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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XII No 3
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Jje i 3E etu
VOL. XII, No. 3
We lost a good one when Carroll Nafziger died on March 27th. There is no doubt that he was a relative of sorts to all of the many Nafzger lines but we have been unable to make the many connections, Of course, we always hate to lose one of our kind.
He was an excellent genealogist always probing for more of our heritage At times, I lose interest in genealogy and would like to find a nice easy way to rest for awhl Not so with Carroll — he had a methodical, patient approach to the never—ending search for our heritage. He never wavered in his heritage hunt. For sure, we will miss him.
I am sure that Nafzigers attending the Hopedale family re union will miss him a great deal He was a great believer in reunions and he would try to inject something new and interesting into each reunion. Thus, I am sure that he will be difficult to replace for his working interest in
(T the family reunion concept.
•0.	..Continued on Page Three . ..
Ray Noftsger continues to send us a great deal of Nafzger heritage material from Europe, His latest important find is a list of the Geislingen Naffzger dating back to the
year 1433 in Geislingen. We will publish the complete
list in the next issue of the News. Actually, Ray is ac quiring so much good information that we could devote all
Cnntinued on Paoe Two
Illinois Couple to Mark
50th Anniversary
Hopedale, 111.—Vilas and Erma Nafziger of Hopedale will observe their 50th wedding anniversary Sun day, Dec. 19, with an open house hosted by their children at the Hopedale Mennonite Church fellow ship hail from 2 to 4 p.m.
Vilas Nafziger and Erma Litwiller
were married Dec. 25, 1932 at the
bride’s parents home in Hopedale.
They are the parents of Marlene
Birky, Valparaiso, md., Barbara
Frantz, Urbana; John, Altoona,
Iowa; Keith, Bloomington; and
Shirley Nafziger, Harrisonburg, Va.
They have five grandchildren.
MINIER (PNS) — Carroll S. Nafziger, 60, of 3 S. Darnali Drive, a Central Illinois educator for 45 years, died at 6 p.m. yesterday (March 27, 1983) at Hopedale Nursing Home. He had been in falling health for a year.
His funeral will be at 2 p.m.
Wednesday at
______— — Hopedale Men 196$ Ohoto nonite Church,
He was born Oct. 27, 1913, at
Hopedale, a son of Christian D. and
Nellie Miller Nafziger. He married
LaVeta Crawford Dec. 25, 1938, at
Hopedale. She survives.
Also surviving are a daughter, Sandra Chlapecka, Bloomlngdaie; two sons, Donald, Edwards, and Douglas, Mapleton; a sister, Bernice Oswald, Tremont; two brothers, Vic tor and Benedict, both of Elkhorn, Wis.; and eight grandchildren.
Mr. Nafziger was a member of Prospect United Methodist Church, Dunlap. He attended Boynton Men nonite Church, Hopedale.
From 1933-36 he taught in rural Hopedale schools and from 1936.45 he was teacher, coach and adminis trator in the Stanford school district.
From 1945-52 he was principal of Mackinaw High School and Deer Creek-Mackinaw High School. From 1952-60 he was superintendent at Gridley and from 1960.69 he was su perintendent in the Dunlap school district.
From 1969 until his retirement in
1978 he was business manager of the
Olympia Community Unit School
He was a past member of the legis lative board of the Illinois High School Association.
Mr. Nafziger earned a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State Normal University, Normal. and a master’s degree from the University of Illi nois, Urbana.
THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS	Geislingen is a small village about 25 kilometers northwest
of Ulm, Germany in the state of Wurttemburg. Sometimes it
120 Edgewood Drive
is referred to as Geislingen/Steige.
r.fton, Ohio 44044
According to the “Wurttembergische Viert fur Land AND PUBLISHERS desgeschichte which is a compilation of parchments concerning
sales, donations, acts, etc. during the 15th and 16th centur
CLAIRNAFTZGER	ies in Geislingen/Steige, the earliest mention of the family
ATHLEENNAFTZGER Naffzger is from 1433. On that date, reference is made to BETTY NAFTZGER Hans Naftzer of Wiesensteig, which is a village about 10 kms
southwest of Geislingen.
