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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XVIII No 1
Raw OCR - 7/12/04

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::i i ertta
v Sprmg 1989 C
continue to lived in Nartinus to provide we receive the more forward to learning his family.
We have written many articles on the migrations of the Naffzger family. We traced their mov from the na1l hamlets of Geislingen/Steig and Wiesensteig of the State of Wurtterr in Germany to the Kanton of Bern in Switzerland and to the southern Alsace, France. The Swiss Naffzgers settled near the city of Thuri and are still residing in Uetendorf at present. Some irrrnigrated to the A1sace/L region of France, while others settled just north in the Palatinate (Pfalz) area of Germany. From there the Naffzgers fanned out into Hesse-Darmstadt, Hesse-Nassau, Baden and Bavaria in Germany and to ux lgium , Canada and America. In all we could identify Naffzger descendents in at least seven countries. Now we may add an eighth!
We have received correspondence from Nartinus Johannes Nafzger of The Netherlands. His ancestors lived near Thun, Switzerland in the ha of Uetendorf. His paternal ancestor Sarriuel was born at Thierachern and married in The Netherlands in 1848. His Dutch wife was Petronella Laenen. Although Samuel died in lgi in 1869, his descendents the same Dutch town since Samuel’s arrival. We have asked the News with additional information on his heritage. Wnen expanded history on his family we will print it. We look about our Dutch cousins and wish the best to Martinus and
} xi Jacob afzger, 1 750 irrrnigrant.
The Fall and Winter Issues of 1988 covered Jacob of 1750. We wrote that we believed he was Amish. We noted that he arrived on the Ship Brotherhood, which is k to have carried many Amish families. In addition we noted that Jacob settled in Londonderry township near other Amish families. Finally we mentioned that hewas administrator/witness to estates/wills of known Aniish men. Some people have written asking where Jacob’s property was located. David Stauffer, a descendent of Jacob-Christian-Michael, has provided the News with a copy of the ori land tracts for North L Township (see page Thr
Jacob’s original land warrant of 1755 is *38. On this piece of land stood the house and barn, Naftzger’s Schoolhouse and the family c Jacob purchased the Michael Miller--Jacob Sailor farm ( in 1773and tie gave this plot to his son Joseph in 1780. When Jacob obtained the 40 acres in warrant *40 is unknown. He did will this land to Christian N in 1783.
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cHICPL;of ILL 60607
* * * * * * *
Editor - RAY N0fl
* * * * * * *
Ten Dollars Yearly
Published uarter1y-— Fall,
Winter, Spring and Surriner.
Jacob, 1750
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We have listed below the names appearing on the original land warrants for North Londonderry Township. We have printed in bold type those names which e know are either Arnish or somehow connected to the Naftzger family. Particular mention of these names will be made on Page Four.
1. John Palm, founder of Palmyra,
2. Early, 233 acres
3. Ralsh
3B. Early, 118 acres
4. Ober (Aver), 550 acres
5. Deininger, 174 a.
6. Carmany, 26½ a
7. Deininger, 166 a
8 . Caraniany, 50 a
9. Cararnany, 32 a
10. Walker, 535 a
11. Henry, 368½ a
12. Kettering, 249 a
13. NcCallarn, 615 a
14. Aspey, 325 a
15. Sawyer, 431 a
16 Sawyer, 450 a
17 Aspey, 200 a
18. Carnbell
19. Echelberger, 151 a
20. Bedlion, 25 a
20B.	, 58½ a
21. Swagart, 171½ a
22. Richer, 114 a
Early. 149 a
Bindnagel, 180 a, (Bindnagel’s
Hershey (Ewing) 400 a
Revolutionary War Doctor, 100 acres
26. Killinger, 135 a
27. Hemperley, 160 a
28. Gorley, 181 ½ a
29. Strain,
30. Eakin, 264 a
31. Weltrnore, 128 a
32 . Joseph Forney 149 a
32b. 9¼ a
33. Jacob Saylor (Michael Miller), 169 a
34. Jacob Naftzger, 40 a
35. Gerrett Etter, 188 a
36. Cooper (Becker) 181 ½ a
37. Bc (Gingerich) 346 a
38. Naftzger, 305 a
39. Nye/Ney, 369 a
40. Killinger, 27½ a
41. Killinger, 312 a
42. King
43. Troxell (Draschell) 60 a
44 . enterer, I 34 a
45. Forney (Heneigh), 67½ a
46. Bowman, 285 a
47. Kemper, 360 a
48. Mitchell, 413 a
Evangelical Luthern Church)
49. Aspey, 323 a
f . ( I
0	David St.auffer of Palmyra, PA kindly
sent us the map (printed on Page Three)
