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Mr Orjibrai 
Cj dan C 1884 
be jhfIgcr erItage i2t)a 
ROLF NAFZIGER of Ldenscheid, West Germany wants to come to the United States next summer, Roif is eighteen years old and will get his, high-school graduation in April l985 After his comprehensive examination, there will be 3’or 4 months until he either begins his university studies or until he is drafted into the army,He wants to spend this spare time between events in his life in America. To reduce the high cost of such a venture, Rolf would like to work during a part of his stay in our country0 Also,he is willing to work so that he does not feel that he is living at the expense of other people0 
Roif speaks and writes English fluently He has a driverLs license0 His favorite subject is economics0 Hobbies mentioned in the letter to th News ‘include glider flying (C—certifiConti nued on Page 4 
I have received a couple of letters asking about Frederick Naffziger who settled for a period in Ohio before moving to Illinois. The following information comes from census’ reports, passenger lists, historical monographs and archival materials0 
Frederick Naffziger came from the area called Hésse—Nassau, Historically Hesse—Nassau ‘was an ancient Dutchy;later for a period, it was a part of Prussia and today it comprises the middle region of the three Hessen states0 These are, moving from soth to north, Hesse-Darmstadt; Hesse—Naussau, which s the area north of Frankfurt and includes Weilburg; and Hesse—Kassel,the northern—most state (formerly called “Kurhessen’), includes the area around KasseL 
About 1775 there are four Mennonite families living in the area near Weilburg in Hesse—Nassau0 Hans Naffziger who lived at U5hnbergerhof; Peter Unzicker of Graveneckerhof; Peter Schanz of Merenbergerhof; and Peter Schwartentraub of Freiensfelser0 In Germany it is custom to give the name of the estate --or ‘hof’ 
——followed by the name of the village or town which is in the vicinity so as to avoid confusion; for example, it is typically written as Lohenbergerhof bei Wet— zpler (bei means near)0 Because some maps will not list Wetzler, the next largest town would be Weilburg and this particular estate i south from there0l cannot ‘say exactly when these four families arrived in that area0Nor can i name with certainty the children of Hans Naffziger0 However, there are two Naffziger families who are found living in that area later and are probably related to Hans in some manner0 - Con,tLnaed on Page 3 
Ray No t4ge’r. Ls bacia Lvi the UvzLted Stctte4s0 He came home anjned wLth Ii.ecuns o good Ge’tman ‘Le.,sowl.ce mate’iLa. on -iiae Nctjzge..s0 Now he hats sound 4ome tône to It(Ldy ;the rnae’ia2. The cuitLce ctppeaLvig Ln -Lae oj ;the New4 L ano.theiL good one and the -type oj s.touj that we aii.e hapeuX oj ii.ece%v-ng {‘tom hân Lvi .the wtWLe0 Znde.ed we aii.e on.tunate .to have .someone £LIze Ray who hao made juit abowt a jçuU tme job oj £.ookLng Lnto owi. he’iLtage, Mavij hank4 .to Ray 5oit hA.e. çLne eo1t-t0 
Mey -‘.tmcts and a Happy Wè(Vea,. to aLe. 
In your list of families near Berwartstein Castle I find Roggy. I suppose that could have been the origin of Rockey (or Rocky) and 1-lolli the origin of Holly? That would make the possibility of three of my ancestonal families from the same area in Germany. Also, did you know that Jacob Nafziger who emigrated in 1847 has eight children by hiw two wives. I have their names. They were all born in Germany. My G. Grandfather, Christian P., a son of Veronica was born in Wurtemburg. That is all I have on Jacob except that he was born 15 Aug 1800, died 10 May 1881. Elizabeth Rocky, his second wife was born 25 Aug 1811 and died 11 Aug 1895. Both of them are bured at the Part Lawn Cemetery, Danvers, Illinois. DOROTHY GERLACH, Springfield, Oregon 
Our thanks to Frank Noftsger of Tulsa, Okaholma for writing. He had questions regarding the Beatrice Bayley publication that is making its rounds with the Nafzgers. We cannot recommend the purchase. 
