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The Nafzger Heritage News

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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XI No 1
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rJ J jtUritage etu
In the last issue of the News, we ex tended an invitation to Matthias Otte of Plettenberg-Ohle, West Germany to visit some of the Nafzgers in the U.S. One reason we extended the invitation is that we think the U.S. Nafzgers are pretty nice people and there would be a lot of help from them with making arrange ments for the visit. Our thoughts were well founded. Since the invitation,there has been a flurry of letters across the U.S. and to Germany. It would appear that arrangements have been tentatively sche dul ed.
While we need to have final confirma tion (will set detailed dates and times by telephone after he arrives in the US.) it would appear that an outline of the proposed agenda is as follows: Matthias will arrive at Cleveland on July 7 or 8th. Mrs. Mary Chase of Monticello, Illinois is arranging with a friend to have a private plane fly either to Cleveland or Lorain County Airpor; to pick him up for a few days’ visit to her area and for some sight seeing in that area of liii-
For some time, we have had some con flict with the heritage of the family line that, in the United States, is widely known as Peter, the Apostle. The difference of thought in this family heritage has been between our German cousins and their American counterparts. Briefly, the difference is as follows:
American Nafzigers, who are a part of this family line,report that the father of Peter, the Apostle is “Peter of Groversheim He lived and died in Ger many and did not come to America. Our German cousins write that they could not locate any records of a Groversheim in Germany nor of a Peter Naffziger as we had the data listed for him. Quite simply, the presumed residence of this Peter did not exist Thus, we found ourselves caught in a conflict between what our German friends were telling us and what American Nafzigers were re porting
We followed up on the information that we had received from the U.S. Nafz gers and in almost every case, this in formation traced to the publication of Mrs titled “Nafzgers in America” This is not to distract from the merits of her publication because we believe it was a good effort and we know first hand, how easily errors can develop in genealogical reporting. In addition, we contacted a number of German genealogi cal societies, national, local and re gional archives, church records, etc. looking for a clue of Peter of Grover sheim in Germany.
It was Hermann Guth of Saarbrucken, West Germany that remained with the problem until it was resolved, Looking for a name of a German comunity that was quite similiar He suggested Gauer— heim. Further checking revealed that it was a residence of Nafzigers but not of Peter -- his name was Valentin Nafziger.
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Published Quarterly E
We have received several nice letters and a telephone call from Carroll Nafzi ger of Minier, Illinois. Carroll’s let ters covered a wide range of historical topics that relates to the Christian Nafziger family line of Hopedale, Illi nois
Perhaps Carroll’s most signficant discovery relates to a Joseph Naffzi— ger described on page 7 of the Spring Issue 1982 of the Heritage News. We quote from Carroll’s letter
“Several years ago, I saw a closing out sale bill in my grandmother, Katherine Schertz Nafziger, wife of grandfather Daniel, scrap book, It was of a Joseph Naffziger and was back in 1940. Never could really find out who he was. But some time ago, a spark lit - I found that grandmother Katherine Schertz Nafziger’s mother was a Naffziger (spelled with 2 ff’s). On probing, I found her name to be Magdalena Naffziger Schertz. To my surprise, I found that she was a sister of Joseph Naffziger I am positive-the Joseph Naffziger you wrote about on page 7 is the same person (copy of obituary are enclosed),.
I am enclosing copies of the informa tion I found on this family line, These Naffziger are rather scarce in this area for most of them are now deceased. I am wondering if Roger Nafziger of Houston, is related to this line.”
Editor’s Note - Our thanks to Carroll for this interesting bit of information. From all we can determine, Carroll has uncovered the first information of this particular Naffziger line, Our readers may recall that three Naffziger brothers moved westward and descendants are now found in California, Texas and Washing ton State. But one brother, Joseph re mained behind, probably on the home farm. Thus for oqer Nafziger of Houston, we have more to add to your family line.
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the data did not check out with Peter. Hermann, being the good researcher that he is, continued with the problem by forwarding document after document to help us with the problem. In turn, we forwarded many of the documents to in terested descendants of this Nafziger line, Finally, one very important docu ment arrived in the mail from Hermann. We reprint his latest letters and a translation of the German document which we believe substantiate the herit of Peter, the Apostle,
The Letter from Hermann Guth
Additional to that I told you in my letters, I’m now able to give you a new and interesting information.
