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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XIX No 2
Raw OCR - 7/29/04

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Mt J Theritactc eth
IRa . . -. ,. -, .. ,
.u.u.Sa*URaa.*aUgUaaRRaaU q no S urn rn er 1990
Jacob Naffsinger probably emigrated sometime prior to 1836. Glea Richer Brown wrote that Jacob and Peter the Apostle were brothers . We have not verified this but if this were true, Jacob was born in 1798 at Hocbheim near Worms and his parents were Valentin Naffziger (I, who died in 1800) and Magdalena Spring). She remarried Valentin Naffziger (II, who died in 1839) and Valentin II remarried Elisabeth Beck.
We found Jacob and Peter residing near a Daniel Naffsinger in 1860 in Woodford county, IL. Daniel, who was four years younger than Jacob, has not been identified but his close proximity to the others and their arrival in Illinois at about the same time suggests the possibility of a familial relationship between , Peter and Daniel . Were they brothers?
The last issue of the News featured Peter the 2\postle, who arrived in 1826. Peter first settled with Christian Naffziger and other Amish in Ontario, Canada. After a few years Peter moved his family to Butler County , Ohio . Peter went to Woodford County , IL prior to 1850 , where he died a very old man.
Jacob married Barbara Krehbeil (who was born near Weitersweiler) in 1822 . We guess Jacob emigrated to America prior to 1836 and we believe that he resided for a period in Ohio. One census record lists Jacob’s son John as having been born in Getmany in 1833; while in another he is listed as a native of Ohio. Nonetheless, the census records state that Jacob ‘ s twin daughters were born in Ohio in 1836. (Glea Brown Richer writes that the twins were born in Germany also.)
Peter the Apostle resided in Milford township, Butler county, Ohio in 1830 and in Liberty township, Butler county in 1840. Although we did not find records pertaining to Jacob in Ohio , he probably spent time with Peter in Butler county before moving to Illinois. We are uncertain as to the year Jacob left Ohio. A grandson was born in Illinois in 1849 and Jacob was enumerated in the 1850 Illinois census.
In 1850 Jacob Naufsinger lived in District 56 of Woodford County, Illinois, together with his wife Barbara and children Peter, John, Jacobina and Catharine. Other families in the district were Belsley, Herr, Rosenberger, Hassley, Hess, Kising, Shoote , Ash (Oesh) , Eversoll , be, Farney, Yoder and Kinsinger.
In 1 860 , Barbara and their widowed daughter Magdalena (Burkie ) were enumerated in North township near Spring Bay. Living next to them were Jacob Naffsinger, 45, Magdalena Naffsinger 25 and Joseph Naffs(inger?), 60 years. (Jacob was probably the son of Peter the Apostle and his wife Magdalena; just who Joseph Naffs( inger?) is uncertain.)
Jacob’s wife Barbara Krebbiel died in 1876 and was buried in Baugbman cemetery. In 1880 Jacob was residing with his son J. Petter in Boynton township Tazwell county, Ill. His place of birth was given as Bavaria. Both his parents were identified as Bavarian. Jacob died in 1888 at almost 90 years. He was buried in Baugbman cemetery.
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Twe Anniversary Next Year
The Spring Issue of 1991 will initiate the twentieth volume of the Nafzger HE News! That is remarkable! Eighty Issues. This event required two main elements . On the one hand , the News was published by a very dedicated and successful individual, namely Clair Naftzger, with mudh assistance from his wife Betty and daughter Kathlean. On the other hand , the News received tremendous support and encouragement from hundreds of “cousins” who helped to mold the newsletter into what it is today.
Over the years many family newsletters were started. Some are still being published . For those that urved, sziiething special was necessary : a dedicated publisher and a strong, supportive readership. And that is why the ws is successful.
The News originally operated through donations. With increased mailing and printing costs, together with an expanded membership, a yearly subscription was started in 1975 for $5.00/year. Volume X increased the yearly subscription to $8 . 00 and Volume XIII started the $ 10 . 00 rate , where it has remained.
Many Nafzger families have been featured over the years. The earliest known German Nafzgers were identified, as well as were the later 19th century ininigrants to merica . We since found cousins in France , Switzerland , Germany, Luxembourg and most recently in Holland that we did not know about..