of the original land warrants for North
Londonderry township. In his informative
‘.-/	letter he identified the location of
Jacob Naftzger’s house and barn, the
Naftzger School House, the Naftzger
0	Family Cemetery and Eindnagel’s Evang.
Luthern Church. He also expressed an
additional concern about the Naftzger
0	.	Family Cemetery. We are passing this
information on to our readers hoping
someone might have a suggestion about
0	what can be done about the situation.
Mr Stauffer noted that the Eroyhill
Corporation had recently purchased the
0 land surrounding the Naftzger cemetery,
Q . 0	0	O 0	o r	which is presently about 100 yards I r
their limestone quarry operations. He
noted that the company had successfully petitioned the courts and moved another cemetery which was also located on their property. He is concerned and rightfully so. This will probably be the fate of the Naftzger Cemetery unless something is done. Any suggestions?
Page Two
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Jacob N, 1750	Continued from page Two
Bo’wrnan(Baurnan): Jacob’ son Jacob (Jr), born 1767, married Magdalena Bowman,
daughter of Abraham Bowman. Jacob (Jr) was a witness to the will written by Johannes Baurnan of Upper Paxton township in 1798. How the Bowmans of Londonderry were related to Johanries Bauman is un}mown.
Bindnagel: Evangelical Luthern Church north of Pairnyra where Christian Naftsger (Jr) and wife buried. Children of Joseph (son of Christian) and Anna N were baptized at the church. Joseph elected Deacon in 1844.
Ellenberger: Johannes, executor with Christian N (son of Jacob) of the estate of Snider, blacksmith of West Hanover township
V V Forni/Forney: these families arrived on both ships the Phoenix with Matthias and Brotherhood with Jacob. An Elisabeth Farni married a John Nofsker, whom we believe to be the John who settled in Franklin County, PA. A John Farney married Elisabeth Naftzinger. How they were related is unknown.
Gingerich: Peter and Michael were brother-in-laws to Jacob Naftzger, son of Christian, grandson of Jacob.
Nye/Ney: William, a “friend” of Christian N (son of Jacob), who died in 1804 and Christian was an executor to his will.
Traschel (Draschel/Troxell ) : Abraham, arrived on the ship Phoenix with tthias N in 1749. Was an Arnish Bishop of the Lebanon Valley corrrrtunity. Jacob N was one of the witnesses to his will in 1781, along with John Kurtz, another Arnish acon . - .
The lands of Jacob ! are highlighted ( 33. 34 & 38).
Page Three
Chri St ian
Continued from page 3
Mrs. Nancy LcEsinger and Mr. K Striker inquire about Rudolph’s descendents.
The questions of Mrs. Lonsinger and Mr. Striker involve Daniel Nofsinger who was born July 11, 1791 and died October 13, 1866 in Montgomery County, OH. In 1313 he married Mary Ritter, a daughter of Michael. She was born in North Carolina on 12 January 1793 and died in 1873. Daniel, a Dunkard Elder, and Mary were buried in the Noffsinger Cemetery, which is sometimes referred to as Hollars or the Lower Miami C in Jefferson township, Montgomery County, OH. Glea Brown Richer in her 1g39 book History of the Nafzger Family in Azr wrote that Daniel and his sister Elisabeth were children of Peter of Washington County, PA who acco their uncle Samuel to Montgomery County, OH.
