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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XIX No 4
Raw OCR - 7/29/04

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‘ J jtJtrItagt J t a.suaa.aaaaaaa.a.a..a..a..a.RR.**a.a U S I C AN
VOL. XVIIII, No. 4	929
N13fl	er
L: : - L -
Valentin Naftziger, his wife Jacobina Schantz and their children, emigrated from the Alsace region of France between 1 83 1 and 1838 . For the most part they took up residence in Ohio. And while there is much inforniation available concerning this family, still e have a number of questions.
It appears that Valentin was a son of Peter Naffziger of Fleckenstein, an estate near the Alsace town of Lembach , France . The text of Peter ‘ s death follows : “On the third of Nay , eighteen hundred and
1 at about nine a’ , before rae the Civil Officer of the corrrnunity of Lembach, Department of Lower Rhine, Canton of Weissenburg, appeared Valentin Naffziger, son of the deceased, twenty four years old, and Peter Naffziger, citizen and tenant of the estate Fleckenstein, another son of the deceased, forty three years old, and they announced that Peter Naffziger, formerly of Fleckenstein, died the second of May about eight 0 ‘ clock in the evening at the age of seventy six
years and four months, having been born at Fleckenstein, the former husband of the bereaved Nagdalena Schantz, a widow sixty three years old. The above mentioned witnesses sign below under oath.
Valentin Naffziger, son
Peter Naffziger, son
From other records located at Lembach, but not reproduced here, we can also add an additional sister of Valentin named Magdalena and brother Christian.
Valentin Naffz iger was born in 1 78 3 . He married Jacobina Schantz sometime prior to 1809. She was horn in 1875, the daughter of Peter Schantz of estate at Froensburg near Lembach. The first child of Valentin Naftziger and Jakobina Schantz identified in the records of Lembach was Madeleine , who was born May 1 3 , .18 11. Witnesses to the birth announcement were Christian Sorrmer and Daniel Mueller. Other children found in the records were Elisabeth, Jacques ( Jacob) , Katharine and Ja1 no records were found for Christian and Peter, who is often identified as the eldest child.
The last French record we have which names Valentin is when his sister Madeleine died in 1827. Glea Bro Richer wrote in her book on the Nafzger families that Valentin emigrated to merica in 1831, as did David Zook in a letter written in 1945. David Luthy gave the date as about 1826. We have not however verified this date. David Zook also wrote that a Katharina Schantz, who was unmarried, came with the Naffzigers; her nic}znarne was ‘Lustige Kath’ (Merry Kath) but her relationship was unlcnovm.
We have located the 1840 Canaan township, Wayne County, OH census records
FL\Ah 7’ , -:
:	r	— Continued on Page Four
f3/ ‘1	2
Congratulations to
‘:	Gulish
*	Kathleen	Naftzger	and
Andrew Gulish were united in
* marriage June 9 in Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church,
South Amherst. The Revs.
Lawrence Jurcak and Edward
Kdrdas concelebrated the Nup
tial Mass.
The bride is the daughter of
*	çlair and Laura Naftzger, 120 Edge-
w D frafton. The bride-
* groom is the son of John and Rita Gulish, of 10440 Baumhart
Rd., Amherst.
Elain Burnett was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Barb ftQyt, Juanita Bursley, and Nor- eëji. and Janet Gulish. Sarah
* Hoyt participated as flower girl.
Dale DeWitt served as best
*	man. Guests were ushered by
Matt Smith, Jeff Wagner, Doug
* F’e11 and John Gulish Jr.
A reception was held at the
*	Melody Grove in North Rid-
Midview High School and Kent State University. She is employed as teacher by Fire- lands Local Schools.
The bridegroom is a graduate of Firelands High School and Muskingum College. He is employed by Avon Local Schools as a teacher.
The newlyweds will make their home in Elyria.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
% The News would like to congratulate Kathleen Naftzger on her June marriage to Andrew Gulish. We wish them many joyous years. Kathleen, daughter of Clair, assisted him for many years in putting the News together. Good luck!
