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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XI No 2
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J3e J Jt J
VOL XI, No. 2
A Free Mailing
A copy of the newsletter will
be mailed to potential subscribers
We were impressed with the nice letter from Matthias.We wrote back within hours of receipt of the letter to tell him to make plans for his trip to the U.S. He can stay at the Naftzger home in Grafton if he wants to. However, we do not trace our line to the Otto’s, Nafziger’s or the Guth’s family line but some of our
readers may have a direct relationship to Matthias. While we would welcome the priviledge of having Natthias stay at our home, we understand that there may be a more direct relative living the U.S. who may welcome the opportunity.By all means write directly to Matthias and extend an invitation to him. The Naftzgers in
Grafton will withdraw their invitation. In an enclosure to Matthias’s letter,
he lists his genealogical chart to the
I write this letter to you because of a special concern. My name is Matthias Otte,my age is 17 years and my home town is Plettenberg, West Germany. I am a relative of the Nafzgers, Yoders and the Guths I have a desire to visit the UOS.A. and the descendants of my ances tors who had the courage to emigrate to America. This desire has many reasons.
I believe the most important one is the deep fascination I have for the USA and their people. In my childhood I read many books about the exploration and settling of North America. Later my child ish enthusiasm became an earnest inter est. I absorbed all information I could find. I am interested in world politics and technology(especially space explorat ion and a new frontier for mankind). I look to the USA as the world’s leading nations, I expect much of a sojourn to the US by seeing relatives, expanding my views and finding valuable experiences. From my point of view, it is a “must” for a young person to have visited the land of the (not unlimited but still thousands of opportunities).
Some additional personal information is my father is a headmaster of a voca tional school, my school reports are ex cellent. My hobbies are English langu age, math, playing electric guitar and violin, basketball, physics, politics, and dancing.
Ludenscheid, home-town of Rudolf Nafziger, editor of the “Familienrund brief” is only 15 miles away.
If someone could lodge me, a young oper. minded German for some weeks between July 15th and August 28th or more,please write. Could you published this letter in the Nafzger Heritage News?
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page two
We are receipt of a nice letter from Mary Wallace of Toledo, Ohio. Mrs. Wallace’s husband just finished the publication of a three Volume Automotive Literature index S that lists significant American automotive achievements from the earliest days of the automobile to today
In attempt to escape the last increase in postal rates, the winter edition of The Nafzger Heritage News was published early. As a result, we are publishing the Spring edition of the News ahead of schedule.
Hugh R. Naffziger of Santa Monica, California writes to tell us that he is researching his Naffziger family line. He promises to forward any news information that he may find on his family line. Our thanks and best wishes to Hugh in his search for his ancestors.
Carroll Nafziger of Minier, Illinois send us the program of the dedication service for the new Museum, Library and Archives of the Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society at Metamora, Illinois. Partipating in the openings ceramonies was Steven R. Estes. As some of our readers may remember, Steven provided the raw data that identified the children of Christian Nafziger who married Catherine Maurer and lived in Washington Township, Tazewell County, Illinois. We had data on one son named John who married Anna Garber and Christian who married Barbara as separate Nafziger lines. After Steven’s discovery, we were able to combined the three lines into one. It is the type of progress that we enjoy.
We appreciate the letter from Mrs. Blanche Barnard of Caidwell, Kansas. She is a descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749. She obtained our address from Myron Noffsinger of Grand Junction, Colorado.
It is difficult to express in words of the loss we felt when we read of the death of Frank Nofsinger of Sturgis, Michigan. Many of our readers may not know that Frank was one of the early contributors to the News many years ago. We exchanged hundreds of letters with Frank as we collected, sorted and classified information on the heritage of Valentine Nafziger who emigrated to the U.S. in 1831. Frank never loss interest in his Nafzger heritage and he was always anxious to do whatever was needed to close some gap of missing information. As a result, we have over a 100 page work book on the Valentine Nafziger line, most of which is the direct result of his untir ing effort on behalf of thousands who are descendants of this line. Of course, we will dedicate the workbook to the memory of Frank Nofsinger. To us, it seems that more effort in behalf of Frank’s memory should be done but we are at a loss to know what else could be done. Yes, Frank will be greatly missed at The News.
