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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XIII No 2
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Jjc J 3
(The material appearing in our feature article in this issue of the News as sent to us by ALAIN NAFFZGER of Cernay, France. It would appear that Alain is another excellent researcher who, like Ray Noftsger, is also uncovering some very interesting heritage material on the early Naffzger families in Europe. Alain is 30 years old and married to Martine, Their daughtter Laurence is two years old, He is a sales administrator fora textile plant. The following information are excerpts from his letters),
Neuf-Brisach, Alsace is a fortified town that has been erectal on the left side of the Rhine in front of Brisach after the Peace of Rysurick (1697) in place of Saint Louis. Other fort resses were dismantled after the Treaty of Westfolia (1648) .The plans were formed and the work conducted by Vanban (1699-1708). The construction materials were moved to the site by a canal dug for this purpose. Neuf—Brisach was Vanban’s last construct ion project and is a regular eight faced star with two bastional fences and four gates.(see picture on page three), In 1870, the town gave itself u to German troops after a siege of 3 months In 1945,the town suffered severe destruction by allied bombard ments during the German retreat over the Rhine, Nowdays, this picturesque town tight behind its ramparts has about 5,000 in habitants.
Regarding the translation of the article on Neuf-Brisach that appeared in the last issue of the News Alain writes: “The doc ument is interesting but it doesn’t include all the Naffz
Continued on Page Three
Children of the marriage of Peter and Magdalena Schantz are: Peter(l), Valentin(2), a daughter who married Jean Roggi(3), Magdalena(4), Christian(5) and Valentin(6).
The oldest child (1) Peter N, was born in 1764, Fleckensteinerhof and died there
in 1827. He was married to Veronike Habecker, widow of Jac, Jordy. The second old est child, (2) Valentin died young Their is no other information on the daughter who married Jean Roggi. Their fourth child, Magdalena was born in 1770 and died
in 1827 at 57 years. Their fifth child was Christian, born March 3, 1777 and died in 1849. He married Catherine Schantz (1783-1866), Between 1804 and 1831, they
Continued on Page Seven
Some of you may have noticed that we have changed the name of our publication. Prior to this issue, we used the old Swiss spelling. Alain Naff— zger suggested that we con-. sider the old German spell ing of the name. Continued on Page Two.
On one of the charts of Naffzger families in Europe sent to us by we find a Peter Nafziger, born 1731, Fleckenstein, Germany. This Magdalena Schantz who was born in 1743/4. The record of his death Lembach. His sons, Peter, 43 years old and Valentin, 24 years old notice. The sons indicated that their father was born and died on tate where he was a tenant. The notice indicates that he was born Fleckensteinerhof bei Lembach in north Alsace.
Ray Noftsger, Peter married is on file at gave the death the same es— and died at
120 Edgewood D,ive
Grakon, Ohio 44044
Sp. - W - Fall - Swmne
We liked Alain’s suggestion and decided to make the change for this issue of the News In fact, we like the idea so well that we intend to change the name of our publication every issue until we have used all the comonly used spelling of the name found in the U.S. or Europe. The Naffzger spelling used for this issue of the News is the oldest known spelling of the name. It was universally used by the Geislingen Naffzgers that date back to the year 1433.
We are happy to report that Ray Noftsger, our premier researcher living in Italy, returned to the U.S. for a visit with his family for part of December and most of January. We had a number of enjoyable telephone conservations with him. There is a strong possibi— ilty that he may be returning to the U.S. to live in the near future, We remain highly impressed with the massive amount of knowledge he has collected on our heritage and we will look forward to his return to the U.S.
NEUF-BRISACH. Vue aérienne. Le front Quest avec Ia Porte de Co/mar et les demi-lunes.
zger—Naftzgers who lived in Neuf—Brisach, Alsace The article mentioned only one branch of the family that has been studied by the author That branch is still living in Neuf—Brisach. I am working on a list of Naffzgers in the Neuf Brisach which is more complete. When I am finished, I will supply your publi cation with a list of them.”
About religion — Alain writes: “In my branch of the family, we don’t know of
any Amish or Mennonites The descendants in Neuf-Brisach always have been Roman
Catholic (state religion under Louis XIV) In Geislingen, they were of the
Protestant faith.”
Another observation by Alain — “The birth registers of Wissenbourg are among the oldest in Alsace. The birth registers of Geislingen are the oldest and best preserved in Baden—Wurttenburg
Alain resides near the border of three countries: He writes, “Perhaps I can help you with your heritage search in France, Germany or Switzerland as I live near the border of all three countries. Also, I speak fluent German in addit ion to my French.”
