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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XIV No 2
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be j jL J!et
We have received a number of good letters from Rudolph Nafziger of Ludenscheid, West Germany., They were good letters because they added considerable new research to the Friedrich/Frederick Naffziger/Nafziger family that was featured in the last issue of the “Heritage News”. This Naffziger family was of special interest to Rudolph as Friedrich turns out to be the eldest brother of his great grandfather, Johannes., He used his Christmas holi days leave from his work to do his research. As a result of this effort, he identifies at least six more ancestors of this family line and the name of his wife which we did not have We appreciate Rudolph’s fine effort to make the heritage of this family more complete.Our thanks to him for forwarding a copy of the material to the News.
Rudolph adds the findings of old Mr.. Menk, the letters of Tante Bichen and Uncle Albert as well as the Guth—list of early Nafzigers (Familienrunbrief, Vol Il, No,. 4, Summer 1980) to Ray Noftsger results to arrive at some conclusions an to raise several oroblems.
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We have reproduced the material used by Rudolph Nafziger in his research for for our featured material in this issue o-r the News for several good reasons. One is that the many descendants of this family line may want a copy of the data and documents for their records Another one is the fact that the married names in the letters and the charts are of interest to a number of our subscribers because they remain connected to the N. families in the U..S - for example, the Uns(z)icker and Gungerich families, just to mention two of them Translations have been in cluded in most cases The translations were done by Rudolph. We are grateful to him for this added work just for the benefit of our U.S., readers who cannot read
German	•
In the next issue of the News, we plan to devote some space and time to respond to the good material sent to us by many of our faithful readers Our thanks to Galen Kline of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Wilmer Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois, Roif and Gerhard Nafziger of West Germany, Schuyler Brossman of Rehrersburg, Penn sylvania, Alice Baker of Lexington, Kentucky, John Byler of Mercer, Pennsylvania, Evelyn Martinex of San Jose, California, Marjorie Gautsche of Archbold, Ohio. Dale Nofzinger of Adrian, Michigan, Kurt Nafzger of West Germany, Alma Kauffmann of Hopedale, Illinois and Virginia Ottinger of Beilvue, Colorado
.	•
The Carroll Nafziger publication on the Christian Nafziger family line of Hope dale, Illinois is finally typed and about ready for the printers.. We have a prob lem unfolding in that we have been unable to raise the money needed for the print ing of the publication. We are working on a solution to the problem and we may have something to report in the next issue of the News.
THE NAFZGER HERITAGE SEWS We -hope our readers have remembered that it
is Rudolph Nafziger s son who plan to visit
120 Edgewood irive	the U.S. this summer Time is running short
Gralton, Ohio 44044 so if you plan to invited an interest German
EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS	cousin to your home, do so soon by writing
to ROLE NAFZIGER, Reichenberger StrBe 32,
CLAIR NAFTZGER 5880 Ludenscheid, West Germany. If you want
KATHLEEN NAFTZGER to telephone him, his number is 0 23 51/8
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1. According to letters and chart of August Menk, Johannes(Menk Nr in the Guth list of Mr. 7 “the Fleckensteiner”) and Kath. Gungerich (Menk nr.73) are the parents of both Peter Sr. and Valentin. According to Ray N, (NHN pg 7 line 24) Valentin is supposed to be the father of Jakob and Jakob is probably Barbara’s father (pg 7, line 9 & 23). Thus Johannes the Fleckenstelner and Katherina Gungerich could be supposed to be the great—grandparents of both Frederick and his wife Barbara.
2. According to Mr. Menk’s letter (Cf. my translation), Peter Sr. who is sup posed to have come from Windstein (Uncle Albert’s letter) about 1786, was born in Fleckenstein too. But is not sure whether Mr Menk - who has deceased, has any documents or proofs.
3. Both Tante Bichen and Mr. Menk cooroberate Ray’s supposition that Peter had been married to Katherina before he married Magdalena in about 1796.
Tante Binchen contends that the sons Peter and Valentin derive from the first marriage of Peter, Sr., but that there must have 3 or 4 children from the sec ond. It is to Ray’s merit to have discovered these children, So we can conclue that Katherina, Caspar, Anna, Jakob and Christian come from the second marriage. (Tante Binchen, who was not sure about the number of children, must have been mistaken by one child).