Azalia Hill of Union, Missouri writes to tell us that her great grandparents are Jacob Noftsger and Elizabeth, her grandparent is Albert Marion Noftsger who married Catherine Wion and father is Charles Edward Noftsger who married Mary Nettie Orfield. She requests information on this line which traces to Jacob Nafzger who came to the U.S. in 1750. This is the line that Ray Noftsger has been researching for the past year. We have sent our material out to be typed and when it returns, we will try to send her the material which connects this line to Jacob (1750).
Grafton, Ohio 44044
S I read the essay by George Nafztger of Akron, Ohio of his ancestor Adolph Nafziger who emigrated to the USA in 1927. I knew this Adolph Nafziger personally and
I remember his so weilsince his picture was glued in to the family album of my parents.
He was a cousin to my father, that means his mother and my grandmother were sisters.
Their parents were Johannes Gungrich and Magdalena Roggy. From his father’s side,
Adolph Nafzlger descended from Gendersberger Hof estate belonging to the township Han weiler near Bitsch in Lorraine, not far away from the actual border to the Palatinate.
I am in some conflict to the contention the estate should have been the resi dence of the King of Poland and later Duke of Lorraine, Stanislaus Lczczynski. In earl ier c the estate, together with a castle of the same name formed a part of the property of the Lords of Bitsch who took their name from this property; von Gentersberg. Supposedly this castle was situated near the “Dittenbacher Wald” (Dittenbach forest) and had been completely destroyed before 1485 so that nothing rested.
Nc*so the farm, where as early as 1784 the Mennonite Josef Esch lived as a tenant. In this year namely his daughter Magdalena had been born who later was to be the great grandmother of Adolph Nafziger. After her second marriage with Johannes Nafziger (Adolph’s great grandfather) the Nafzigers became tenants of the Gendersbergerhof estate and rested there over several generations. I have put together a genealogic table of George’s paternal and maternal ancestors as it could be some interest for him.
The opinion of the alledged residence of Stanislaus Leczczynski induces me to a little historic digression. The Gendersbergerhof estate became part of the Duchy of Lorraine about 1572 at which time, the Duchy was belonging to the Germany (Reich” under the Emperor in Vienna. Before it was property of the former Lords of Bitsch.
In 1713 the Hapsburg Emperor Karl VI assured by the so called “Pragmatic Sanction” the succession by inheritance also for his female descendants. When his daughter
• Marie Theresia (born in 1717) in 1736 married Franz Stephan, Duke of Lorraine, a treaty had been concluded with the King of France, wherein the imperial son—in—law had to ex change his Duchy for the Toscana (in Northern Italy). In Lorraine the refugee King of Poland Stanislaus Lczczynski had been appointed Duke of Lorraine by the Emperor. After his death, according to the treaty, the Duchy of Lorraine should fall to the Kingdom of France. So it had been done in 1766. In the negotiation about the marriage of his daugh ter, a German Emperor gave away a whole Duchy,
Stanislaus was a mild ruler to whom Lorraine, and especially its capital Nancy owes nice buildings in baroc style. His residence was in the old Ducal chateau of Lune yule the baroc glamour of which — like Nancy — is attractive for many lovers of the fine arts.
HERMANN GUTH, 6600 Saarbrucken 1, Parsevalstr 1, West Germany.
Recently, Ray Noftsger journeyed to LancasterCount,y, Pennsylvania for some research. ft short suninary of some of his findings are as follows:
1. Ulrich Nafzger’s wife, Maria Catharina remarried after Ulrich’s death. She re married to Hieronimus Brobeck.
2. Ulrich Nafzger lived in Leacock township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
3. Children of Ulrich and his wife are: Johannes, Mary Magdalena(married Henry Shultz), Hanns, Christian(married Mary Oberholtzer and had children named Martha, Christian, Christian, John, Robert, Mary and Hetty), Peter, Anna, and Stephan(died prior to 1790) leaving children who were under the guardianship of Valentine Gingrich.