SUBSCRIPTION (More on the Geislingen Naffzgers in the next issue of the News.
of space of each issue of the News to publish the material we receive from Ray. Unfortunately, we cannot do this and I am sure Ray understands that we need to take care of some of the Nafzger heritage events that are coming to us from the U.S. from time to time.
Ray is working at researching the earliest known Nafzgers in the world and more particularly in Europe. His work is difficult, time consuming and expensive. We urge our readers to write to him with encouragement and a donation to help with some of the expenses that he is encountering in his search and translation of some very early documents on the first known Nafzgers.
Some excerpts from Ray’s letters are as follows:
I just received your letter dated May 9th. I was very disappointed to hear that you had not re ceived my list of the Geislingen Naffzger. I do not understand it, I mailed it to you on the 16th. of March via air mail. I had hoped that it would have arrived in time for the News coming out in June. In any case, I have enclosed another copy for you. It represents a major find. It certainly dates the Naffzger family from as early as 1433 in Geislingen, I have not been able to prove that the Swiss Naffzger of Thun and Uetendorf (Melchoir, Zacharias and Ludwig) came from this clan in Geislingen, but it is my opinion that they did. Unfortunately there are many other smaller villages around Gesilingen which also had parishes and there, records could be found in them, I cannot say if they went directly from Wurttemburg to Switzerland but I am al most certain that they did, I will try to look at the actual records sometime in the future, but what is enclosed undoubtedly is a good starting point.
If you will look at the list closely, one thing is for certain; our Jakob’s children names cer tainly appear. Furthermore, so is it possible that our Jakob could be a descendant of the Jakob (122b3) who emigrated from Geislingen to Wissenburg in the Alsace before 1660. He had a son, Hans Jakob who was not accounted for (l22b33) and a son George. Do you recall that our Jakob named his first son Jakob, but it had an X through the entry. Plus this George (122b35) had a son Johann Michael which is not accounted for — born in 1709, Furthermore, if you look at the list on page 5 under Johannes (122bl8), you will see a Jakob, born in 1724 that is not accounted for, His father died a couple years after his birth, and his mother shortly after. Could it be that he was raised by relatives, for example a family named Engels, who he mentioned in his will? There are a lot of interesting possibilities to be addressed, Or he may have been con nected with the family that resided near Wissemburg, then moved to Neuf—Brisach in Upper Alsace Did you get the letter I sent you with a zerox of a newspaper article written in French discuss ing the Neuf—Briasch family? Please let me know imediately as you can put it into the News also.
Do you have a list of the German Nofziger/Nafziger that came to the USA with their dates of arr ival? According to my information, I have 22 persons or families who emigrated to the USA be tween 1826 and 1927. Speaking of shipping lists, if it is of no inconvenience, I would appreci ate the passenger lists of Jakob, Matthais, Rudolf and Peter, I want to check some hunches.
I hope to get a response from some letterzl wrote a few weeks ago about the earlier Alsace/ Lorraine/Palatinate Nafzigers. But I can see from our correspondence that the postal system is worse than I thought.
Did you receive the letter which suggests that Ulrich of USA 1743 was the son of Ulrich?, Now, I have been concentrating my efforts to determine the earliest emigrants from Switzerland to Alsace/Lorraine/Palatinate area, When those 10 persons have their parents identified, I am certain that all the other problems of the family heritage can be readily resolved with some rather simple rearranging of names and dates to get the proper family alignment. Still, I cannot find the origins of our Jakob and Matthais and Peter and Rudolf, It is a mystery to me but I believe that s soon as the parents of the ten Nafzgers that I mentioned have been identi fied, the answer f the parentage of the early Nafzgers in the USA may be forthcoming,
...Page Two....
Leah L. Springer
_UO — Eldon Roth iger, 78. of 801 Second St., a
retired farmer, died at 1:35 p.m. yes terday (March 20, 1983) at Hopedale Medical Complex, where he was taken after he was stricken while at church. Death was due to an ap parent heart attack. He had been under a doctor’s care.