Elisabeth Noffsinger was born in t 1793 and died January 10, 1862. She married Jacob Shank, a son of Henry, June 6, 1811 in Montgomery Co, Jacob Miller, the Dunkard Elder, officiated. Were Daniel and Elisabeth children of Peter who moved to Ohio with their uncle Samuel? We will hopefully raise enough questions below to suggest much more research is r to settle the issue in the affirmative.
We wrote a Rudolph and his children in the Surriner Issue 1988 of the ws
(Vol . XV, No . 2 ) . Samuel Noffsinger appears to be the second son of Rudolf.
Samuel is found in Frederick Co, MD records as early as 1775. We can assi that
Samuel was about 18/22 years old when he appeared in the 1775 militia records.
This would suggest his birth was about 1753/1757. In 1790 he bought land in Green
Co, PA. In • 1806 Samuel and Susan (Crurrierine) sold that land (although it was not
recorded until 1814) and moved to Ohio. In 1809 Samuel paid taxes in Montgomery
Ca, OH and he and Susan sold land in 1816, 1823, 1828, 1831 and 1832.
The 1820 US census of Montgomery Co lists Saniuel Noffsinger Sr. toes this mean there was a Samuel Junior? Ten years later Sarnuel( Sr?), his age listed as t 70 and 80 years (1750-1760), lived with a female aged 20 to 30 years old (maybe his widowed daughter—in-law (?) Hannah) and three children. They lived next to Daniel N. Samuel died sometime prior to Sept 3, 1832, when his will was filed . When Susan died is unknown .
I May, 1821 a Samuel Noffsinger married Hannah Ritter, another daughter of Michael Fitter and sister to Daniel’s wife Mary. Hannah was born in 1806 in North Carolina. Richer wrote that this Samuel was the uncle of Daniel. If this were true, and our guess about Samuel’s birth year between 1753/1757 correct, then he would have been between 64/68 years old when he married and Hannah would have been about 40 years his junior. Samuel and Hannah (Ritter) had at least three children. Although it is not altogether impossible that Samuel was an elder uncle of Daniel, it seems unlikely. It is our belief that there were two Samuels, father and son. Furthermore, we believe the younger Samuel died prior to his father. His widow Hannah later moved to Defiance County, OH with least three of their children.
The elder Samuel sold 139 acres of land to Daniel Noffsinger in September, 1823. He and Susan also sold land to Jacob Kaylor and Henry Leeds--but how they were related is unknown. In 1830 Daniel sold his water rights to Samuel Landis. At that time Daniel and his family lived next to Samuel and Daniel was an Elder in the Lower Miami district.
As we mentioned above, Mrs Richer wrote that Daniel was a son of Peter, who lived in Washington Co, PA. In 1790 Peter, his wife and one son lived in East Bethlehem township next to Ruddy (Rudolf) N. In 17 Peter and 13 other men entered into an agreement with Frederick Wise (Weisz) about platting the soon to be town of Frederickstowri. Among other things included in the agreement, there would be no liquor sold within the town limits of Fredrickstown. By 1795 Peter had married the widow of Frederick Wise, Catharine, whose maiden name may have been Rinehardt. The last mention of Peter found in Washington County records was a 1797 settlement involving the Wise estate. In 1810 Catarina Naffsinger lived in East Bethlehem
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Page Four
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t & Elisateth Noffsinger
‘township between Adam and John Wise. Living in her household were two f and one male (16 to 26 years old). When Peter died is unknown but he does not seem to have been very old. Ms. Richer wrote that Peter was referred to as “old Peter’. Could this have been to contrast hirrrn with his son named Peter, ‘young Peter”?
A probable child of Peter (the Old?) is Peter (the Young?) who married Freni Keen in lrriont Co, OH in 1810, and later lived in Monroe Co, OH before settling in Nodoway Co, Missouri. As we wrote in the S Issue of 1988 Peter was probably a child of Peter and not Matthias N who lived in Belmont Co. We arrived at the conclusion through a process of elimination. The will of Matthias, which was written in 1808, did not mention a Peter, only eldest son Jobn youngest son James. However subs land sales of Matthias’ property by his heirs did not reveal a son nartied Peter. We therefore assurried Peter (Jr?) to be a son of Peter (the old) and the male eni in the household in 1790. It may be that we will have to correct our view at a later date.