4. John Naftziger, Ulrich’s oldest’sçn, lived in York County, Pennsylvania. Also, Ray included some material on Peter Noffsinger who came to America in 1749 and Jacob who landed in 1750.
page three
• Frank Glen Nofsinger
The item about the coat-of-arms of the Noftzger family as mentioned in the Win ter Issue, 1981, page 8, is of much in terest to me. I could create a sketch by the information given, except for the actual placement of the objects. Pd like very much to have a sketch or get in touch with someone who could send me a picture to copy. My hobby is making plaques of coat—of-arms, hand tooled and etched on mirror finish aluminum A plaque of the Nofziger lineage would com plete my collection.
Mrs. Harold Kryder
Casselberry, Florida
Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, we cannot help Mrs. Kryder because the information appeared in an old letter and the writer is no longer alive. However, perhaps some of our readers can. Please write
Elmer L. (Th 66 years of Lebanon, Pennsylvanl died May 21, 1981. Born in Myerstown, he was tne son of ‘the late John and Mable Sechrist Ga He is survived by wife MARGUERITE NAFTZINGER Garloff and children:Doris,wife of James Clements, Merrill,John, Peg and Dennis all of Lebanon and Larry of Likdale.There
are 19 grandchildren, three great grand children, a sister, Ruth Unsicker and a brother, Harold,,
Lester Notziger
Wan Businessman In Michigan 23 Years, And Former Teacber ARCILBOLD, 0. — Le D. Not ziger.
83, former owner of Arrow Pharmacal
Co., Manitou Beach. Mich., died Friday
In the Fulton County Health Center.
Mr. Nofziger moved to Arebbold from Maniton Beach, where he had lived 50 years, In lfll.
He acquired the Arrow firm, which sells pharmaceutical goods to doctor, and cinica of southern Michigan, in 1956, and retired three years ago.
An elementary school teacher in Fulton County, Ohio. 13 years after World War I, Mr. Nofzlger sold real estate for the Swartzbaugh real estate firm in Adrian, Mich, for several years.
He was an army veteran of World War I.
Sw-vivtng are Pus wife, Bessie: son, Frederick. Leisure Editor of The Blade; stepaon. Robert Frey, and sister, Mrs. Rhuea Nolsiger. of Toledo
Dean F. Noffsinger of Green Valley, to announce that the Noffsinger family Reunion Osborne, Kansas, Sunday, This reunion is one of
the many family reunions that are held by Nafzgers each year is usually made up of descendants of Rudolph Noffsinger came to America in 1749. However, indicates that a welcome invitation is ex tended to Noffsinger everywhere.If you can, plan to attend.
Dear fellow Nafzigers, Nafzgers, Noft sgers or however we spell it, I am one of the many Nafzigers in the family bible I have, which belonged to either my grandfather or my father’s uncle. The name is spelled Nafziger It doesn’t seem to make any difference. Mv father used to say when these Dutchmen came over they pronounced their name in Ger man and the person at the imigration headquarters spelled it like ‘it sounded and usually, no two spelled it the same.
We are planning a trip to Pennsylvania and will be in the Lancaster and Shartles— yule area. We plan on trying to find the Naftzingertown described in the News. I wish I knew more about my ancestors. My father’s name was Jonathan, of Joseph and Magdalena and both Nafzigers.
Columbus, Ohio
Frank Glen Nofsinger, 86, 300 Virginia Ave., Sturgis, died Nov. 16 at Frau Community Home, where he had been a patient three weeks.
Mr. Nofsingcr was born in Branch Cuu He was a resident of Sturgis 26 yaars, coming from Branch Coun ty.
On Jan. 8, 1921, he married Hazel Maxwell in Coidwater.
Mr. Not smger taught school in Branch County 45 years before his retirement.
He was a member of the Michigan Education Association, National Retired. Teachers Association, Michigan Association of Retired “..Scbool Personnel and a member of First United Methodist Church.
Surviving are his wife: a son, Dale, Marietta, Ga.; a daughter, Mrs. William (Betty) Post. Sturgis, seven
. grandchildren and fi\e great-
grandchildren.	.. .