5. Uncle Albert informs me in his letter about the parents of Henriette Schon— beck; Johannes Schonbeck, Pachter (=tenant) of Hof Trages near Hanau and his wife Elisabeth Hohi, who died 20 Dec. 1801. They are grandparents of Frederick the America traveler.
6. Both Tante Binchen and Uncle Albert provide us with several additional dates of birth and decease.
7. Problem No. 1: From Mr. Menk’s chart we see that Johannes(Nr, 18), the son of Valentin(Nr. 36) was born at Hof Ludwigsburg in 1781, at a time we suppose Peter St., who must have come in 1780 from Windstein, to be the farmer of the estate. This corroborates our supposition that Valentin and Peter, Sr. were brothers(cf, above Mr. 1). This birth, however, is either an inconsistence or it leads us to the conclusion that the two brothers must have come from Alsace simultaneously and might have even run the farm together.
8. Problem No, 2: As, according to Tante Binchen, the Nafzigers left Hof Ludwigs burg and moved to Hof Obergladbach ii 1818, it is very sure that Frederick’s birth place is Obergladbach, as Ray states (Page 3, line 28) because he was born 2nd. Dec 1818,(Tante B.). Uncle Albert however states that the place of his birth was Kudwigsburg. Probably he is mistaken, The same case applies to Magdalene. But it strikes me that he contends that Walsmannshausen was the birthplace of his Uncle Peter as well as the place of his decease a year later in 1824 and that Waldmanns— hausen is the birthplace of his father Jacob. I am writing to his son Dr. Helmut Nafziger to solve this mistery.
9. A question: Why do you write Frederick Naffziger with double-f, while our Nafzi gers have the spelling with a single—f?
Page Two
/ /Z4 —
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HistOr ot Hot e -‘ -
Trans1s of a ietter excerpt that Gerhard Na Stocidorf.was kind enougs to send to and tcat, as o can conci. from the text, Sust bays te wr v Jaaott Nafzig.r borrt 6t Marco 1866 a ‘ called ante ac: tioccen c.n about 19.1:
My great—grandfather Peter Nafziger was from the crger of ( near Seelbach, an nours distance f:o5 nere. ce srm was so in ‘018, the buildings were torn down and the farmland wa farmers after being diti dad into lots.
in 1818 my great—grandfather hat rented the domain ic was married to a Katherina Nafziger. She died early, ea behind toe two son. eter and Valentin. rater was our grandfather. Valontin stayed nero and died unmarried.
Great—grandfather married for a second tine. with Magdaleria Schanz he had 3 or 14 children. Anna Nafziger stayed here and died having reached a hiéh age. I do not know what has become of the other brothers and sisters.
In 1833 my grandfather Peter took over the domain. H. was married to Henrietta, née Schhnbeck from Eof (farm) Trages near Hanmu. Their children were
Friedrich(=Frederick) horn 2nd Dec.1818, emigrated to America as a young ma:
Magdalene, born 11th J1&h married to Andreas Otto from Feldhacher Hof
- n Ja.kob Nafziger, born 3. th Nov. 18214 wasour father
Johannes Nafziger 214 th June 1827 married to Margarete Giingerich went to
Ottrau Kurhesssen
(Jur father Jakob Nafziger married in 1853 Jakobine née Gungerich from Homburger
Hof near Braunsfels and took over the farm in 1860. But he died already in
1877. fheamy mother haa managed the farm with the assistance of my eldest
Children w
Kitchen orn 28th Dec.1 married but died in 19o3
Otto born 16th April 1856, died 27th Dec. 1933
Richard “ 6th Febr. 1860, died in Wiesbaden 1929
Christian 2nd Det.1861, died 1938
Julius July 18614, married o Wilhelrnine Dora from the Hofer Mühle
( = mill) near Runkel
Jakobine 6 th March 1866
Albert 2nd June 1867, married l. Isabella Führer from New York
August 13th Febr.1869, married to Ida Schafer from Dauborn
In 1893 y brother Otto took over the farm and I ae.a ran the home until 1933. Then my two nephews took over the farm, Children o Julius
Katchen born 2nd Jan. 1897
Julius, born 16th Jan. 1895, married,living in Wiemhaden—Schieru.