Concerning the doubtful descendance of Peter Nafziger “the Apostle” I just made a discovery, which is able to dis prove the supposed descendance from Peter Nafziger in Gauersheim. Furtherly the supposed year of his birth 1789 I g’iess to be wrong,
After a long research I found the “Rimenerhof” where Peter Nafziger and Barbara Beck had married in 1812, It’s an estate in the little village Rimhorn in the Odenwald, not registered in any register of places.
Mrs. Ella Gieg in Rimhorn, herself a descendant of the Beck family has written to me that Barbara Beck was born June 1, 1790 in Walfen(that is an estate near Neustadt in Odenwald) as daughter of Christian Beck and Barbara Danner. The Becks were tenants of the “Rimener hof” in Rimhorn where the marriage is said to have taken place in 1812. A marriage record was found in the parish register of the Parish of Sandbach,
According to this record Peter Nafzi ger, a Mennonite 25 years old, son of Valentine N., late tenant in Hochheim near Worms and of the defunct Magdalena Spring, married Barbara Beck, 23 years old, daughter of Christian Beck, Menno nite and tenant of the Wolfenhof and of Barbara Danner during the “mennonite meeting”. So the former thesis of the descendance of Peter Nafizger(see Herit age News. Vol III, No, 2, March 1975) has to be corrected.
Not Peter Nafziger and Magdalena Miller were the parents but Valentin
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120 Edgewood Drive
Grakon, Ohio 44044
Page Two
Continued From Page One
nois. Carroll Nafziger of Minier, liii— nois will drive to Monticello to pick up Matthias and take him to Minier in time to attend the family reunion at Hopedale, Illinois which is on the third Sunday in July.The Naftzgers in Grafton will drive to Hopedale to pick him up and return to Grafton. We will remain.’ a day or so in Grafton before heading for Washington, D.C. Congressman Donald Pease of Ohio has agreed to meet and host Matthias for his visit there. Because Matthias wanted to see the U.S. government in action, Congressman Pease has indicated that he will try to get him involved in some work for a few days or perhaps for a week,, Much of this plan depends on if Congress is in session or if they have recessed. Don has promised to involve him in some campaign work.
In any event, we are nearly to August 1st. From here, we expect to work on the agenda by telephone.We have invita tions from George Nafziger of West Ches ter, Ohio and Betty Nafziger of nearby Cincinnati, Ohio. Also, we have invita—
. tions for Matthias to visit Florida and several other interesting places in the U.S. Because of monetary considerations, I doubt if all the invitations can be accepted so I hope all the Nafzigers in volved will understand the problem.
If Matthias is going to be in your area and you would like to meet him or have him as your guest for a day or so, perhaps it can be arranged by telephoning (216) 458 8752 (Naftzgers in Grafton) or by calling Mrs. Chase or Carroll. If Ray Noftsger of Washington D.C. can finalize some personal plans of his in the near future, he has indicated that he may be able to assist us while in Washington D.C. All in all, things seems to be progressing well and we hope Matthias will enjoy his U.S. visit.
We have several letters from Modest Perry of Orlando, Florida requesting heritage certificates for immediate mem bers of her family. She is a descendant
• of Peter N who came to America in 1749. She has arranged for perhaps a dozen certificates. Our thanks to her for the order.
Continued from previous column Copy of his latest letter is as follows:
Thank you for your last two letters and for a lot of wonderful proposals.
The dates for departure and arrival are firmly booked: July 7th to August 18th. I am not asking for a delay of the suniner holidays from school but for an earlier departure.
Thus, I had to asked at the responsible office for the early release. The only obligation I have to attest is to visit a school in the US. Therefore, it doen’t matter how long. The level of the school should be about equal to my own. The “when” isn’t important and also there is no need to gain college credits. They are totally unknown in Germany and our marks aren’t based on anything comparable. I need a general statement of having visited a school.
Perhaps, we can leave the draft you gave me unchanged. For it is a very elaborate plan. To make it a little easier for you I could fly one way(Either to or back from Washington) by plane and the other with Congressman Pease. But then the problem of finding one’s way in Washington would rise. The lodging in Washington will perhaps be one of the most expensive parts of the journey. I know how expensive capitals are from Bonn, our capital. The Washington part of the journey could be thought over when I arrive. However, the first two weeks are so full of travel that after them the pace could be slowed down. I re ceived a nice letter from Mrs. Muriel Oliver of Florida in which she invites me to visi “iso, she sends me her complete genealogical charts and I am trying to find some comon ancestors. I also checked the prices for flights to Tampa and they are reasonable. But in spite of this it rniqht be too much traveling during my stay and I better stay in Grafton the last weeks, What do think?