Mr. No+sing.r was barn SapS. 7. 1*95. son of Christian and Lucjnda ( Nof, l
Surviving grondchlldr are M Tom (Brando) Mobill, Mrs. Doug Ikim) Zbmm.r man. Brian Ison, St.v.n icon Koran icon. Eric and Stacy P1afsInq.r. Surviving great grandchildren or. iuonlI.r and Da Mohill. Sara and .lustIn Zimmarmon and M.gon lion.
Frl.nds end r.Iatlv.s may call b.ginn ing W.dn.sdoy morning at $cluppiu Fuiwrol 11am. in Sturyis war. sorvlc will b. bold 1 p.m. Thursday with th. R.v. Ha’tmann, of lb. FIrst Unit.d M.thodi,t Church, officiating. Burial will in in Oak Lawn C.m.t.ry. Tb. family will S ri.nds from 2.4 p.m. and 7.9 p.m. W.dns.sday.
Arizona writes
Eleventh Annual
will be held at
June 6th, 1982.
the son they were.
Faye Flaugher of West Chester, Ohio was 80 years young on December 8th. She is a descendant of Jacob Nafziger who came to America in 1750.
We recelveda nice letter and Xmas card from Erma and Vilas Nafziger, Hopeda1e, Illinois. Vilas is a descendant of Peter Naffziger (.Groversheim—Gauerheim) and Peter Naffztger of Ueberau.
We have a subscription and request for back issues from Marie Flollinger of Mason City, Iowa. From her brief letter, it u1d appear to us that Marie is a descen dant of Jacob Nafziger who came to America in 1750. We have requested more infor mation so that a more positive Identification can be made..
We have several nice letters wtiictiinclude pictures and Xmas card from George Nafziger, formerly of Akron but now of West Chester, Ohio. George responded to the information recently sent by Herman Guth of West Germany. George and Herman are in general agreement with the basic information as presented In the last and present Issue of the News. We are glad to have received the good information and picture of the Gendersberger family home in Germany.
We welcome the correspondence of Kurt Nafzger, Beethovenstr 33, 7750 Koustanz, West Germany. Kurt is our most recent friend from Germany to write the News. He sends us an information/data sheet which lists his ancestor as follows:
First generation known — BERNHARD NAFZGER, born in 1789 at Geislingen/steif, Germany.
Married to Anna Grienel who was born in 1791. They were married in 1812 at
Geisi tngen/stetf, Germany.
Second generation - MATHAUS NAFZGER, born in 1823 at Geislingen/steif, Germany. Married in 1826 to Katharina Miller at Eislingen, Germany.
Third generation — GEORG NAFZGER, born in 1848 at Geislingen/steif. Married in 1859 to Ursula Nikcas at Ulmas
Fourth generation - ARTHUR NAFZGER, born in 1882 . at Nurtingen, Germany. Married in 1886 to Erna Gross at Nurtingen. Residence: Stuttpark, Germany.
Fifth generations— KURT NAFZGER, born in 1921 at Stuttgart, Germany. Married in 1934 to Zatta lange at Hannover, Germany
Sixth generation - KLAUS NAFZGER, born 1954 Freudenstadt, Germany. MICHAEL NAFZGER, born 1972, Muchen, Germany
Matthias enclosed a genealogical chart in his letter. Matthias’s descendancy trace to a Gauler(first name is not known) born 1796, died 1858) — a Johannes Guth, born 1792, died 1884 and a Nafziger(first name is not knowi born 1804, died in 1870). This Nafziger is buried at Gendersberger Iof, the same estate referred to in letters from Hermann Guth and George Nafzlger. Also, Naizigers in the U.S. that the Otto family line crossed a number of times with the Peter of Grovprsheim-Guaerheim family line so there may be relatives of this line who can make a direct connection. A1s the chart shows a relationship to the Haulers, Hertzler and Yoders. Mathias tells us t t his ancestors were driven away from their Silesian native place in World War II by the Russians.
