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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XI No 1
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Ije j1’ J i
VOL. XI No. 1
Our thanks to MARDELL EDWARDS of toga, Indiana and LLOYD NAFZIGER of vile, Alberta, Canada for their letters.
We appreciate the telephone call Mrs. D. A. Berry of Columbus, Ohio enjoyed discussing family heritage the Berrys.
A vistor to the Naftzger home in Grafton was George Nafziger of Akron, Ohio,
Our thanks to aomes F. Nofzinger of Oregon, Ohio for his nice letter inform ing us of a recent family reunion held at Archbold, Ohio. It would appear that the meeting of Nafzgers in Archbold was a-hugh success.
Thanks to our ever faithful friend, Schuyler Brossman of Rehrersburg, Pennsylv-— vania for mailing his collection of Naf— zger news clippings to us. Many of them are found in this issue of the News,.
• Also, thanks to our ever faithful relative, Wiliner Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois for mailing us the Nafzger news clippings from the midwester part of Illinois.
Please excuse the delay in answer— your letter, My father is a Nafzger. He changed his name as another Peter Naf— zger was always receiving his mail.
He received his citizenship papers in Lewis County, New York (Lowville) on September 19,1888. He was living in Crog— han, New York at the time. Whe father came to this country, he worK Joe Nafzger of Fulton County, Ohio. He and Chris Nafzger of Lowville, N.Y. worked together for Joe. Who was the father of Mrs. Laura Rychener who you mentioned in your newsletter. There is a family crest and I have two copies of it.
The family came originally from the Emental valley in Switzerland.
LENA BL NOFCIER fl26 Cockrill Street Venice, Floria 33595
The foregoing letter from Lena B, Nofcier is important to many Nafzger lines for a number of reasons. First of all, our readers can add another way to spell the Nafzger name — it is NOFCIER Secondly,the letter appears to be a good lead for Lorraine Roth of Kitchener, On tario, Canada for information on the Naf— zger line that settled in Lewis County, New York. From lerxz’s letter, it would appear to us that she has lots of good original information on the line.Thirdly, the letter announces a new Nafzger line which entered the U.S. in 1888. We have not been aware of the existence of this line nor: do we have anything in the rec ords of this line. Also, it appears to us that we have another Switzerland line making the journey to America. Besides the early Nafzger lines who came to the U.S. in the mid 1700’s from Switzerland, we have a Daniel Nafzger who moved from Switzerland to the U. S. in i88 Of course, we strongly suspect that the two family lines are closely related. Daniel
Sara— Mann- kind
from We
Just a to Mrs. for her
note to express our appreciation Riley Brown of Fort Scott, Kansas nice letter,
Continued on Page Seven
120 Edgewood Drive
G, Ohio 44044
Recently, we made a trip to Washington D to visit Ray Noftsger As always, we enjoyed our discussion and debate with Ray about the Nafzger heritage In addition, our thanks to Ray for his hos pitality and warm welcome provided by Ray while in Washington
We are pleased with your coninents on the heritage sketches being printed on individual Nafzger family members Some of you have asked about having a heritage sketch printed for you before Christmas According to our printing sources, the cost of typing and printing a sketch with a certificate-like border, setting the type of your name in “old English”, sealing it in plastic, provid ing a frame for the sketch and mailing it to you will be five dollars The quated price would be about cost Hope fully,we can do a few of them by Christ mas as some of you have requested. To make certain that the data is correct, please complete the data sheet found on page three of this issue of the News Be sure to include your telephone number so that we can contact you if it becomes impossible for us to get them all com pleted prior to Christmas
The heritage sketch is a nice way to get your Nafzger heritage out of the file cabinet and on the wall of your family room or living room for all to see and read. And it will add something to the gifts that you plan for your family men bers at Christmas time.