‘ Readers requested information and shared their heritage with others . People were put into contact with cousins, who returned the favors. Some people published their findings in books. Articles concerning the Nafzgers were published and reprinted in the News and references were made to our publication in other articles and newsletters.
In short , the News was very successful by any standard . We hope we can continue in this area . But we need your help and encouragement : as we wrote above, an editor and active and supportive readers are the key! In this vein, bow shall we celebrate the News in it’s twentieth year? Write and let us know. what would you like for the twentieth anniversary? We have four issues and can feature just about anything you wish to read. Write your suggestions as we have time to plan and set into motion.
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Jacob Naffziger : a brief family sketch:	Continued from Page One
Jacob Naffziger (Naffsinger) ( = 24 May ( 21 Aug? ) 1798 Bavaria + 6 Mar 1888 IL)
M: Barbara Graebiel (= 24 Oct, 1795 + 10 Feb, 1876)
1 . Barbara (= about 1 823 + 7)
m.	Peter Engel ( = ? + ?)
2.	Elizabeth	(= about 1825 + ?)
m.	Christian Gingerich (= ? + ?)
3.	Magdalena	(= 24 Aug 1827 + ?)
m.	Valentin Birkey (= 1817 + 1856)
4.	J.	Petter	(= 31 Aug 1829 Bavaria + 23 Aug 1909)
m .	Magdalena Naffsinger (= 1 832 Baden + 1906)
daughter of Peter Naffsinger ( about 1800 Baden + ?)
and	Catharine (= about 1804 Baden + ?)
41. John W. (= 20 Oct 1855 + 20 Jan 1939)
42. Jacob A. (= 16 Feb 1856 + 1 Jan 1939)
43. Katharine E. (= 12 Nov 1857 + ?)
m.	? Kauffman (= ? + ?)
44.HenryF. (=llSeptl86O+?)
45. Samuel E. (= 10 Oct 1862 + ?)
46 . Joseph V. (= 24 Jun 1864 + 22 Mar 1923)
m.	(?) Clara Sparrow (= ? + ?)
.	46 1 . ( ? ) Harold (= 21 Nay 1895 + ?)
47. Daniel P. (= 18 Aug 1870 + 19 Feb 1908)
48. Barbara A. (= 10 Mar 1872 + ?)
m.	Amos Litwiller (= ? + ?)
5.	John (=aboutl833+?)
m.	Lizetta (Elisabeth?) Naffsiger (= about 1838 + ?)
51. Entna (= alout 1862 + ?)
m.	Andrew Heiser (= ? + ?)
6.	Phoebe (=	9 Jan 1836 Ohio + ?)
m.	Peter	Roth (= ? + ? )
7.	Catharine	(= 9 Jan 1836 Ohio + 11 Sept 1914)
m.	John Baughman (= 1833 + 1914)
*. *	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
We wish to thank WiIu Nafziger of Gridley, IL for the newspaper clippings and letter . Thanks also to Nina Roupp and Marie Hoflinger for the notes . Susan Slayma]cer inquired about Peter Leibungut (Livingood) and Barbara Naffziger of Somerset County, PA. We will try to feature this family before the end of the year . If anyone wants to forward information concerning the them, get it in soon.
Thanks to Eugene Kenaga of Michigan for the Excerpts from his book titled
I of Johannes Gnage and John Kenege Sr and Related Families . We have
not seen the entire publication but we know that Dorthy Nafzger married John
Kenege Sr in Berks un, PA and Mr Kenaga picks up the line from Natthias
Nafzger, Dorthy’s father.
Virginia Poling inquired about the rump’ s and David Naffsinger of Rockingham County, VA. Briefly we believe that David married Hannah Crumpacker in 1793 . According to John Wayland ‘ s Virginia Valley ecods, she was the daughter of the then deceased ? her mother was Barbara and brothers were Peter and Abraham, who witnessed the wedding . (Thi s is contrary to Ms Pol ing ‘ s note that Hannah was the daughter of Ulrich. Can any readers help us out?) We believe that Hannah died sometime prior to July, 1799. David married a second time in 1799 to Nollie Stover/Horn . Three daughters are Polly (John Gish) , Catey (Henry Frantz) and Elisabeth (John Houtz) . A son may have been David (married Sarah Kimberlain). The last record we found mentioned David daughters Elisabeth and Catey getting married in 1821.
