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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XVIII No 3
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: J J1 :
.	U
$$*RI$$$$$$R$$$R 929
VOL. XVIII, No. 3	N13n
aRaaa.$*aaa$BR V Fall 1989
The News has pieced together an outline
of a mystery Noffsinger family diich we bo
our readër will find interesting. We do not
have any specific identity of the family
rr other than the official references we
.	will mention balow. But when these r
are taken as a whole, a sketchy outline of a
family previously un3cown begins to arner
Hopefully this sketch will prompt others to
supply information they may have.
The earliest reference to the mystery
family is found in Virginia Taxpayers 1782 —
1787. John Naffzinger, “est.’(?), paid a poll
tax for one slave in 1782. At the time he
resided in rkeley County, (West) Virginia.
The reference is interesting insofar
that it identifies John as an adult with a
slave . I do not know what the est . “ refers
to other ti- probably estate, which would
suggest John was dead but other family members continued to reside in rkeley County and they paid the poll tax. But who is this John and was he related to the other Noffsingers tho moved south from Pennsylvania into Maryland.
Berkeley County is located on the northeastern tip of West Virginia, between Morgan and Jefferson counties (see hand drawn map on page three). Berkeley is almost directly south from York county, PA.
Peter Noffsinger resided in Berwick tawnship, York County, PA in 1754, prior to moving to Paradise township. In 1760 Peter purchased land in Frederick county, Maryland. Peter died prior to 1785. Peter’s son John was living in Bedford county (later Franklin) VA in 1785. About 1808 John moved to Kentucky.
Rudolf Noffsiriger lived in Mannheirn township, York county, PA in 1767. In
1769 he bought land in Frederick county, MD. In 1780 Rudolph, Matthias and
Samuel are identified together in lease records. Between 1786 and 1794 Matthias
lived near Li in Loudoun County, VA (see map). By 1790 Rudolph and his
Sons John and Samuel had moved to Washington County, PA.
In 1774 John Nafzinger obtained a land warrant for land in Somerset County, PA. By 1786 he is enumerated in the General Assembly census in Somerset County. In later records e find John, Henry, Christian and John Jr identified. Jobn Sr died in 1813 in Somerset County, PA.
The John Noffsinger who we found in the tax records for Berkely County, (West) Virginia may have been related to Peter, Rudolph or John, but it is doubtful he was a son to any of these.
A Catharine Noffsinger married John Wingard in March, 1798. Their marriage occurred in erkeley county, WV. Her t John Steward held bond”. Who was this woman. On the one hand, she could be the 1, of John, who had died at least 16 years earlier. On the other, she was more likely John’s child. If so
Continued on page three
, - , S : — . r
‘-S r : T :c:
HE NAFZJGER HERITAGE N	Roif Nafziger, the son of Rudolf Nafziger
of	h, Germany, scent a weekend in
1432 w. HARRISON S1 *2B pt With us . Foif has been in Ohio working for the surm and took the opporturil ty
cHICAGO, ILL 60607 to see Chicago before he returned to Gerrnary.
* * * * *	* *	Rolf is a student at the University of Koin
(Colcçne) where he studies Industrial Manage-
Editor - RAY NOFTSGER	rnent Rolf is a descendent of Johannes and
Katharina (Gungerich) Nafziger. Johannes cas
* * * * * * * b: near Fleckensteiri on the Alsace/German
border and eventually settled near the Hesse
SUBSCRIPTION FEE	Nassau village of Wetzler. Rolf’s father Rudolf
has written many articles for the News in the
Ten Lollars Yearly	past and we aopreciate his worthy contributions.
Pablished quarterly-- Fall,
Winter, Spring and Suir wish to thank the readers who have sent us letters of support and clippings from their local newspapers. In particular we wish to thank Wi1n Nafziger of Illinois for the clippings.
Mrs Eunice Olsen of Oregon asks about John S. Noffsinger
Mrs Olsen wrote a letter about her ancestor John S. Noffsinger. She noted that he had resided in Botetourt County, Virginia prior to moving to MISSOUri in the 1840s. She also wrote that his wife was Elisabeth Trout, whom he married in 1829. She asked if he was a son of David and how they were related to Peter Noffsinger.
The 1977 Sunnier Issue of the News outlined Peter Noffsinger’s family. We wrote that Peter had died prior to 1785. Peter’s sons John and Jacob both moved with their families to Kentucky and settled in Muhlenburg County prior to 1810. Peter son Peter lived his r years in Eotetourt County and died in the early 1840s at a very old age. His will was written in 1841 and probated in 1844. He mentions his “deceased” son John and John’s widow Susan. Peter son Sattiuel died prior to May, 1839. His will identified five living children, none named John. Peter’s son Joseph died prior to 1815 when his will was probated. He named his wife Betsy and referred to his children under age, but did not identify all by name. He did identify his “son John Nofsinger’ as his executor together with his wife, and asked that his (Joseph’s) lands in Kentucky be sold. (We do know that Joseph ‘ s daughter Susan married George Gish . ) The sixth son of Peter was David. We last located David in 1821 and have only identified 3 daughters.