*	*	*	*	*	* * *	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Happy Holidays
The News’ families of Clair and Betty Naftzger and Ray, Tina, David and Marc Noftsger wish all our ‘ cous ins’ a Happy Hol iday and Peaceful New Year . We hope our efforts are as fruitful in 1991 as in previous years and we hope you will give us as much encouragement and support as in the past . May peace be with all.
*	*	*	*	*	*	,	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Reminder: the date after your name on the address label is the date thich your last check for dues was written. If a year has passed since that date, the dues are late. Please help keep the News current. Thanks to all our readers uho have sent in their dues.
*	*	*	•;‘:	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
From the amount of mail we have received from subscribers, we are going to continue the Reader’s Corner. If you have any information you wish to share
1390 WThK RD
DEERFIELD, ilL 60015
* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
Ten Dollars Yearly
Published quarterly-- Fall,* Winter, Spring and Summer.
The bride is a graduate of
or queries to be wed, send it to us and we 11 print it.
Reader’ s Corner
iTh charlan Graff of West Lafayette, IN sent information concerning Johannes . Naffziger. He was married to Catharine Gingerich of Weidesheim, Lorraine, France.
Their son Joseph was born in 1 808 and married Barbara Jantzi in 1 834 in Lorraine.
Joseph and his family emigrated first to Canada around 1840. Later they moved to
Iowa before moving to Kansas. Charlan writes that her great-great grandmother
Catharine Nafziger was also a child of Johannes. Catharine later married a Jantzi.
Catharine’s “cousin’ was Mary (Nafziger) Rocke, who is also in Charlan’s line.
Can any of the readers sort this out or add additional information?
Gene Nafziqer of Minier sent a letter. He descends from Christian Nafziger and Veronika Burkey. They emigrated to merica between 1846 and 1850 and settled near Hopedale, IL. Their family has been very well documented by the late Carroll S Nafziger and his wife LaVeta. We will feature this family in an upcoming edition of the News.
Mrs Ruth Burnett inquires about David C . Noffsinger of Ray County , Missouri. David was born in 1818 in Virginia, so he is naturally a descendent of Peter, who first lived in Maryland. Peter’s family went to Virginia, settling in Botetoart Co. David C. married Mary Grove in in 1839 in Augusta County Co, VA and moved to Missouri in 1 845 . Many references have been made identifying this David C as the son of David S. and Mary Stover.
The News bel ieves that David and Mary Stayer , who were married in 1779, were not the parents of David C , but another David . In the last issue of the News we wrote that we thought David Sr married first Hannah Crumpacker in 1793 and secondly to Mary Stover/Horn. Further we speculated that David Jr married Sarah Kimberlane. In 1866 when he was 71 years old he identified his property as having been first purchased by David Sr and willed to David Jr. In his will David Jr identi Lied his children as Willard P , John U . J , Christ ma , Hanna El isa, Claiborn C , Sarah Amanda , Susan ( deceased ) and Mary J . But no David ! Only additional checking of records in Botetourt Co. will reveal these confusing Noffsingers . But we do not think that David C of Missouri is the son of David Sr. Can anyone persuade us differently?
t Noffsinger of Green Valley, AZ is updating information on Rudolph Noffsinger’s line. Rudolph emigrated in 1749 and lived inMaryland before moving to Washington County, PA. His descendents later moved to Montgomery, Darke and Belmont counties , OH.
Tharkis AflROUI of Oakland, CA has written the News thoroughly confused about our alignment of Peter Noffsinger of Nodoway Co , Mi ssouri . We wrote that we thought Rudolph’s son Peter (who married Fredereick Wise’s widow) had a son Peter, who later married Freni Keen in Belmont Co, OH and eventually settled in Nodoway Co, MO. Mr. Armour asked why Peter (Jr) moved to Belmont county, where Matthias N was living. (Could it be that he moved near his ‘uncle’ after his father died?) And i f Matthias ii 11 only mentioned oldest son John and youngest son James and none of his daughters, could Peter also have been an unnamed son? (We could not find any property records identifying Peter, while we did find other children of Mathias named . ) Mr Armour goes on to ment ion that Peter of Nodoway County also did not name a son Peter in his will. While we have no answer as to why Peter Sr would not bequeath his son Peter something, we know there was a Peter Jr as the 1850 census enumerates Peter Sr and Peter Jr in the same household. (Could it be that Peter Sr had already given Peter Jr his share of the estate prior to his
death?) We suggest that we check the probate and property records of Nodoway Co before we conclude anything concerning Peter. Has anyone checked the records?