The final portion of research by Ray Noftsger of Washington D. C. and Des Moines,Iowa appears in this issue of the News. We consider Ray to be an excell ent researcher because of the depth he has studied the case of the missing de-. scendants of a Jacob Noftsger who was found in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania in the late 1700 It would appear to us that he has been successful in this effort which connects a family line of Noftsgers from southwestern Ohio with the Jacob Nafzger family line of l75O Accordingly, we are changing out’ records to reflect his research Our thanks and appreciation to Ray for his work,
Reading Eagle, Tuesday. July 28, 1981 —
Berks Soldier Killed in Crash
Army Pvt. James C. Naftz inger, 24, of Sinking Spring R.D. 6, was killed Friday night at 9:30 in an auto acci dent near Blytheville, Ark.
He was reportedly en route from Fort Polk, La., to Fort Sill, Okia., when the accident occurred. Naftzinger had been in the Army for the last six months. The victim was a 1977 grad. nate of Gov. Mifflin High School. Naftzinger was a member of Christ Episcopal Church.
Born in Dallas, Texas, he was a son of George H. Naftz inger Sr., of Miami, Fla., and Jean M. (Willingham) Naftz inger Petersen, of Sinking Spring RD. 6. Other survivors include two
brothers, John H. Naftzinger
Jr., Miami, and Airman John __________
E. Petersen, stationed at
McDill Air Force Base, Tam-
Wed., June 3, 1981
Times, Reading, Pa.,
Best ice cream
should be drippy
ARCHBOLD, Ohio (AP) — Here is a rule that will help you know when ice cream is at its best for eating. “If the ice cream dips goQd, it eats good,” said L. af president o t e a tional lce Cream Retailers Assn.. “When ice cream comes out of the home freezer it is usually too cold for eating immedl2u
$8:OO Yearly
Published Quarterly
James C.__________
pa, Fla.; and two sisters, Hol ly N., wife of Mark C. Einsel, Shillington, and Caroline, wife of Gene L. Borden, Reading.
His step paternal grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. Her man Petersen, Reading RD. 1; his maternal grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. James B. Willingham, Reading; and his paternal grandmother, Dora, widow of George C. Naftzinger, West Reading.
Also his stepfather, Uwe N. Petersen, Sinking Spring
Services will be Friday at 11 a.m. in the Henninger Fu neral Home, the Rev. Walter L. Krieger officiating. Burial will be in Berks County Me morial Gardens, Maiden- creek Township.
Page Two
My r&ephone Number
(year and county of birth)
(year and county of birth)
(year and county of birib)
120 Edgewood Drive
Grafton, Ohio 44044
Page Three
1. Name
2. Name
3. Name
My name is ___________________________ - I was born in the year —_____ in the county of __________ I married(name of spouse) _______________________- in the year _______ in the county of _______________
--___ ______________ 4. Name
_________________________ 5. Name
_____________________________ 6. Name ______________________________
________________________________________ 4. Name ______________________________________
_________________________________________	Name
_____________________________ 6. Name _________________________
(year and county ot birth) (year and county of birth)
(year and county of birth)
(year and county of hirt
(\‘ear and county of birth)
(vcar and county of birth -
Born in the year of: ______
____________________ in the year of: _______
1. Name _____________________________
(year and county of birth)
2.Name..__ _______________________________ 5
Tyear and county of birth)
1. Name -_______________________________
(year and county of birth)
My Nafzger parent’s name(father or mother) is _____________________________________
County of birth ____________________ Married (name of spouse)
County of marriage.	County of residence _________________________
(if deceased)Year of Burial _____________ Place of burial ______________________________ BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF MY NAFZGER PARENT
_____________________________ 4. Name _______________________
_____________________________ 5. Name
____________________________ 6. Name
1.	Name	(year and county of birth)	(year and county of birth)	-
2.	Name..._	(year and county of birth)	(year and county of birth)
3.	Name	(year and county of birth)	(year and county of birth)
My Nafzger grandparent’s name is ___________________________________________ Born in the year of: ________
County of birth ______________________ Married(name of spouse) ___________________ in the year of: ________
County of marriage.	County of residence ___________________________________________
(if deceased) Year of burial ___________ Place of burial _______________________________________________________ BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF MY NAFZGER GRANDPARENT