Richard, born 26th March, disabled on active service in Worn War
Gertrud, born 1st Oct.9 married
Werner, born 11th March 00 married ft Liesel Scherfenstein from Wa0.ter— schen near Altenkirchen(Weaterwald)
Now my two nephews Richard and Werner have the farm and the parents are living here too,enjoying their two little grand—daughters Christa 5 years and Ealga 3 years. The domain has the size of 180 Korgen (about 44racres) and we have
30 pieces of cattle, 14 horse a tractor gri ), 214 pigs, have as farmhands two Frenchmen and a Pole with his wife” and a dairyman with wife. The latter does ng belong to family research, but I thought it might be of interest - you.
1) a farm owned by the state and rented to a farmer 2) pet name of K.atherina (equivalent to Kathleen??) 3) the presumed author of this letter 14) died Feb,’ 1982. 3) Richard lost a leg in Worl4 War I 6) this letter must have been written in World—War II, the 2 Frenchmen must have been Prisoners of War, the Polish couple either volunteered or had been forced to work in Germany, later called ‘!DPs Persons). It must be understood, however, that those strangers and were uaually treated like family members on German farms, especially on Gladbach.r Hof, renowned for it. hc 7) at last the farm was managed by Edge and her husband iri Koch. Erik died in 1983 and Belga had to give up farming, but still lives in Obergladbacher dof with her fas.ily and her parents.
Standesb.a a.0.
(Geneslogo . Eera
4- - — -
V ‘ ‘ 4 &; L
Rudolf NAFZ00R
Reichenberger Stri 32
5880 Luder.sche •
Betr Mennonitenforschung 01FZ102/SCRAN(T)Z
Sehr geehrter Herr NAFZIOER!
Als Mitglied des Mennonitischen Geschichtsvereins bin ich durch Herra Sparkassendirektor i.R. Hernann G in Kenntnis, daB Sic nach einen Peter NAFZIGER suchen, der ‘1780 von Wiedstein zum Ludwigsburgerhof bei Seelbach kam’. Eierzu mdchte ich Ihrien (sofern durch Eerrn GC’ nicht schon geechehen) folgendes mitteilen:
Dci den von Ihnen zitiertem Ort “Wiedstein’ handelt as sich urn iinstein, später Windstein bei Bad Niederbronn, Krs. ifagensu, ElsaB, Fra Der Ludwigaburgerhof bei Seelbach” gehdrt zur Geneinde Seelbach. Ober lahnkreis liegt also nicht, vie Sic vermuteteO, bei Saarbrticken.
Der von Ihnen gesuchte Peter 8 gab. ... (Hof Fleckenstein, ElsaB urn 1745/50), gest. Hof Ludwigsburg bei Seelbach 3.11.1813; verh. II ... (urn 1796) nit i SCH gab. Hof Langenberg, RiseS 4.5.1758, gest. Rof Obergladbach bei Aurnertau 31.5.1832, ist nach neinen bisherigen Ernittlungen bzw. Erkenntnissen am Bruder meines Ahnen Nr. 36, des Valentirt NAFZIGER. NKheres wollen Sic bitte aus den bier beigefügten und zurückerbetenen Ahnentafelauszug ersehen.
Ich suche besonders die Rintrage betr. Barbara SCEAN(T)Z verehelichte NAFZIGER (A 19), geb. ... urn 1754, gest. Ebrderhof bei Blessenbach 19.12.1813, 29 Jahre alt, nebst allen Lebensdaten deren Eltern (A 35/39) und Geschwistern, die ich bisher our als vernutlich aus privaten, langwierigen Mitteilungen zusanrnengestellt habe, also erst noch urkund— lich nachgewiesen warden üssen.
Da der von Ihnen gesuchte Peter rAFZIG in II. Ehe it aza
SCRA verheiratet war, die ver cAne Schwester names ver lichen Vorfabren Kaspar SCaAN(T)z (A 38) war, hoffe ich durch Ihre evt.
Ernittlungen und Erkenntnissen auf Bestatigung neiner vorgenanaten
Erfshrungsgema8 ist die Mennoaitenforschung ,chwier: : man such von den meisten privaten und antlichen Stellen keine oder fast our negative Antworten arhklt. Sonit wijrde ich nich sehr frauen, nit Ihnen bei evt. Ahnengemeinschaft zum positiven Forschungaergebnisaustausch zu koonen.
Threr sehr geschatzten Nachricht sehe job interese:et- iod hastens dankend entgegen. An semen 2. 7ohnsitz, bitce.