Continued on Page Six
Page Three
Va1enti Nofziger of Fleckenstein, 1831	Continued from Page One
for Valentin and his son Christian Nafzinger. In 1850 both are enumerated in sequence in the same township . Valentin , his wife Jacobina and their daughter
Jocobina were listed as having been born in Germany. Christian listed his birth place as Germany, whereas his wife Elisabeth (Plank) and their children Jacob, Nancy, Lydia and Valentin were born in Ohio.
Valent s sons Peter and Jacob took up res idency in Fulton Un, OH.
Peter purchased 80 acres of land in November, 1835 and another 80 acres in 1840. The same year he was enumerated in the German township census . In the 1 850 census he listed his place of birth as France, while all his children were born in Ohio. His brother Jacob gave his place of birth as France, while his children were born in Ohio.
Valentin Nofziger died 10 March 1852 and was buried at Mount Zion Chruch of Christ cemetery in Smithville, OH. His wife, Jacobina Schantz died 5 November,
1866 and was buried at the same place.
Peter and Jacob died in Fulton County, OH, while Christian migrated to St. Joseph’s County, Michigan. Magdalena (Nafziger) Blough and Jacobina (Nofziger) Stutzrnan resided in Wayne County.
Family outline of Valentin Naffziger.
1 . Peter (= - January, 1731 Fleckenstein ± 2 May 1807 Fleclcenstein)
m. Magdalena Schantz (= 1743/4 + prior to 1827) prior to 1764.
11. Peter (= 1764 + prior to 1827)
?m. 1. Magdalena Zeigler (= ? + ?)
m. 2 . Veronika Habecker (= Nov . 1 765 + 22 Dec 1 827) , daughter of John Habecker & Fronique Lmhoff. Veronika was married prior
to Jacques Jordi and had child Christian Jordi (born I 793).
12. Nagdalena ( 1770 + 24 June 1827 Fleclcenstein) unmarried.
13. Barbara (= 1777 + ?)
m. Jean Roggi (= ? c. 1754 + ) in 1804
married previously to Magdalena Crier (Frier)
14. (probably) Christian (= 29 Mar 1777 + 1849 Europe)
% m. Katharina Schàntz (8 May 1783 + 1866 Wayne Co, OH)
Children: Christian, Joseph, Johannes, Katharina, Magdalena, Peter Jacob, Barbara, Susanna.
15. Valentin (= 1783 Fleclcenstein + 10 Mar 1852 Smithville, Wayne co, OH)
m. Jacobina Schantz (= 1785 d/o Peter + 5 Nov 1866 OH)
151. Peter (= 18 Sept 1809 + 6 Sept 1877 Eclcley Cemetery)
m. Magdalena Wyse (= 9 Apr 1818 + 18 Apr 1871) 152 . Magdalena ( = 3 May 18 1 1 + 1873)
m. Peter Blough (= c. 1804 + c. 1884) in 1833
153.	Jacob F. (=	10	Mar	1815	+	8	May	1882)
m . Veronilca ( Frannie) Stutzrnan (= 25 Jan 1 822 + 7)
154.	Catharine (=	16	APr	1817	+	4	Sept	1892)
m.	Samuel Yoder (= ? + ?)
155.	Christian (= 24 Jun 1819 + 24 Mar 1892 Pretty Prairie Methodist
Churchyard Cemetery, St. Joseph, MI)
m.	Elisabeth Plank (= 21 Jul 1823 + 12 Dec 1912) 1840 OH
156.	Elisabeth (= 25 Dec 1823 + 9 May 1904)
m.	Issac Plank (= c. 1822 + c. 1904)
157.	Jalcohina (= 5 Jun 1826 + 20 Jan 1868)
rn. David Stutzraan (= c. 1824 + c. 1876)
Continued of Page Five
Page Four
I of Valentin Nofziger
Continued from Page Four
Pictured to the right is
( .	the gravestone of Valentin
Naftziger and Jacobina
(Schantz) Naftziger behind
the Mount Zion Church of
Christ, Wayne County, Ohio.
