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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XIX No 3
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fje J &Jeritagc i2etu
VOL. XVIIII, No. 3 y2927305
,-‘ i: V a 9
Peter Nafzinger’s life ended in tragedy on his voyage to America in 1827. And while he perished, together with his young child Ma, the legacy of his life continued. “Peter of lilbach” was born June 7, 1790 near the village of Ilibach, near Reirtheim in the German state of Hesse-Darmstadt. His parents were Peter and Anna Elisabeth (Danner) Naffziger.
Peter’s father Peter was born in 1766 also at lflbach, the son of Peter and Elisabeth Erismann. Peter married Anna Elisabeth Danner and they had at least two children prior to Peter’s untimely death in 1792. Peter ‘ S widow remarried Johann-Peter Naffziger of 1Jberau. They lived at Eberstadt near Darrnstadt until his death in 1 805 . Where the widow and their family lived for the next 1 2 years is unknown.
Peter of Ilibach married Jakobina Schwartzentruber
on 14 December, 1817 at Freinsheim near Grunstadt. She
was a daughter of Joharines and Jakobine (Holly) . Three
of Peter’s seven children were named in the Evangelical church records of Reinheim. Peter Nafzinger was granted a passport to ininigrate “In the name of the King,
his Majesty, the Grandduke of Hesse and Rhine”, dated February 27, 1827. Re was
a farmer of Illbach . The passport ç4ves the following description : 36 , 5 ft
10 inches, brown hair, light brown eyes, pointed nose, ordinary mouth, dark brown
beard, broad chin, oval face and full complexion.
Peter was an Amish minister who evidently had friends in Canada as that was his ultimate destination. It may be that he was going to meet Christian Naffziger (News, Winter, 1989) and/or Peter the Apostle (News, Spring, 1990), who would have been “cousins “ . Both had emigrated in 1826 and by 1 827 had been living near Kitchner, Ontario.
Peter and his family emigrated on the ship Henry Clay, which sailed from Amsterdam on September 1, 1827. Peter’s young daughter Marie, who was born in December, 1822, died seven days after the ship left Europe. Peter died on September 26 and was buried at sea The ship arrived in Baltimore with Jakobina and six children, all under nine years of age. Caspar and Peter Schwartzentruber were also on the ship with Jakobina.
The Naffziger and Schwartzentmbers went to Philadelphia, where they rested. Caspar Schwartzentruber went to Christian Zook’s farm. Christian Zook was a pastor in an Amish congregation near Melvern, PA. Zook returned with a wagon to transport the family to his home. They stayed there for about three months. Jakobina lived for a period in Groffdale, Lancaster County, PA. She died at the home of her daughter Magdalena Hartz near Morgantown at the age of 75 years and was buried in the Arnish cemetery.
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The goal of having everyone to be their
1390 WINCAN RD	own guardian in sending dues is progressing
well. We appreciate those who have caught on and
DEERFIELD, ILL 60015	encourage the remainder to join suit. The News
can sustain itself with minimal effort if every
* * * * * * *	one does their share. Again, as a reminder, the
date appearing after your name on the address
Editor - RAY NOVI’SGER	label is the date we received your last annual
dues which renewed your subscription for one
* * * * * * *	year. If the date is over a year old, your
renewal is due. Thanks for your continued support.
Twentieth Anniversary Coming Up
SUBSCRIPTION FEE	In the last issue we mentioned that next
year would see the twentieth volume of the News.
Ten Dollars Yearly	We noted that rarely do you find family news-
Published quarterly-- Fall, letters with that staying power. We feel this
Winter, Spring and Suniner. is a direct result of active readers and Clair Naftzger’s devotion. We asked for our readers to offer suggestions as to what they would like to see published . Here are some we have received
since the request: an index of all past issues of the News identifying featured families and their various lines; a listing of other published references which have featured the Naffzgers (variously spelled); a book of all past issues; and a master listing of all Naffzger ixirnigrants, the year they arrived and where they settled in ? Any other ideas?
New Feature : This issue of the News has a new section ‘ ‘ s Corner’ . It will be devoted solely to letters which we have received during the past three months. Although we will edit them, we will put in the News all inquires and requests. If we receive enough feedback, we will continue the feature.
