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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XIII No 3
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Ije i Jterttage J
Perhaps, some of our readers may want to participate in a good service project. Mrs. Riley Brown of Fort Scott, Kansas, a long time reader and subscriber to the News is in failing health with vision so poor that she report she is unable to read our news letter any longer. If any of our readers should want to read the newsletter into a tape recorder on a cassette tape and send onto Mrs. Brown, I know she would apprecia ate hearing about our heritage through the use of a tape recorder. Please let us know if you are interested or know of someone who will help us and Mrs.Brown,please write and we will send you some cassette tapes
One of the nicest gifts I have received in a long time came from Rudolf Nafziger of Ludenscheid, Germany. He sent us a very complete Atlas of Germany. Often, we need to locate towns and cities in Germany and we have been using bits and pieces of maps that we collected over the years, but the Atlas greatly simiplifies this task We have used it often since receiving it and Rudolf can be sure that we will use it many times in the future. Our thanks to Rudolf for this very nice gift
erick N. that show up in the early Census and several others which do not fit into
any of the early family lines family coming to America early is a possib— i i ty,
According to Ray Noftsger, it has been difficult to pick up and identify ancestors of the first five families in Europe. Part of the problem is the use of the same first name over and over again in many of the early families living in Europe, It seems that you can tell more about the way they spelled their last name — Naffzger, Nafzger Nafziger—than you can by their first names. Ray is fairly confident on the identifica tion of Ulrich’s parents and not quite so sure about Mathias ancestors in Switzerland, Thus, we have speculated that the three who came over on the same ship in 1749 (Peter, Rudolph, and Mathias were not brothers. It may work out that two of them, Peter and Rudolph were brothers, but not Mathias, Un doubedly, they were related somewhere back but more and more, it is beginning to appear that at least three of the first five Nafz gers came from different settlements or towns in Europe.
Let us look at the spelling of the name that our early imigrant Nafzger families adopted once they were settled in the U.S.
In this issue of the News, we want to bring forth thoughts from our readers on some theories and speculation about our Nafzger herttage. Perhaps, some of our readers may have in formation which we do not have in our files that could be used to approve or disapprove some of our ideas, Also, our readers may have some theories of their own that may not agree with our thinking. We hope all will write to express their view point.
As most of us know, five Nafzger families emigrated from Europe prior to 1751. They are Ulrich(emigrated in 1742) ,Peter, Rudolph, and Mathias(emigrated in 1749 and came to the U.S. on the same ship) and Jacob who emigrated in 1750. We advance the possibility that there may have been another family that came to the U.S. prior to 1770, In our records, we find Henry N, living in Center County, Pennsylvania, born 1760, a Fred-
*******Continued on Page Three
120 Edgewood Drive
Grahon, Ohio 44044
Sp’i - &Jvtex
- FaLL - Swmnet
Identical twins, Sudle Rlgdoo, above left, and Martha Mess ersinith observed thetr 100th birthday In Marion, hid., Wednesday, while In Colum bus, twins, Deana, at top left, and Denise Nafzger have been chosen to do something they. always wanted to do: Star In a Doublemint gum commercial.
William D. Nofziger Sr. with sons, from left, Mike, Tom and Dave. If any of our readers should know of Nafzger descendants
who are not subscribers to the News, we will be happy to send them a few issues free of charge. It is our hope that they will become interested in our heritage and join us in our effort to find out more about our .background. Just send the name and address to us,
Things haves changed a lot since his days as a roofer 45 years ago, but William D.
Nafzlger Sr. will use that know) edge and 37 years of managerial exerlence In launching a second career as a roofing consultant.
Nafziger, 915 W. Oakland Ave., Bloomington, officially will retire Monday. He resigned Oct 1 as president of Acme Sheet Metal & Roofing Co., 502 S. Cen ter St.. Bloomington. He had headed the 46- firm since- 1967.
Nafziger’s three sons — Dave (William D. Jr.), R.R. 2, Bloom ington; Mike, 1818 Taft Drive, Normal; and Tom, 403 W. Emer son St., Bloomington — are ne gotiating to buy the company from Tilmon Kreiling, Peoria.
That sale Is anticipated to take place in early December
Ready to chalk up his 66th birthday Nov. 12, Nafzlger has no plans to leave Bloomington. His wife of 41 years, Eileen, died Feb. 13 while they were vaca tioning in Florida. They had traveled the United States ex tensively for 14 years.