We have seen the date of death
of Jacobina to be 1865.
Excerpts from David Luthy ‘ s The Amish in America : Sett1E That Failed, 1840— 1960 . I believe the , which is 555 pages , is available for purchase:
Archbo, Fulton County, 1834-
Fulton County is situated in the very northwest corner of Ohio, being bordered along its northern edge by Michigan. To the West lies Williams County which borders Indiana. . . .Fulton County did not come into separate existence until 1850. It was the last of Ohio’ s eighty eight counties to be formed.
There was good reason for Fulton County’s late formation- it was the last portion of the state to be settled. The region was a mosquito infested swamp. . .known then as the “Black Swamp” . The state’ s early settlers avoided being there . . . .many Amish ino migrated there [ directly from Europe, land agents having promoted the area... Traveling by Canal Boat
. . . The majority of the Fulton County settlers came from Alsace and Montbeliard in Eastern France. . .
The Settlement Grows
By the close of 1835, the settlement’s second year, ten families were living there. ...
3 1 . Peter Nofziger : was born in 1809 the son of Valentine and Jacobina ( Schantz)
Nofziger who had emigrated from Germany about 1826 to Wayne County. Peter purchased land in Fulton County in 1835 and moved there in 1836. He served as Bishop for many years, dying in 1877.
38 . Christian Schantz : was born in 18 1 7 at Weisenberg , Alsace . He irr with his parents to America in 1833, settling in Wayne County. He married Rebecca Grieser in 1838 and moved to Fulton County in 1842.
A Turbulent Time
The first rnish church service was held in Christian Lauber’s cabin in the fall of 1835 with Christian Beck preaching the sermon. He was soon joined in the ministry by Christian Rupp, who some historians feel was the settlement’s first bishop....
The second bishop was thought to be Peter Wyse [ in 1841 sold land in section 23 to Joseph Nafziger, son of Christian and nephew of Valentin]. ...
Tradition says that Peter Nofziger “was ordained in Wayne County for the church in German Township”. This likely was his ordination as a minister. Later he was ordained a bishop and served the Fulton County congregation until his death in 1877. His brother, Jacob F. Nofziger, moved there in 1846 and was a minister, but his ordination date is also un]cno1 ...
The f ifteen year period , 1 855— 1 870 , was a time of much turmoi 1 in the settlement. Four religious denominations ordained members from the large Amish congregation. ...
: The Amish- Path
Even though the settlement lost many members and member’s children to the four groups, it still retained many and continued to grow. ...
Page Five
Continued on Page Six
Descendents of Valentine Nofziger	Continued from Page Five
That same year [ 1870 ] the congregation hosted the annual Diener Versazr which had been held each year since 1862. The meeting. . .took place. . . at Christian Schantz’s farm two and one-half miles from Arcbbold. Forty ordained brethren assembled there, the home corrrriunity being represented by Peter Nofziger, Jacob F. Nofziger, Jeptha Wyse , Nicholas King and John Wyse.
It was these annual, nationwide ministers’ meetings which polarized the Amish into an Old Order wing and an Amish-Mennonite one.
The following is a paraphrase of The Story of I Blough by Twila Byler, written in 1928. I have tried to capture the essence of the notes.
Peter Blough was born on a farm near Lancaster, PA. His father David Blough was a Mennonite no purchased 160 acres of land near Smithville in Wayne County in 1821. He gave this to Peter in 1824. In 1825 Peter Blough married Leah Yoder, who died leaving him with five small children. Magdalena Naftzinger was brought into the home. She was the daughter of a minister [ Naftziger], who with his family had been tenants of the Fleckenstein estate (castle) at Steinseltz bie Weisserthurg, Alsace Lorraine and had just recently come to this country. They were married in 18 33 . They had six children who reached adulthood : Peter Jr , Elisabeth ( 1 Mary ‘ Polly” (Gresser ) , Mattie ( Zook) , Jacobina (Lantz ) and Christian. After the death of his wife Magdalena in 1873, Peter moved near his son David near Goshen, Indiana, where he died at 79 years.