Another child Qf Peter was William. In October, 1840 the children of William settled their part of the estate with the heirs of Frederick Wise. William died about 1837 in East Bethlehem. He was born in 1797 arid would have been enumerated with his mother Catharine in 1810.
Two additional people we assume to be children of Peter are Judith and Catharine. Judith married Robert Correll and Catharine married Henry Cauffrnann. Both were married in Jefferson Co, OH.
We hope we have raised sufficient questions concerning the family of Peter of Washington Co, PA and Samuel of Montgomery Co, OH. Can any of our readers provide any additional clues as to the parents of Daniel and Elisabeth? Please write if you have solutions or clarifications.
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0 Q	.— C.. C I! -i	- 0	C’.	.
_	0 — —	(I) ZN	C
-r N NII Qill 0	.4
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W0+ —,-	U)	..-C”	•
r .)	QII . U) N c
; N C” J • 0	0	—	04
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c “.i QJ’-4	,-
N0C’. +. CJr >
04Q)	•	0	L
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C)0	H	-4+CJ	U.	H H
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(	Z	N
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r 0	c’ c	r
NC’ — — ‘-4 — u It t •( • m( L U U
HhIr	—	—	‘-4	C/)5	C’•
——tf L4 • •
OOLI) .	.	W	N	C
—	r	-)
04 F . Lr C) • •—•4 ‘—4 — ,- . . n — — 4 E C’ C’• C”
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C’-	C’--
—	- C’.	C’•- U
C’	+	C’- +	.	C’- C’- S—.-
+	0	+	Nr
+	C’-	+N	0	++ .
NC’-	(C	C’- 01	+
C’--	H	C’-	.0	H N C’-	0	0 ‘.0
— II — 0	S—	(C ( —
,I ,	C’- C)	II .0 C’-
‘—C’- C’---	• 0	H +C’
C) 0t
.4+>-l+>M0L	‘	t	(
tfl —1	-4 N	C	t C) N C’-
>- —	N ‘—4 -i ‘0	0	r r ( -i —
r , (C N — ) N Z — rC
U — .L	5	U	0	—
rC1I. C C)II
II	-.--	•..	U	It
0%—(	>.-,	Il-	‘0	C)
.0	U)	rC ->	—4(C0	W
0 •- OV)-Z C)04
-8	-	‘-	‘	-	-	-
--‘-4	-0	-
(C V) r0 Z EX 5 8
-	.	.	.	-	.	-	-	(CrC
Cr)	-	Lfl	‘	N	C-	0	1t P-
—	-‘.4
.-.4 -
Page Five
Continued from page 5 Readers respond about Judith (Noffsinger) &nerick
In the 1968 Surrtner Issue of the ws (Vol. XVII, No 2) we outlined Rudolf
Noffsinger and his descendents. Rudolph’s eldest son was John. Children of John
and Catharine (Koontz) that we mentioned were Daniel, John Jr, Susan (wife of
Samuel Cripe), Samuel and Eli. Another probable child whom we did not mention was
Judith, who married Michael flnerick. Many readers have written to update the ws. Judith was born in 1790 in Washington County, PA and accompanied her parents
to Ohio when she was quite young. On cernber 12, 1812 she married Michael nerick. Michael was born in Lancaster County, PA in 1787, one of seven children of Christopher E Judith and Michael had seven children, the five youngest born in Greenfield township, Darke County, OH. In 1856 Michael Eznerick died and was buried in } Cemetery. After the death of Michael, Judith Noffsinger—flnerick married Joseph Harter in Octo 1856 in Darke County, OH. (Joseph had been previously married to Elisabeth Eller. ) They subsequently moved to North Manchester township, Wabash Co, IN. In 1861 Joseph Harter died. August 29, 1871 Judith died. She was buried in Mississinewa Cemetery.
In July, 1928 Mary Nossinger Root gave deposition in Fayette County, IL that Judith Nossinger was her aunt and named all seven children of Judith and Michael. At the time Mary was over 90 years old. She was the wife of Christian Root and a daughter of Eli Noffsinger, youngest son of John.