Page Three
In the Spring Issue of the News we printed first of two parts of an article written by Larry nith about Heinrich Naftzger of Centre County, PA. The final part is reprinted below. We appreciate Larry’s effort very much and thank him for sharing his research. Further we encourage other readers to send us information to print. Again we thank Larry for his contributions.
I will follow with my own narrative, making note of any discrepancies between my own findings and those put forward in the previous article as they appear.
Heinrich Naftzger (according to the cemetery records)-or Henry Naftsger (according to his will)—or— Henry Nofsker (according to family tradition) was born on March 11, 1762+. His
birthplace is not known because his parents are not yet known for sure. In view of the fact that he resided in his married life, for a while, in Lancaster County, PA, it is very probable that he was born there. He died in Centre County, PA on September ii, 1823. Listed on the May, 1783 militia roll for Lancaster County, he served in the Revolutionary War at its close, and depending on whether he was in the service a year or two prior to the 1783 record, he may not have seen actual fighting during that war. Despite that fact, he was still recorded as enlisting and the honor of that enlistment can be a source of pride for all his descendants.
According to census records and known historical accounts, Henry would have been the father to at least nineteen children. His marriage to Margareth Beschtler is known to have taken place on March 22, 1797. (13) According to the i800 census records Henry and his wife would have had seven children prior to their marriage, not counting the twelve children of whom known birthdates place them after the 1797 marriage date. It is a bit hard to believe that such would have been the case, and so the assumption can be made that Margareth Beschtler might have been Henry’s second wife. Taking into account the Thomas Imler/Bedford Co, PA information cited above that Henry’s wife was Margaret SENSE, borrt in 1771, (while once more noting that the source of this information is not known and therefore suspect), I would make the proposal that Henry .Nofsker was married twice, first to Margaret Sense and secondly to Margareth Beschtler.
If the foregoing proposal would be correct, Henry would have been about eighteen to twenty years of age when he married his first wife of the age thirteen to fifteen. The two of them had a daughter between the years 177 and 178 who died prior to i8io. (1k) They then would have had a son, Henry, Jr. between the years 17814 and 1790 who married Mary ________ and produced the faiiiily line which went under the spelling “Nophsker”. (15) • A daughter born between 178k and 1790 is listed on the 1800 census, but does not appear on the 1810, so we might assume that she died within that time span. Three more females are listed in the census record of i800 as being born between the years 1790 and 1800, but they also do not appear later, and may be assumed to have died young. The next child, Frederick, was born on April 20, 1795 who married Susannah • . Frederick died in Centre County, PA but whether he was born there or moved there with Henry after 1799 is uncertain. (16) I would include him with the Henry Ncfsker family on account of his birthdate which matches another 1800 census listing and the coincidence of his being in Centre County, PA along with the Henry Nofsker family.
The children mentioned thus far bring us to the year 1795. It is possible that Henry’s first wife might have died either in childbirth with Frederick or soon after.
She may have been in poor health from the beginning of their marriage (as evidenced by the five children who appear to have died early on). (17)
Henry married Margareth Beschtler on March 22 1797 and she gave birth to a son, George James who married Catherine Fisburne and later moved to Coshockton County, Ohio and then to Iroquois County, Illinois. (18) A second son was born in i8oo or i8oi and was named John. John married Rebecca ________ and moved to Venango County, PA. (19) This particular John would not necessarily be the line 1.1. of the Heinrich N. Of Centre County article in regard to residing in Gregg Township, Centre County (20). On February i8, 1805 John Jacob was born. On March 27, 1827 he married Margaret Puggles and after residing in Centre County a number of years moved to the area which is presently named Freedom Township, Blair County, PA. (21) It is possible that the next three children born to Henry and Margareth might not be in the correct order, but they have been placed as such due to birthdates assumed to be correct. Samuel was born on January 20, 1807. He married Eve Schuck and moved to
Page Four
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Heinrich Naftzger	Continued from Page Four