If you write to Matthias, please use Air Mail as we find the surface mail to be very slow I itis difficult trying to make plans and wait for so long to receive a letter. Also, if rr are worked out with another Nafzger family in the U.S., we are interested in any char that we can report on it to our readers.
Thanks to Dr. John Deam of Holmes Beach, Florida for an information/data sheet on his family line. Dr. John is an eighth generation descendant of Mathias Naftzinger who came to America in 1749.
Thanks to Dr. Tom Maddox of Owensboro, Kentucky for an information/data sheet on his family line. Dr. Tom is a seventh generation descendant of Peter Noffsinger who came to America in 1749.
Thank you for the Winter copy of the News, In the News, you printed a copy of the research done by Ray Noftsger. Mr. Noftsger referred to a Jacob Noftsger who was b burled in Decatur County, Iowa. My husband was born in Leon, Iowa, which is located In Decatur County. He spent most of his adult life in Lamoni, Decatur County. We would like to write to Ray Noftsger. Would you please send us his address.
We are in receipt of the letter and subscrtption from Foster Noftsger of Sun City, California. Also, we have a letter and subscription from William Mast of Alden,N.Y.
Our thanks to Dorothy Still of Kansas City, Missouri who sent us a two page letter updating and adding several dozens descendants to the workbook we have on the Rudolph Noffsinger (came to the U.S. in 1749) family line.
We have several amatueur radio operators who will be getting in touch with Herman Nafziger of West Germany. One of them is John L. Nafzinger of Hutchinson, Kansas. He writes that he has been an amateur !adio operator for 50 years. His call number is W.Q.U.F.P. He has an advanced class licenseeand can work all amateur bands. In that John is retired and can meet practically any schedule so working Europe would pose no problem.
Mrs. Lloyd Clapper of Mansfield, Ohio writes to renew her subscription. For years we have been trying to document the parents of the Nofsingers—Noftsingers found living near Navarré-Canton, Ohio. Because of the early year that they are found In this area (1800), we know that they traced to one of the four Nafzger lines that came to the U.S. prior to 1800. At first, we suspicionedthat the line might connect to Mathias-Matthew of Berks County, Pennsylvania. More recently, we have uncovered the names of other children of Ulrich Nafzger who came to America in 1742. Thus, it would appear tMt the parents of the group of Nofsingers-Noftsinger may have come from this line just based on the fact that the spelling of the name was not one of the way that descendants in the Matthew line changed it.
We have a letter from Deke Noftsker of Belen, New Mexico. They write that their family line came from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. . Most of the Noftskers living in Shippensburg during the early 1800’s trace to the Ulrich Nafzger who came to the U.S. in 1742. Thus, we believe he will connect to this branch. We have written for other information which will help to make the identification certain,
Our thanks to Annie Orfield of Allertofl Iowa for her subscription and letter. Annie hasn’t been well and as she reports t letter - is behind in her letter writing. Our”get well” wishes to Annie and weP she is feeling better soon. Annie is a descendant of Jacob Nafzger who cams America in 1750. She is related to the Noftsger line of sojjthwest Ohio that has beet 0 tensively researched by Ray Noftsger.
Special coninendation should go to K Meekins of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She is a
descendant of Peter Noffsinger who 1 in America in 1749 . She is responsible f
getting 14 heritage certificates and hree subscriptions out to various members of h
family line. The Noffsinger heritageof this line must be better known to individual
members of the line as a result of her efforts. Our thanks to Kathleen.
-	i. , s LL I	I I L1%J	I
It was Roger Nafziger of Houston, Texas who started the genealogical machinery moving on his family line. It was Roger’s father, Rolland Nafziger who first contacted us about ten years ago. But for some reason, we never uncovered much information although we heard from several descendants of the line. But most of them were at a loss when trying to track their ancestors. Thus far, here is what we have uncovered about the family line.