1 Name.. ______________________________________ 4. Name ______________________________________
Tyear an county of birth	(year and county of birth)
2.	Name _.._.	5. Name	.	-
( and county of birth)	(year and county of birth)
3.	Name .	6. Name	—
(year and county of birth)	(year and county of birth)
My Nafzger great grandparents’s name is _________________________________________ Born in the year:
County of birth . Married(name of spouse) ________________ in the year of:__
County of marriage County of residence ______________________________________________
(if deceased)Year of burial ______________ Place of burial ______________________________________________________
1.	Name......______________________________________ 4. Name.	.	-
(year and county of birth)	(year and county of birth)
2.Name. . 5.N
(year and couut of birth)	(year and county of birth)
3.	Name -	.	6. Name
(year and county of birth)	(year and county of birth)
MY NAFZGER GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENT. ______________________ Born in the year of: ___________
County of Birth ________________________ Married (name of spouse) _________________ in the year of:_________
County of Marriage .	. County of Residence: ——_____________________________
(if deceased)Year of Burial•______________________________ Place of Burial ________________________________________
RAY I’flFTSGER is from Des Moines, Iowa and Washington D. C. Part 1 of Ray’s research appeared in the last issue of the News. Our thanks to Bay for his many hours of research of a problem that has been troublesome to two Nafzger lines for years. We continue with his research by presenting the following material.
In 1812 a family of Noftsger’s moved into southwestern Ohio. In October, 1812, Jacob Nossger bought 300 acres of land in Brown county - then Clerrnont county. Yet on subsequent land sales, this Jacob’s wife was Katherine or Katty, and not Magdalena. Yet according to the names and dates found in the bible, we should have John (Feb. 1, 1791), Henry (Aug. 29, 1792), Jacob (Feb 10,1794- died 15 March 1798), Magdalena (March 3, 1797), Christian (March 22, 1800) and a daughter (Aug. 14, 1802). It appears that on the surface this is the Jacob Noftsger from Lancaster county, Penn. but how do we explain the differences? The first daughter born to Jacob and Magdalena was named Iv But what about Jacob’s wife now - Katherine - and the children Katherine, Elizabeth, David and Jacob. Those people need explanation if this bible is to connect with the family that moved into southern Ohio. But here we have a lot of problems - but only on the surface.
First we must determine that the John Noftser who possessed the bible and passed it on, if it is the John in the bible. In Cowan Creek cemetery, Washington township, Clinton county, Ohio, John Noftsger was buried. He died Sept. 6, 1865 at the age of 74 yrs. 7 mon., and 5 days, imply ing his birth was February 1, 1791. This date conforms with that in the bible. Yet in 4 different monographs on his descendents, we get a description of this John. In a History of 14fito county 1882, (p. 1024) concerning his daughter Mahala (Noftsger) Ward and in another History of Clinton county (p. 458) on his grandson Gerard B. Noftsger it states that John Noftsger was born in the Keystone state, Penn., in 1791 and that he came first to Brown county, where he married Nancy then they moved to Hamilton County, then clinton County, w} he died. In two other pl History of Clinton county (p. 410) on Charles M. Noftsger id (p. 412) Benjamin Denharn Ashcraft Noscar, both grandson’s of John and son’s of Naaman and William respectively, they state that John Noftsgcr ca from Germany, settled in Maryland, where he was in the military, they caine to Hamilton county, Ohio, then Clinton County where he died. Well, after thoroughly searching Mary land militia records and other records, and finding ‘no mention of any of the Noftsger’s, hence concluding that if they were in Maryland, it was very temporary, I tend to believe the first t monographs . That this John was born in Pa. is evidenced by the census which listed his birth as always Pa. This John Noftsger was first married in Clermont - later Brown county in September 1815 to Polly (Nancy) Merrill. Tow years later, John bought land next to Jacob Noftser, with the latter witnessing the sale. ‘Ihey were both enumerated in the 1820 census of Brown county, John remained in Brown county until sometimes around the death of wife in 1830. After he remarried, this time to Mary Jane , they moved to Symmes township, Hamilton county, before moving to Columbia township, same county, they to Washington township, Clinton County before both died on their son’s Naanien’s farm. Hence his grandson’s only knew Mary Jane.