He was born June 2, 1904, In Hopedale, a son of Andrew and Katherine Roth Nafziger. He mar ried Sadie Sutter Nov 2, 1924, at Hopedale. She survives.
Also surviving are two daughters,
Pauline Springer, Hopedale; LuEtta
Neumann, Delavan; a son, Eldon
Dean, Hopedale; a sister, Clara
Martin, Hopedale; a brother, Arthur,
Hopedale; nine grandchildren; and
four great-grandchildren. Three brothers and a grand daughter preceded him in death.
He was a member of Hopedale Mennonite Church. He served on the board at Mennonite Hospital, Bloom ington, for 11 years.
FISHER — The fun.ral of Lesh L. Springer, 79, a resident of Maple Lawn Nursing Home, Eureka, foP merly of Fisher, who died Tuesday, will be at 10:30 am. Friday at East Bend Mennonite Church, the Rev. Paul King officiating.
Mrs. Spr was born April 1
1902, at Foosland, a daughter of
John and Mary Springer N
She married Theodo Springer
Sept. 28, 1922, at Foosland. He sur vives.
Also surviving are five sons, the Rev. Robert Springer, Peoria; Paul “Pete”, Fisher; Dr. Wilfred
Springer, Baton Rouge, La., Myron, ELkhart, md. and Merle, Austin, Texas; a daughter, Irene Bechier. Englewood, Calif.; 16 grand children, and three great-gran children.
Three brothers and three sisters preceded her in death.
She and her husband farmed in the Saybrook area before their retire ment in 1964, when they moved to Fisher.
In 1980, they moved to Maple Lawn Home, Eureka.
She as a member of East Bend Mennonite Church.
CARROLL NAFZIGER - Continued from Page One
He was a great friend to all of us who knew him. I remember our first meeting in Minier. He was such a thorough and a complete host that when I left Minier, I felt that I had been associated with a person whom I had known all of my life,, Yet, it was our first meeting but he had a way of making you feel welcome. For certain, Carroll will be missed by all of us who knew him per sonally. Yes, we have lost a good one,,
Carroll is gone now but he left some things for us to finish, Carroll was working to get at least two thing completed before he died. One was to complete a publication on the Hopedale Nafziger clan and the other was to find out more background information about Christian Nafziger when he lived in Germany prior to his emigration to America. We know that these two items were high on his priority list.
We con,nend Ms wife, LaVeta Nafziger and Ella Gieg of Lutzelbach, West Germany for their fine efforts in a futile attempt to have the two wishes come true for him prior to his death. LaVeta , working on the publication and Ella was seeking information on the Christian Nafziger, titu— Tr head of the Hopedale Nafziger clan, It was not long after the first operation that most of us realized that we were into a battle that we could not win, Genealogy is slow painsaking work that cannot be hurled while, unfortunately, a malignant brain tumor operation may be all too quick,
Many of us believe that we must continue with his objectives. Thus, we are establishing a memor ial fund to assist with the costs that are involved in a publication, Such a publication will run several thousand dollars and it will be necessary for us to begin now to raise funds. The News will donate the subscription fee of any member of the Hopedale family line to the fund for the next year or longer if needed. Thus, when you send in your subscription fee, please indi cate that you want your fee to go the Carroll Nafziger Memorial Fund and that you are a descend ant to the Hopedale family line.
We are getting closer to the second goal of finding out more about the Hopedale Christian Nafzi— ger when he lived in Germany, We Lelieve that new information may be forthcoming with the next year.