1 Ahoentafel A 9/i’ NAPZIR/ ev vervollstandigt, zurtickerbeten und 0,60 DM Rüczorto
( iiohnsitz
62C4 ‘aunusstet , 24. Nov. 1960
:a 10 —
Telefon: 06128 2’406
(1. To
6200 ::esc 31-
Talefon: 6.2
Hit freundlichen r.
f, t,ut
N d., IIn..nd.
1 7,V$jte, .1
*. I . dI. Sega. 4...b. Pan.. e4. * a.. Sega. * ____
i,sa&.r ,
i.ii. 4141. i s
W• j a ‘1 #i*ih4
ir. 11.4131
w Aum’ AWiSWe.’1
We	£,l. t*’g.1*s
A v ,.1$4rn N.. d.. Ehane.we.a od.. d Ibe
HI.. 1.1 d U.kv..d. oflev9l M b..I.ii. .id, d.b.i ee d va. ,.dleâk. H ana.n d Non....
Na,r £
ij. 4(1
q. £.dw1rsa. áeI W.
We K,J/ O..lo on 1.4. iiZS.
V.	Nl’	3W4
hi,. O J
... a slig .—.?
J.*.&Thm SC4’aY5RZfl7*4V7
4 44f. l
? ( OSiP a)
V n. 44’.;. 177k’	L1
We...	,._
3/etr’w £
We -	I
on cv ‘;Itf
We...	4.
O.,lo,b... Jb. IS. 11S3 3 ,,ç h 4
, A .1
. .
O.,	. Cvs Ifag)
ChrisUarl N. 1 JohantiesN. Katherina Gurj	-_______________
4 l73OWs4sttu 1 r c	i F	) 1730 Ess in
________	________ ________
*18 51760 Wivjdste ..42.i? * 1758c r— TenaettJ HofTra t20 f
t 13 12l$25Hörderh. -f 473o I
___________________g I	.i HOt’t1 /
I iJ.i1. Lttt(i
E 15 Q beth N- °a tjnN Pé{ N. aes &K tha N. if 3ohannes SchOnbeck E1 sa HO
Joha rne	b W.	ter	fte Iv N.Kt	7
SchaeS Jako
1M.I2.Ijs Ludh’. H	Sckonbe * t v?nris ‘
5chwer.	tHd- lgl	oi€.raLc,	o..bItl.4 ti
1-1	.1	I
4	Ba w FrieJrichIHa I Peter liakob	Joh	2
)(	1817 Florderh. P rick 1 H J 30. tg Hoberqt	* 24 - Ho fob.
*2 . H * 1tLl2 H.O 132’ g. gnj H.O	I t Ottraul
c	I cVl.Marc	lcV.2.l
Ob5r It2	c I	&	I	L&nqers
_______________ wAcidreos Otto
HO.nbw, I1. I 1- i owa.-’ 1*’	t Eli f1eroc
—	IFeldl)C
4	tcl’l;? t8 1- 7.	It
I 1
5 AuGust Frec. Edi Henrt he Otto (othaj-g f J JakoiireAIEct A4 vsI udo(f nflQ E
nm..	Hern
ifc il 1 czczs p
I Oh,o E i9V	1S53-’ 115	/ \
6	$	IttliLs Ric1t& ertcvd ld He ohannes I(arl	Ihbo IOrc# 6
_______________________________________	?S iIa43	1 I FISAW
I I	_ OJ1RAu BeB
C elga 140Oi	R tA 6epI )r u g,I-1v l tn
1	Nav3ien	1	cflaJe*4 -	K,i 1.
i	i•4OFO	LOL*I6	I	1	I
__________	I
I	)
\	I	—
uefr*L	I	3 ‘
Pet	I
Z,, EAM’ a..ti’
AZiw ,V4fz/6
O.bwqe . 1$. c. 171 We
( yf 1, c
24	,
)%_ Al..	11 4.’ LI.M. .nde. d.. ....
i- 4	“j- ‘— - .. .
4’I	(
L& icziI	W. ... (N
V..4..,o on .	( I7d
we . ..	Wn.
k 4
O..M	. . (v... 173e) . 7W
w . - , . _______
O.ilodl..	-
.— iij.j
we •. . (Md,I./ r
_______	- . (vj 47r1)
w. ...
O a..
