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rIflfMe HstrcaI tibrar 
Jitn Cieg - Gcshzn, Indi OCT 4 8 
Je j1ofInger LerItagc JJc)ai 
Every so often.a letter comes to us that requires the upmost atténtionbf allof our readers. Such is the case with a letter received from Lorraine Bartoif of Garden City, New York. If al I of the Naffzigers who receive the newsletter go towork on the problem we believe that a solution can be found in a short period of time, Here are excerpts taken from her letter 
“My mother died when I was very small so there isn’t much information that I can pass onto you0 My father, Arthur Naffziger, died in 1978, After the death of my mother, my sister, brothers and I were placed ma Lutheran orphanage in Muscatine, Iowa,. Our is a long story, but my brothers and sister remain a close family, in spite of being brought up in an orphanage, both in Iowa and Illinois. My father was not able to pass on much information. However, I plan to discuss further, with my five brothers and sister, any additional information they may have. I am very curious about our family heritage and I am looking forwards to read 
V ing any forthcoming newsletters”, 
of interest to you to know that my father’s family consisted of at least twelve Walnut, Illinois seems to be theV family residence for awhfle..We are unsure of of our relatives once lived”, V 
Our readers should keep in mind that Naffzigers who tie to the family •line that settled in and around Bureau County, Illinoisare likely to be able to help Lorraine, Also, keep Dixon, Illinois and Lee County in mind, The two places may be important clues. I may have some information on file but it is going to take some time to dig through all of the information and identify the ones; that may have lived in the Bureau—Lee County area. 
Presently, I have been overwhelmed with records, papers and letters and it takes some time before I can retrieve information from the Vfil The idea is to help Lorraine and her family get in’ touch with some of her lost relatives and to help her identify her ancestors and Naffziger heritage. We are certain that with a Náffziger family of 12 children, there must be a lot of ancestors around. We hope some of them will write the News. 
The Carroll Nafziger Dublication brings home a point that genealogy can be a rather cruel hobby.Carroll worked his genealogy for many years, traveled thousands of miles, talked to a lot of people, made hundreds of telephone calls and wrotethous_ ands of letters. When we amassed his years of genealogical effort into a publication, it did not come out to match his supreme effort — BIG. 
“It may be children. 
where most 
THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS We are in receipt of a nice letter from Erma Nafziger of hope- 120 Edgewood Drive dale, Illinois. She reports that her husband, Vilas(desceñdant 
of Christian N. of I-fopedale) is recovering from hand surgery. 
Grafton, Ohio 44044 
_____________________________ Skin grafts were performed on both hands but he is doing nicely with the recovery process0 Erma writes that she is a descend— EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS ant of’ Peter H. and wife Katharina Unsicker, Their children 
are Valentine, Jacob, Magdalena, Barbara and Lizetta. Daughter 
CLAIR NAFTZGER Magdalena married Peter J. Naffziger who was a grandson of Val KATHLEE NAFTZGER entine of Gauersheim0 Keep in mind that Valentine of Gauersheim 
BETTY NAFTZGER had a son and stepson named Peter0 That is because he married 
- a Nafziger widow with children0 Given more’ time and through 
SUBSCRIPTION FEE a search of Ray Nàftsger’s material, I believe that we can iden tif the husband, which I believe is Valentin of Hochheim, and 
TEN DOLLARS — YEARLY thus they would be the parents wFihwas a question that Irma 
PUBLISHED QUARTERLY asked in her letter0 Peter J. Nafziger is the grandfather of _________________________ Irma, our nice letter writer to the News0 
Our thanks to Alma Kauffmann of Hopedale, Illinois for writing to us0 Her grandfather is Peter J. Naffziger whose father is Jacob Naffziger (married to Barbara Grabeil and son of Valentin of Hochheim but when he was married to Magdalena Spring. Refer to the foregoing letter from Irma Nafziger and keep in’m{ndthat Irma is talking about Magdalena N. who married Peter J. Naffziger. Both of the N. line traced to a Valentine But this lines traceto Valentin of Hochheim. He died in 1800 and his widow married Valentin of Gauersheim. It gets quite confusing so I had better quit while I think I. am ahead. 