HENRY NOFTSGER lived his entire adult life in Brown county and Clermont county, Ohio. He died in Lewis township, Brown county on February 22nd. 1880 at the age of 88 years - born circa 1792. On his death certificate, in addition to the census returns, his place of birth was listed as Pa. Henry Noftsger married Sarah Pile in 1828, Dec. In February, 1830, Jacob Nofsgar sold Henry Nofsgar a piece of his land. In addition, when John Noftsger’s wife died shortly before 1830, his children may have went to Uncle Henry’s as in 1830 school enumeration of district 3 of Lewis township, Henry Noftsger had 3 children of school age - 2 of John’s and Henry’s step daughter, Mariah Kipp. None of Henry’s children was born yet.
CHRISTIAN NOFTSGER in a deed dated Aug. 1817 in Clermont county, witnessed Jacob Noftsger’s land sale to Daniel Cook. Christian married Hannah Joslin in May of 1825. In 1830, Christian lived in Felicity township, Clermont county. In 1835, he sold that property and moved to Tate township, where he was enumerated in 1840 census. In 1849, Christian sold that property to Ste1 Parrish and he and his family moved. Th wife of Christian in 1835 and 1849 land sale was R Parrish. Thus we must conclude that Hannah died and Christian remarried sometime prior to 1835. In the 1850 and 1860 census of Perry township, Deleware county, Indiana. Christian and his family
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Page rou,’
•Nafziger and Alice Peterson were married Aug. 1, 1931, in Blooming ton. Mary Aaron and Don Baker were their attendants.
They are parents of Marilyn Cap pis of Lexington; Carol Trainor of Pontiac; Jaynet Cleinmark of 328 E. Mulberry St.; and Jerry of Knox ville. There are 16 grandchildren.
Nafziger is retired after 50 years of employment at The Eureka Com pany. His wife is a retired regis tered nurse.
Lena Litwiller
Lena Litwiller. 89, of 416 Bradley Lane, Normal, and formerly of Hopedale, died at her home at 7:05 am. Monday. Burial will be in Hopedale Mennonite Church Ceme tery.
Visitation will be from 6-9 p.m. today at Davis Mortuary, Hopedale.
She was born Feb. 20, 1892, in Minier, a daughter of Dar.iel and Katherine Schertz Nafziger. She married Louis Litwiller Jan. 5, 1911. in Hopedale. He died in February
Surving are a son, Clifford, Jack sonville; two daughters, Helen Litwiller, 416 Bradley Lane, Nor mal; Adeline Lady, 414 Belview. Normal; a brother, Silas Nafziger. Hopedale; and two grandchildren. Three brothers preceded her in death.
at Bloomington Illinois July 26, 1981
Reading, Pa. Eagle August 14,1981
Marian S. Na1j
Services for Marian . Naftzinger, 55, of Auburn, Schuylkill County, will be Tuesday at 1 D.rp.
Mrs. Naftzinger, wife of Edwin C. Naftzinger, died Friday morning in the Read ing Hospital and Medical Center where she had been a patient for six weeks.
Born in Jefferson Town ship, she was a daughter of
Hannah (Faust) Bretz of Port
Clinton and the late Francis
In addition to her husband and her mother, she is sur• vived by four sons: Nevin A., John E., Douglas F. and Mark W., all of Auburn; and eight grandchildren and two brothers, Ernest and Calvin Bretz, both of Hamburg....
Nafzjqers to celebrate golden year
- Mr. and Mrs. Detmar “Lefty” Nafziger of 714 S. Vale St.
1 U1U1	IgCr
First generation - CHRISTIAN NAFZIGER, born in 1792 in Germany. Married to Veronica Burkey who was born in 1797. Children: Christian, Magdalena, John, Elizabeth and perhaps other children whose names are not known. Christian and Veronica emigrated to America somewhere around the year 1843 to live with their children who had already made the journey in 1840. Burial in 1873 at the Hopedale Mennonite Churchyard Ceme tery, Hopedale, Illinois.