And now for the translation of the article which appeared in the last issue of the News (in French).
History of the Old Families of Neuf-Brisach
Several Neuf—Brisach families came in good faith to count themselves among the oldest in town. We tended on this question to consult the town archives, the parish registers and the civil registers in refering to marriages. To sum up, we have employed the most effective method, that which goes from the known to the unknown. This approach leads us without fail to the first member of each family which came to settle at Neuf—Brisach, to know his trade and through this even him social rank. Thus we have found six families resident in the town since before the revolution of which the most ancient is the Naftzger family,. (We found) only one (new family which appeared) under the consulate and none under Napoleonl.
The Naftzger Family
The Naftzger family, as we have said is the oldest established at Neuf Brisach. The first of this family who came to Neuf—Brisach was Daniel Naftzger, born at Wissembourg in 1696, soi of Georges Naftzger and of Christine Bitzinger. Master saddler by trade, Daniel Naftzger married, at Neuf—Brisach on July 28, 1718, Marie Schumacher, native of Vieux—Brisach, daughter of Ulrich Schumacher, town saddler, and of Anne—Marie Clausin. From this union came:
Georges, born February 21, 1720, who had as godfather Jean Georges Schu macher, master tourneur(probably potter), his maternal uncle and as godmother Madeleine Koeber widow of Jacques Herman at Vieux-Brisach
Catherine, born May 2, 1723, who had as godfather Philippe Rolland, surgeon and city magistrate, and as godmother again the wife of the provost of Nambsheim, Jacques Koeniz.
Antoine Louis, born January 18, 1726, who had as godfather Louis Redy, city magistrate, and as godmother again the wife of the provost of Nambshein.
Sebastian, born November 15, 1735, who had as godfather Sebastian Meyer, justice of peace, and as godmother Catherine Engaser, the wife of Jean Sertier, employed in the service of the king
The quality of the godfathers and godmothers of the children of Daniel Naft zger shows the respect in which he was held from his first appearance at Neuf Brisach, where he acquired with his marriage the title, strongly envied at this time, of citizen of the town,
- Page Three -
Lets go back to Sebastian Naftzger, whose line we will take through to those Naftzgers who live in Neuf-Brisach today He was a master mason when on May 6, 1774 he married Anne-Marie Behr of Neuf-Brisach by whom he had several children of whom only Nicholas is mentioned.
Nicholas Naftzger, born May 22, 1776 had for a godfather Nicholas Gilroy, Master stonecutter and as godmother Madeleine Fandon, He married Catherine Behr on November 30, 1809. She was born at Brisheim on June 20, 1781, the daughter of Barthelmy Behr and Catherine Salomon. From this union came five children, one of whom was Pierre Naftzger, born May 6, 1817, a master shoemaker, who married Anne- Marie Bucher in 1850 with whom he had six children, one of which was Pierre Naft zger, born September 6, 1857. Another was Louis Naftzger, born October 14, 1822, master paver who died February 9, 1878. Louis married, on September 31, Catherine Gretzinger who was born at Vogeigrun December 31, 1824 and who passed away February 27, 1900. Two children were born of this union.
