsloinré •n • Koch
(4) Par ordonnonce dv 27 moi 1943, I. corn Porthoult tut trori.f in • Portholde..
(5) P;CvOt . corn qu’on donnait outrofois 0 c.rtoIni moplsirot. ou otflclers charges d’uno Jurldiction ou proposes o vn. hout.
(6),Ce Pierre Nottiger . Is bolsoleul materiel di M. Mary, dinic. t.u( do I’usn. Clectriqu
(7) ta tomiti, Grenhringer eel reprCsontO. do nOS jour a P4•ul &i’sech, per Mme ye. lucien B,unuil, nO. &rsfliI4sgof.. .1 pit son IrOn Chorus Gr.ntiing.r.
(8) ‘IbuIs’ illIot’OiaIt I. n.y.u dv genOrot Slilot
(9) to corn ds 3aCobln lvi tronsto,mO p0 ordonnonci dv kid.
Our appreciation to Roberta Madden of Dallas, Texas for some updated information and corrections. The information relates to the Peter Nafziqer line of Ueberau.
Our thanks to Rev. A. C. Fischer of Archbold, Ohio for information on his family that we can add to the Valentine Nafziger line (emigrated 1831)
We are in recipt of nice letters and information from Vilas Nafziger of Hopedale, Illinois;
Mrs. Zeola Van Winkle of El Dorado, Kansas; Ray J. Dieffenbach of Elizabethtown, Pennsyl vania. Wilmer Nafziger, Gridely, Illinois; Schuyler Bross, Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania;
Eve:lyn Martinez of San Jose, California; Mrs, Mardell Edwards of Saratoga, Indiana;
Vera Root of Carlock, IllInois; Donald Naftzger of Buycyrus, Ohio;
Page Six
- s_
- U
‘0 •r w
ii— V)
-	4.)
b — w
Vereaa Jo I	-
Married Saturday at the
Methodist Chwch of Avondale In Clay
County were Teresa Jo Nafzlnger and
Kirby Ray Hills ci North Kansas City. The bride is the daughter ci Betty L
Jones and the late Donald D. Nafzin ger. The groom Is the son of Donna L. Larkin and Ray H. Hills ci Tulsa. Okia.
Donny D. Nafzinger Jr.. brother of
the bride, gave his sister is marriage.
Honor attendants were Marilyn Kay
Nafzinger. sister ci the bride, and
Scott A. Maley.
A reception at the Pleasant Valley Community Building in Clay County honored the newlyweds. who will live In North Kansas City.
Naftzifler — Kiebach
Tammy L. Naftzinger, of Bernville R.D. 2, daughter of Roger S. Naftzinger, Pearl Raod, Bernville, and Virgin _ia L. Naftzinger, Bernville -
RD. 2, to David E. Kiebach.
of Bernville R.D. 1, son of
Norman H. Kiebach, Fifth
Street, Bernviile, and Joan
L. Kiebach. Bernville RD. 1. Miss Naftziner is a gradu ate of Tulpehocken High School and Berks County Vo cational-Technical School West.
Her liance is a graduate of TulpehOCkefl High School and is employed by Rockwell In ternational, Wyomissing.
Carrel C. Springer
HOPEDALE (PNS) — Carrol C. SprInger, 61, of RB. 1, a farmer and carpenter, died at 2:58 p.m. yesterday (Sept. 18, 1963) at St. Francis Hospital Medical Center, Peoria. He had been ill two years.
He was born Jan. 13, 19 at
Delavan, a son of Alvin and Emma
Kauffmann Springer. He married
Pauline Nafziger Nov. 12, 1946, at
Hopdale. She survives.
Also surviving are two sons, Ran. dall, Hopedale, and James, Burrton, Kan.; six brothers, Paul and Marvin, both of Tremont; Mahion, Tinley Park; Orval, Minier; Elmo, Stanford; and Dick, Delavan; three sisters, Verna Shoemaker, Hesston, Kan.; Ethel Sommer, Fisher; and Kay Burmeister, Morton; and two grandchildren.
A daughter preceded him in death.
Mr. Springer was a member of Hopedale Mennonite Church, where he served as chorister and Sunday school teacher for many years.
HOPEDALE — Mr. and Mrs. VII- as Nafziger of Hopedale announce the engagement of their daughter, Shirley K. Nafziger, to Gerald R. Brunk, both of Harrisonburg, Va. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. George R. Brunk of Harrisonburg. A June wedding is planned.
Dma B. Sears
WASHINGTON — Dma B. Sears, 87, of Prairie View Home, Prince ton, formerly of Tiskilwa and a Washington native, died yesterday (Sept. 19, 1983) at the nursing home.