16 Pe4cf f(, on	. (... S71()
we ... (1 ‘a. €4, 4Zi.ft.l _____
V on .	( 47f4
::. on/q’ aVer. / •. . 1737
_________________________	w. .
V.,h.l as
we as
,X 333	/ I
fcq . .fc
O.ben..s __ f7i
we .. - (Ie
O..Io.b.nas 11.11 .1,11, 41/.
pub. ... (ca. 41Cc), (i l dc
veev (d_., ha .w. r f (J4 q
)a..I 6
1 4’llo —.
•1 2
D.ber.n am
used 041 i n1L
tlenk@Athert’ki®Ja kob.Iet ®tI.6etIi
Nr Na( p 4k
aroQI’ct ,roa kl
eO -s f
lIIOV( tO I (* i
to 1)4’ C i I i g l?.1e
Lb i c h ri f ten.
Au a den Taufregiater der eva’ Pfarrei 1 a I b a C h
Jahr,ang 18C9 Sette 1 Nr.iD.
(TAufling)	J C_
TOc!iter de Jacob n a t e k e r und de hetraU !1t!abethe, cab. J 0 r d I n - Rofbe gabOren zti 0r dan 1. ilal 1 u 6 U rior;en
Beaerkun bi-rzu: Menontt. Auf a ichea Ersuchen und ‘-I Angabe
de Vatere wurde ala Geburt uleses Kindea hier etnge.
If.g.1 eChriaben.
gas. C. Schapper, Pfurrer.
L.S. Iolnbat.b, :eia Oberlahn, den 19.0 1938.
Evangel. Ffarra
gez.A. F Pt arrer.
Ferner aua Ktrckianbuch A a I n b a c b b.Ieilburg 1755 - 1817.
7. Mat 1783 gestOrben der Meenlet Johaztnes Uneicker, Aittib let Barbara gab. Ullmann, 36 Jahro,3 Mon.
16. Mal 1784 gest. Maria, dee Meenieten Unaicker Töchterlein.
2/4 Jatire alt, 19.5. begraben zu GrAveneck.
l7.Dez. 1800 Johann Peter Uneicker, Hoficann auf dern GrfiM
ecker Hot, 60 Jahr, 7 Mon. 2 Tage alt,begr.
21.Dez. 1906 gact. Josef Uneicker, ledig, zu Ordveneck,
alt 22 Jahr.
Auezug sue des Weinbacher trchenbuch der tafton,Cooultrtnn
und Veretorbenen.
Seite 254_ Versalc aller Inwohner, so 1ch .3njetzo
den 24. Vat ‘790 zu Oraeveneck und auf den
herr tehen Hdfen befinden.
Lfd.Nr.	Naae:	Personen;
17.	Der Mennonit Peter Unaicker
auf ie Oraev.}iof.	19
Für die Richtlgaeit des Auazugee
W.lnbaCb, dan 1!. Oktober 1938. Evangeliscnea Pfarra
gas.	A.F Pfarrer
L. S.
Translation of a coov an uranowo autoor ‘tad .rtt’tert on toe MennonItes who had come to JJeilbur in :“e 0 ce’t:ux-v ttacoea to Otis toty :oere
isa letter—copy , adoressed to a : Thoma, aateo from	3O.0ct. stating
that oe Nafaiger tao already ga:he Nafz dates	rtn Runjel/Lann
and oa toe tatog sentences
!	“Acccording to a note of rfar:-er (parson) Neff. tnat in	(:;assau— Lember€
there	once was a Lans Aafz Peter Scnanz, Peter Unsicxer, : also was
in	Löhnberg ...““ By Miss Binchen ;lafziger I was told, tb in Lahnberg there
—	had	been a Nafaiger, by the mediation of whom her Great—grandfather nad come
to aof	Luawigsburg.” :h most probably means ‘that tans Nafziger tad
helped	reter sen.(Frederic Grandfatner) to cone to Ludwigs Mof)
he Uns(zjicier Fanilv, ,eilourg Aiesbaden ,
Branco, according to files of tie dtaatsarchiv
The Onsicker came, like the Naf(f)ziger from Switzerland. In the Kar. of Bern they already appear in 1628, in Aarau, anton aarau 1526, in th Kanton of Luzern in 1361. The name also appears as Kunzinger, therefor, a dog n the coat of arms. Having become nabaptists they emigrated to Alsace. Thus we find a Barabara Unmicker as wife of Johann(?) (or Peter ? I £ is an unclear correction) Nafziger in Uberau, of whom there is a remari toat s had come from Alsace. Also there is mentioned Peter Unsicker from Windhof, who was born in Mulhouse/Alsace. The Windhof belongs to the settlement Nassau—We ilburg.