16. Judith (= June 6, 1790 Washington Co, PA + 29 August 1871 Wabash Co, IN) In 1 . Michael nerick 18 E 1 8 1 2 Montgomery , OH.
(= 7 June 1787 Lancaster Co, PA + 31 January 1856 Darke Co, OH) In 2. Joseph Harter 2 October 1856 Darke Co, OH.
(= 11 October 1783 Bedford Co, PA + 26 Feb. 1861 Wabash Co, IN) 161 Jacob (= 16 November 1811 Montgomery Co, OH + 1875 Bond Co, IL)
In. 1. Phoebe Potter (= ? + 1856 IN) 21 July, 1833
2. Hannah (Cook) Haldermari (6 Sept 1807 + 8 Jan 1876 Bond Co, IL)
1611. Daniel (= 4 May 1834 + 18 November 1875)
. m. Nancy Johnson, d/o Jacob & Mary M (Wertenbaker) Johnson, a sister of Elisabeth Johnson Noffsinger, wife of Absalorn N.
162 John (= 6 November 18 1 3 Montgomery , OH + 4 Apri 1 1 882) ?m 1. Barbara Crurnerine 26 January 1837
?m 2. Juda Chasey
163 Lydia (= 22 March 1817 Darke Co, OH + 7)
?rn Samuel Specht
164 Eliza C. (= 22 March 1820 Darke Co, OH + 12 July 1906) In Otis Franklin Bnibaker 7 April 1839
165 William (= 10 December 1825 Darke Co, OH + ?)
m Susannah Weilbauru 5 November 1846
166 Allen (= 13 July 1827 Darke Co, OH + 23 c 1888)
rn Nancy Livingood 8 March 1850
167 Sophia (= 20 June 1830 Darke Co OH + 7)
m Daniel R. Frank 18 March 1847
If any other reader has additional information on the family of Judith (Noffsinger) E or any other related family, please do not hesitate to write. Special thanks is extended to Ms. Linda Hanabarger, Editor of Fayette Facts (Fayette County Genealogical Society, Box 177, Vandalia, IL 62471-0177 [ IX, No. 3]) for permission to use her publication’s article on the flnerick Family and to Mrs Mardell Edwards of IN, Mr Marwin Brubaker of CA, Ms D. JoAnn Johnson of MI and Mrs Florence Eakin of IL for their helpful letters.
Page Six
Mrs Laura Clapper of Ohio inquires abx John Nofsiriger of Starke County, OH.
Mrs. Clapper is a descendent of John Nofsinger who settled in Starke County, OH in 1815. She asks if anyone can provide any additional information on her line.
John Noffsinger was born about 1782 (maybe in Somerset Co. PA), a son of John Nofsinger (Sr). In the 1985 Surrit Issue of the News (Vol XIV, No. 3) we outlined
John of Somerset County, PA. At that time we felt John may have en the son of Ulrich, who arrived in 1741. We now feel this was probably an error. At present we do not have sufficient evidence to correctly identify the father of John, so we will beg the issue for the time being.
John Sr (from Lancaster County) received a land warrant in Somerset County in 1774. In October 1786 he sold, it to Phillip Kirrrnel Jr. In 1786 John lived in Elk Lick township, listed as an inmate (land renter) in the PA General Assembly census. In 1790 he was listed as a head of household in the 1st US census and again in 1800 and 1810. John Sr paid taxes from 1796 through 1813 in Quemahoning (later Somerset) township. John (Jr) first appeared on the tax rolls as a single fr in 1800 (when he was 18 years old).
John (Sr) died circa 1813 and named the following children in his will: Henry of Franklin County, PA, Elisabeth (wife of Peter Longnecker), Christina (wife of Henry Yoder), Barbara (wife of Jacob M John (Jr), Christian of Thscarawas
1 OH, Freni (wife of George Leightenberger) , Nancy Ann (wife of John Hoffman) and Catharine (wife of Joseph Zirrrnermann). The name of John’s first wife is unknown, however she died sometime prior to 1800. John’s second wife was (Nancy) Anne Haldernann, nee Shelihorne, widow of Abraham Haldemann. John married Anne about 1801. The two youngest children appear to have been daughters of Anne.