Second generation - CHRISTIAN NAFZIGER, born 1819 in Germany Married in 1851 to Elizabeth Zehr(1829—1900) at Pekin, Illinois. Children: Joseph, Christian, Andrew, Magdalena and Elizabeth. Burial in 1899 at the Hopedale Mennonite Churchyard Ceme tery, Hopedale, Illinois.
Third generation - ANDREW NAFZIGER, born in 1864, Tazewell County, Illinois. Married in 1890 to Ann Rosehart(1868—l896),. Children: John and a daughter whose name is not known. Second married in 1897 to Katherine Johanna Roth(1879—1953). Children:
Clara, Ralph, Eldon, Lester and Arthur Residence: Hopedale, Illinois. Burial in 1945 at the Hopedale Mennonite Churchyard Cemetery, Hopedale, Illinois,
Fourth generation - CHRISTIAN RALPH NAFZIGER, born in 1902, Hopedale, Illinois,
Married in 1924 to Katherine Eichelberger. Second marriage to Mary Brown. Children:
Doris, Katherine, Leota and Daryl Lynn,. Burial in 1972 at the Hopedale Mennonite
Churchyard Cemetery, Hopedale, Illinois
Fifth generation — DARRYL LYNN NAFZIGER
— __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __	__ _	— __
Page Five
were enumerated. His place of birth was given as Penn and he was 60 years old in the 1860 census, imploying his birth was circa 1800. In History of Randolph County, Indiana 1882 in a monograph Samuel Noftsker, he states that his father was born in Pennsylvania on the 22nd. of November, 18 Although this is not the bible date, it is easy to see that it is only a matter of the month, r. vrs Nov., and easy mistake. Christian died in 1869. He was buried in that township.s
ELIZABETh NOFTSGER was married in June, 1825 to John Dewdell.. The oath was given by Christiai Noftsger, a relative, probably her brother. The Dowdell’s were enumerated in the 1830 census of Brown County. They moved after and I have been unable to locate them. It may turn out that this is Magdalena, who was born in 1797 and her middle name was Elizabeth, but I haven’t substantiated this possibility yet.
KAThERINE M. )FTSGER was married in June, 1826 in Brown county to Joshua Brown. In the 1830 arid 1840 census of Lewis township a Joshua Brown was living next to Henry Noftsger. Again, unfortunately, I have had little success in tracing this woman. I suspect however that she was the first daughter born to Katherine and Jaocb Noftsger, hence the name sake, just as gda1ena was the first daughter born to Jacob and his wife then, Magdalen (Bowman) Noftsger.
fl&VID M)FTSGER was born in February, 1808 in Kentucky. He died 11-7-1860 at the age of 58 yeais, 8 months and 7 days. He lived, for his adult life, with his borther John Noftsger and was enumerated with John in 1850 and 1860, and probably in 1830 and 1840. In the 1820 census, he was listed probably in Jacob Noftsger’s household as the male 10 to 16 years.
JACOB JFISGER was born April 1, 1813 in Ohio. He is probably the young male enumerated with Jacob Mftsger in the 1820 and 1830 census. In July, 1836 Jacob Noftsger married Elizabeth (Fronk) Cuiinins. In 1839 they moved to Bond County, Illinois, In 1845 they went to Iowa. .Jacob Noftsger died in 1863 in Decatur county, Iowa,
So to recapitulate what we have so far stated about this Noftsger family who moved into southwestern Ohio in 1810 is: John (Feb. 1, 1791, born in Pa,) Henry (born in 1792 in Pa.), Christ ian (born in 1800 in Pa.), Elizabeth (??), Katherine (1800-1810), David (1808 in Kentucky) and Jacob (1813 in Ohio). But this list of children is not the exact same as those listed in the bible; or are they? Ihis requires somo patience. But before proceeding, I ‘d like to make one ‘point. The writing on the zeroxed bible pages and those on an 1817 land sale in Ohio by Jacob Noftsger show remarkable similiarity in style and spelling.