We thought we would try to put out a newsletter without using Ray Noftsger’s very valuable information. It is difficult because he. has so much valuable research material on the Nafzger heritage. But we must print this bit of news for Ray. He is the father of a son, David Raymond, born in Jue.• Tina and Ray appear to be withstanding the joysof a new arrival and the late hours that usually goes withsuch an arrival quite well. Our congratulationsto Tina.and Ray, 
Information sent to us by Ruth o1 Lexington, Missouri. My great—great grandfather, DAVIDSO NOFFSINGER died in Fincastle, Virginia. His wife was MaryStover, who was bOrn in 1779, approximately. Seven children are listed, (theremay be more by a first wife). - 
Page Two 

Frances A.. Noffsinger born. June 10, 1803 in Botetourt County, Virginia. married to Christan II Moomaw.. Eleven children.: William II, Davidiewis, Mary Catharine, 
John Noffsinger, Sarah A,, Diana, Hiram, Eleizabeth F0, PaulineJ., Julia Ann, 
Martha. Susan. - 
JohnS,. Noffsinger born inl803,Botetourt County, Virginia. Married to. Elizabeth Trout. Moved to Missouri Th1856. Eight children; SusanE., MaryJ., GeorgeS,, 
Julia A,, Sarah.C,, CharlesE., Margaret:F., and NewtonS, 
David C. Noffsfnger born February 8, 1818 in Botetourt County, Virginia, Moved to Missouri in 1845. Died in MissOuri June 23, 1895, Married to MaryC. Grove 
in Augusta County, Virginia April 5, 1839, ‘Eight children: Frances, George, 
John S., Levona Eliza, Paulina Grove, Mary Margaret, Cornélia Pierce, Matilda 
Jane .and Jessey Martin. 
William Noffsinger — Born in 1808, Died in infancy, 
Elizabeth Noffsinger Married John Houts or Hontz, Before the Civil War, they resided in Roanoke County, Virginia, near “Big Lick”, 
Cathar.ineNoffsinger Married a Dr. Barnes of Virginia0 
Sarah Noffsinger— Married a William Canton — lived near South Bend, Indiana, 

Our thanks to Mrs0 Ray Svejda of Kansas City,. Missouri for sending information on the John Richer family0 John Richer married a daughter of Christian Nafziger whose wife and children came. to America in 1847 and settled in Fulton County, Ohio, We have a good listing of descendants of sons of this family but had only limited material on the daughters of the familyQ Christian Nafziger Is a. brother to Valentine Nafziger who emigratedto. America in 1837. 
Mrs0 Kenneth Gilmore of Northpàrt Alabama writes us to express appreciation for Ray Noftsger’s material published in the last issue of the News0. Mrs0 Gilmore says “He may have solved our puzzle about El izabeth Naftzinger’s parentage (see page 28, Column 2) Elizabeth Naftzinger is an earl.y one that turns up in the very early 1800’s in Ohio0 Records show that she used the spelling used exclusively by children of Mathias Naftzinger of Berks County, Pennsylvania who emigrated to America in 1749. But we cannot make any connection to the family. 
Our thanks to Rene Davis of Bloomington, Illinois for writing0 It was nice to hear from her and we are glad for her renewed interest in genealogy0 
Evelyn Martinez of San Jose, California is not much closer to identifying the Noffsinger which turns up in her line. He. is Legrand Noffsinger, born 1827 in Kentucky. He married Elizabeth, born 1832 in Michigan, In 1850, they lived in Adams County, Illinois. It would •appea.r that he died in 1949—51 period. Elizabeth’s maiden. name is Thompson0. In 1850, they had one son, Russel and probably Elizabeth sister, Louisa living with them in Adams County0 If any of our readers can help Evelyn, please write to her at 1053 S. White Road, San Jose, California, 95127. 