John Nofsinger (Jr) paid taxes in Somerset county for 1815. It is believed that he married about the same time. He may have married twice. His (second?) wife was Elisabeth Rohn. She was born in 1795, the daughter of Henry and Anna Rohn. (In 1790 a John Rone & his family were enumerated in Somerset Co, PA. How they are related to Henry is uri) . ) In I 8 1 5 JOhn moved to Starke County , OH and settled in Bethlehem township. His brother Christian had moved to Thscarawas Co, OH sometime prior to 1812. In the 1820 census John was enumerated with his wife and a son and daughter and in 1827 he paid land taxes in Bethlehem township. John lived in same township until his death in 1846. His widow Elisabeth died in 1870. Four
of their six children were married in Starke County.
LkDes anyone have additional information on John of Somerset County, OH or JGhn of Starke County, OH. Our thanks to Mrs. Clapper for her family chart.
John Noffsinger, Starke Co, OH
1. John/Johannes ( = ? + ca 26 April, 1813 Somerset Co, PA)
m. 1. ? (= ? + prior to 1800)
2. Anna Shellhorn (ca. 1751 + 12 March 1829) widow of Abraham Haldemann.
11. Henry k ? + ? ) Lived in Franklin Co, PA in 1814.
12. Elisabeth (= 17 Jan. 1769 + June, 1839 Holmes Co, OH)
rn. Peter Langnecker (= ca . 1770 + 26 April 1849 Holmes Co, OH)
13. Christina (= ? + ? ) Lived in Westmoreland Co. PA in 1814. rn. Henry Yoder
14. Barbara (= 1776 + 1828)
m. Jacob Munrnaw
15. Christian (= ? + ca 1844 E township, ‘fliscarawas Co, OH)
m. Mary Oberholtz
Ofltinued on Page 8
Page Seven
16. John (= 1782 + 1846 Navarre, Starke Co, OH)
m. Elisabeth Rohn (= 1795 + 1870) d/o Henry and Anr
161. John (= 6 January 1815 Sc Co, PA + 22 November 1892)
rn. Rebecca Hentzell ( = about 1825 + ?) 8 Jan 1837 Starke Co, OH. 1911. John (= about 1643 + 1911)
m. Christina M. Stahl (= 1863 + 1945)
162. Catharine (= 1818 + 21 July 1890)
m. John Hentzell/Hensel (= 1813 + 22 t 1864) in: I January 1837 Starke Co. OH
163. Samuel (= 22 July 1833 + 1899)
m. Charlotte Nichols (= 1837 + 1908) 29 November, 1855 Navarre, OH
1631. Ida (= 1 July 1865 + ?)
1632. Austin (= 1 July 1865 + 1940)
1633. James A. (= 22 October 1868 + ?) rn. Carol Noftsinger (= ? + ? )
Eight more children of Samuel & Charlotte
164.Jacob(=2 1919)
m. 1. Elisabeth Geserman (= 1838 + 1861) 4 February 1859 Starke Co, OH
2. Elisabeth Dinius (= 5 Nov 1839 + 1904) 5 May 1866 Starke Ca, OH. d/o Henry Dinius and Elisabeth Hensel
Ten children, William to first wife & others to second.
1641. William (= ? + )
1642. Simon David (1870 4- 1924)
In. Fannie Hair (=1876 + 1920) April, 1895 d/o Levi Hair & Sophia Elaugh
165. ? ( = ? + ?)
166. ? ( = ? + ?)
17. Freni (= ? + ? ) Lived in Somerset Co, PA in 1814.
In. George Lichtenberger
18 . Nancy Ann ( 1 802 )
In. John Hoffman
19. Catharine (= ? + ?) A minor in 1814
rn. Joseph Zirrtnerman (= 15 Aug 1802 + 2 May 1889 Somerset Co, PA)
1432 W. Harrison St. #2B
Chicago, Ill , 60607

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