*%	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Reader’ s Corner
The News appreciates the support our readers give us. We received more newspaper clippings concerning the Naffzigers of central Illinois from Wilmer Nafziger of Gridley, IL. In addition, Wilmer noted that when he was in high school he lived across the road from Harold Naffziger, who was mentioned in the article on Jacob Naffziger which appeared in the last News (page 3 , number 641). Wilmer also wrote that Harold’s parents Joseph and Clara (Sparrow) had two other children : Omar and Marie . Harold himself had three children : By, Joseph and Margaret. Can anyone add anything further to this family? Eldon Naffziger of Vista, CA also sent in clippings. We will print his and Wilmer’s as space allows.
David Luthy of Aylmer, Ontario sent a brochure to the News concerning the
Heritage Historical Library, which is dedicated to preserving Old Order Amish and
Old Order Mennonite History. The repository is a collection of over 700 volumes
pertaining to Amish content. The Naffziger file contains obituaries for Deacon
Joseph Naffziger of Topping, Ontario and Christian M. NAffziger of Lowville, NY.
We will try to obtain copies of these and print them in future issues.
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Page Two
Peter Nafzinger of Ilibach, 1827 • Continued from Page One Peter and Jakobina’s children follows:
Daniel Naffzinger was born November 2, 1818 at Ilibach. He married first Magdalena Schertz (= 3/4/1818 + 1863) and second Mary Kauffmann. There were ten children in his family: Elisabeth, Mary, Peter, Amos, Elam, Joseph, Lydia, Daniel s, Moses Waldo and Magdalena. Daniel resided at Mifflin Co, PA, where he died on February 13, 1883.
Elisabeth Nafzinger was born January 1 6 , 1 820 at Ilibach . She married John Stoltzfus. They had two children: Jakobina and Issac. She died October 20, 1907.
Magdalena Naffziger was born April 28, 1821. (Her birth was not registered at Ilibach as were , Eli sabeth and Mary’ s . ) She married Moses Hartz and they resided near Morgantown, PA. They were the parents of six children: Mary, Elisabeth Rebecca , Jacob, David and Moses . She died March 3 , 1901.
Mary Naffzinger was born t 30 , 1 822 at Illbach . She died crossing the Atlantic on September 8, 1827, eighteen days prior to Peter’s death.
Jdin Naffzinger was born June 24, 1824 (but his birth was not recorded in the church records at Ilibach as were the other children prior to him) . He died single February 18, 1847.
Ik Naffzinger was born March 6, 1826. He married Lydia Yoder, the daughter Bishop Solomon Yoder. They were parents of five children: Fannie, Moses, John, Elisabeth and Annie. They lived in Baltimore Co, ND, where Peter died in 1908.
Jakobina Naffzinger was born enroute to America in The Netherlands on June 25, 1827. She married Jacob Beiler. They were the parents of three children:
be, Jacob and Elisabeth . Jakobina died August 6 , 1898.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Mrs. Eli Byler of New Wilmington, PA has sent the News copies of old letters which were written by Jakobina Naffzinger’s relatives to her in America. The letters were written on paper which was folded and addressed. There were no stamps used during this period. The translations are from Mr. Gutt of Lancaster, PA.
To: Phillipina Nafzieger
Living in America
to be delivered by Johannes Haass in Philadelphia
Freinsheim Germ, 2 June , 1829.
L Sister:
We received your letter and learned from it about your sad situation, that on the trip you lost your husband and child, which was so sad for us. Only what God does is done well. So far as concerns our health we are still well. Sister has a young son. The wife of your brother-in-law, Jacob [ has died also. There— fore we do hope that if you get this letter in good health that you will write to us at ce, so that we may know how things are going with you.
Your part of the field has not been sold yet. We talked with your brother-in-law about it. He will add his part to it which will make it more practical to rent.
So then , when we know where you are I iving we will send you your part of the inheritance , or perhaps it can be arranged through an exchange so that you will not have a lot of expense. So we are waiting for an early response to know whether you are getting along and if you are well.
We greet you and your children and all good fiends as well as Caspar [ truber, her cousin?].
Your faithful brothers and sisters. In hope that my writing will find you in good health and I greet you most sincerely, your loving sister, Marie Schwartzentraub.