Insurance seems to be no problem at all. The travel-agency where I booked my flight offers a complete insurance which covers every possible thing that could happen.
Plettenberg-Ohle, West Germariy
Page Three
I have enjoyed reading the material you sent to me I have made copies of of some of the papers for Glenn and my sister. My sister from Montana who is working on our “roots” with me came for an unexpected visit so the past two weeks we have been comparing notes and doing some cemetary hopping. She got to meet Erma Naffziger from Hopedale while she was here. I have corrected some of the data on your material for Dad’s fam ily and added some new information for my sisters and my family.. Again, thanks for the material..
Pekin, Illinois
Editor’s Note - Pat is a descendant of the Valentine Nafziger(formerly called Peter of Groversheim) of Hochheim, Ger many (near Worms)
Our thanks to George Nafziger of West Chester, Ohio and his mother, Betty Nafziger of Cincinnati, Ohio for a possible visit of Matthias Otte on some weekend during his visit to the United States.. We will have to try to work the visit into his agenda..
We have received the great letter from Azalia Hill of Union, Missouri with three pages of additional information to add to our records of her family line. She is a descendant of Jacob Naf zger who came to America in 1750..
Our thanks to Dean F. Noffsinger of Green Valley, Arizona for the invita tion to the annual family reunion of Noffsingers are descendants of Rudolph N. who emigrated to America. in 1749.. The proud event will be held at Osborne, Kansas on June 6th. Also, our thanks to Dean for the in formation/data that upgrades the accu racy of the workbook we have on Rud— olph”s descendants..
Our thanks to Elsie Weaver of Glenmore, Pennsylvania for completing an informa tion/data sheet and returning to us. She is a descendant of Peter N.. of Illbach, Germany who mi’jrated to America in 1827. He died at sea as did one of his daughters.
Continued from Page Two
Nafziger and Magdalena Spring. And not Gauersheim was the birth place but Hoch heim near Worms, Not 1798 is the year of his birth but 1797 accordina to the 25 years mentioned in the marriage rec ord. From this we must conclude that the details in the passenger list are incorrect for Peter and Barbara..
According to this my new knowledge I have to correct my thesis given on Feb. 2nd. as follows:
“Peter Nafziger, born in 1787 in Hoch heim and his brother Jacob,born in 1798 in Hochheim are sons of Valentin Nafzi ger,farmer in the Kiostergasse in Hoch heim(the latter has died there in 1800) and Magdalena Spring. The sisters Magda lena,1791, Elizabeth 1793, Barbara 1794 and Johanna 1796 I guess to be children of the same parents.”
HERMANN GUTH — Saarbrucken,West Germany Translation of the Document
In the year of Christ eighteen hundred and tweif, the eight of March by agree ment of the bride’s parents were marr ied and matrimonially consecrated on the comune menorial estate Wolfhof in the branch of our parish during the meeting of the Mennonites Peter Nafziger, a Men nonite,legitimate and single son of the late Valentin Nafziger,former tenant in Hochheim near Worms and the Defunct Magdalena nee Springin, twenty five years old and Barbara Beckin, legitimate,dau ghter of Christian Beck, A Mennonite, tenant of the conun menorial estate of Wolferhof and Barbara Dannerin, twenty two years old. Witnesses were Christ ian Beck, the bride’s father and Johann Adam Oberle, shepherd of the Said Wolf erhof, who undersigned this minute to gether with me, the pastor. Signed by Christian Beck,Johann Adam Oberle,Hein rich Ludwig Machenhauer, Pastor.
Editor’s Note- We have the document on file and some colored photographs of the estate, all sent to us by Hermann. Our deepest appreciation to him for his un tiring effort in our behalf.
Page Four
Published quarterly
We are in receipt of a letter from Mrs Paul J, Noftsker of Carlsbad, New Mexico, written in behalf of Deke and Russel Noftsker. Deke lives in New Mixico and Russell lives in Massachusetts The let ter reads as follows:
My information from family letters agrees with the information you sent me with this exception: Copy of part of let tei- of Grarvifathor Henry Noftsker dated May 18,1888 written to Uncle John T.Noft— sker of Rock Island, Illinois giving the history of the family.