We are in receipt of a nice letter and some comments from Larry Kinsiriger of Washington, Illinois. Larry is a descendant of Marie Imhoff and John Naffziger line. That would trace to Peter N. of Ueberau. Also, we know that the Kinsinger name is a well established branch of the Valentine line of Gauerheim (formerly called Peter of Groversheim). It may be that Larry is a descendant of two Nafzger lines. We appreciate his comments regarding programs for computerizing our heritage information. Also, thanks for the comments on carrying obits, etc. in the News. 
Rolf Nafziger wants to visit the United States0 Our cousins from Germany are always welcome at the Naftzger home in Grafton, But Grafton can become quite borning after a short time. Thus, we hope you will help by extending an invitation to visit you, 
Many of our readers may recall Matthias Otte, another Nafziger descendant from Germany, came to visit us during the summer several tears.ago,For a numer of us who participated in his visit to our homes, it was a delightful experience and one that we most certainly would welcome again. Thus, we hope our readers will join us in welcoming Rolf to the United States0 
Our thanks to Esther Miller of Goshen, Indiana for writing,. We hope to hear from her regarding her family heritage. 
We appreciate the letters that we have received from Wilmer Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois. Per usual he has enclosed lots of good information from the Nafzigers from central Illinois. In his last letter, he mentioned a health problem of which we hope that it will not be anything serious. We will know more when he writes us again. 
The last issue of the Heritage News turhed out to be a very interesting for me, as Fleckenstein, about which Ray reported, is the birthplace of my probably ancestor Johannes (born about 1730), whose grandson Peter came about 1780 from Windstein to Seelbach/Lahn, Fleckenstein seems to have been. a centre of Nafziger places0 Windstein is situated about 10 km southwest of it, Bewartstein—Castle you dealth with in your last issue of the New is found the same distance north-east0 
Rot Naz-Lge 
Page Two 



Grafton, Ohio 44044 
I U 

Pu61JIed .vvtLf 
U I 
- - FctU - SwnmeiL 

Valentine Naffzi9er was born about 1748 and died 17 December 1826 at Horderhof bei Blessenbach (near Aumenau). He was married to an Elisabeth Naffziger, who died in 1825. Two of their Sons were Johannes, who first married a Barbara Schantz and later Jakobi’na Schwartentraub and Christian, who died in 1813, unmarried. A possible third son is mentioned below. 
The other Naffziger, and the grandfather of Frederick, was Peter. According to his death record, he died the 3rd of November, 1813 at55 years of age, suggesting his birth was about 1758. The record states that he was ‘born over the Rhine, in the Alsace”. It did not say who his parents were. His widow was the bereaved Magdalena Schanz. He died at Ludwigsburg bei Seelbach. (Ludwigsb.urgerhof was an estate near Seelbach but it no longerexists today.) Peter may have been married prior to his marriage with Schanz, to a Catharine Naffziger, although this needs substantiation, as does her—would be 
Peter Senior was the father of at least seven children: (1) Peter, Jr., the father of Frederick, was born in 1783 at Ludwigsburgerhof and died in 1859 at Obergladbacherhof bein Villmar; (2) Valentine, born about 1786 and died unmarried in 1853; (3) Katharina, who married Christian Sch’ónbeck; (4) Caspar, born about 1797 and died in 1815; (5) Anna, who in 1853 lived at Obergladbacher— hob; (6) Jakob, born about 1802, later married Magdalenan Ehresmann and lived at Neuenschmitcen bei Wachtersbach in 1853; and (7) Christian, who lived in 1853 at Ingeweilerhof in the Kanton of Lauterecken in Rhin-Bayern. 
Peter Jr, son of Peter, married Henriette Schonbeck in 1817. She was born about 1789 and died in 1833. They were the parents of at least four children: 
(1) Frederick Naffziger, the American emigrant; (2) Ma.gdalena Helen, born 1821 and married Andreas Otto; (3) Jakob, born in 1824 and married Sabina Gungerich; and (4) Johannes, born in 1827 and married first Margarete Gungerich and later Jakobine Gungerich. 
Frederick Naffziger was born in 1818 at Obergladbacher hof. He married Barbara Naffziger prior to 1840. Barbara was born in 1817, the daughter of Jakob and Catharine; they lived at Horderhof -- more on Jakob later. 