*	*	*	*	*	*	* *	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Reader’s Corner	Continued from Page Three
Mrs Betty Jane Goold of Northfield, M sent the News information concerning her family, which stems from Jacob Naftzger, who iir to America in 1750 and settled in Lancaster, PA. His grandson Johannes/John (son of Joseph) moved to Wayne un, OH . JOhn’ S son Joseph moved to Wabash Co , IN, where he lived in 1850. Joseph’s soil Charles E was born in Indiana in 1848. He was first married to Louisa Ream, then later to Effie Schellenberger . Charles ‘ daughter Ida Belle lived with them in 1870, while in 1880 Ida resided with David Krisher in Chester township, Wabash county. Mrs. Goold is trying to establish the heritage of Loiusa Ream. She may have been listed in the 1850 Wabash County census as Louisa Elinor Ream. Does anyone have information concerning the Ream family?
Mrs Goold also pointed out a confusion I made in the last issue of the News. I was writing about the confusing family background of Peter the Apostle and Jacob Naffsinger and it wasn’t clear as to whom was marrying whom. It should be as follows: Valentin I ( 1763 + 1800 Hocbhiem)
in. Magdalena Katharina Spring (= 1766 + 1806)
She remarried Valentin II in 1802.
Valentin II (= 1769 + 1839)
m . 1 . Magdalena Fischer
m . 2 . Magdalena Katharina Naffz iger nee Spring (widow Valentin I)
m. 3. Elisabeth Beck
m. 4. Magdalena Naffziger nee Muller, widow of Peter Naffziger of Gauersheim.
Now everyone can see why I had difficulty in expressing myself; it is confusing at least! I hope I have straightened this out for everyone.?! If people are still confused we could try graphically to depict the relationship.
Continued on Page Seven
Page Six
Reader’s Corner	Continued from page Six
The News thanks Wi1r Nafziger of Gridley, IL for the newspaper clippings concerning the Naffzigers. We will print them as space permits. George Carran of
\ Red Hook, NY wrote about John Noffsrnger who settled in Montgomery County and . Darke un, OH . His child Esther married George Knee Jr . He also had many
questions concerning the “Charles Noffisnger’ who bought land in 1802 in Montgomery County. Does anyone have any additional information on Charles?
David Luthy of Aylmer, Ontario Canada sent the News two obituaries which we will use in a future newsletter. The obits were for Christian M. Nafziger and Joseph Nafziger. L Gratz of Bluffton, OH notified the News that a current 15q postcard depicts the Rittenhouse paper mill in a series on American PapermaJdng 1690-1990. Wilhelm Rittenhouse was the owner/operator of the mill, which was the first papermill in colonial America. More importantly, he was also the first Mennonite minister in colonial America.
Eldon Naffziçjer of Vista CA sent the News a copy of a picture taken by Roif Nafziger which appeared in the Special Edition Life : Classic kinen, Fall 1990. The photo was named “Hostage’ and involved a bank robbery in Germany. Rolf has visited America in the past. We had the opportunity of visiting with him in both Chicago and Philadelphia . At that time he was working for Reuters I hel ieve. Roif is the son of Rudolf Nafziger of Ludenscheid, Germany. Rudolf edited a series of ‘Familien Rundbrief for the News about ten years ago.
Geneva Shelton of Bozernan, Montana and Margaret Oyer of Gibson City, IL sent the News additional information concerning Jacob Naffsinger of Hocheim who was featured in the Sunuxier issue, 1990. We will make the updates and print them in the next edition. In addition, the Oyers sent copies of alot of their research into the family. Thanks!