Blair County in Greenfielci Township which is adjacent to Freedom Township. (22) The next son, born on September 19, 1807, was Henry. This particular Nofsker son has been the most difficult one to obtain information on. In 1971 when I started to correspond with the Nafzger Heritage News I had sent a reprint of a photograph my grandmother had which showed five Nofsker brothers. My grandmother had listed their names on the back although not in the proper seating order. One was identified by her as being “William H”. Over the years various of the other four brothers were identified by their respective descendants, but no one ever claimed this William H. The Marion County, Iowa records list a Henry Nofsker who died on May 20, 1878 at the age of 70 years, 7 months and 22 days. I would propose that this would have been William H( enry) . He married Ann ________ . (23) Emanuel was born on April 8 , i8o8 and married Sophia Plotner. .. They moved to Jefferson County around 1852. (2k) Another of the sons who has been difficult to track down was the next child of Henry and Margareth, Martin B. Martin was born in 1810/il and appeared on the 181+0 Delaware County, Ohio census with his wife and a son and daughter. (25) Julian(na), born on April 7, 1812, married Philip Leitzell and they stayed in Centre County. They are both buried in Heckman Cemetery in Gregg Township. (26) Jonathan, the next child of Henry and Margareth, might be the Jonas recorded in the Penns Creek Lutheran Church Protocol List in Centre County, PA. Jonas was recorded as born on June 15, i8i1+. The name Jonathan showed up, in the 181+Os along with Jacob and Samuel in the Blair County area; his birthdate was given as June 26, i8ik in the cemetery records of the Newry Lutheran Church in Blair County. The coincidence is too great for the two not to be the same person. (27) Abraham was born on December 31, i8i5 and other than the fact that he was christened at the Brush Valley Union Church at Rebersburg, Centre County, PA, not much is known about him. The next son to be. born to Henry and Margareth was Michael who was born on August 1+, 1817. He married Jane Kenely and lived in Gregg Township, Centre County. (28) The last daughter to be born into this family would have been Rebecca Margareth, born in i8i8 and married to Adam Grenoble.(29) And finally, the Penns Creek Lutheran Church Protocol List recorded a son, Jacobus, born on January 12, 182k to parents, Henry Nafager and Margaretha. As pointed out in the ‘ N. Of Centre County” article, this child would have been born four months after Henry’s death, and when Henry was sixty years old. Although not completely absurd (my great-grandfather, John Wilks Nofsker, fathered my grand— father, Cleveland when he was 59 years 0±’ age), this last birth is questionable. At the time of this birth, Margareth would have been about 1+5 years old and it is as sumed that the Penns Creek Lutheran Church record is indeed correct, but the question arises: why didn’t Henry include in his will any reference to his as yet unborn child? (30) One would think that he would express some concern for its upbringing.
Henry.Nofsker died on or about September 11, 182). Margaret Nofsker died thirteen years later on August 23, 1836. Her estate papers were signed by threemen: John and Emanuel Nofsker and Philip Leitzell. (31) There is no doubt that the Emanuel was her son who married Sophia Plotner and that Philip was her son-in-law married to her daughter, Julianna. In regard to the John that also signed, he might be the John who married Rebecca, or he might be John Jacob (32) With Margaret’s death the family soon separated and moved from Centre County (John Jacob, Jonathan and Samuel moving to Blair County; George James to Ohio; John to Venango County, William H(enry) to Iowa, Emanuel to Jefferson County, Martin to Ohio). As a result of these moves the family eventually lost track of each other, and lost their awareness of their common ancestry. Hopefully this essay will clarify some old points, correct some mistakes and stimulate interest in either proving or disproving the assumptions contained herein.
(1) Heckrnan Cemetery, Spring Mills, Centre County, Pennsylvania page 10 records:
“NAFTZGE?, HEINRICH, b. Mar.11, 1761+; ci. Sep.11, 1823, 59y 6rn.”
(2) Henry’s will is recorded in the Centre County, PA Will—Book #A, Page 191.
Page Five
Continued on Page Six
Heinrich Naftzger	Continued From Page Five
(3) See: Lingenfelter File, Pioneer Historical Society of Bedford County, Bedford, Pennsylvania- pages 41 -
(1+) Incorrect material contained in the Lingenfelter File include: (a) Margaret’s birthdate and surname do not match with previously accepted genealogical data. This may, as proposed in the narrative, be due to a marriage previous to the 1797 marriage of Henry to Margareth Beschtler. (b) Emanuel is noted as being married to Catherine Dodson. This error might be the result of either of two information mismatches. Jacob Emanuel — son of John Jacob — was married to Elizabeth Dodson and Martin J. -son of Samuel - was married to Catherine Dodson. The author associated the Catherine Dodson with the wrong generation despite wrongly associating her with Jacob “Emanuel”.