Frederick and Barbara emigrated to the U.S., however there seems to be some confusion as to the date. It has been reported in the News and elsewhere that Frederick came in 1840. Nonetheless, there is a Frederick Naffziger on a passenger list for the year 1847. On the same ship is an Elisabeth Naffziger who was then (in 1847) 64 years old, suggesting her birth was about 1783. Frederick’s age was listed as 38, suggesting his birth was circa 1809. 
Frederick and Barbara are found with their child’en living at Liberty township, Butler county, Ohio in 1850. His age was 32 (born circa 1818) and Barbara’s was 31. Their children were: (1) August (9 years and born in Ohio); (2) Frederick (6 years, Ohio); (3) Edward (4 years, Ohio); (4) Heñriette (2 years, Ohio) and Elisabeth (48 years, born in Germany suggesting birth circa 1802). 
Liberty township is the, same township where Peter the Apostle lived in 1840 together with Christian NaffzI’ger (although Peter first resided in Milford township, Butler County, when he moved from Canada). Peter was not living in Liberty township in 1850, although there were other Naffzigers living in that township and neighboring ones of Butler County with. Frederick; Elizabeth, Christian, Peter Catharina and another Peter. The relationship between Frederick, Peter ‘the Apostle and these other five Naffzigers is not known. 
Frederick and Barbara and their family moved from Ohio to Illinois in about 
1855 and in 1860 they resided in Danyers township,. Post Office’ Stouts Grove, McLean county. Both Frederick and Barbara gave their place of birth as Nassau. In 
addition to the four children listed above, there ‘were (5) Albert (born about 
1852 in Ohio); (6) Julius (born about 1854 in Ohio and (7) Ida (born about 1856/ 
1857 in Illinois. Cont..Lnu.ed on Sve.n 
Page Three 
cate) and photography (several regional and international awards in amateur— photography)0 However, he is quick to point out that any job offer need not match his interest or hobby0 He has information from the U0S0 embassy that he could get a visa for short time jobs0 
We have just one major questionto ask the readers of the Nafzger Heritage News0 Are you interested in having one of your German cousins to come to visit or perhaps work for you for any period of time from a few days to weeks this coming summer?? If you are interested in having, probably what will prove to be your most interesting guest for the entire year, write NOW to extend an invitation to Rólf to come to your house0 Rolf1s address is as follows: 
Reichenberger Str 32 
5880 Lüdenscheid 
West Germany 
and confuse the procedure. We will let Rolf set his own agenda and schedule after he receive your letters0 We will understand if he cannot make all the visits to all of the different places in the U0S0 because of the expense factor 0 It is our hope that he will receive too many requests0 
And now we have some information on Roif’s family0 Rolf is the son of Rudolf Nafziger who is a frequent supplier of information to the Nafzger Heritage News0 Rudolf was the editor of the “FamilienrUndbrief” when we published it several years ago0 He has a good grasp of Nafziger German genealogy0 He is a school teacher (vocational)0 Rudolf has provided us with several invitations to visit him in Germany0 We would love to accept his invitation except that we cannot seem to find the time to work the trip into our agenda0 Roif has an older sister and brother0 Rudolph has been a long time friend of U0S0 Nafzger genealogists and we are honored to publish this request of his son0 
Ralph Nafziger 
PAXTON (PNS) — Ralph “Tuffy” Nafziger; 72, of Ioi S. Cherry St died at 7:15 a.m. yesterday (Oct. 24, 1984) at Paxton Community HospiHe was born July 28, 1912, in Mackinaw, a son of Oscar W. and Minnie R. Molch Nafziger. He married Norma L. Smith Jan. 11, 1938, in Veedersbiirg, md. She sultvives. 
Also surviving are a son, Donald L., Farmer City; a daughter, Janis C. Keyser, Roscoe; and five grandchildren. 
He was preceded in death by a sister and a brother. 
Mr. Nafziger attended Mifier School in rural Paxton and Paxton High Schoool. He was a construction worker for many years and retired in 1977 after 19 years of employment at Chanute Air Force Base. 
He had been a member of International Operating Engineers 841 and was a member of the Paxton Masonic Lodge, Paxton American Legion and Westminster Bible Church. He had served with the U.S. Navy in World War II. 