To date, the following Nafzigers have contributed to the Carroll Nafziger Memorial Fund. Wilmer Nafziger, Gridley, Illinois; Mrs. Paul Iutzi, Stanford, Illinois; Orville R. Miller, East Peoria, Illinois; and Vilas and Erma Nafziger of Hopedale, Illinois. In fact, these contributors had sent in their contributions before we established the fund. It was their contributions that provided us with the idea. Our thanks to them,
Eldon Roth Nofziger
Page Three
Krening-Nafziger	The new Mrs. Nafziger is a grad
I4OPEDALE — Kent Duane uate of Fort Morgan High School	Noffziger-Schleder	Lila Naffziger, Natalie Crut
Nafiiger of Hopedale and Arlene and has an associate degree from	Lori Higdon and Christy Minoff at-
June Krening of Fort Morgan, Morgan Community College. She is	EMDEN — St. Peter’s Lutheran	tended the bride, with Heather and
Cob., were united in marriage at 7 a clerk librarian.	Church, Emden, was the setting for	Nlcolette Long as flower girl. Neil
p.m March 19 at Trinity Lutheran Her husband, a graduate of	the 5 p.m. wedding March 5 of	Leesman. Doug Hobbs, Scott Miller
Church, Fort Morgan.	Hopedale High School, has a Julie Naffziger and Rick Schleder,	and Jeff Schleder attended the
both of rural New Holland. Lyle	bridegroom, with Brad Schleder as
l,loyd and Eunice Nafziger of ru- bachelor’s degree in business ad- and Donna Nat fziger of rural ring bearer
ral Hopedale and Ralph J. and	ministration from Eastern Men-	Emden and Ronald and Helen
Ruth Krening of Fort Morgan are	nonite College and is engaged in	Schleder of rural Hartsburg are	The newlyweds are graduates of
their parents.	farming with his father.	their parents.	Hartsburg.Ernden High School. The
new Mrs. Schieder is employed by
There was a church reception.	After a wedding trp to Colorado	There was a reception at Lincoln	Hardee’s in Lincoln. They reside in
Springs, the newlywids reside at
Karen Krening and Rodney	117 Third St., Hopedale.	Moose Lodge.	rural New Holland.
Nafziger were their attendants.
Our thanks to Ella Gieg of Lutzelbach, West Germany for sending up copies of a number of German documents which is of interest to three or four different U.S. Nafziger family lines. We have records to indicate that at least four Nafziger lines presently in the U.S. came from Reinheim, Ilibach, Uberau and Hundertmorgen estates. We appreciate the time Ella must have spent gathering the following information on the “History of the Estates”, The information is as follows:
Reinheirn Estate with 722 3/4 Morgen P 446 acres; Ilibach Estate with 637 1/2 Morgen = 394 acres; Uberau with 183 1/2 Morgen = 114 acres and Hundertmorgen estate with 97 3/4 Morgen = 62 acres.
Since 1737 Moritz von Pollnitz was residing in Heinheim and was a vassal of the “Burghof”, owner of the land was at this time the Landgraf Ludwig VIII. of Hesse-Darmstadt The Burghof consisted of 208 1/2 Morgen land, 42 3/4 Morgen meadows, 4 1/2 Morgen gardens, 6 1/4 Morgen vineyards, 365 Morgen forest, together 621 Morgen. Moritz von Pollnitz died in 1761, his age was 52 years and he was the official of the Amt Lichtenberg. In 1767 his son Ludwig moved into the Burghof and became also the official of Amt Lichtenberq, His daughter Dorothea was married to Justus Martin Willich in 1798. He was master of the house of Kurfurst (elector) of Cologne in Bonn, GroBherzog Ludwig I (great—duke) sold the land to Willich in 1810, he became the title Of a nobility and further called “Willich von Pollnitz”, After his death in 1841 his four sons became owners of the property, so according to his last will, By contracts between the members of the family Ludwig Willich von Pollnitz made an entail out of the estate Reinheim with 322 1/2 Morgen land. His son and inheritor Ferdinand Wilhelm von Pollnitz had a son Max who was married to Gertrud Luise Therese von Riedesel in 1920. This couple left Reinheim in 1928 and resided in Sickendorf/Oberhessen. The Riedeese sold the estate Reinheim to the Town — Reinheim. The build ings were modernized and used for apartment houses.