William D. Nafzlger Sr. took over Acme’s management after his brother’s death. He worked as a roofer for Clinton Nalzlger In the summers of 1938 and 1939
— during summer breaks from the University of illinois — and rejoined the firm En 1945 after Army service in the Aleutian Is Lands of f Alaska and a stint in Italy.
Nafzlger had been president of the Kreiling subsidiary since
Nafziger - retiring from Acme
I )
Ulrich used the Nafzger—Nafziger spelling but children and grandchildren used a num ber of variations including Noffsinger, Nofsker, Nosker, Noffsker, and perhaps sev eral more. As far as we can determine, Mathias and his descendants(children) used the Naftzinger spelling We think Jacob’s name signed on the passenger list appeared as Naftziger although this could be questioned. But it was his grandchildren that sort of univerally adopted the Naftzger spelling with one exception. Ray Noftsger’s line traces to Jacob’s son and he was the one to pick up the Noftsger seplling which has been used by this line since. Peter and Rudolph who emigrated in 1749 and came on the same ship appear to have adopted the Noffsinger spelling and it is this mess age that could be telling us they may have been closely related.
The “Nof.,,,” spelling is an Americanized spelling of the name. We know of no European Nafzger family that uses the “Nof, beginning to the spelling of the name. All families in Europe use the “Naf...,” beginning. Thus, the Nof,..,, spelling adopt— tion must relate to the way an 1 is pronounced by German (like on “o” when it is translated to English.
Let us look at where they settled when they came to the U.S. All of them settled in what was Lancaster County, Pennsylvania at the time. Other counties and even a state were cut from this area during the ensuing years, but they did not move from the area until in their very late years. It only appears that they moved when actu ally they remained put and a county was cut from the area where they lived. We cannot deduce anything of importance to our heritage from where they settled.
Let us look at their religion. It would appear that all of them were tied to the Anabaptist movement in Europe but when they arrived in the U.S., it would appear to us that children and granchildren became Brethrens and not Amish-Mennonites as their counterparts in Europe. Do you know of any exception to this statemnt? After the immigration of the early five Nafzger families, we haven’t been able to find another family coming to the U.S. until 1822 when Christian visited Canada to initiate his settlement there, From this date on, a number of Nafzger families came from Europe but they all appeared to have been Amish—Mennonite in the U.S. unless they came from Sqitzerland Some of our readers may know exceptions to this statement and we would like to hear from them. Please keep in mind that Alain Nffziger of Cernay, France provided up information in the last issue of the News where at least one branch in France adopted the state’s religion which was Catholicism,
Of the early five imigrants, we can identify the burial site of only one of them and he is buried in an unmarked grave. Mathias is alledged to have been buried at the gable end of his barn on the homestead farm in Berks County, There are no documenta tions where the other ones are buried. When I visited Lebanon County trying to secure more information on Jacob who emigrated in 1750, an old timer told me that he thought he could identify where Jacob may have been buried, He pointed out a spot on Jacob’s homestead farm that was used as an old family burial plot with some unmarked grave(s). It did have a fence around it, and they farmed arount it, But when the land changed hands, the fence was torn down and the new owners farmed over the site. Thus, if any of our readers have any information on the burial sites of the early ones, we would appreciate hearing from them.
Birthdates of the early immigrant Nafzger remain without proper documentation. We suspect that most of them were born between the 1720—1730 era, But accurate informa tion on the dates would be extremely helpful. We could coordinate the dates with some early European families. Thus, if any of our readers have such information, we would appreciate the data,
We have the copy of the will of Jacob,. Mathias and Ulrich died intestate which means they did not make a will. Do any of our readers know of will information on the estates of Peter or Rudolph?
Indiana. WALTER ORLIN NOFFSINGER, born in at Elkhart, to Patricia Ann Futch. Probably, children of the couple David. It would appear that they resided for a time at would appear that the father of Walter was Orba and his
From records in Fulton County, Ohio - MARGARET C. NOFFSINGER who was 17 years old in
1920, married to Glen A. McKenzie. Margaret’s father was Joseph C. Noffsinger and
her mother was Alma Carpenter
JOSEPH C. NOFFSINGER married Alma B. Carpenter in 1901 when he was 19 years old.