Celeste Nafziger, 4½, joins her parents, Rex and Linda Nafziger of 1332 
N. AIIm St., Bloomington, in welcoming 
Tyler Oakes Nafziger, born Sept. 16. 
The baby weighed 8 pounds, 9 ounces. 
He is a grandson of Russell Hoeft of 
1215 S. Oak St. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
NaTziger of 318 Rowe Drive, all of 
Bloomington, and Wanda Cochran of 
Shirley. Gladys Durbin of El Paso and 
Eunice Nafziger of Pekin are great- 
Nafziger, Linda and Rex, 1332 N. AiIm St., Bloomington, a boy born Sunday (Sept. 16, 1984) at St. Joseph’s Hospital Medical Center, Bloomington. 
DAN VERS — Nafziger, Wendy and John, a girl born Friday (Oct. 26, 1984) at Brokaw Hospital Normal: 
Shanen Lee Nafziger was born Nov. 6 to Susan K. Vance and Samuel L. Nafziger of• 322 Southgate Estates, Bloomington. The baby, named for his father and an uncle, Rodney Lee Vance, 
Toby Nafsinger 
Toby Nafsinger, 95, a resident of 
the McLeah County Nursing Home 
since October 1981, and formerly of 
502 W. Mulberry St., Bloomington, 
died at 2:05 a.m. yesterday (Sept. 11, 
1984) at the nursing home. 
He was born July 22, 1889, at Bloomington, a son of Gustave and Emma Maurer Nafziger. He married Florence Weinhdimer Dec. 15, 1910. She survives. 
Also surviving is a daughter, Mildred Nafsinger, Redwood Falls,. Minn. 
A son and two brothers preceded him in death. 
He was a member of the Wesley United Methodist Church. 
Mr. Nafsinger lived on a farm in Bagley, Iowa, before moving to Redwood Falls, Minn., in 1918. He also worked for 20 years in the stockyards at West Fargo, N.D. He had been a Northwestern Feeder Cattle dealer and spent the last 25 years in Bloomington. 
We urge our readers directly and do not intermediary, because 
to write to Roif use the News as an it may complicate 
1nom (U1LME1? NAFZZGEI? o G’tALdLe.y, ILUnoA.i 
Page Four 
Our thank to Tom Armour of Oakland, California for the updated data on Peter Noffstnger. Tom is; a descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749. Thomas: Armour’s Noffsinger line is as folloWs: (1) Peter N. who we believe to have been a son of Rudolph, married Frances Keen and they resided in Belmont—Monroe County, Ohio. His son, Peter Noffsinger, Jr. married Margaret Martin. They emigrated to Nodaway County, Missouri and finally to Effingham County, Kansas. Their daughter, Molly (Maude) Noffsinger married Thomas Tucker and they lived at Atchinson County, Kansas. A daughter of this couple, Ramona married Ellsworth Armour. As did their parents and grandparents, they resided in Atchinson County, Kansas. Thomas is the son of Ells— worth and Ramona. 
Mrs. Ray Svejda of Kansas City,. Missouri writes, to report additional information on John Richer who married Magdalena Nafziger (daughter of Christian Nafziger who emigrated to U.S. in about 1847). She reports that parents of John Richer are Nichols and Mara Ulrich Richer, married in 1801 and came from Switzerland near Berne. Besides John, she lists Maria Richer, Catherine Richer and Peter Richer as children of this marriage. 
From Dorothy Gerlach of Springfield, Oregon 
I am interested in your article about the Mennonite families who lives near Berwartstein Castle. I am a descendant of Jacob Nafziger (mentioned in your article) who emigrated to America in 1847 and his first wife Veronica Rockey (Rocky). My paternal ancestors, HOLLY, emigrated to America with a group of Mennonites who chartered a small two-mast schooner in 1832. They left Bremen 16 May and landed in Baltimore 31 July. Some of the other families included in the group are Brenneman, Iutzi, Bender, Oswald and Guenerich. 
Daniel Holly 
ten Zwesta,Hesse Cassel emigrated 1832. Note: 
Helene has 3 brothers & sisters who.;.married Naffzi gers 
Dorothy Holly 
b. 1914 
Maiheur C. Ore. 