Perhaps, Muriel Oliver of St0 Petersburci Florida and Azalia Noftsger Hill of Union, Missouri hold the record for paid u.p sucriptionto the NHNO Our records show that they are paid to the year 1990. We appreciate their confidence in us0 We hope to be around that long and still publishing the newsletter0 We are sure that there will be lots of good Nafzger family information in the year 19900 
Mrs0 Alice Baker of Lexington, Kentucky is a descendant of Lydi.a Noffsinger who married Abraham Sink in 1815 at Montgomery County, Ohio0 We do not have much information on this family0 We hope that Mrs0 Baker will be able to update the line. Rudolph had at least two grand daughters named Lydia. We do not have any information oneither’ one0 Themost likely connection is that Lydia is the daughter of John Noffsingerwhomarried Catherine Koontz. The family moved to Montgomery County in about 1800. John and Catherine are buriedat the Cemetery in Montgomery County near the church which he helped estabishedJohn was born in 1751, the son of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749. Lydia was bornin l775 All of the great grandchildren we have listed for Rudolph was born 1810 or after making itunlikely that she could.have been a great grandchild. It is almost certain that this line will trace to Rudolph Noffsinger because that is the only line who lived in Montgomery County during this period and spelled the name “Noffsinger”. We hope this information will be of some help to Mrs. Baker who is seeking data on the parents of Lydia and Abraham. 
Our thanks to Lowell Z Nosker of Yellow Springs, Ohio for writing. He was visiting in the Cleveland area and almost decided to come to Grafton for a visit0 We are sorry that he did not do so because I am sure that I would have enjoyed his visit. 
Page Three 
The following information was sent to us by George •Nafziger of West Chester, Ohio. George Nafziger sent the information for the benefit of relatives who requested information on the Gunerich family lines that may have married Nafzger lines0. W hope John Byler of Mercer, Pennsylvania and Bessié-Anna Smelser Fillmore of-Cottonwood, Arizona take note of the crossover of the two families in Germany0 Th nice list was prepared byilerman Guth, a long time friend of the News. Also, please note the crossover of the Holly, Roggy, EhresrnannV, Schwarzentruber and other families that also ocurred in the U.S.A.; after their arrival. 
Auf den Spuren der Mennoniten-Hofe 
Em Fahrplan für die StraBburger Amerikafahrer 
km Fahrstrecke EingerUckt wahiweise Hinweise auf Sehenswurdigkeiten 
anzufahrende Orte und Namen ehem. menn. Bewohner 
Brumath-Landstra6e V 
Ehemalige deutsche Reichsstadt, Residenz Kaiser Barbarossas, Reste der Stacitbefestigung 
GroBes WaldstUck, dahinter auf NebenstraBe V 
Kutzenhausen (Gungrich) 
6 Ingolsheim V V 
• (Dettweiler, Schmltt,V HUngerich) 
V (Roggy, Müuer, Schowalter) V 
(eingegangen, Nafziger, Holly) 
gjict, Najgei. Jotter) 
alte Mennonitengemeiride V (Lehrnann, Schowalter 
Sitz elner menn. GemeirWe( Hirschler, Ehresmann, Hege, Schowalter, Kreienbuhl) mit eig. Betsaal im ehernal. SchioB (1870 und 1944 im Krieg zerstört) 
Alte deutsche Reichsstadt mit Resten V der Stadthefestigung und 
hist. Bauten (S. oben) V V V VVVVVV — 
In der Stadt Abzweigung nach 
(Hoier, Schenk) Langenbergerhof (Schantz). 