Father of Joseph C. was D.S. and the name of his mother was Mary Swcik.
MERLE J. NOFFSINGER married Laurine G. Seymour in 1943 when he was 21 years old.
From records in Clinton County, Ohio - RONALD JAMES NOFFSINGER married Shirley Ann Harris when he was 22 years old in 1964. Ronald’s father was William B. Noffsinger and his mother was Gertrude Eisman.
From records in Summit County, Ohio - SAVILLA NOFSINGER married William A. Forshey in 1900. Savilla was born in 1878. She is the daughter of Rank P. and Margaret (Stanford)Nofsinger. Savilla was born in Marshall County, West Virginia.
Left to Right - Lucinda(Keim)Nofsinger, Christian K. Nofsinger, Madalcna(Nofsingcr)Keim and Jesse Keim.
Front row L to R. Glenn Nofsingcr, Elizabeth(Plank Nk Roy No1
Gladys Noiziger and iris Nofiiger? Sccond row. Jeue Keim. Ma N.Isinger Keiw.
Ruth Nofziger and Lucinda(Keim)Nofsingcr: Back Row. Bvlk(Rt,
Vernon Nufsingcr. Frank Nolsinger, Christian K. N and Ira \ I,igrr. N
Picturc taken in I9l
We enjoyed our telephone conversation with Norma Finneran of Trumbu1l, Con necticut. She is a descendant of Peter Nafziger of Ueberau, Germany. Their daughter plans to attend Ohio State University this fall so they will be making a trip to Ohio. We plan to meet with them bn July 29th. We are looking forward to their visit
From records at LaGrange, Indiana. Married in 1933 are Jane, John, Cheryl and Topeka, Indiana. Also, it mother was Clara Mel long.
We receive at least four letters from Wilmer Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois. He continues to keep us informed of the Nafziger—Naffzigers happenings in central Illinois. Since the sale of his dealership and his retirement, it seems that he is more active with his genealogical work than ever before which we like very much Our thanks to Wilmer for his fine efforts in behalf of our heritage.
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Ed Nofziger of Laguna Beach, California. Ed is an uncle to Lyn Nofziger who is our rather famous political namesake found in our heritage but it is important to keep in mind that Ed is another rather famous one in his own right. For many years, he was a cartoonist with his work appearing in the Saturday Evening Post on a regular basis for thirty years during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Later he worked for the Walt Disney studios with Mister Magoo as one of his more popular characters At 71, he still writes for the Walt
Disney studios.	_________________________________
Some excellent work is being done by Susan Zmrsel of Bullhead City, Arizona. She is a descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749 via his son Mathias who married Nancy Anne Brill, She sends us all of the charts which updates this branch of the line. Our thanks to Susan for the nice information for our
files.	________________________________
Our congratulations to Mrs. Robert Shelton of Bozeman, Montana and Mrs. Pat Bright of Peking, Illinois for the tremendous amount of work done on their family line,. Excerpts from one of their letters are as follows:
We are from the Valentine Naffziger I 1763 - Hochheim line, We feel our line is compled now with the exception of our great grandmother’s side of the family. Her father was Peter Nafziger, born about 1795, that married a Catherine Unzicker.
As you can see by the enclosed copy of the “Tree of Valentine Naffziger I, born 1763 to 1800 in Hochheim” there are possibly 2 Naffziger lines combined with the marriage of Great Grandfather, Peter J Naffziger and Magdalena Nafziger. Peter J,’s grandparents were Valentine r of Hochheim (1763) and Magdalena Spring, All we know about wife Magdalena Nafziger’s parents were Peter Nafziger, born about 1795, that married a Catherine Unzicker. I feel this is another family line I do not know if my sister, Pat related this to you when she wrote for information on the same about a year ago (We will refer to question to Ray Noftsger as he has tudied this line with some dept while in Germany and I believe he would have the most accurate information on this particular line)
Please notice the notation on the zeroxed sheet, I have asked for the children of Peter of Gauersheim and Magdalena Miller, There may be a Peter among them, which could possible be the Peter we are looking for,
We only have the names of Valentine II (1769) of Gauersheim’s children. Questions are: (1) Was Magdalena Fisher, his first wife, married before and is she widow Naffziger? (2) Widow Magdalena Spring and Valentine I (1763) of Hockheim’s children is our line and we have a list of them so discount a list of them (3) Was 3rd, wife, Elizabeth Beck, a widow before their marriage? (4) indications led to widow of Peter of Gauersheim, his 4th wife?