Also, in another letter, Ella writes: You sent me copies of originals and translations provided you by Carroll Nafziger of Minier, Illinois. They were written on August 8, 1840 by the Mayor of Reinheim “Der Grobh (erzogliche) Hessische Burgermeister daselbst. The translations says “The Grossherzogliche” Spretische” instead of Hessische Burgermeister. Spretische is wrong, it must be Hessische ,. Christian Nafziger of Ilibach had home—rights of the Reinheim. That means he was a citizen of Reinheim and in 1840 he decided to leave Reinheim and to work for Graf (Count) Sprety in Schonbrun as a “Kasternaufseher” - would say as a castellan. So he went with his family to Schonbrun and stayed there for nine years, This tells us the second letter, which was written on May 4, 1848 (the copy is very bad) and signed at SchioB Weilbach (Castle Weilbach Dachau, next to Munich. Further it tell us, that he wanted to emigrate to America with his Fam ily. I have exchanged several letters with Mrs. Martina Braun von Kress, the owner of the Castle Weilbach, but nothingto be found of Christian Nafziger the “Kastenaufseher” of Schonbrun.
Further information of the “Auswanderer—Karted” State Archives, Darmstadt on the Nafziger are:
1. Peter Nafziger with family emigrated in 1827.
2 Christian Nafziger with wife and 8 children of Uberau emigrated in 1853.
3. Christian Nafziger, residing at the Estate “Naumburger Nof” Ginsweiler/Kusel-Rheinbayern from
Reirtheim to the U.S.A. in 1856,
4.	Wilhelm Naf(f)ziger, 15 years old of Uberau emigrated to U in 1868,	I
- Paue Fnur -.
Eileen J. Nafziger
The funeral of Eileen J. Nafziger. t if (l5 W. L .\vt’ Bloom uifl a Slit Farm Insurance Corn- panics i’riipIo cc fur 30 years ho diii Un’lay Feb i:t. l983t, ill i at 1 p m ‘I’hursday at \it’tiler \liriiurial I 11)011’ Blooming ton. I he Rev.
l’hilip [ Queen officiating Burial ,I 1w in East l.a Memorial (,ardeiis. Bloom in
drs. Nafi.igei was ho. 1,
1918. iii Bloomington, a daughter of
Herbert V and Ida Thoman John son. She married William D.
Nalziger Feb. 21, 1942. in San Luis
()hispo. (‘alif. lie survives.
Also surviving are three Sons,
David, RB. 2, Bloomington; Michael
K . 1818 Taft Drive. Normal, and
Thoina:, K.. 403 W Emerson St..
Bloomington, her motjter, 906 S. Lee
St., Bloomington; and 11 grand children.
• Her father and a brother preceded her in death.
Mrs. Naf was in the agency compensation department when she retired from State Farm Sept. 28, 1982 She was a member of Second Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, and a member and past president of the Emblem Club 43
Theodore A. Springer
FISHER — Theodore A. Springer, 85. Eureka, formerly of Fisher and Saybrook, died at 9:20 p.m. Friday (May 20, 1983? at the Maplelawn Home, Eureka, where he had been a resident since 1980.
Mr. Springer was born Dec. 3,
1897, near Rantoul, a son of Valen tine and Emelia Unzicker Springer.
He rnai:ried Leah L. .NaUzin,
Sept. 28, 1922, at Foosland. She died
Jan. 12, 1982.
Surviving are five sons, the Rev. Robert, Peoria; Paul. Fisher; Dr. Wilfred. Baton Rouge. La.; Myron. Elkhart, Ind.: Merle, Austin, Texas; a daughter. Irene Bechler, In gle Calif.: four brothers, George, Shawnee, Kan.; Elmer, Phoenix, Ariz.; and Victor and Ervin. both of Rantoul; three sis ters, Mary Weaver, Eureka; .CLara. Naffzinger, Foosland; and Dor Oyer. Elkhart, Ind.; 16 grand children: and six great-grand children.
Three brothers preceded him in death.
Mr. Springer farmed in the Saybrook area and moved to Fisher in 1964. He was a member of the East Bend Mennonite Church.
Marie Hieser 2—.2 ‘
HOPEDALE (PNS — Marie Hieser.