A John S. Noffsinger, who was married to Elisabeth, was enumerated in the 1850 census in Botetourt County, VA. JOhn, who was 47 years old at the time, had
7 children, their ages ranging from 2 years to 17 years. He moved to Missouri in the mid 1850s. However, we believe him to be a son of Joseph, not David as was suggested in Mrs Olsen letter. She is not the first person to suggest this connection; The earliest mention we have located is found in A Genealogy of the t of Jacob Price, which was written in 1926 by George Wanger. He wrote that John was the son of David. (Other children of David named by Wagner were Francis A, David C, William, Elisaboth, Catherine and Sarah.) As we mentioned above, we have only identified three daughters of David: Folly married John Gish, Catherine who married Henry Frantz and Elisabeth who married John Houtz. Who were his other children is open to speculation until additional information surfaces concerning this family.
Can any of our readers add new insights?
Page Two
John of Berkeley County, PA
Continued from page one
: guess she was gett ing married after her 18 th birthday and her birth date ou1d have been prior to 1780.
In the Third US census taken in 1820, a John Noftsinger was eniznerated living in Shepards township, Jefferson county, (West) Virginia (see map). His age was listed as 26 to 45 years. In his household were two males and two f In 1830 John Nossinger still resided in Shepards township. His age was listed as between 50 and 60 years (suggesting he was born between 1770 and 1780). In his household resided two males and two f We are uncertain if this John is also a child of John of Berkeley, although his age and location suggest a likely possibility.
As we wrote earlier, this outline of John Noffsinger is only a sketch. We believe this is another family which had been previously unidentified. Much more research needs to corn before any conclusions can be drawn. We hope others can help finish this story.
1. John (= 7 ± prior to 1782 Berkeley Co, W. VA) rn. ? (=?+?)
1. Martinsberg, Berkeley County, West Virginia
2. Berwick, Paradise & Mannheim townships, York County, PA
3 . Frederick County, Maryland
4. Lovettsville, Loudin County, VA
5. ftrkeyfoot township, Somerset County, PA
6. Shepards township, Jefferson County, West Virginia
1?. John (= 1775/80 + 7) 1820-30 Shepards twp, Jeffeson Co, W. VA
in. ? (= 1780/90 + ?) (John maybe married twice?)
1. male (= 1792/1804 + ?)
2. male (= 1802/04 + ?)
3. male (= 1810/15 + ?)
4. f (= 1815/20 + ?)
5. female (= 1820/25 ÷ ? )
6. male (= 1825/30 + ?)
1?. Catharine (= prior 1780? ?)
in. John Wingard (+ ? + ?)
IL ‘ 1)
Page three
Ms Shirley Murray of Ohio sent a kind letter to the ws. Ms Murray wrote
that her great grandfather Issac W. Snyder was living with John D. Noffsinger when he died. Mr. Snyder was born in 1843 (perhaps in Montgomery County, Ohio
according to M M He died in April, 18g1 and at the time he lived on
the farm of John D. near Versailles, (Darke County), Ohio. Ms. Murray asks if the Noffsingers and the Snyders were relat
The News believes that John ID Noffsinger mentioned in Ms. Murray’s letter was the son of the Elder Daniel Noffsinger. John, who was born in February, 1826, married Mary Jane Eeckenbaugh in Otober, 1850. He lived near Versailles, Ohio for a number to Glea Brown Richer’s book, he died in 1908 in Sherman, Michigan. According to our records, we could find no marriages which connected Issac Snyder with John D
or any of his children. Perhaps one of our readers can help make the connection. Although we have outlined the Elder Daniel Noffsinger previously, we have added the children of John D. Noffsinger.
Daniel (11 July 1791 + 13 Oct 1866)
m. Mary Ritter (17 N.C. + 12 Apr, 1873), d/o Michael
I. Elisabeth (= ? + ?)
m . David Murray ( = ? + ?)
2. Susan (= ? + ? )
In. Joshua caylor (= ? ± 7) 22 Oct 1833
3.Jacob R (= 1819 ± ?)
rn. Elisabeth Geyer (= ? ± ?) 29 Nov 1838
4. Samuel (= 1825 ± ?)
In . Sarah &ialley ( = ? + ?)
5. William (= 21 June 1822 ± 30 Oct 1878). fiance Co, OH
m. Nancy (Woodruff) &nith (= 1827 + 1876) 19 Aug 1849
6. John D. (= 9 Feb 1826 ± 1908)
rfl . Mary Jane BreckeiibaUgh (= ? ± ? ) 1 3 Oct 1850
6 1 . Sanford Peter ( = 8 Un, 1 85 1 + 14 Feb , 1915)
62. Frances Evaline (= 8 Feb, 1854 + 6 Sep, 1918)
m.	Batinershine
63.	Mary Catharine (	15	Dec	1855	+	7)
m.	nith
64 . Bertha Alice ( = 1 858 + infancy)
65. Charles (= 30 Apr, 1861 ± 5 July 1918)
66. Medora (= 4 Feb, 1867 + 1896)
. m.	Whitney
-	7. Nancy (= 1829 + ?)
m. Patrick Fogerty (=? + ?) 13 Sept 1863
m . David B t ( = 7 ± 7 ) 24	, I 854
9. Daniel (2 1835 + 1 Aug 1875)
m . flnal me Breckenbaugh C = ? + ? ) 2 2 Mar 1859
10. Barbara (= 1837+?) m.SamuelVance(=?+?)22Nov 1855
Mr t Stauffer of Pairnyra, PA has written the News indicating that he has found that the family cemetery is not in any irmiediate threat from the Broyhill Corporation. it seems that the cemetery is titled separately from the quarry property and the company does not plan on moving it at the present. We hope that David can keep the News informed of any changes which may occur.