Our thanks to Rosemary N. Bryan of Basking Ridge, New Jersey and Lowell Z Nosker of Yellow Springs, Ohio for writing,, The two writers would be related and it is our best judgement that both of them will trace to the Ulrich Nafzger line who emigrated to America in 1742,
Dale Nofzinger of Adrian, Michigan advances an interesting theory Valentine N. (emigrated to Wayne County in 1831) mentions in his will an Elizabeth N who is not one of the children and we haven’t been able to identify. Dale advances the possi bility that she may have been his sister who married Jean Roggi and is listed in the information on this line that Ray Noftsger secure from the European archives. We believe it is quite possible that this may prove to be a fact, We know that the Roggi’s in the U cross Nafzger lines quite a number of times especially in the Canadian branches of our family so we hope to hear from some Roggis
E. Edwin Fike of Flemington, West Virginia writes to us about his family line. He is a descendant of the Peter Livingood and Barbara Nofsinger family line. Several sources indicate that Barbara is the daughter of Jacob Nafziger who emigrated to America in 1750. To us, it would appear that the date of birth and the death of Peter Livengood will not check with what is probably the date of birth of Barbara. It is possible that Barbara as a very young girl (in her teens) married Peter when he was forty or so but not much check out in this situation so we have dis agreement at this point, There are other indications such as her inheritance from Jacob’s will, the old family Bible uncovered in Clinton County, Ohio which causes us to believe that this Barbara may have been a sister to Jacob or could this sBarbara be connected to one of the other early Nafzger lines, Our records would make it difficult to place Barbara s a daughter of Ulrich and we can account for daughters named Barbara in the other early Nafzger families Maybe, Jacob was married twice and Barbara could represent an older child from an earlier marriage in Germany. The problem remains with us and we have informed Edwin of the confusion we have with this line, Perhaps, Edwin can help to resolve the problem,
It was nice to hear from Shirley W, Shore of Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. She is a descendant of Nancy Noffsinger who is a daughter of Mathais and Nancy Brill Noff— stnger who married Daniel Gates. Mathias is the son of Rudolf Noffsinger who em igrated to America in 1749. She updates us on her branch of the line. Many thanks to Shirley for all of her work,
Our thanks to Mrs, Mardell Edward of Satatoga, Indiana and Zeola Van Winkle of El Dorado, Kansas for their letter and interesting information,
We have received several nice letters from John Byler of Mercer, Pennsylvania. He is researching the Amish who came to the U,S in 1700’s. He has collected infor mation on many of the Mush families that came to America early and now, he is in the process of placing them into the various Amish congregation. His letters would indicate that he quite an Amish historian, Presently, he is working on collecting information on the Gungerich family line,
Our thanks to Tim and Marilyn Noffsinger of Schenectady, New York for an update on the Rudolph Noffsinger family line, We appreciate a copy of the fine effort they have made to bring this aspect of the family line to date. The material will im prove our files on this family line.
We enjoyed the letter we received from Dale Nofziger of Adrian, Michigan. He sent us information on the Johannes Nofziger (Fulton County who came to the U.S. in 1737), Just as important is the fact that he is working on updating the Valentine Nafziger line (emigrated to Wayne County in 1731), He has taken on the task of picking up where Frank Nofzinger left off due to his untimely death, We appreciate someone helping us with this line as we miss Frank’s fine genealogical effort very much.
Growing Grounds garden center
opens Saturday
Dale Naffzlger will launch his own business Saturday with the opening of the Growing Grounds, a lawn, flower and garden center, at 1610S.MaInSt., Bloomington.
An employee of a similar Bloomington business for eight years, Naffzlger’s shop will be a family operation with the part-time help of his parents, Joseph and Audrey
Naffzlger, 1205 Dale Naffziger
S. Linden St., Normal, and brother, Bruce Naffzlger, 508 E. Graham St., Bloomington.
Velde M. Nafziger
HOPEDALE — Velde M. Nafziger, 63, of 1110 Union St., Ge neva, formerly of Hopedale, died at 12:10 a.m. yesterday (April 24, 1984) at Resurrection Hospital, Chicago.