Continued on Page Four
Page Three
Peter of I1:1 1827	Old Letters continued from Page Three
March 2, 1834
To: Mr. John Lapp Lancaster County, Paradise
Post Office in Pennsylvania in America
tear Sister-in-law:
I hope that my letter may find you in good health. We are thankful to God that we are in good health. Also I want to let you know that your plot of land in the Sauhald was auctioned on May 31 , 1833 and on Martini [ 1 1 1 the first payment was made on it. Your share comes to 160 Guilders with interest added. Three of Imhoff’s children are coming over. My brother-in-law Daniel has turned over to them 100 Guilders. They have promised to come to you promptly with it, that is if they do not need it on their trip they want to turn it over to you at once.
They also took along eight pocket knives for you and your children . They received a travelling bag full of dried prunes of which they are to give you the half and also some almonds for your children, concerning all of this they have promised to write to us, but so far we received no letter.
Gasho also took along seven pocket knives for you . My brother-in-law Daniel and Elisabeth Schultz and Hermann Wolfe left on March 6 fran Freinsheiin and are planning, if is God’s will, to come to you.
I can write nothing to you of my family because my wife had a difficult childbirth experience that lasted three days and the child was delivered by the Doctor, but was born dead. There is alot of news that I cannot write to you because when my brother-in-law comes to you he will tell you what I have forgotten.
My sister—in-law Marie wants to send you your money just as soon as possible.
My hearty greetings , Daniel Gungerich [ of Elisabeth Schwartzentrauder].
[ family members added additional passages]
Dear Sister:
So often I have wished to be in your ce, but that cant be . It is my intention to send your money as soon as possible. Your land was sold to be paid in three payments and on the coming Martini [ 11 ] the second payment is due . The brother-in-law and Elisabeth bave rented again and I am still with them so long as that is God ‘ s will. It is my wish that these few lines may find you in good health, just as they have left us . I gave the Imhoff children a letter to take along to you , but still no answer. Caspar is negligent also and does not write.
With this I want to make it short and send you hearty greetings to you and all the good friends; and do not fail to continue to pray to God. We are reminded to do the same for you just as much as the Lord gives us grace in our weakness.
Marie Schwartzentraber
Also a sincere greeting to you and all the friends from me
Elisabeth Gungerich
A greeting to you from Liesel, since she is not supposed to come to you I want to add this yet that you are to write us an answer back.
* *	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
To : Mrs . Jakobina Nafziger
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Peoria [ March 11, 1838
Continued on Page Five
Page Four
Peter of Ilibach, 1827	Old Letters continued from Page Four
Dear Sister:
Your letter of the 23rd of April of the former year was properly received and
with pleasure we learned from it that all of you are still well, for which I am sincerely glad, and I am hoping also that this little bit of writing may find you
equally well, as it leaves us. So far as my health goes I have been quite well since I am here at this place.
Apparently you have found out that in the fall of the year 1836 I went from here to Cincinnati to get my clothes and some other things and to buy some things. I went there and got my clothing, and bought flour for four hundred dollars and put it on the steamboat Julius and returned. When we were within ten miles of St. Louis the axles on the steamboat broke and we had to land . From that point most of the people went on foot to the city, and because the Captain promised to bring the ship to St. Louis in a few days I went along too. ‘Iwo days later we found out that the ship with all that was on it had burned . We went there and found it in fact j ust as it had been described to us . Nothing on it could be saved . So I had nothing more except what I had on rr back and some twenty dollars in cash. You can imagine how I felt, but there was nothing I could have done . My bedding and linens I had left in Ohio . I had these things sent to me last Spring. So I went on and came here and fortunately I found a place here in the city where I am still staying now. I drive my cart with a horse . For this I get thirty-three dollars a month. So I board myself and I spend twelve dollars a month for board.
Concerning land the things vary . One can buy land for five , ten and fifteen dollars per acre. For fifteen dollars you can buy good land. I get my meals with Johannes IDetweifler. His step-mother and step-brothers and sisters came last fall. His step-mother was buried three weeks ago. The rest are up to this time still all well . I know of no other news to write to you . I am looking for an early answer and do tell me where Casper Schwartzentruber is staying and how things are doing with him, also write and tell me if you still got no letter from Gennany. Some eighteen months ago I wrote a letter to Germany but have no answer up to now. I am closing and I greet , dear sister , and all of your children many times and I remain yours as always, your faithful brother, Daniel Schwartzentruber
Greet Christian linhof for me as well as his two sisters and Henrich Zuch [ and his family and his sister Elisabetha and Andreas Miller and his wife and all those who inquire about me and tell them things are going right well for me. D.