As I mentioned earlier, Jacob Noftsger married Magdalina Bowman. Hence their first daughter ! bears her mother’s name. Their children must have been, as mentioned in the bible, John (1791), Henry (1792) Jacob (1794-1798), Magdalena (1797), Christian (1800) and ???daughter (1802- maybe the Elizabeth). Yet sometime after the last born in 1802, gdalena(Bowman)Noftsger must have died. They Jacob married Katherine ______. On subsequent land transaction in Clernunt/ brown county dated 1814, 1815 and 1817, Katherine or Katty Noftsger signed her name. This Katherine ( ) Noftsger gave birth to children Katherine (anemsake for the first born?, Eliza beth (maybe this is Magdalena’s child7, David and another Jacob. This second Jacob is possible as the other child named Jacob had died some 15 years prior. Jacob’s second wife, Kather (--) Noftsger died sometime after April 1817 and October 1820 as her name was omitted on land sales. In December 1822, Jacob Knofsger married a third time, to Abigail Joslin in Clennont county. They lived together the remainder of their lives. Abigail (Joslin)Noftsger was born cicra 1764 in New Jersey and In August 1850, the old Noftsger’s were living with the Enoch Joslin family. Abigail died during that month and Jacob removed to his son Henry Noftsger, where he died circa 1855. In the 1850 census of the Joslin’s and Noftsger’s, Jaoob listed his age as 83, i.e. born about 1767 in Pa.
So, in my mind, the information that we have pieced together from all the random sources seem to point to the inescapable conclusion that the bible, which is the coninon thread in connecting this Noftsger family in southwestern Ohio to those Noftsger’s in Lancaster, Pa. along with all the additional data I mentioned above implies this Jacob Noftsger in Ohio is the “missing” Jacob Noftsger, son of Jacob Noftsger who entered in the United States in 1750. The facts are too great to be simply dismissed and they seem to indicate that the thoery that I have just outlined above is more than plausible, but a part of the historical records, I would speculate further that 16 years hiatus between 1794, when the Noftsger’s left Lancaster county and the 1812 land purchi in sothern Ohio can be roughly explained in the following matter; Jacob and his family moved, maybc dropping down into Maryland, across then Virginia into Oho the Ohio River, flated south, located for a period in Kentucky c. 1808, before moving into Brown/Clermont county. That is the area I would concentrate on in further research.
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We went to look up grandmother Nafziger’s grave his past memorial weekend.Father always spelled the name NAFZINGER but when we found the marker it read, Mary wife ofJ Nafziger died August 10, 1881. She is buried at Hamburg, Iowa. They were on their way from Danvers, Taxewell County, Illinois to Wayne, Nebraska. She took sick on the way and died at her brother’s home, Peter Gingrich at Hamburg, Iowa. Her husband, Jacob was in the war and he is buried at Gothenburg, Nebraska. His grave doesn’t have the year of birth or death date.
Mary, wife of J. Nafziger, was married before. She had one son, Daniel Gingrich who died in 1922 and isburied at Gothen— burg, Nebraska. After married Jacob Nafziger, they had two sons, Henry William and Ernest Nafziger.
Ernest married Kate Beckett. He died in 1959 and she died in 1978 at the age of 103 years. Childre are 2 sons and 4 daughters. Henry William married Anna Beckett in 1909 and the name of their son
. Is George Henry Nafzinger, writer of this letter.
GEORGE NAFZINGER Kansas City, Missouri
- pettled in Green County, Wisconsin. Also, we have some indication that there is a rather close relationship between the Lewis County and Canadian Nafzger lines. Another reason that the letter is so im portant is that Lena writes of a connect ion between the Switzerland Nafzgers and the ones who lived in Fulton County,Ohio. We would be interested in the exact con nection — why the family lines knew each other, in fact, one worked for the other. This fact happened for a very good reason Two family lines, one with a very German spelling and the other with a Swiss spell ing knew each other though they lived several hundred miles apart and came from different countries to America.