90. of Whittier, Calif., formerly of
Hopedale, died early yesterday (Feb
25, 1983) in California.
There will be a graveside service Tuesday in Whittier.
She was born May 30. 1892, a daughter of J.V and Clara Sparrow Naffziger. She married Harry Hieser Feb. 9, 1915, at Hopedale. He pre. ceded her in death.
Surviving are a son, Gerald, Penn sylvania; and a daughter, Ruth Rog. ers, Whittier.
Eva M. Nafziger
HOPEDALE (PNS) — Eva M. Nafziger. 85, a resident of Apostolic Christian Restmor Inc., Morton, for the last nine years and formerly of Hopedale, died at 10 p.m. Tues day (April 26, 19831 at the nursing home.
Mrs. Nafziger was born Feb. 21,
1898, at Beaver Crossing, Neb., a
daughter of John and Fannie
Steckley Sutter. She married
Daniel B. Nafziger June 6. 1915, at
Beaver Crossing. He died June 8,
Surviving are four sons, Delmar, Alpha, Minn.; Herbert and Donald, both of Tremont; and James, Wheaton; five daughters, Vietta Heffner, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Fannie Urish, Mount Sterling; Mary Livesay, Peoria; Irene Frakes, Fort Worth, Texas; and Ruth Mason, Hesston, Kan.; 26 grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.
November 5, 1951
Henry M. Redenbo
Henry M. Redenbo, 90 of Greenville, died 9:05 a m Wednesday, November 4, in Ljtlaut Memorial Hospital after a long illness. The past several years he had been a resident of nursing homes.
He was a retired Bond county farmer and for 16 years delivered the star route between Greenville and Keyesport for the U.S. Postal Service.
He was born in Woburn, September 16, 1891, son of David F. and Suzanna (Noffsinger) Redenbo. On February 3, 1917, he and Lela E. Hellinger were united in triage. She preceded him in death on December 3. 1951. lIe later married Martha Dever on April 15, 1955. She survives.
Also surviving are two step sons, Ron Dever of New Baden and Lanny Dever of Anchorage. Alaska; one granddaughter, one great granddaughter, six step grandchildren and one step great grandchild.
A daughter. Irene Elam, preceded him in death in 1980 He was also preceded in death by four brothers and two sisters, Elmer, Charles, William. John, Lucy Jane, and Molly Lipple.
Mr. Reclenbo was a member of the First Baptist Church
We appreciate the work Lois Taylor of New Matamoras, Ohio is doing for us on a branch of the family line of Rudolph who emigrated to America in 1749, One of Rudolph’s grandchildren named Peter had a family but we have been unable to determine the name of a daughter. The children are listed in t he Census but no names are given. She is attempting to find out if one of the daughters might have been named Sarah who was barn in 1811.
Our thanks to Kurt Nafzger of Konstanz, West Germany for writing to us. Also, to Laura P. Clapper of Mansfield, Ohio for her letter
We have received four or five nice letters from Wilmer Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois. Per usual, each letter contained news clippings from the local newspapers in central Illinois about Nafzi— ger families. In most cases, Wilmer is able to label the family line of each Nafziger listed in the news stories. Often, he is able to indicate the generation. He is an expert on the many Nafziger lines that settled in Illinois, This past suimier, we had an opportunity to visit with Wilmer in Gridley. We enjoyed our visit with him and found him to be just as inter esting at his Chevrolet Garage as the letters he write to us,
Visiting the Naftzger home in Grafton was Herbert Nafziger of Archbold, Ohio, As always, we en joyed Herb stopping by our house to discuss Nafzger heritage,
• Lynn Nafziger sent us a news article from “The Budget published at Sugar Creek, Ohio, The story tell-of Samuel Nafziger, who is the Northwest District secretary of the Canadian Bible Society, His district covers the Peace River district of Alberta, Northern, B.C.., the Yukon and the Western N.S. territories. They travel by Pickup and trailer. He had not been to their home at Buffalo Head Prairie(near LaCrete) for a year and a half and it would be another year before they would get there again.
Page Five....