(c) the James listed as married to Elizabeth Baker was not a brother to all the other children, but rather a son of John Jacob — George “James”. (d) Lucy married to Emanuel Ruggles was not a Nofsker as proven by the baptismal records of the Newry Lutheran Church, Newry, Pennsylvania. (e) in regard to Clara, no information to support or deny her inclusion in the Nofsker family has yet been found.
(5) Lancaster County Deeds, Book G, Volume 3, pages 521-26.
“Henry Nofsker et ux to Wm Clark, 28 Nov. 1799; location: Maytown. On 28 November, 1799, Henry Nofsker of Donegall twp and Margaret his wife sell to Wm Clark of Donegall for 140 pounds gold a house and k lots in the village of May Town in Donegall twp: lots #l6l,162,16 Elisabeth St by King St. Formerly owned by Jakob Downer & Sheriff Webb sold to Alexander & Mary Lowery, Esq. by deed poll 10 November 1770; Alexander & Mary on k Nov 1771 to Stephen Aibright; who sold to Stephen Ceamp; who sold to Hugh McHaffey. Then Sheriff Christian Carpenter on I Dec 1797 sold to Samuel McHaffey. Samuel & wife Christina sold 13 December 1797 to Henry Nofsker; who now sells to Win Clark.” Signed Henry Nofsker, Margaret Nofsker, Witness: Phillipp Lighty; John Whitehill; Anthony Haines. 26 November 1799; recorded 11 Dec 1799.
(6) Heckman Cemetery, Spring Mills, Centre County, Pennsylvania page 10 records:
“NAFTZGER , MARGARETH, b. Apr.3, 1779 ; d. Aug. 23 , 1836 , 57y km 20d.”
(7) The 1987 edition of National Bylaws and DAR Handbook of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, page 9, states that acceptable service would stretch from April 19, 1775 (the Battle of Lexington) until
November 26, 1783 (the withdrawal of troops from New York). The November k, 1783 date refers to the date on which the Congress announced a general disbandment of the American Armies.
(8) Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series, Volume 1111, Page 2. (9) 1790 Lancaster Co, PA Census - Maytown - page 1
Henry Naftsecker
1 male 177k - 1790	(Heinrich, Sr)
1 male over 1771+ (Henry, Jr)
2 females	(Margareth &	)
-1800 Lancaster Co, PA Census - Donegal Twp - page lLf Henny Knophsker
1 male	1755 - 1774 (Heinrich, Sr)
1 female 1771+ - 178 (Margareth)
1 “	177k - 178k
1 “	178k - 1790 (Henry, Jr)
1 male	178k - 1790
1 male	1790 - i800 (Frederick)
3 females 1790 - i800
(10) Assuming Henry, Jr was born at the latest point in the span from 178k - 1790 the wife of Heinrich could not have had five daughters prior to the birth of Frederick on April 20, 1795. Therefore I have placed the (1) female born 177k — 178k before Henry, Jr.
Page Six
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Heinrich Naftzger
Continued from Page Six
(11) Pennsylvania Archives, Sixth Series, Volume VIII, Page 1132. “Henry Nophsker, Sarg., service commenced 1 Sept. i8i Also, PA Archives, Sixth Series, Volume VIII, Pages 1290 and 129
(12) Lancaster County, PA Census 1820, Donegal Twp, Page 135 - Henry Neffsker.
(13) The Lancaster, PA Trinity Lutheran Church marriage records include the names of Henrich Natsger and Margareth Beschtler on 22 March 1797.
(1k) Refer to the 1790, i8oo and i8io Lancaster Co, PA Census records.
(15) See: The Nafzger Heritage News, Vol.XV, No. Fall Issue — 1986.
(16) History of Center & Clinton Counties, PA. by John Blairheim. Page 458 includes Frederick Knofsinger, born 20 April 1795; died 2 April, 1876. He was buried at Zion Presbyterian Cemetery in Walker Township, Centre Co, PA.
(17) As time goes on and more factual information is uncovered by descendants of the lines fathered by Henry and Margaret, it may be discovered that the five children who apparently died young between 178+ and 1800 might have actually survived and merely been missed on later census records. It is possible that certain of the females were married at an early age after having been missed on the i800 census.
(18) See: The Nafzger Heritage News, Vol.111, No.k Sept. 1k, 1971+ Issue.