We begin the story of a Nafziger family living in Little Mackinaw Township, Taze well County, Illinois. We can identify three boys and two sisters. Their names are John, born 1836; Daniel, Jacob William, born 1843; Joseph, born 1846, Phoebe, and Katherine. As yet, we cannot establish the names of the parents. To us, it would appear that at least two of the boys rnove Kansas, near 1893. John and his wife Almeura Axtel Nafziger and nine children left Ohiotown, Illinois in November of 1893 in two railroad cars and ended up on a farm just east of Wichita. Children of this couple are Chole, Almira, Margaret, loder, Daniel, John, Mary, Francis, Grover and Christie. At about the same time, Jacob William and his wife Anna Zook Nafziger and their children John, Michael, Otto, Elizabeth, Mary, Dora and Telie are found in the same area of Kansas, At this time, we believe Daniel may have remained in Illinois, perhaps on the home farm. One source believes the family may have first settled in Pennsylvania before moving to Illinois. Joseph Nafziger, the youngest on married a Barbara-last name is not known. Child ren are Mary, Simon, Rosanne, Pauline and Christian. We do not have any leads on the descendants of this family line.
We are trying to identify the parents of this Nafziger family line. We hope our readers will write to us if they have any information, In addition, we are trying to contact descendants of this line —— please write. We know that many of the de— scendantsof John Nafziger are found in Washington State. Dean Nafziger of Renton Washington used to write to us but as of late, he has moved and we do not have his forwarding address. We would appreciate hearing from him, Also, any Nafziger who may believe that he or she i a descendant of Joseph Nafziger should write,
At the News, our hunch is that this family may have lived in Canada at one time. We know that many descendants of this family are found in the western states. Thus, if we can resolveØ some of the critical issues mentioned in the above material, it would help connect many Nafzigers in the west who presently are without their com plete heritage.
Mrs. Edward Naftzger of Kamiah, Idaho to inform us of the death of Edward Naftzger who passed away August 3, 1981. Edward is a descendant of Jacob Nafzger (came to America tn 1750). As I recall, His line traced to John Naftzger who moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio and it was John’s son Ephrairn that moved to Minnesota and finally descendants of his moved to Washington and Idaho, We are sorry to hear the unfortunate news,
We have a nice letter from Herman Nafziger, 0304 SOLTAU, Heidjerweg Nr. 1, blest Germany. He writes to tell us that Harold 0. Nofsinger (Collinswood, Virginia) is a U.S. Amatuer radio operator and they have been in touch with each other, Recently, I discovered that we have an amatuer radio operator organization in our area and I plan to contact them to see if one of them can arrange for me to talk with Hermann over one of their radios. Some of our other readers may want to do the same thing. His call letters are DK2NV.
We are in receipt of a nice letter and card from Gehardt and Edeltraut Nafziger of Stockdorf, West ermany. She reports that there is a cold winter in Bavaria with lots of snow, She decribes their visit to Garmish-Partenkirchen for their skiing visit. Also, talks of the German economy and the Polish situation. Our thanks to her for writing as we are always glad to hear the News from Germany from a Nafziger.
page Seven
— . .	V
Maggie M. Reber
Maggie M. Reb 82, for merly of 553 Centre Ave., died Friday at 1 p.m. in the Laurel Nursing Home, .Hamburg,
- where she was a guest since
Sept. 13, 1979. 1., l1 qgj Born in Bethel R.D., Leba non County, she was a daugh
ter-of late Thomas and Marie
(tT Her hus
b MarT Réber, died Sept.
ti &he is survived by a daugh ‘ t wife of Vin ce Whitfield; four
so Mark Jr., Devon, Ches
t Donald, Sinking
SØ Roderick, Chalfont,
• County; and Richard,
* •Lawrence, Kan; l2grandchil-
c_ dren; six, great-grandchil E dren; and two sisters, Laura,
widow of Daniel Mohn,
Fredericksburg, and Mabel, widow of George Deysher,
Cynthia Lange —,
Cynthia Louise Lan and bachelor of science degree Ernest Naftzger became hus- anda master’s degree in den- band and wife during a tal hygiene. She was an as- double-ring wedding ceremo- sistant professor and clinic ny in the Reformation Lu- coordinator at Idaho State theran Chu Relifton, offi- Uniyersity, Department of dated by the Rev. Charles E. Dental Hygiene.