“My grandfather came from Europe, from what part I do not know. His name was John Noftsker. He settled in Lancaster County,Pennsylvania. Grandmother’s name was Elizabeth Forney. They had eight children, 4 boys and 4 girls(with the in formation the same as you have listed). I presume John Noftsker was the son of Ulrich who emigrated to America in 1742.
I am enclosing the information/data on our family line to the present time 7 your records.
Carlsbad, New Mexico
Our deep appreciation to Mrs. Muriel J. Oliver of St. Petersburg, Florida and her sister Mrs. Eunice Richards of Holi day, Florida for the offer of showing off Florida to Matthias Otte, We have had so many offers from so many far away places in the U.S. for Matthias to visit that it is unlikely that we will be able to work them all into his agenda.
We have had several letters from Azalia Hill of Union,Missouri. Azalias family line traces to Jacob N. who emigrated to America in 175O She connects to the line that spells the name “Noftsger”. With only a few ex ceptions, all descendants spell the name “Noftsger” trace to this line.
Our thanks to Chelsea Cooper of Lake Station, Indiana for her nice letter Chelsea is a descendant of Ulrich Naf— zger who emigrated to America in 1742.
We.are in receipt of a nice letter from Thomas Nofsinger of Virginia Beach, Virginia. We appreciate his offer to assist us in updating his family line.
We are most grateful to Marie Naffziger of Harper, Kansas for the information/data on the Joseph S.Naff ziger family line who moved from Canada to Hickory County, Missouri. Marie send us about 10 pages of mater ial that adds greatly to the heritage of this Naffziger line. We featured the line in past issues of the News and it was a family line that we did not have a great deal of information until several members, Earl of Sas katchewan, Canada and Marie went to work collecting information.
•	.•••
We appreciate the letter from Ralph
A. Naffziger of Visalia, California who contribute his expertise to the problems relating to Peter of Grover— sheim — Gauersheim, etc. All of the material submitted by our readers helped us with the final solution.
We have heard from Katherine Nafzger Sjogren of Kress, Texas. Not only did she send us her subscription but she arranged subscriptions for three other members of the Nafzger family line. All of them are descendants of Samuel Nafzger who emigrated to the U in 1888 but he came from Utten— dorf, Switzerland and not Germany.
Also, this is one line that we can traced back to the early 1600’s through Swiss records.
We are in receipt of a letter from Mrs. Bruce Madden of Dallas, Texas in which part of it reads as follows:
“I have become interested in genealogy this past year and have been trying to find more information on our family line. According to our records I am a descendant of John and Christian Nafziger. My mother is Marjoria Naff ziger, daughter of Edwin, and Grand daughter of Valentine Naffziger.”
More information such as county of birth, marriage or residence would be helpful. We suspect that her line will trace to Valentine(Peter)N. of Hockheim(near Worms) family line be cause of the soelling of the name. We hope Mrs. Maddenwill forward us add tional information so that we can add records.
Page Five
I am 14 years old and I live in Goshen,
Indiana.	My great grandmother was Leah
Nafziger Good.	She was from Hopedale,
Illinois. She was born November 13, 1893
Her father was John Nafziger.
I am interested in learning as much as I can about my family line.
MIKE WITTRIG Goshen, Indiana
Editor’s Note: We sent, Mike material we had on this line. received the following letter.
Thank you for the information on the Christian Nafziger line of Hopedale, Now I want to check on another relative of mine. My great-great-great grandmother was Mary Naffzinger, daughter of Eliza beth and Daniel Naffzinger. Dan iel was born in 1803 in Tennessee. Do you have any information on this line?
Goshen, Indiana
I have been working with Glen Kauffman of Mclean, Illinois. His father was-my 1st. cousin and is in the family line of Peter J. Naffziger. Glen’s grandmother was Katherine Kauffman,daughter of Peter
N. She was my mother’s sister. Only recently did he get interested in geneal ogy and is now compiling a history.
Regarding your question about the Otto’s living in the area, I found 20 of them listed in the Bloomington—Norn directory and about 20 in the outlying area such as Danvers, Minier, etc. I talked to William Otto of Bloomington and he is interested - you may want to write to him. They are uncertain of any con nection between the Otto’s in America and Otte’s in Germany.