M.J..F. Nafzger of The Netherlands sent the News a letter of concerning his
recent trip to Thun, Switzerland. He also enclosed copies of pictures of some of the tin work hand crafted by Franz Ludwig Naffzger and his son Franz Ludwig. He also included copies of some of the seals. Maybe Martinus will put together a summary of his findings for a future issue.
Steven Estes of the Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 819, Metamora, IL 61548 sent the News information concerning their society. If anyone is interested in society, the newsletter, etc, they can write us or directly to the above address.
Rudolf Ingold of Sachsen, Germany wrote inquiring about his ancestor Magdalena Suttor, the daughter of Christian Suttor and Elisabeth Nafziger. Mr. Ingold wrote that Elisabeth (Jacobina) Nafziger was born in 1789/80 at Runkel in Rheingau. Runkel is near Ludwigsburg, OberGiadhach and Horderhof in Nassau. These estates are near where Hans ( Johannes ) and Katharine (Gungrich) Naffziger 1 ived . Their sons Valentin and Elisabeth (Naffziger) Naffziger and Peter and Katharine (Naffziger) and Magdalena ( Schantz) res ided in that area during the 1 78O/9Os. Peter’s death record is located at the Evang. Pfarramt Schupach and it states that he died at the estate of Ludwigsburger in November, 1813 at 55 years, having been born over the Rhine in the Alsace. His widow was Magdalena Schantz. Valentin died in 1826 at Horderhof at 78 years. Additional research must be made to determine which family Elisabeth is from.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
The Fall Issue of the News featured Peter of Illbach who emigrated to America in 1 827 . We wrote that he died during the voyage to America and was buried at sea, as was his daughter Mary. We wrote that Peter’s widow Jacobina Schwartzentruber went to Lancaster County and took up residence. In the 1850 census for Earl Township, Lancaster County, Jacobina Nofzinger 57 years, born in
, C and her daughter Elisabeth, 28 years, were en between the Cable and Newswenger families. Peter’s daughter Jacobina Nofzinger, 20 years old, resided with the Joseph Shertz family, as did Peter Swartentroover, then 18 years. Peter was the younger brother of Jacobina. His place of birth was written as Franesdreim, in contrast to Freinsheim, where Jacobina lived when she was married. The editor believes the census taker spelled the location as it was pronounced.
Reader’ s Corner
Continued from Page Seven
rn. ? Daglish ( ? + ?) lived Sedalia, MO. 2 . Wi 11 iarn Henry C = 1 858 + 1939 ) , Reverend
m. flnrna Castle (= ? + ?) lived Srnithville, OH
3. Mary (= ? + ?)
m . George Niebuhr ( = ? + ? ) lived Dakota , NE
4. Laura (= ? + 7)
rn. Henry Niebuhr ( = ? + ? ) Winabego Agency , NE
5. Jobn Frank Jr. (= 1866 + 1911)
m. Nellie Parks (= ? + ?) lived Sioux City
6. Hattie (= 1869 + 1951)
rn. Louis Henry Christian Ludwig Warnholtz (= ?
7. Flora (= ? + ?)
m . John DeWitt ( = ? + 7 ) , 1 ived Dakota City.
Ms. Fiedler also sent the News a copy of a photograph of Laura and Henry Nieburh. We hope some of our readers can provide the News and Ms Fiedler with additional information on this family.
We hope all our readers had Happy Holidays and a Peaceful New Year!
Ms. Anita Fiedler has sent an update on the family of Jobn and Lurinda (Packard) Naffziger. The Spring Issue, 1990 identified John as having been born between 1808 and 1814 in Bavaria and moving with his parents to Canada. Later he lived in Davis County, Iowa prior to locating in Dakota County, Nebraska, where he died in 1 905 . At that time we ‘ guessed ‘ that Jobn would more than 1 ilcely be a son of Christian Naffziger, who caine to America in 1826 and settled in Canada. (Maybe some of our readers can support this . ) The updated information provided by MS. Fiedler is as follows:
Johannes Naffziger (= c. 1808 + 1905)
m. 1. ? (= ? + prior to 1858)
2. Lurinda Packard (= ? + 6 July 1891)
1. Leah (= ? + ?)
+ ?) of Sioux City

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