Mertz. The groom, son of Mr. and The bride, daughter of Dr. Mrs. Edward P. Naftzger, and Mrs. Edmund H. Lange, Kamiah, Idaho, is a graduate 3920 Reiff Place, Reiffton, is a of Idaho State University, graduate. of Exeter High where be received a bachelor School; Temple University of arts degree in recreation School of Dental Hygiene, leadership and a master of Philadelphia; and Old Do- arts degree in student person- minion University, Norfolk, nel services in high educa Va., where she rereceived a tion. He is employed by the
Idaho State University as
program and recreation di rector.
.1 Daily News,
LEBANON, PA., Tuesday, October 6, 1981
John Cassel Dies In Area Hospital
John H. Cassel, 114 N. 10th St., Lebanon, died Monday night in the Good Samaritan HospitaL He was 80.
Born in Bethel, Berks County, he was a son of the late John H. and Kathryn Cassel, and the husband o1Gra Cassel. A retired electrician, Cassel was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local. He served in the Army during World War 11, and was a member of the Lebanon Moravian Qiurch. In addition to his wife, he is sur vived by sisters Mary Jackson, Miami, Fla.; and Jane, wife of Man uel Palace, Philadelphia; and sever al and nephews.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C	—
.Naftzinger, Port Clinton, eel
ebrated their 35th weddin
anniversary at a family plc-
.nlc given by their children.	.
.. They were married Sept. 7,
1946, by the Rev. Milton A.
May In West Hamburg.
Naftzinger, son of the late	‘
William and Clara (DeLong >
%U Naftzinger, Is employed by 4
‘-(. Fairmount Foundry inc.,
Hamburg. r.
ç . wife, Ellen, is the -
• daughter of the late Clarence ‘ UI . Price and Ethel S.
(Schoch) Brown. She is cm “T? -..ploy by Windsor Knitting ti
, Mills. ‘•
They are the parents of ix
“ children: Eileen, wife of Don- , ‘ald Graeff, Hamburg; Ruth, wife of Ronald Rhoads, Ham
burg RD. 1; Ray, Shoemak
ersville; Paul, Honey Brook ,. R.D. 1; and David and James, tort Clinton.
Florence P. Sanders
Florence P. Sand
formerly of 540 Read
‘ West Reading, d.
i morning at 2:05 in t
sler Home Inc., Cu”
ship, where she
‘< three days.
Born in Readin
, daughter of the la and Sallie (She
1 ers,diedDec.8,
.. Surviving are
‘ Evelyn, wife of Rich.
r doiff, Wernersviile Ft.
son, Elwood, Robes-’r
.E 1; three grandchi!
‘ great-grandchild.
w Also a brothcr, Fr
Naftzinger, Lancas or
5,	—
Mrs. Ernest Naftzger (Cynthia L. Lange)
We hope our readers will forgive us for bc error either in the handling of their letters or for any requested material. Basically, it is a one—erson opera tion that has grown out of control. First of all, we handle more letters than most of you realize from about 40 states and a number of foreign countries. Often, letters come to us requesting information which may seem easy to fulfill to the writer. But our files contain a list of descendants of what appears to be well over 30,000 names and retrieving the needed information without the help of a computer can take some time. Added to the problem is the fact that the entire operation is done from a private home which means that space is short. The operation is still an avocation and done in our spare time. In addition, the finances need to be watched closely as at least $3,000 is needed to run the operation each year to keep it on a self— substaining basis. No — we are not complaing. After ten years, we still enjoy delving into the very interesting Nafzger heritage. We are proud of the interest shown by Nafzgers throughout the world in our heritage. Nafzgers all over can be proud for our newsletter may be one of the best going anywhere and it is the easy, friendly way that they write to each other that makes it all possible. We hope it will continue. Our only hope is that you will forgive us for an ocassional error.
We are in receipt of the letter from Jacques A, Noftzger of Whittier, Cali fornia asking about the relationship of the NEFZGERS AND NAFZGERS. The Nefzger name appears to have first appeared in the U.S. in Brown—Clermont Counties of Ohio. At first, we thought it was a name modification of the Noftsgers who lived in the area at the time. Both families are first found in the two count ies in about 1810. Later, we discovered that the Nefzger name is found in Germany which caused us to doubt if it was another spelling of our name. Presently, we have no proof that the two names are related and we treat the problem as two separate family lines.