Our thanks for the letters from Mrs. Irene Noffsinger Oiler of Spivey, Kansas, Ben Nefzger
of Rock Island, Illinois, Wilmer Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois, W, D. Nafziger of Bloomington,
Illinois, 0. JoAnn Johnson of Loretto, Michigan, Roberta Renick of Garden City, Kansas,
Gerhardt and Edeltraut Nafziger of Stockdorf, West Germany, Dale Nofzinger of Adrian, Michigan,
Margaret Nofziger Dotzler of Sumertown, Tennesee and Faye Flaugher of West Chester, Ohio.
Our thanks to Mrs. Paul Fillmore of Cottonwood, Arizona for her nice letter and subscription. Her husband’s side of the family is related to the Joseph Nafziger line of Canada, She is con tacting Earl Naffziger of Saskatoon, Canada for an exchange of information. Also, she is trac ing the family lines of Blumenstein and Smelser, Any of our readers with a connection to the family lines should contact her at 10 Copper Drive, V.V. #1, Star Route 4, Box 89—A, at Cotton wood, Arizona.
According to a letter we received from Pat Bright of Pekin, Illinois, some more genealogical work will be done on the Valentine(Gauersheim, formerly called Peter(Groversheim) family line. Her sister will be visiting her from Montana and they expect to work on updating and adding to this family line. The particular phase of the line that they expect to devote their expertise is Peter Nafziger, born 1795 who married Catherine Unziger. Readers who may want to join the two of them in their effort should write to Pat at 1113 Mechanic Street, Pekin, Illinois 61554.
Our thanks to Ralph Naffziger of Visalia, California for writing the News, As I recall, Ralph is connected to the same line as Pat Bright.
Evelyn Martinez of San Jose, California writes to us with a genealogical problem of which we may be able to help her. She is attempting to secure information on Nash LeGrand Noffsinger Eddy, born 1823, married 1847 in Kentucky and died in 1850 — burial site is not known. Nash married Elizabeth Ann Thompson, born in 1833. To us, it would appear that Nash’s mother or grandmother’s name was Noffsinger and the fact that some connection is made to Kentucky in the record would seem to indicate that it will trace to the Peter Noffsinger line who emigrated to America in 1749. The information is solid in that she secured it from a Family bible. Readers who may have additional information on this family line should write to us,
Excerpts from Letter of Lowell Z, Nosker of Yellow Springs, Ohio --- I am deeply grateful to you people for the work you are doing concerning our family heritage. You may recall you published my first letter to you in which I asked for “Nosker” heritage information, A short time later I received a telephone call from Chelsea(Nosker)Cooper of Lake Station, Indiana. Chelsea and I are great—grandchildren of George Nofsker, one of the five brothers from Penn sylvania. Later, I received a letter from Rosemary(Nosker)Bryan of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, offering Nosker heritage assistance, Her line traces to John Jacob Nosker, another of the “five brothers”. It is so thrilling to hear from suct, friendly, helpful relatives I never knew existed. I am always interested in your reports of the work Ray Noftsger is doing. Of course, I particularly value any data concerning Ulrich Nafzger (came to America in l74l)_ since I am (apparently) one of his sixth generation American descendants,
Editor’s Note — The last time Ray was in the states, he uncovered a great deal more information on the family of Ulrich Nafzger. We have been waiting to publish the information because since Ray has been in Europe, he is uncovering more information on this family line. Thus, some in portant breakthroughs may come about in this family line in the near future,
We appreciate receiving the nice letter from Dietmar Nafzer of Hamburg, West Germany. He writes:
My name is Dietmar Nafzer, I work as a male nurse in a psychiatric hospital. I have always been interest in setting up a genealogical table of our family line. Now, my father is looking for some papers that will help us to do this. While working in Schleswig Holstein, Germany, I met a family spelled Nafziger. It was Dieter Nafziger who with his wife and son live at Bobs, Dun kelsdorf. He gave me copies of the Heritage News and it is the reason I am writing to you for more information. Rudolf Nafziger wrote to me with some more historial details. At the end of July I plan to visit New York and my aunt, Emilie Nafzer who lives in Pennsylvania.