The first child of Louis Naftzger and Catherine Grentzinger was Francoise Naftzger, who married Louis Billot, son of Jean-Baptiste Billot, master Shoe maker and Madeleine Fritsch. From this union came one daughter, Josephine Billot, who died without marrying. The second child of Louis was Alfred Naftzger, born September 30, 1868 and who died February 3, 1945 as a victim of the bombardment of the town, From Alfred’s marriage to Christine Frey (who was born January 11, 1863 at Saint-Louis, Moselle) which took place at Neuf-Brisach June 26, 1894 came three children: Elizabeth who married Jules Jacobin, policeman. Marie, widow of Guillaume Klein and Joseph, born November 20, 1896 who married on October 20, 1928 iarie Buob, originally of Baltzen, who died October 9, 1969, Two children came from this union,
Joseph, born March 18, 1930 who from his marriage with Annelise Kubler, originally from Basel, has two daughters, Annick and Mirelle, who represent the ninth generation of the Naftzger family established at Neuf-Brisach, The second child of the Naftzger-Buob marriage is Marie-Chritine, born July 18, 1931, the wife of Louis Brunet,
In the above article, the accounts of the 18th century the spelling of the name is not fixed, either Naffzger nor Naftzger. Today, the Naftzgers living in Neuf—Brisach spell their name NAFTZGER; ALAIN NAFFZGER”S father was the last one using the Naffzger spelling to live there. Though Alain’s heritage is not listed in the article, it connects to the Sebastian N family line,
It is interesting to note that only two N. lines in the United States use the Naftzger spelling and to the best of our knowledge, we do not have any lines that use the Naffzger spelling. The “Naftzger” spelling was adopted by a branch of Jacob Nafzger who emigrated to America in 1750. As near as we can determine members of this N. branch used many different spellings until at an established point of time, both his grandchildren and children located in Pennsylvania and Ohio all adopted the “Naftzger” spelling at the same time.,
Peter N., son of Christian Nafziger whose family emigrated in 1847, settled near one of the grandson’s of Jacob and he adopted the “Naftzger” spelling al though other members of this family used the “Nafziger” and “Nofziger” spelling
For years, we thought this spelling of the name was an Americanized twist to the name when they came and spoke only German. As you can see that we must revise our thinking on this point. Now, we must look at the question and ask if the [ ones adopted this spelling because of their relatives in Neuf-Brisach. And if you believe that the “Naftzger” spelling was adopted because of their relatives in Europe, what is the connection of Jacob who emigrated to America in 1750 to the Neuf—Brisach line?
- Page Four —
Samuel Oyer
Glen C. Nafziger
The funeral for Glen C. Nafziger, 77, of 104 E. Wood St., who died Friday (Jan. 6, 1984), will be at 10 am. Tuesday at Metzler Memorial Home, the Rev. Ernest L. terike officiating. Burial will be in East Lawn cemetery.
He was born April 16, 1906. in
Danvers, a son of Mr. and Mrs.
John Edward Nafziger. He was
married to Faye I. Knobloch in
1926 in Bloomington. She died Sept.
19, 1982.
Surviving are two sons, John Nafziger, 53 Southgate Estates, and William L. Dietrich, 1306 E. Oak and 16 great-grandchildren.
Two brothers and two sisters pre ceded him in death.
He was a member of the Interna tional Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and a supply man for steam engines for the Chicago and Alton Railroad for 25 years.
January 2, 1984
Eunice B. Sommer
WASHINGTON — Eunice B. Sommer, 83, formerly of Washing ton, died at 5:30 p.m. Saturday (Dec. 31, 1983) at Maple Lawn Homes, Eureka.
Her funeral will be at 2 p.m Tues day, at Calvary Mennonite Church, Washington, the Rev. Gary Stenson officiating. Burial will be in Glen dale Cemetery, Washington.
She was born Aug. 31, 1900, in Washington, a daughter of Chris tian J. and Elizabeth er Sommer.
Survivors include a sister Christ ine Krehbiel, Trenton, Mo., a niece, nephew and several cousins.
She was a bookkeeper for 45 years at Washington Building and Loan Association.
Memorials may be made to the church.
DOWNS — Barbara E. Shadday, daughter of Russell and Marge Shadday of rural Downs, will be come the bride of Kent E. Nafziger of Minier, June 9. He is a son of Kenneth and Betty Nafziger of ru ral Hopedale.
GIBSON CITY — Samuel Oyer, 97, died at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday (Nov. 23, 1983) at the Gibson Com munity Hospital, Gibson City.
His funeral will be at 1030 am. Saturday at the East Bend Men nonite Church, near Fisher, the Rev. Paul King officiating. Burial will be East Bend Mennonite Ceme tery.
He was born May 7, 1886, In Woodford County, a son of Chris tian and Kathrine Zehr Oyer. He married Elmira Naffzl er Nov. 7, 1913, at Foosland. e died Feb. 10, 1972.
He Is survived by two sons, Vilas and Verle, both of Gibson City; a daughter, Leta Eichelberger, Den ver; nine grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.
He was preceded In death by 10 brothers and sisters.
He was a lifetime resident of the Foosland-Gibson City area.
He was a member of the East Bend Mennonite Church. He was active in establishing the Gibson Community Hospital.
Memorials may be made to the East Bend Mennonite Church or the Gibson ManorNurslng Home.
Lori Lynn St. John of 1917 Tracy Drive, Apt. 4, Bloomington, will be come the bride of Jay R. Wlttrlg of Hopedale April 28 at Hopedale Mennonite Church. Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. John of Cornell and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wittrig of rural Hopedale are their parents.
SAYBROOK — Kathy Springer
and Stephen Lee, both of Hesston,
Kan., will be marrIed Aug. 4 at East
Bend Mennonite Church, Fisher.