Dear sister, do not think hard of me for not writing for so long a time for you know what a poor writer I am.
t Nafziger, Peter Beck, Joabnnes Werey, Ringenberg and their families are, so far as I know, still all healthy and well and send you many greetings.
The route of travel is from Lancaster to Pittsburgh, from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, from there to Louisville, and from there to St. Louis and frc*ri St. Louis to Peoria. My address is: Number 77 Mr. Daniel Schwartzentruber
Care of Friedrich Matzzenbacher
I would wish for you an answer fran Caspar Schwartzentruber. Let him write himself to say how things are going with him.
* * * * * * * * * To : Mrs Jakobina Naffziger
Paradise Post Office 25
Lancaster County
Pennsylvania	Five	Continued on Page Six
Peter of Ilibach, 1827	Old Letters continued from Page Five
Peoria, Illinois, July 18, 1842
tear sister:
A sincere greeting to you and your children and I wish that these few lines may find you in good health, just as I am in good health at the present time. I wish to know why you do not write to me at once. I wrote to you two years ago and did not get an answer yet. So I wish that you would write to me at once an tell me how things are going with you and your children. So far as I am concerned, things are going right well. The times are actually quite hard. The price of grain is cheap and there is practically, so to say, no market for it. The price of wheat is fifty cents, rye is fifteen cents, oats fourteen to sixteen cents, and flour four to five dollars a barrel. Land is very cheap. One can buy good land with improvements [ and with improv for five to ten dollars an acre.
When you write to me let me know where Kaspar Schartzentruber is . I have been thinking for a long time that he would visit Illinois some time.
Also I would like so much. to know if you still ‘got no letter from Germany. If you did get one, do let me know what news you got from it.
Once more my sincerest greetings to you and your dear children and to Kaspar Schwartzentuber and Andreas Miller and all good friends.
Daniel Schwartzebtruber
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
From Elisabeth Nafzinger and Lina Nafzinger
Written March 1, 1852
A greeting to you dear Mother and , with the wish that all may be well for you for the sake if body and soul , and that is also the best wish that we could give one another. Further I want to let you know that I am still well, and it would be my wish that my short writing would find you the same also . I have been thinking for a long time that someone would come down . For a long time I thought on Saturday that Elisabeth would come. Today the church service was supposed to be at the home of Christian Hertzler. But there was no church because Christian Kurtz was buried. I believe that on two weeks after today the services will be held at the John Mast home. I do not know yet for sure when I will be coming home. But I think I can still make it before going to Maryland . I would like to go when the church is in meeting . If Peter is coming also you can either ask him or he can write a letter. Beyond that I do not have much to write. I got home in god shape when I was to see you. I went down on the stage that evening and went to John Kurtz for the night.
Christian hired himself out to Daniel Mast and Peter hired out to Moses Hertz.
I know nothing more to write. It may be so badly written that you will not be able to read it, but even so the intention is good. One more greeting to Maria Stoltzfuss and to Susanna. I also greet you many times. Do be mindful of me and do not forget me. Magdalena also sends greetings to all of you.
So much for me , Elisabeth Nafziger Lina Nafziger
There is no board money to pay.
*	* *	*	* *	*	*	*
Freinsheim, May 28, 1853
Our sincere greetings to you Christian [ Imhoff?] and all the good
Continued on Page Seven
Page Six
Peter of Ilibach, 1827	Old Letters continued from Page Six
friends with the wish for everything good that we can wish to each other. Your letter dated December 19 was received here by us on January 13 and from
it we learned that the cousin died on December 3 and the rest of you are in good health. ( : ther I have to info you that we have fi decided if not on c this
autumn then in the spring of next year to come to see you.
We do not intend to buy a lot of clothing or bedding, but what one has we do intend to take along . For this we do not know a great deal to write that is , and when we get together we want to talk orally what there is to say.
There was not a great deal of wine this year. But it is good and is being sold for 120 to 130 Guilders for the keg. Hay and straw are scarce this year.
And when you receive this letter write us at once and tell us how far it is from Philadelphia to where you live.
Many greetings from us and cousin Marie to you and Cousin Jakobina and her children. And also a greeting to Peter and Caspar and his wife.