M. Claude 
Jacob Holly b. 1710 
perhaps Alsace 
Johannes Holly 
Marite Iutzi 
Lenchen Iutzi 
John Holly 
B. 1883 
Putnam Co. Ill. 
Agnes Johnston 
Johannes Holly, b. 1841 
Butler Co.Ohio. Mar. 
Elise Nafziger,b.1851 
Mclean Co.I1l. Note: 
Johannes’ brother Geo. married lena Naffziger 
I have an ‘interesting biographical sketch and reproduced portrait of Daniel Holly, born 1761. I also have an account of the group who sailed over in 1832, settled in Butler County, Ohio and ‘later in Putnam County, Illinois. 
Page Five 
We had several letters from James Novinger of Hershey, Pennsylvania exploring the possibility that there. may be a connection between our names. We could not come up with any connection. 
We are in receipt of several letters from John Byler or Mercer, Pennsylvania. He is working on the genealogy of the Gungerich family lines. He has noted the numberous times that the Gungerich and Nafzger lines cross through rqarriage. A few of them are: (1) Stefan Nafziger married Magdalena Gungerich. Stefan died in 1765 at Steinselz and her second marriage was to Johannes Nafziger. (2) Katharine Gungerich married Jean Nafziger who was born in 1779. (3) Veltin Gungerich married Anna Nafziger (4) Katharine Gunerick married Johannes Nafziger before 1748. (Editor’s note: I believe that all lines are found in Germany. Perhaps, Ray Noftsger or one of our German cousins can respond as to the number of children from each marriage.) 
Our appreciation to Marie Hollinger of Mason City, Iowa for writing. We have tried to supply her with the information she has requested. Marie is a descendant of Jacob Nafzger who emigrated to America in 1749. Ray Noftsger’s grandfather and her mother Frances are brother and sister. 
Our thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Orville Noffsinger of Definance, Ohio for writing to us. We appreciate hearing from them. 
We are in receipt of a nice message from Eugene Kenaga. He points out that Hans Gnage’s first farm was quite near the farm of Mathias’ N. in Berks County, Pa. We believe that Mathias N. daughter, Dorothy, married Hans Gnages. Also, it has been reported by different sources that the Family Bible of Mathias is in the’hands of descendants of this line. Eugne points out that this report places the family bible in Mast family. He points out that this is possible because the oldest daughter of Dorothy and Hans was named Barbara who married Jacob Mast — buried at Elverson, Pennsylvania. We have heard this report before bQtwe have never been able to substantiate or document that the family 1 e exis S. 
Our thanks to Roberta Madden of Dallas Texas for writing. We created some confusion by reporting in the last issue of the News that Peter N. of Uberau was married to Jakobina Fischer which appears to have been an error. Peter N. of Iiberau was married to Phoebe Fisher. 
Evelyn Martinez of San Jose, California writes to us to report that she has completed her publication “My Family Back Bone”. She sent us a “gift copy” of the publication but unfortunately, we have not received it. Our guess is that it has been temporarily lost in the mails. Also, Eyelyn is trying to secure more information on the ancestors of Nash LeGrand Noffsinger, born in 1820’s, resided in Kentucky and married to Elizabeth Ann Thompson. Any help with information on the Noffsinger family line will be appreciated. 
We received a nice letter from Michael D. Noftsger of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Michael is seventh generation descendant of Jacob who emigrated to America in 1750. We were sorry to learn that his father, Rictiard D. Noftsger of Wilmington, Ohio died January 25, 1983. We visited Richard several years ago. He supplied us with a lot of information that we found helpful in connecting this branch to to Jacob N. line. He was a good friend of the News. 
Page, Six 
Living in the same township in l860were the following Naffziger families; Jakob (born about 180.0 in Prussia), another Jakob (born about 1800 in Saxony), Henry (born about 1833 in Saxony), Christian (born about 1803 inHesse) and another Jakob, (born about 1820 in Nassau,. Exactly how these Naffzigers are related to Frederick is unknown, although we make some conjectures. 