In the year 177k the Sovereign of Nassau—, wanted tenants for seve ral farms in the environment of Weilburg. Especially he wanted Mennonites. The negotions had been dragging on all the year. It was not before 1775 that the Mennonites arrived. For the ,)ourney they were gr 1 .arol2.n = 11 florins. The mediator Holly from the farm in MUnster was paid 200 florins for his mediation. Peter Unsicker got the Gravenecker Hof, Hans Nafziger the Ldhnberger Hof, Peter Schwarzentraub the Freienfelser ttof. These, men were the spokesmen. In most cases they had relatives with them. So there died Johannes Unsicker at Grkvenecker Hof in 1783. t Schanz immediately declared that the lodgings and the vegetable garden were too small. By the way, the board of the Sovereign took care faimly to restore the farms as it is proved by bills for building works. The gardens always were sourrounded by thorn hedges. As the four Mennonite tenants could not take over the necesarry live—stock the were granted a loan of 000 florins for the purchase of cattle. For 3 years they only had to pa - during the remaining 9 years of the tenure t had to repay following dead stock w supposed to on the farms: 150 zentner 61 Hay, , :en’tner Ohat , 600 Gebund of rye straw, 100 Gebund of good rope Straw, further one second —hand laroer, one old kneading—through with lid, two ordinary tables, two benches, six wooden chairs. — To such a destitute place the Mennonites came, whose task was to improve and to augment.
The Gráveneck domain comprised JL Morgefi fields, oO Morgen of grassland , 2 ‘/ Morgen of garden. For in form of field products reter Unsicaer tad to deliver 60 achtel rye, 20 ‘eneat, 0 mats barley and 25 oats in very clean condition to the merchant Guth to seilbburg
Annotations of toe translator:
1) Hund dog with the Mennonites, however tt was regarced as naugntyness to have a coat of arms. 2) tnere are about half a hozet of liunster tn Ger many. 3) from tots we can conclude toat a ‘tenure— I ‘lastea 12 years.
1 lentn.r t,1 n-on eo-=engot. 5) 1 do not know o) probably sneafs
7)	1 Morgen	o,o’. acres,	acre	1,50 orgeo, Grsvenec had aoc’at 195 acres.
measure do not r1.w. • 3 are a Mennonite family that seems to ze especially gtftea with actltttes economics, e.g erna’tt utr of Saarorucken is a there also i,s a ratter famous OOP—car.ager of the eutsche 3an j tiuth (of coos I zo not oc. oet-” r ne comes from tais Mennonite fanio.’i
The ccney rent they”had to pay until ‘toe folowtog Laster at ‘the latest without any reduction, ot tney coulo loose ‘toe:r possestoo (?)(tenure.’), except :;ere was a complete crop fatlure or levastatton of the country due to war.’ at ‘toe end of the tenure toey ‘tad ‘to resot’t’ote all ‘toe stock accor— a to the st to the sane od uali:y as they tad received and t:’tey tad to pay for everytning toat was missing accordtng to tts real value at the time in ‘.iestion. If anyone snould e delayed in paying, the whole society of the hennonites could be cnarged toatead.— The ccn had to fulfil soccage s.rvices on the farmn - long time passed before they case to terms about the conditions of the tenure. The tenants wanted, for example, that the implements should be rest ituted in a “fair” instead of the same condition. Ihev also wanted to improve toe conditions regarding bad weather Ihey also complatoed ‘tr.a’t toe contract tad been altered without their conifent. The governnent now got angry. They had to sign at the hext “Kammertag t is a pity that the letters of lease have not been conserved. :his would have been very informative,aa toe wives signed, too. reter Unsicker’s wife had to sign later as she was in childbed.