Also a greeting from Cousin Maurer and from his wife and children.
We would have come this past Spring, but because it was important to consult the family first it took three months till word came from all of them, and till we would be able to get authorization it would have been too late already.
Cousin is wondering with which kind of money you do best in merica and whether the songbook like the one you took along can be used . And if you get this letter, write us at once.
Received August 9, 1853.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Reader’ s Corner	Continued from Page Two
Russell Harris of St . , NN found our publication and sent an interesting letter . He is working on a family history of Peter and Barbara (Naffziger) [ 14 December, 1794] Donner. [ book has been published and he is in the process of updating it ‘ s contents . ] It appears , from what he has written, that Barbara is a sister of Peter the Apostle (News, Spring 1990) and Jacob (News, Suirrner 1990). He is requesting information concer Peter and ‘ s two , Elisabeth (= % 19 January , 1 793 ) and Johanna ( = 1 1 December 1796 ) . He would like to know If they were married and if so their spouses’ names and where they lived and when they died . Can anyone help?
In addition Russell would like information on Catharine Naffsinger (= 24 Aug 1819 and + 21 , 1909) . She was married to Peter Donner Jr . She caine to merica in 1837 with her parents . We know Christian and Catharine (Maurer) Naffsinger came in 1836 and settled in Illinois. Their daughter Catharine (= 2 June 1818) married Christian Garber in 1842. But is she the same? We cannot identify the other Catherine. Can you?
Finally the News can add the following general corrments about the Peter and Barbara Donner . According to History of The Mennaiites of Illinois (p . 96 ) , Peter Donner Sr was a Hessian Mennonite who had lived in Butler County, OH for a period. In 1837 he settled in Elk Grove township, Ii. Other Hessian families who followed the Donners were “Nafzigers, Donners, Kennels, Brennemans, Ottos, Kinsingers , Springers and Gingerichs . “ The group formed the South Danvers Mennonite church, which became the Danvers Mennonite church. Later they and 12 other congregations formed the Centeral Conference of Mennonites.
StevE ESteS of pe, IL, sent the News a compilation of the family of Peter the Apostle. The family suirrnary was put together by his grand daughters. Steven serves on the executive coninittee of the Illinois Mennonite Historical
and Genealogical Society. I have written him inquiring about membership to the Society and will report what we find out.
Continued on Page Eight
Page Seven
Reader’s Corner	Continued from Page Seven
Mrs Gail Van Auken of North English, IA sent a copy of an obituary concerning her great grandfather Samuel Miller.
“Samuel Miller was born in Washington County, Penn, Aug. 18, 1810, and died at the home of W.B. Miller Feb. 15, 1895, being 84 years, 5 months and 27 days. He moved at the age of 16 to Knox County, Ohio with his uncle Daniel Noffsinger . Married Maria Braddock April 1 7 , 1 836 Moved in 1846 to Hancock County [ thence in 1855 to near South English, where he resided until his death.”
Mrs Van Aulcen has found Samuel ‘ marriage in Knox County . After the period in Hancock county, he moved to Keokuk County, Iowa where he homesteaded near Samuel, David and Andrew Noffsinger.
Rudolph’s oldest son John resided for a period in Washington county, PA prior to moving to Montgomery county, OH. John’s oldest son Daniel purchased the farm from John and remained in PA. Daniel was married twice, first to Lydia (maybe her last name was Zynche) and secondly to Lucy Ann Van Tress in 1808. He moved with his family to Knox county OH, where he died in 1844. His widow, three sons and two married daughters moved to South English, IA. We do know that there were many Miller families in Washington county, PA at the time. But just how Samuel Miller was related to his “uncle” Daniel Noffsinger is unknown. Was Daniel’s wife a Miller? Can anyone give us a hand?
We have received a request from Rev. Robert Berichon of Sts . Peter and Paul ‘ s Church in Doylestown, OH 44230 requesting a forwarding address for George Bernard Noffsinger. Can anyone pass the message on to him?
Tim and I4artina Nafziger of oc, Germany has written the News . Tim is the son of Dieter . They have sent an open invitation to any of their ‘ cousins’ ho would be interested in visiting Germany. Anyone interested should contact the the editors.
- We hope that all our readers will have a happy Thanksgiving!
1390 wn RD

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