He was born Sept. 11, 1920, at Hopedale, a son of Jonas and Ida Miller Nafziger. He married Virgin ia Kirkman Wyatt Jan. 17, 1952, in Springfield. She survives.
Also surviving are a son, Christ opher, at home; two stepsons, Jerry Wyatt, Edwards, and William Wyatt, Brimfield; five sisters, Gertrude Birky and Rachel Meins.
both of Hopedale Debra Wharrie, Bloomington; Marzfla Rasmussen, .Schenectady, N.Y.; and Donna Miller, East Peoria; a brother, Duane, Fort Myers, Fla.; two grand children; and five step- grandchildren.
A son preceded him in death.
Mr. Nafzlger retired in 1981 from Sears Roebuck & Co. as a property contról(er for Sears International. He was a graduate of Bradley Uni versity and was vice president of the Sears Peruvian corporation in South America from 1968-73. Since his retirement, he had been active in the Service Core of Retired Ex ecutives.
He was a World War II Army veteran and a recipient of a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. He participated in the Normandy in vasion.
DELAVAN — Dr. Ted Neumann of Edwardsburg, Mich., son of Dr. and Mrs. Roger Nenmann of Dc lavan, and Cheryl MacDonald of T Mich., will be married In the SprIng, 1985. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. John MacDonald of Buchanan, Mich.
Lawrence W. Sutter
MINIER (I’NS) — Lawrence W. Sutter, 83, Box 10 Richardson Road, Sarasota, Fla., a Minler native, died at 1:25 p.m. Monday (Jan. 16, 1984) at Sarasota Memorial HospitaL
His funeral will be at 10 a.m.
Friday at Bayshore Mennonite
Church, Sarasota, the Rev. Paul
Yoder officiating. Burial will be in
Palms Memorial Park, Sarasota.
Mr Sutter was born AprUfl,
1900, In Minier, a son of Chris and
Idella Miller Sutter. He married
Sarah Birkey on Dec. 13, 1920. She
Other survivors include four sons, Ivis, Middlebury, bid.; Omar, LaPorte, bid.; Eldo, Sterling, and Mervin, Sarasota; two daughters, Odela Shank, Sterling, and Hilda Kurtz, Sarasota; a brother, Clayton, Goshen, hid.; five sisters, Fannie Litwiller, Hopedale; Carrie Hostetler, Lagrange, bid.; Minnie Sutter and Bessie Oyer, both of Kouts, md., and Mary Demchak, Michigan City, md.; 27 grand children; and 35 great-grand children.
A sister preceded him In death.
MINIER — Kay Springer of Hesston, Kan., daughter of Duane and Freeda Springer of rural Mm icr, will become the bride of Doug Peachey of Hullsboro, Kan., on Aug.
18. His parents are Dwight and Helen Glick of rural Bellevule, Pa.
Rosalie M. Sommer
FOOSLAND (PNS) — Rosalie M. Sommer, 48, a resident of rural Foosland, died at 11:10 p.m. Satur day (May 12, 1984) at Carle Hospital, Urbana.
Mrs. Sommer was born June 20,
1935, near Foosland, a daughter of
Emery and Irene Scherts Hieser.
She married Willis J. Sommer Oct.
19, 1955, at Gibson City He sur vives.
Also surviving are two sons, Kurt and Todd, both at home; her father and stepmother, Blanche, of Foosland; one sister, Jeanette Sphar, Champaign; two brothers, Roger Hieser Sr., Champaign, and Jerry Hieser, Mahomet; and three stepsisters, Kathleen Price, New Concord, Ky.; Marsha Baker, San Bernardino, Calif.; and Tonya Lorentzen, Glenwood, N.M.
She was preceded in death by her mother.
Mrs. Sommer had lived in the rural Foosland area all her life. She was a member of Gibson City Bible Church and the Friendly Circle Club of Gibson City.
A SURPRISED Lyn Nofzlger, key political adviser to President Ronald Reagan, accepts genealogical information from Clair Nafsger of Grafton when Nofziger was in Elyria April Monday. Nafsger’s work traced Nofziger’s family ties from Wayne County back in the 1700s to his current home in California. (C-T)
120 Edgewood Drive
GraFton, Ohio 44044	.‘	4 LJII
Daniel Noffsinger
8235 Derby Circle
West Jordan, Utah 84084

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