The punctual payment failed already in the z year. In November 1775 3 te nants with the exception of the Ldhnberger aa for reduction bec of crop failure. From Peter Unsicker, who was in delay with 155 florins there was ta in pledge 2 fat oxen, 1 fat cow, 2 cows”from the Swiss cattle’. But at last the Government gave in. But also in 1776 the crop was poor. But as the Grkvenecker complained about the bad conditton of the barn—floor and the pavement of the yard and about toe missing planks of the upper loft, and as in the following year a wall at the hillside is eee necessary, to prevent the barn from collapsing° , toe Sovereign lost patience and ordered that all the tenants had to pay in time and had very industriously to tilt the soil.
For some years there are no informations. In Gecember 1782, when there were over momplaints about poor crops, new Mennonite tenants appear, Christoph Lthhn , in Wehrholtz and and Josef Unsicker at the Lindhof. At the year 1785 the tenants ask to revive their loan as they had nothing of their own.
The report about their performances, however, was very favourable:”Pegardirtg the tenants we find nothing to complain about. Thus we can testify that they have tilted the soil they ‘Dented very tndustriously, that they have kept all the dates of payment and ha to be reasonable and efficient farmers.” Furthermore the intention of the government that the Mennonites should set an example for the native farmers had come true with those lo) who vere diligent and of good will.
Aggravating for the tenants was the roposal to end the soccage . Peter Unsicker is afraid that there would be a snortage of farm nanda. In spite of tois it seems that it aa only peter Unsicker woo made a new contract of tenure in the year 17h7. His family stayd :oer until 1809.
he st show an unSKilled handwrt’ttng, but at least we do not ftnd any crosses. rhe handwriting of Peter Unsiccer ts very delicate.
1) , the Seven— 1756—b5 there had been great devastations to tois region that caused many peo ‘to emigrate to toe . in ussia. 2) up to ‘the perion of ‘toe Frenco evolu’tion cost European farmers were bondmer.s serfs)and wcr a certain time for toeir andlcra 3) probably in cortnec’t)on wi:n crop fatlore a) probably ‘toe ay toe board was open for toe public. 5) Hans Nafzt o) ‘tots must tate been after Laster 177b act or’tIog’to 000tract. 7) Peter U. hi probably cue ‘to landslide 9) ‘tots statement coes not correspond n’tn ‘tne facts statea anove. 1U) probably natt’ie farmers.
ay) .—( . ‘e
Our thanks to Alma Kauffmann of Hopedale, Illinois for her nice letter. Alma’s grandfather was Peter J. Naffziger. The father of Pater is Jacob Naffziger , The fahter of Jacob Naffziger, born 1798 in Germany - married to Barbara Grabeil — had children Barbara, Elizabeth, Magdalena, Peter, Phoebe, Catherine and John. He is buried at the Baughman Eemetery, Washington, Ill inois. And Jacob’s parents are Valentin Naffziger, marrieti to Magdalena Spring of Hockheim, Germany.
We are in receipt of several nice letters from Virginia Ottinger of Belivue,
Colorado. She is a descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who came to America in
1749, To us, her lineage appears to trace to Peter Noffsinger who married
Frances Keen in 1810 at Belmont County, Ohio. This Peter N. was a grandson
of Rudolph. Children of the marriage of Peter and Franey Keen are Peter,
William, Jacob, Wsley, Martha, James, Martin, Catherine, Samuel, Thomas, Hiram,
Wilbur, Frances and another child whose name-we do not have in our records.
This family emigrated to Nodaway County, Missouri from Monroe County, Ohio.
Peter Noffsinger, Jr. (son of Peter and Franey) married Margaret Martin in
1853 at Nodaway County. Their children are Julia, William, Missouri Ann,
Martin Levi, John Wesley, Amanda, Margaret, Lona, Clara and Maude. Missouri
Ann of this family is Virginia Ottincier’s grandmother,
0	0	0
A speed message from David J.R. Smucker of Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society to the NHNews announces that he had visited with Ray Noftsger of Philadelphia and that they planned to publish his article in the April 1985 issue of their Journal. Mr. Smucker tells us that it is a good article and he has granted up perniissior re he article once it is published.
Telephone calls came from George Nafziger of West Chester, Ohio, Ray Noftsger of Philadelphia, John Noffsker of Inchelium, Wa. and Rudolph Nafziger of West Germany. Visitors to Grafton include Harold Nofziger of Archbold, Ohio, We appreciate their effort on behalf of our heritage. Thanks for calling and visiting.
120 Edgewood Drive
GreFton, Ohio 44044
Daniel Noffsinger
8235 Derby Circle
West Jordan, Utah 84084 *

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