By 1870 Frederick and Barba’ra had moved to McKinaw Township in Tazewell county. In addition to the above pamed children, also living with Frederick were Edward Hochstettler, who was born in Illinois and Jakob Noffsiger, who was born about 1798 in Prussia. This Jakob is probably the father of Barbara, although the relationship to Frederick is not written on the census’. 
As was mentioned above, Barbara was born at Horderhof in 1817 the daughter of Jakob and Catharine Naffziger. Tn 1860 in Danvers township, post office Stouts Grove, near Frederick Naffziger, lived Jakob.. He was born about’ 1800 in Prussia. He lived with his wife Catharine (born circa 18Q2) and children Henriette (born about 1838) and Iashaua (Augustus) (born about 1838). In 1880 in Little McKinaw township, Tazewell County, August Naffziger (born about 1838), Wife Helen (born about 1843 in Hesse—Kassel) and children; Alvin, Herbert and Augusta (all born in Illinois) were living with his father Jakob, (born about 1797 in Prussia. (Presumably this is the same Jakob who lived with Frederick in 1&70). Another son of this elder Jakob would be another Jakob, who resided next door to August in 1880. In 1860 this young Jakob also resided near the elder Jakob in Danvers township. 
In all probability, this elder Jakob, who is likely to be the father of Barbara, is also another son of Valentine Naffziger of. Horderhof that was mentioned earlier. 
To make a confusing situation even more so, a daughter of Frederick and Barbara, [Ienrjette, who was born in Ohio in 1848, married Valentine Naffziger. Valentine Naffziger was the son of Christian and Barbara (stahli)Nafziger from Hese— Darmstadt. They emigrated with their family to Illinois ‘in 1853 and settLd in Danvers township, post office Stouts Grove, McLean county. They lived near Frederick and Barbara. Christian (born in 1803 in Hesse—Darmstadt) and Barbara (in 1805) were the parents of the following chi1dre,n; Elisabeth, Peter, Helene (who married Henry Naffziger), Christian, Maria, Jakob, Valentine (who married Henriette), John and Barbara. Valentine and Barbara first lived in Grove township, post office Bloomington, McLean county before.-.jnoving to Danvers, McLean county where he was a merchant. 
To keep these confusing families separate, it is almost necessary to construct some sort of family tree. I did not complete the entire family of Frederick, Christian, who came in 1853 and the Henry, who married another daughter of Christian, Perhaps., another letter later will answer their heritage. 
Pictured to the left Is the gravestone of Valentine NafzIger and Jacob- ma Schantz Nafziger behind the Mount Zion Chuch of Christ, Wayne Cou— ty, Ohi’o. Valentine emigrated to America in 1831. Note the spelling of the name on the gravestone. 
Page Seven 
OWL CXYng tL tLOVI.4 .to Vctee 4o4zt..nj o(Aduzn, Muiht.gctn o’L a my4teuj O.’L uo We. vAs-tted .the g tlre4,Zte á VLteentine and Jctcob.Lna Waz.LgeJL (emLg’uvted to ame’t..Lea £n 1831) 4 eve)Lae. yecVl4 ago and sound the tone u not vey eadabLe., £.eanLng and not £n ;the bet o eondLUon. We. etwtned to (Lnd a new beau LçuA. i.tone and .the £o had been £andciiped0 We couLd neve’. Lnd caL who made the epcUi. to the 4Lte to thank them theL’L )Le4pect O)L theLi. anc.esto’Ls. OWL thank4 -to the Zoola jamLfy jçon. -the ir.eitow.tLon o the 4-tte and -to VaLe ço’r. the detectlve woidz0 A&o, VaLe ha6 been doLng 4ome exten&Lve ILeSea.’LcJj on .LhA.o t1.ne0 
MATTIE AMPJ’IDA ZOOK, worked on the homestead and in her will she provided the 
money to put new grave stones on her grandparents, Peter Blough and Magdalena 
Nafztger and her great grandparents, Valentine Nafziger and Jacobina Schantz 
Nafziger, She was a life long resident of Sterline, Ohio and she never married0 
She and her sister Mary Zook lived together on the Peter Blough homestead0 
Grifton, Ohio 44044 
Mennonite Historfcaj Library 
Goshen College 
Goshen, Ind, 46526 

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