Auf dem Vogelsberg (Mont d’Oiseaux) 
jetzt mennonitisches Kinderheim 
Abzweigung echts (NebenstraBe) 
Burg Berwartstein (Bärbetstein) früher auch Bärbelsteinerhof 
(Nafziger, Holly, Schwarzentruber, Rinkenberger, 1-lochstattler, 
Roeles, Oesch, Wirtz) 
heute Heilbad, frUher Amtstadt der Herzöge von Zweibrücken, sehenswerte aJte Gebäude (S. oben) 
V heute Mennonitengemeinde (Schowalter, Eymarin, 
V Andre) 
Dettweiler, Schmitt) 
ehemal. deutsche Reichsstadt, später franz. Festung, heute Gartenstadt, frQhe Tãufergemeinde 
(Holly, Danner) 
ehemals Besitz der Herren von Dalberg, auf deren Hof Attester 
V V Hans Nafziger, 1759 und 1779 Versammlungen mennonit. 
V Abgesandter (BUrky, Vester, Njgr, von Huben) V RUckfahrt Uber Knöringen (Zet*) nach 
Hagenauer Forst 
10 Surburg 
SUItZ i. Wald 
(Soultz sous foréts) 
3 Riedseltz 
6 WeiBenburg 
2 Weller 
1 GrenzUbergang V 
V St Germanshot 
8 Niéderschlettenbach 
6 Erlenbach 
10 Bad Bergzabern 
26 Landau 
5 Essingen 
Diet enbacherhof 
Continued on Page Seven 
- Page Six 
18 Waldfischbach 
12 Pirmasens 
10 Hinterweidenthal 
10 Dahn 
12 Reichshoten 
18 Hagenau 
29. Stral3burg 
ca. 300 km 
ehem. Dorf der Herren von Hacke, Schlol3, heut Luftkurort alter Mennonitensitz mit Mennonitenfriedhof (lmhot, Zehr, Zuck, Roggi, Gongrich 
(Schwarzentruber, Schenk) 
lndustriestadt (Schuhe) am Rande des Wasgaus Abzweigung links nach 
Abzweigung rechts nach 
Luftkurort mit Burgeñ und .Felsbildung Jungfernsprung. after Mennonitensit2 (GUngrihuth) 
Abzweigung Richtung [emberg Uber 
alter Mennonitensitz (Guth, heute Herzler) mit groBartiger Felsbildung AltschloB 
8 Albersweiler 
6 AnnweiAer Rinnthal 
15 Johanniskreuz 
5 Trippstadt 
Einfahrt ins Annweiler Tal, alte Mennonitengemeinde (Eicher, Aft olter) 
ehem. Kioster mit mennonit. Pachthöfen 
(gijch, Eger, Koch, Uhlmann 
(Eger, Jotter, Rees, Schneider, Steinmann) 
(Nafziger, Baumann) 
mit Rothehot (Nafziger, Ehresmann) 
aite Sladt ,mt &e izst &en 
aainzer Abzweigung riacfl recnrs IllS 
(Habecker, ImhoO 
Luftkurort, Mittelpunkt des Ptâlzer Waldes, 
Moglichkeit zum Mittagessen 
Schmalen berg 
20 Eppenbrunn Ffschbach 
22 Hirschthal 
12 Lembach 
Niedersteinbach Wineckértal 
Burg Fleckenstein Fleckensteinerhof 
(Nafzi er, GUn .• - 
ier Uber Vorth-Hagenau oder Uber (Fronsburgerhof, alte Mennonitengemeinde Guth, G(ingrIc 
mit GUnstalerhof, Sulztalerhof (nicht zuänglich) 
(ehem. Guth, Christner, Osch, Zehr, Unziclcer, 
MUller) und Köhlerhof (Eyer, Holly) 
(Steiner, Schantz, 
We want t9thn.I1.1 of the Nafzgers who invited Rólf Nafziger of Ludenscheid, West Germany to their homes for a visit0 As most Germans discover when they visit the USA. ourpubi Vctratiportation system is not very economical or convenient. Also, the USA is a1rgeIace and it takes a great deal of funds to move from place to place via our flot sogood transportation system. This is an explanation of why it wash not possible,4oRolf to visit with many of you who extending an invitation tocomeo ybur hothe0 
We are sort6 learn of the death of Donovan C. Jacoby, age 60 years0 Died October 25, 1984 in Wilmington, Delaware0 Survived by his wife, Janice Kline Jacoby, daughter of Galen E and Ruth L. Kline of Carlisle Pennsylvania0 Burial at Price Church, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Ruth.L. Kline died February 13, 1985, age 83 years, survived by Husband, Galen E, Kline and Janice K. Jacoby, Eugene E of York, Pennsylvania and Richard M. of Indianapoli$,Indiana. Burial at Price Church Ceme— tary, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Galen Kline is a long time subscriber of the News He is the son of Minnie E. Nofziger Kline, daughter of Jacob Plank Nofziger who is a son of Valentine Nofziger, emigrated to America in 1831. Our sympathy to Galen who we consider a fine friend and family historian. 