Our Nafziger reunion is July 18th this year. Of course, you are invited,
Hopedale, T
Our thanks to firs. Blanche 0 Barnard of Caldwell, Kansas for her nice letter. She writes that she is making a list of the descendants of her father, Perry El Verc’o Uoffsinger and will forward it to us when completed for our records.
We have had several nice letters from Richard A., Nafsinger of Hood River, Ore gon. In his letters, he indicates that his grandfather is Gustav Nafziger who had three sons. The family farmed in Illinois and Minnesota before moving to the west coast. One of the sons, Harry Oscar (his father) and one brother, Tobe (who is still a resident of Bloomington, Illinois) changed the spelling of the name to Nafsinger, while the third bro ther, George, retained the Nafziger spelling.Harry died at Caidwell, Idaho in 1945. He was married to the former Grace Lash, whose family resided in the Bloom ington area. George Nafziger died in 1960 at Marysville, Washington after liv ing for many years at Anacortes, Washing ton.
Our thanks to Lynn Nafziger of Goshen, Indiana for saving the newsclippings re lating to Nafzger families in that area and forwarding them to us.
Mr. Nofsker was a civic leader in Minnesota and served as president of many business and conservation organization.
After living In New Jersey for many years he moved his family to Virginia and caine to Warrenton in 1979.
He is survived by his wife Louise M. Nofsker, a daughter Linda N. Lovenguth, owner of Love Interiors, and a grand daughter Cindy Lovenguth. all of Warrenton, his aunt Mrs. Thelma C. Gregory and a stepsister Mrs. B!anche Pollum of Pennsylvania.
Visitation will be March 10 at Moser Funeral Home.
A Frcc Mailing
A copy of the newsletter will be mailed to potential subscribers free.
all of the Then, we
Editor’s Note - one. We could Daniel, born 1803 cords., Can any with this missing
Mike stopped us on this not locate any data on in Tennessee in our re— of our readers help us Naffzi.
Retired SBIeS
William Laugh’in Nofsker,
76, a semi-retired sales
manager of the Rodar 4easing Corp., died March 8 ) atFauquier Hospital. 0
Mr. Nofsker was born in 1905 at Creekside, Pa. He was a football and basketball star at his DuBoise, Pa., high school and at Penn State University, where he was an assistant coach. He also attended the University of Wisconsin.
Page Six
Some time ago I received the compli mentary copy of The Nafzger Heritage News which you sent to me.
On first reading of this document I questioned whether or not this was “my heritage” (because of the various spell ing of the family name). However, I re called hearing my father say, years ago, that the “Nosker” name originally was spelled differently, I particularly re member him saying there was (at least) an “f” in the original spelling Need less to say, I became intrigued by the idea yourpublication does, indeed, re late to my heritage. Hence I want to subscribe.
I wonder if it is possible you already have information more complete than I have on my particular branch of the Nos ker family. I am now retired and the sole survivor of the original Nosker fam ily in Yellow Springs I have some data on my heritage, from memory’ as told by my father (who died forty-triree years ago) and from my grandfather’s family bible which is now is my possession
In that Bible I have found a yellowed
. scrap of tablet paper on which are the names and birthdates of the “uncles and aunts” of Elbert Hamilton of Logansport, Indiana, Apparently Mr. Hamilton was a first cousin of my father for my grand father was one of the uncles listed. The complete listing is as follows: (I presume these are all “Noskers” but I wonder if one of the women listed is Mr. Hairilton’s mother or was she an additional sister not listed: George (1820), Elizabeth (l827),Henry(l830, Mary (1831), Catherine (1833), Benjamin(l835), Obid (1838), Sam— uel(1840), Rebecca(l843) and James (1846).
Our Chevrolet Dealer Nafziger, Wilmer A, Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois writes his periodical letter with lots of news of Nafzgers in Illinois. He writes that Warren Naffziger of East Peoria stopped at his garge one day for a visit. Wil— mer writes that they had an enjoyable visit and discovered thati Warren knew his brother who works for the same company
• as Warren. Wilmer sends us the usual. array of newspaper clippings of Nafzgers found in the local newspapers. Our thanks to him for his efforts,
Though my father had told me the Noskers had “roots” in Pennsylvania,Never theless my grandfather, Benjamin F. Nosker was born at Canal Dover in Tuscarawas, County, Ohio, His first wife was Clarinda “ralmage)Nosker, I recall some of my cousins years ago maintaining our grand— other was related to Eugene and Herman Talmadge, former governors of Georgia. To this first marriage at their homestead on a farm a few miles west or Roscoe, Coshoc— ton County,Ohio, eight children were born. Evel ine(l856), Georqe Wane(1859), Frances Catherine(l86l), Ida Jane(l864), Robert Sherman(l866), Benjamin Franklin(l869), William Henry(1873) and Charles(1876),
Clarinda died in 1884 whereupon my grandfather re-married(Mary J. Huniner) with two more children being born: Hazel E (1887) and Bernice(1889). Only Bernice (Nosker) Dusenberry, my aunt still sur vives in Coshocton County at the age of 92 years. My grandfather died in 1897.