I noticed in one issue of the News that you wanted to know who Laura Rychener’s father was. He was Joseph 0. Nofziger, born 1846 in Diesburger Hof, Rhein, Prussia, came to the U.S. in 1850, when he was but four years old. There are only two of the Nofziger tousins left, Ida Down is one who is in a rest home at Archbold, Ohio but her mind isn very good anymore. Her father was Christian 0, Nofziger, born in Diesburger Hof Rhein, Prussia,in 1848, Their parents were John 0. Nofziger and Philipina Siefel. I am getting this information from a Family Register picture and it is difficult to read because all the names have faded to a light blue and it is all in the German language.
We are in receipt of a letter from Mrs. Irene Noffsinger Oiler of Spivey, Kansas requesting information on the Beatrice Bagley Book, We have no connection to the publication and thus, cannot accept the credit or blame whichever the case may be, In fact, we have receive a check for the publication of which we had to return.
Our thanks to Dr. Terrell L. Noffsinger of Silver Springs, Maryland for an in formation/data sheet on his heritage.
Our thanks to Vida Wright Naffziger of Anaheim, California for her nice letter, Her husband, Edward J, Naffziger who is now deceased traces to Joseph Naffziger line of Canada, He is a cousin of Earl Naffziger of Canada(Saskatoon
And speaking of Earl Naffziger of Saskatoon, Canada, we have a letter and more information from him. The information continues that which appeared in a past issue of the News. I dont know where he is getting him information but he has done a nice job of piecing together this Naffziger line, Prior to Earl’s research we had little information on this line, It is pretty nice to have a good Naff-. ziger from Canada doing our research in the U.S. Most of the descendants are
found in the U now,	.
page nine
page	ten
Our thanks to Tom Armour of Oakland, California for his nice letter, Tom has been helpful in providing names and addresses of Noffsingers who can be helpful in our effort to correct and update the material on his family line. Tom is a descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who landed in America in 1749.
As we usually do, Carroll Nafziger of Minier, Illinois exchanged several letters expanding on some corrections that needs to be made in the workbook of their family line. Carroll is a descendant of Christian Nafziger who emigrated to Hopedale, Illinois. His most re cent major discovery is the discovery of the port and the year that his ancestors arrived in the US. It were two of his sons, John and Christian that first came to America in 1846 landing in New Orleans. Their parents and sisters came later - sometime after 1846 and before 1850.
We are in receipt of a nice letter and subscription to Jean Rupp Harris of Chula Vista, California. Mrs. Harris is attempting to get one of the genealogy books of the Rupp side of her family. Perhaps, some of our readers can help her. Also, the Rupp family line crosses the Nafzgers a number of times, especially the three lines who settled in Ful ton County, Ohio
You may be interested to know that according to the records we have on file, the Johannes
Nofziger family line of Fulton County, Ohio has the longest list of descendants on file.
Johannes emigrated to the U.S. in 1847 and oUr records show approximately 14,000 descend ants. The long list is the result of an extensive- effort made by Harley Nofziger of
Ful ton County.
Carolyn C. Wenger, Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, Lancaster, Pennsylvania announces a genealogy workshop on Saturday, March 27, 1982 at Lancaster Meniiionite High School, Lancaster Pennsylvania. The workshop is sponsored by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. It should be a good one as. the Society holds many good records of the Mennonites in Pennsylvania and often, this included records of the early Nafzgers who emigrated to th
We were sorry to learn that Warren E. Naffziger of East Peoria, Illinois stopped by the Naftzger residence in Grafton but we were not home and missed the opportunity to visit with hirR, Our thanks to Warren for his letter, picture and subscription.
Again, we appreciate the many news clippings of Naftzingers from Pennsylvania.from Schuyler BrossmaD of Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania, Our thanks for his untiring efforts,
120 Edgewood Drive
GraFton, Ohio 44044

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