Thus, we believe that some import ant contributions are about to be made to the Nafzger heritage. Witn this in mind, we are listing the addresses of Lena, Laura Rychener .and Lorraine ± with the the hope that they will correspond è.nd make some important heritage findings, We hope they will report their findings to the News so we can report to our readers. Addresses are as follows’
Lorraine Roth
37 Ahrens St. W
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada N2H B6
Much research on the Nafzger heritage is being done by George Nafziger of Akron, Ohio, George is an astute student of history with several publications to his credit, He is a descendant of Adloiph Nafziger who emigrated to the U.S. in 1927 making his family line one of the later arrivals to the U In addition, George isknowledgable of the Ger, man language in that we have used him for several translations,
A part of his family remains in Germany and this means that he has good contacts with the German Nafzgers. Georgess family line is from Gendersberghof. The present chateau was the residenceof Stanislaw Leczcynski, deposed King of Poland, a Duke of Lorraine and the father-in—law to Louis XV. Originally they lived in a castle located near Dittenbach, which seems to have been demolished in 1485 and its location is un known, The present building was raised in 1781 to replace an earlier building dating f from 1606, During the Revolutionary Wars the noble inhabitants were evicted and eventua ually the estate was purchased by a Lully, who made a fortune selling munitions during the Napoleonic Wars. We have slide pictures of Gendersberghof that George provided us w when he visited the Naftzger home in Grafton We plan to have the slides reprinted and if they turn out in good quality, we will try to publish some of them, Needless to say, we had a delightful visit with the Talented George Nafziger.
Nafzgers throughout the U.S. can rest assure that between George Nafziger of Akron Ohio and Ray Noftsger of Washington D.C. that we have two excellent researcher working on the Nafzger heritage
Mrs. Laura Rycheiier
Box l31
Pettisville, Ohio 553
Page Seven
LincoIn, Iii 62656
ttta	Ut
First generation known - PETER NAFZGER, pro born in the 1720-1730 era. Emigrated to America on the ship “Phoenix” in 1749. Married to Sophorina Wise. Children:
Peter, Jacob, David, John, Samuel, Daniel, Hannah and Joseph. Peter died in 1784 but his burial site is not known.
Second generation - JACOB NOFFSINGER, born in 1762, York County, Pennsylvania. Marr ied in 1784 to Susan Stoner(1764—1836). Residence: Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Child ren: Nancy, Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth, Jacob, Catherine, Hannah, Susannah, Rebecca, Sally, Rachel, Joseph and John. Burial in 1808, Bremen, Kentucky.
Third generation - SAMUEL R. NOFFSINGER, born in 1787, Botetourt County, Virginia. Married to Sara Eliza Rhodes(1796—1875). Residence: Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Children: Susan, Nancy, Bradford, Joseph, Elizabeth, Solomon, Samuel, James, John, and William.
Fourth generation — BRADFORD NOFFSINGER, born 1819, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Married in 1842 to Elizabeth Jane Shaver. Children: Peter, Joseph, Andrew, Caroline
Nannice, Susan, Samuel, James, Virginia, Jacob, Phinas and William. Residence: Muh— lenberg County, Kentucky. Burial in 1896, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
h en ration — ANDREW NOFFSINGER, born in 1845, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Nancy sse 1848-1910). Residence: Greenville and Bremen, Kentucky. Fanniq, ry, Anna, Eclas, Jacob, Elmo, Elvy, Rollant and Shelby.
SixIW E NOFSINGER, born in 1880. Married to Cordie Vin cent. Residence: llutITënberg County, Kentucky. Children: Lilburn, Mary, Modest and Marie. Burial in 1961, Mohlenberg County, Kentucky.
Seventh generation — MODEST NOFSINGER, born 1914, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Married in 1943 to William Perry. Residence: Orlando, Florida. Children: Glenna an Be
120 Edgewood Drive
GraFton, Ohio 44044

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