(19) Venango County, PA Census 1850 Oakland Township, Page 83 John Nofsker 1+9 (i8oi) farmer
Rebecca 62 (1788)
. Samuel 11 (1839)
(20) John Jacob Nofsker, who eventually settled in what is now Freedom Township, Blair County, PA, did not arrive in that area until 1839 in which he is listed with Jonathan as “Jacob Knosker” in the 1839 tax list for Greenfield Township, Bedford County, PA). Because of the fact that his eldest son, John Wilks chose to reside in Cambria County, PA (which borders Blair to the west) after his marriage in i848, I would believe that John Jacob and his family might have lived for a short time in that area of Pennsylvania. John Nbfsker appears in the Gregg Township, Centre Co records from 1827 through 1831+. The problem with making a firm statement on whether John (born i8oi) or John Jacob (born 1805) was the person appearing on these tax assessment records is caused by adouble entry on the 1828 list. On that one John Nafeker appears along with a single freeman, John Nofsker. John (i8oi) might have stayed in Centre County, PA until only a few years
piior to his appearance in Venango County in the 1850 census cited above. In the same way, John Jacob (1805) might have stayed until the 18 prior to his 1839 appearance in Bedford/Blair County. In any case no John appears in the tax assessment records of Centre Co., after 183k.
(21) Blair County, PA Census i85o Juniata Township, Page 19k Jakob Nofsker k6 (180k) farmer
Margaret 1+3 (1807)
Family Bible records for the family of John Wilks Nofsker list:
father (John Jacob)was born Febury i8, 1805
mother (Margaret) was born June i6, 1807
(22) Blair County, PA Census i85o Juniata Township, Page 195 Samuel Nofsker 1+2 (1808)
Eve 1+2 (1808)
Also: Cemetery information from Bennett’s Graveyard — James Pressel Farm, Claysburg, PA.
(23) Crawford County, Ohio Census 1850 Holmes Township, Page 75 Henry Nofsger ko (1810) cooper
Ann 39 (1811)
Also: Marion County, Iowa death records include: Henry Nofsker, died 20 May, -1878 at 70y 7m 22d, to give a birthdate on or about Sep 29,1807.
Page Seven
Continued on Page Eight
Heinrich Naftzger
Continued From Page Seven
(2 Jefferson Co., PA Her Pioneers and People, by William James McKnight, Pages 399- and 501.
(25) Delaware County, Ohio Census i8 Town of Middletown in Padnon Township, Page 107.
Martin B. Knofsker	1 male 20 — 30 yrs
1 female 20 — lmale 0—S
1 female 0 — 5
(26) Centre County, PA Census 1860, Gregg Township, Page 35 (‘+87) Philip Leitzel 62 lumberman
Juliann	1
Also: Heckman Cemetery Records, Spring Mills, Centre County, PA, records burials there of Philip and Julianna.
(27) The Penns Creek Lutheran Church Protocol List, Penn Hall, Centre County, PA, recorded “Jonas, born to Henry Stafficker and Margaretha, on 6/15/181 The cemetery records of the Newry Lutheran Church, Newry, PA show Jonathan and his wife Elizabeth with his birthdate as June 26, 181k-and his death date as February 21+, 1888.
(28) Centre County, PA Census 1860, Gregg Township, Page 23-21+ (1+71+ Michael Nossker 1+2 carpenter
Jane	Lf3
Also: Michael is buried in the Spring Mills Cemetery, Centre Co, PA.
(29) A marriage between Adam Grenoble (Krenoble) and Rebecca Margaretha Nafftzger was recorded on November 10, 1836 by the Reverend Peter S. Fisher at the German Reformed Church, Centre and Clinton Cos. Centre County, PA Census i86o (no township or page reference known) records Rebecca’s age at 1+2 yrs.
(30) In view of the fact that no other families resided in Centre County with a name similar to Nofsker at the time that Henry and Margareth did, I am including Jacobus in this family’s genealogy. Jacobus might have been the child of William H(enry) prior to his departure for Iowa, but William H(enry)’s wife was Ann. It is doubtful that the church records would record Margaretha instead of knn for the mother’s name, although that mistake would indeed be a possibility.
(31) Centre County, PA Estate File #31+1+2 for Margaret Noftsger, January 29, 1836.
(32) Refer to Note #20 in regard to John (1801) and John Jacob (1805). Either individual might have been the “John” who signed Margaret’s papers.
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