She was born April 1, 1896, at Washington, a daughter of Joseph and Phoebe Nafziger Camp. She married Harvey D. Sears Feb. fl, 1924, at Washington. He died in May 1982.
Surviving are five sons. Duane.
Eureka; Wilmer and Merle, both of
Tiskilwa; Robert, Ma4lson, Mo.; and
Earl, Elkhart. md.; sister,
Cathryne Camp, Eureka; 17 grand children; and a great-grandchild.
An infant son, two sisters and a brother preceded her In death.
Mrs. Sears and her husband farmed in the Washington and Tis kilwa areas. She was a lifelong member of Metamora Mennonite Church and Willow Springs Men nonite Church, Tlskllwa.
HOPEDALE IPNS - John P. and Marie Litwiller of rural Hopedale will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary
Litwiller and \Iari& Miller were married, Aug. 18, 1933, at the home of her sister. Mrs Herbert Swartzentruber. Hopedale.
Their children, who will host the celebration, are Merwyn Litwiller. Norma Hendricks, both of Ilopedale; and Wayiw Litwiller. ru ral Mackinaw
There are 10 randehildren.
50th anniversary for John Litwillers
The Rev. Herman J. Naftzinger, husband of Florence Roth Naftzing er, 405 Jonestown Road, Jonestown, died Wednesday, June 22, 1983, in the Good Samaritan Hospital following a lengthy illness. He was 82. •
Born in Berne, Berks County, he was a son of the late Jacob E. and Esther Seyfert Naftzinger.
He was a retired minister of the United Church of Christ, serving at several churches throughout the state since his ordination in 1927.
His first church was Friedens UCC in Hegins, which he organized and built. He served several other small churches in that area and went on to serve Pitcairn UCC in the Pittsburgh area, organized and built Hamilton Park UCC in Lancaster; served at Evans City UCC and West Mifflin UCC in Pittsburgh; and retired from Spring Hill UCC there.
He was a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College and Lancaster
Published by the
Grafton, Ohio 44044
Theological Seminary and did graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh. He was a member of St. John’s UCC in Jonestown, the Swat. ara Lodge F&AM in Tremont, the New Castle Consistory and the Syria Shrine in Pittsburgh.
In addition to his wife, he is sur vived by a brother, A. Wayne Naftz inger, Lebanon; and nieces and nephews.
A brother, Samuel Naftzinger, and a sister, Ruth Loser, preceded him in death.
Ii \afziger
On Mi Call
Sara Jane Nafziger, dau ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Nafzi ger of Lancaster, has begun a one-year term of oluntary Service with the Eastern Men nonite Board of Missions.
Miss Nafziger is serving as a teacher assistant in the Mo bile County School system, MobI Ala.
She is a L)72 gradu f Lancaster cr.ii’iiite High School and atteriihd Rosedale ible Jnst itute, li in, Ohio. for two years. Before cnterit crvicc she s as employed by Edith Null, Lhitz. She is a member of the Laurel Street
a (‘he
Daniel Noffsinger
8235 Derby Circle
West Jordan, Utah 84084
We appreciate a nice letter from Alain Naffzger of 53 Rue De He reports in his letter that he m have some information on the branches of the family that was probably the center of emigration the second half of the 15th century and the beginMng of the 16th way he spells Ms name ts one of the original spellings.
Steinbach, Cernay, France.
Alsatian and Geislingen of the Naffzgers during centry. We note that the
We are in receipt of the information set to us by La Veta Nafziger of Minier, Illinois. La Veta is the widow of Carroll Nafziger. She sends us the material on the Hopedale Nafziger clan that represents years of work by Carroll prior to his un timely death. Since that time, La Veta has put many more hours of work on the project in an attempt to bring it to a form that could be printed. The next step is to get quotes on costs of printing of the publication
The Daily News, Thursday, June 23, 1983
Herman J. Naftzinger LEBANON, PA.,
I 5
NAFTZINGER—ln Lebanon on June 22. 1983. The Reverend Herman J., husband of Florence rice Roth Naftzinger of 405 Jonestown Rd., Jonestown. Aged 82 years.
Funeral on Saturday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. from St. John’s United Church of Christ, Jones town. Int,rment at Zion Lutheran Cemetery. Jonestown. Masonic graveside services by the Swatara Lodge No. 267 F & AM. Tremont. Rela tives and friends are invited. No viewing. The family requests you omit flowers and send me morials to St. John’s UnIted Church of Christ, Box AN, Jonestown, PA 17038.
23.24	(STRAUSS)

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