Parents of the couple are Mr. and
Mrs. Royal Springer of rural
Saybrook and Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe
Lee of Fairview, Mich.
BIooming Cam•ra Craft photo St. John-Wittrig
Dale Nofzinger of Adrian, Michigan continues to send us some very informative documents on several U.S. Nafzger lines. One such document sent to us by Dale is a ten page publication by David B. Zook in December 1945. David Zook re searched the Valentin Nafziger line who emigrated to the U.S. was in 1831.
Also, we are in receipt of another 18 page publication sent to us by Dale on the Christian Joder(Yoder) and Barbara Schott family line. Christian and Barb ara were married in 1816 in Basel, Switzerland. The Yoders of this line con nect to the Christian Nafziger line whose family emigrated to America in 1847 and settled in Fulton County, Ohio and to the Johann Nofziger line that also settled in Fulton County in 1847. Susanna Yoder, born 1871, married John L. Siegel, son of John Siegel and Elizabeth Nofziger in 1903. Also, Magdalena Yoder, born in 1835 was the second wife of Christ Nofziger. Christ and Magda— lena had nine children all of whom were born and raised on the Nofziger farm at Pettisville, Ohio.
Our thanks to Merrill F. Raber of Newton, Kansas for writing to us. Merrill is a descendant of the Christian Nafziger—Nofziger line that emigrated to the U.S. in 1847 and settled in Fulton County.
Our appreciation to Larry Beckler of St. Louis, Missouri for his two letters. Larry is connected to two different Nafzger family lines. One is Catherine Naf ziger who married John Jausi. No dates are available but their daughter, Cather ine Jausi was born in 1848. Also, he connects to Susan Naffsinger(no dates) who married Joseph Eigsti (1830-1898). Any of our readers who may be descendants of either Nafzger lines, please contact us so that Larry can get in touch with you.
To us, it would appear that Muriel Oliver of St. Petersburg, Florida has been busy reading the Census. She sends us several pages of Nafzgers listed in the Census. We know how difficult it is to read and copy Census information from some of the poor quality film and thus, can truly appreciate her fine effort.
Excerpts from letter of Wilma Nofzger Beer of Sabetha, Kansas. “My father was Louis Nofsger — his father was Jacob Nofsger, born 1856, Rogersville, Ohio, marr ied to Rosina Spahr.” This Nofsger line traces to a line that came to Tuscara— was County, Ohio in the early 1800’s, We believe that the line connects to Ulrich (emigrated to America in 1741). Descendants of this line using the Nofsger spelling in the U.S. may be very small. Descendants of theluscarawas County line should write so that we can put you in contact with Wilma,
Mrs. Wayne D. Yoder, 14620 Timber Lane, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80908 and
Mrs. O,W. DeGruchy, 351 Preswick Way, Severna, Maryland, 21146 are both descendants
of Peter Livengood who married Barbara Nafzinger in 1767 and resided in Somerset
County, Pennsylvania. Please correspond with each other to exchange information.
The Neuf—Brisach article in French appeared in the last issue of the News As a result of publishing the article, we have learned that we have some excellent translators of French to English among our descendants. Excellent translations were received from George F. Nafziger of West Chester, Ohio; Lynn Nafziger or Goshen, Indiana and Alain Naffzger of Cernay, France.
- Page Six -
(1) Peter N, was born in 1764, Fleckensteinerhof and died there in 1827. He was married to Veronike Habecker, widow of Jac Jordy. (2) Valentin died young (3) no information on the daughter or married Jean Roggi, (4) Magdalena was born 1770 and died in 1827 at 57 years, (5) Christian, born March 3, 1777 and died in
1849. He married Catherine Schantz (1783-1866), Between 1804 and 1831, they lived at Mottenhof b. Lebach, Saar near Saarlouis. Children of this Christian who married Catherine Schantz are Christian, Johannes, Josef, Catherina, Peter, Magdalena, Jakob, Barbara and Susanna. The sixth (6) child is Valentin, born in 1783 and died in 1852, buried in Wayne County, Ohio. He married Jakobina Schantz (1785—1866).
Our readers in the U.S. will recognize the last two children of this family. The wife and children of Christian (5) emigrated to the U.S. between 1838 and 1847. Christian died in Europe. Our readers will also recognize the youngest child of this family, Valentin (6) who married Jakobina Schantz. This family emigrated to U.S. in 1831 and settled in Wayne County, Ohio. Children of both families are found settling in Fulton County, Ohio shortly after their arrival in the U.S.