Editor’s Note - Needless to say, we wrote to Dietmar and invited him to visit us in Ohio. We are always happy to have visiting relatives from Germany. Any of our other readers who may want to extend him an invitation can write to Dietmar at Kleiner Schaferkamp 22a, 2000 Hamburg 6, West
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Extract of the Parish register of Sandbach near Neustadt in the Odenwald.
In the year of Christ eighteen— hundred and tweif, the eight of March by agreement of the bride parents were married and matri monially consecrated on the corn— nun manorial estate Wolferhof in the branch of our parish during the meeting of the Mennonites Peter Nafziger, A Mennonite, leg itimate and single son of the
I late Valentin Nafziget’, former tenant in flochheim near Worms and the defunct Magdalena nee Springin, twenty five years old and Barbara Beckin, legitimate daughter of Christian Beck, a Mennonite, tenant on the comun rnanorial estate Wolferhof and Barbara Dannerin, twenty two years old Witnesses were Christ ian Beck, th’ bride’s father and Johann Adam Oberle, shepherd on the said Wolferhof, who under— ned this minute together with the pastor. Signed Christian
Beck, Johann Adam Oberle, Hem— rich Ludwig Machenhauer, Pastor.
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I checked the 1850 Census index on two Isaac Nofsingers listed in Madison County, Illinois, Do you have this information or would you want it? I still haven’t ruled either one out of my family group — although they appear to be the same person in different but adjoining townships. How do you know John was a doctor in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
JOAN B. PENGRA, Mankato, Minnesota.
Editor’s Note — Regarding the Census, generally when two persons are found living so close with the same name spelling as in your case, it represents a father—son combination rather than a listing of the same person twice. Perhaps, some of our readers can help us with the answer to the second question — regarding Doctor John Noffsinger of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. We know he carries the title in several “histories of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, However, we suspect that because he secured the title in some rather unsettled parts of the country around 1800, he acquired it because he had more knowledge of medicine than anyone else in the area rather than through formal training. Some of our readers may be able to supply us with the answer.
We enjoyed reading the letter from Orville and Lottie Noffsinger of Definance, Ohio. Orville is nearly 87 years old and Lottie is 83 years old. They drive to Florida for the winter each year. They have been married for 63 years this July 17th.
Our thanks to Harold 0. Nofsinger of Collinsville, Virginia for writing to us, He enclosed a
translation of the German article that we published in an issue of the News plus a run down on
his family heritage that traces to the Peter Nafzqer line who emigrated to the states in 1749.
According to anewspaper story in the St. Petersburg Times sent to us by Muriel Oliver, Nafzger football fans can watch for Dana Nafziger to enter the lineup for the Tampa Bay Bucs. It is an an interesting story and describesDana as a classic over—achiever with unlimited persistence.
In the last issue of the News, we wrote that Maurice Noftsger of Miami, Florida, 80 years old, had sent us an old newspaper dated 1892. The following story was pulled from the 91 year old newspaper......
The funeral services of M. L. Noftsger, whose sudden death from heart disease Thursday afternoon of last was announced in “The Bee” were held in the Chehalis opera house Saturday a at 1 o’clock, a large attendance being present. Rev, Smallwood of Centralia conducted services and the funeral was in change of Joe Hooker post G.A.R. of which de ceased was a member. The remains were interred in the Chehalis cemetery.
Mr. Noftsger was a native illinois born January11, 1842; a graduate of law at Iowa university; a soldier in the union army. He came west fifteen years ago. Was married in 1873 and leaves his wife and two children to mourn his loss, He was a firm believer in spiritual ism.
The following was written by Mr. Noftsger; a few days before his death. Rev. Smallwood having had some conversation with him and liking some thoughts advanced by Mr. Noftsger asked him to coniiiitt some thoughts to paper for him. (The story in the May 1892 issue of the Chehalis Bee continues with a reprint of the thoughts of M.L.Noftsger for Rev, Smaliwood on the subject of spiritualism. The article is much too long for us to reprint the entire article.
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