Page Seven 
Our thanks of Lisa.J. Nafziger of Lancaster,Cälifornia for writing. She received a copy of the Christian Nafziger book of the Hopedale, Illinois family She was pleased with the information0 
Muriel Oliver of St. Petersburg, Florida writes to tell us that Elmer Moseman Kennel died January 7, 1985. Elmer was 92 years old and had been ill for only six months0 Memorial services were held in Lakeland, Floridá The Kennel family _çes Nafzger families a number of times including some in Europe prior to the emigration to America. In the .U.SØA., most of the connection appears to be with Valentine Naffziger of Gauerheim.. 
Excerpts from letter of Marjorie .Gautsche.— In Vol. 9 No. 3 I was very in.terested in the information of. birth records for Valentin Nafziger’s family.. Is there any way I coul.d get a copy of the record of birth for Jacob son’ of Valentine. He isan ancestor of Charles Gautsche. I would also be interested in a copy.of the .!;, record of death. for Madeline Nofziger and Peter himself, if they are the parents of Valentine. (The Peter may be his brothr) If both of these, Madeline and Peter died in .1827 was Peter the father or son? 
What a find it is for me that Ray Noftzger has found our that Christian and Valentine. are.brothers. Charles isa descendant of Valentine; I am a descendant of Christian. 
If the record .states that Peter Naf1gerbçrn. in 1731 was born and died on the same estate where he was a tenant———isn’tLthere records of his fathers:name 
Could the Peter Schanz of Merenbërgerhof anmed in Vol. 14 No0 1 as being one of the. fou.r families living in 1775 in the Weilburg area in Hesse—Nassau. From the Records of John Do Nofzinger, Peter Schantz Was the .fatherof wife Catherine The dates would about fit. I. do not know my Germany geography well enough to know if this is possible. It would be a lead for us in the ancestors another generation back. (those of us who are in the Christian Nafziger family. Editor’sNote—Iw43ihaveto ask Ray Noftsger-of Philadelphia, Pa, to with most of the answers to questions raised by Marjorie, Obtaining records in the U.SOAO is easier than in Europe. In the:U,S., one can go tothé courthouse which houses the public records and obtain a copy0 Por the most part,. they do not have a courthouse found in every county as we do here0 The process of obtaining copies of most EUropean records can be very expensive. For example., I obtained birth of.the PeterNafzigerfamily of Illbach. and it cost me $45.00. Cost of getting such copies prohibit us from adding them to our collection. The death record of Madelineand.Peter should be the Wayne County courthouse0 However, it maynot be a certificate as.we find’now,• It could be just a listing in a bok kept at the courthouse. Also, it was not necessary to record every death as they do today. So many of the deaths in that year were never recordL— Anntber problem may be when Wayne Coun.ty was formed, . . . - . —_ 
120 Edgewood Drive 
Grafton, Ohio 44044 
MennOnite Historical Library 
Goshen,’I.nd. 46526 

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