This information tends to establish that the two Nafziger-Nofziger family lines found in Fulton County, Ohio during the mid 1800’s were closely related. Titular head of the lines were brothers, It Is important because it would mean that many of the Nafziger—Nofziger-Nofzingers living in Fulton County today would be cousins but so many generations removed depending on years, etc.
The third line of Nafziger-Nofziger to settle in Fulton County is Johannes. As yet, we do not see or can find where this line may the Christian or Valentin line.
Finally, this information will correct an error that we published approximately a year old. We announce Peter, married to Veronika Habecker was the father of Valentine (1831). As you can see this Peter was his older brother — not his father as we reported.
Some corrections to the information published in the last issue of the News is
in order. We mis—read some of Ray’s charts. Please make the following corrections
to your records. The underlined words are the corrections:
1, The father of Valentin N of Urbach(married Anna Esch) is Johannes not Steffan.
2. The father of Christian N(married Catherine Maurer) is Christian (1727-1823) who lived (not born) at Waltembourg, Pfalsbourg
3. The name of the mill where Jean N,(father of Joseph of Canada) was Bradelfingen
4. The name of the town is Gauersheim and it is near Hocheim and Worms.
5. Valentin of Gauersheim (married 4 times) was not born at Dirmstein in the Pfalz. It was where his wj was born.
6. Concerning Peter of Rhinefelder, son of Ulrich - Ulrich lived at Barbelstein, He was not born there. Ulrich and Hans Jakob Erismann moved together frcmi Barbel- stein to Rodenbach in 1715.
7. Peter N and Jakobina Fischer were parents of Johann Christian(married Barbara
Stahil). Only his sister Anna Catharina came with him in 1853. Not his brother
JOhann Valentin, The grandfather of Peter N (married Jakobina Fischer) was
Christian N(married Elisabeth Linder), This Christian N (1717—1782) died at
Kammerhof near Leeheim, not born there,
8, Peter N, of Obergladbacherhof married first Katherine Nafziqer and 2nd. Magda lena Schantz: She was born in 1758 - not married in this year. Johannes(father of Peter) was married to Katharina G. before 1748 - not in l748
— Page Seven —
Excerpts from letter from Bonnie Koons of Bucyrus, Ohio. “My mother was a Naufzinger as you can see on the enclosed charts, I am looking for some help in tracing my Naufzinger line. I can remember as a child, relatives coming to my grandfathers’ from Pennsylvania and everyone talking a “differ ent language”. But most of them are no longer living and my mother is ill and cannot remember.
As usual we do not have the space in this issue to print answers to all the letters that we have received. Thus, we would like to acknowledge letters from Vera M. Root of Carlock; Illinois; Mrs. Mardell Edwards of Saratoga, Indiana; Zeda Van Winkler of El Dorado, Kansas; Evelyn Martinez of San Jose, California; Lorraine Roth of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; D. JoAnn (Kuhn) Johnson of Loretto, Michigan; Faye Flaugher of West Chester, Ohio; Rudolf Nafziger of Luesdenscheid, West Germany; Mrs Erma L. Short of Archbold, Ohio; Mary Jeffries of Elyria, Ohick; Ellen L. Svejda of Kansas City, Miss ouri; Gene Nafziger of Minier, Ilfl’hois: Marjorie Gautsche of Archbold, Ohio; John Byler of Mercer, Pennsylvania; and Mrs. Milo E, Wenger of Scran ton, Pennsylvania.
Special conriendation should go to Wilmer Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois. We are in receipt of five letters that he has sent to us over the past couple months with obits, news clippings,. etc. with informati6n on Nafzigers Naffzigers from central Illinois. In addition, he writes a rather extensive letter with each packet of clippings to explain how each item of interest fits into the various Nafziger-Naffziger lines. We had hoped to use many of the clippings in this issue of the News but that is not possible, Wilmer is a very patient man fOr waiting on us until we find space, We do apprec iate the clippings and it is our hope that we can get many of them worked into the next issue, Our thanks to Wilmer for his excellent effort.
We know of at least two of our readers who have made plans to visit Germany this sumer, Mary Chase of Portland, Indiana is working on plans for a visit, It will be her second trip Lorraine Roth of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada plans to spend the sumer in Europe.
120 Edgewood Drive
Grafton, Ohio 44044
Daniel Noffsinger
8235 Derby Circle
West Jordan, Utah 84084

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