The Yellow Springs(Green County, Ohio) “Noskers” began as my father, Charles A. Nosker —— he was born without a middle name,arbitrarily adopted the initial “A”) came as a student to Antioch College in 1902. After graduating he stayed at Antioch as a professor (Biology) until his death in 1939.
In my retirement I hope to compile some data on the heritage of my family to pass on to my children, neices and nephews, etc. I am wondering whether or not what I have presented here ties in with any records you people of the News may have. I am particularly interested in knowing more about my heritage prior to my grandfather, Benjamin F, Nosker.
Yellow Springs, Ohio
Finally, we had our letter from Kurt Nafzger of Konstanz, West Germany trans lated. He sends us his regards and app preciation for the Heritage News. Also, he includes his information/data sheet on his family line, It traces to Bern hard Nafzger, born in 1789 who was married to Anna Greiner in 1791. Bernhard was born in Geis Lingen-Steif, Germany,
Also, Kurt extends an invitation to visit him when and if we diece to travel to Germany
Page Seven
Page Eight
We recently met Lynn Nofziger(Valentine’s branch) and he greatly resembles many of Oregon Nofziger We are interested in finding out if there was an inter-relat ionship between the 3 or 4 Ohio(Fulton Wayne County) lines,
But most of all we are interested now in finding out the European history and ancestors before Johannes Nofziger who came to America in 1847 and settled in Fulton County, Ohio.
We enjoy your newsletter and appreciate your time, effort and financial invest ment.
ELMER & PANSY NOFZIGER Portland, Oregon. Editor’s Note - Because of the large
number of European Nafziger readers we now have,we believe we are very close to finding more about our connection to th early Nafzgers in Germany and Switzer land. Since getting to know our cousins in Europe we have been able to connect several American lines and to add all sorts of important data to our heritage. As for the relationship between the three Fulton County Nafzger lines, we have not made the determination of relationships although we know that one must exist.
Our thanks to Vera Root of Carlock,
Illinois for her many letters and the
research to help us with the problem of
Peter of Groversheim and Valentine of
Gauerheim, Germany.
120 Edgewood Drive
Gralton, Ohio 44044
I am sending a news clipping from the Kansas City paper of November 25, 1981, relating to the death of my husband.
We startedj to receive the News last sumer I wrote you a couple of times after I got the first issue. You printed the heritage of George Nafzinger on page six in the fall issue of 1981. Marion Nafziger called us up when he read it. Marion’s great, great grandmother was a sister to George H. Nafzinger. We went to Stanford, Illinois to meet Marion and his family. Also, his mother and father, Mr.&Mrs. Carol Nafziger in October 1981. Also, we attended a Nafzige reunion and met about 40 Nafzigers. We were so happy to find out all of these things about our heritage before he died.
George’s grandfather was Jacob Nafziger.
Jacob is buried at Gothenburg, Nebraska.
His grandmother Nafziger is buried at
Hamburge, Iowa. Enclosed is a picture.
Kansas City, Missouri.
George H. Natslnger. 70, at ieo N. PeaSL aaycomo. diad Tuesday at North Kansas City Memorial Hospital. He was born In Ta. We Rock. Neb and had lived in this area SB years. . Nafzinger was a service station for the McCall 041 Co. 21 years before he retired In 1975. He was a member at the Bethany Qwlstiari Osirth. Barnard. Mo. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Edna NaIz1j ger of the home; a son. Richard C. Na1zl ger, Carpentesaville, fli.; a daughter. Mrt, iella K. Flood, Quell Valley. Calif.; 13 n aM then. Ssr,Sces will be it 1p.m. Friday at the Newcomer White ( bw in White Qiapel Cemetery. Friseds may call from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. llwziday at the

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