Page Four
Mrs Ir Lawler of inquires about Maria Elisabeth Naftzinger of Berks County.
Mrs Lawler ‘ s request was forwarded to us by Betty Jane Goold of . Mrs
. Lawler asks about her ancestor Maria Elisabeth Naftzinger, who was born in 1782
in Eerks County, PA. In 181 1 she married Jacob Shoemaker, who was born in Bucks
County, PA. Their child Esther was born in 1823 and married Augustus Moyer in
1851. Mrs. Lawler would like to know Maria Elisabeth Naftzinger’s parents. According to the records we have, Maria Elisa Nafzinger married Jacob
Schumacher on t 7 , 1 8 1 1 at Trinity Tulpehochen Reformed Church in Jackson township, Lebanon County, PA. (In March, 1819, a Susanna Naftzinger married John Schumacher at the same church; whether these two families are inter-related is unknown.)
Mrs Lawler wrote that Maria Elisabeth was born in 1782. The editor of the ?WS is doubtful of this date and would hope that we could find support for it. We believe it is more probable that Maria was born after 1790. Unfortunately we do not know the parentace of Maria. It appears that she was either the daughter of Johannes (John) or Matthias (iii), the latter being a soriof Matthias (II) arid Elisabeth Solleriberoer. Unfortunately we do not have sufficient information to determine who was Maria’s father.
Can any of our readers add additional information to the Berks County family?
Mr rtinus Nafzger of Holland has sent the ws a complete listing of the Nafzger families in Holland. He also indicated that he would make some additional inquires into the Ditch archives for us, which we appreciate. He asked for additional information on Ludwig and Zacharias Nafzger of Thun and Uetendorf, Switzerland. Unfortunately we have provided him with most of the information which we have. If any reader has made recent dis which has not, printed in the News, please send them to the editor so we can publish them for all and provide our Dutch cousin with the information.
Mr Philip M of Indiana sent a nice letter indicating he descended from christian and Veronica (Burkie) Nafziger. Christian Nafziger was born in 1792 and nigrated to inerica prior to 1850. He first settled in 1 township, Tazwell County, Illinois, on a farm next to Peter Nofziger, also an irrinigrant from Gennany . Christi an was married to Veronica Burkey, who was born in 1 792 . Veronica died in 1855. Both she and Christian were buried in the Mennonite Cemetery, Hopedale, Illinois. We know Christian had at least four children: Christian, Magdalena, John and Elisab
A family history on Christian was written by Carroll and LaVeta Nafziger. They wrote that Christian’s sons Christian and John emigrated to America in 1846 and entered via New Orleans. It is unknown what port the others entered.
After Veronica’s death in 1855, Christian lived with his son John in Little Mackinaw township, Tazwell County. Christian Jr lived in Hopedale township and in
the 1880 census he cave his place of birth as Bavaria and his father and mother’s place of birth also as Bavaria. On the other hand, John gave his place of birth as Bavaria but his father’s as France and mother’s as Bavaria. (The editor lelieves in fact that probably Christian’s family did live for a period in France, followed by a short so oi in avaria before emigrating to America . ) The parents of Christian is presently unknown.
The interesting questions posed by this line are the following: Who were the parents of Christian and was he born in France--presi in the Alsace-— fore living in Bavaria prior to emigrating to America; When did Christian and his family arrive; How was Christian related to Peter Nofziger, whom he lived next to in 1850.
Page Five
Outline of family of christian of }	Continued from page
Christian (= 1792 + 1873)
m. VerczLica irkey ( = 1 797 + 1855)
1. Christian (= 1819 + 1899)
In. Elisateth Zehr (= 1828 ÷ 1900)
1. Magdalena (= 1852 + infancy)
2. Elisabeth (= 1854 + 1860)
3. Christian (= 1656 + infancy)
4. Joseph (= 1860 ± 1895)
m. E1isab Grieser (= 1864 + 1940)
widow rn. 2. Jobn C. Birkey (=? + ?) in 1896
5. Christian Z. (= 1862 + 1950)
m. Magdalena Grieser (= 1866 + 1899)
6 ndrew ( 1864 + 1945)
m. Anna Roszbardt (= 1865 + 1895)
2. Magdalena (= 1820 1871) :
In . Oiristian Sutter ( = 1 8 23 + 1899)
in: 2. Barbara Augsburger (= ? + ?) in 1873
1. Barbara (= 1851 + 1885)
In. Joseph Egli (= 1852 + 1915)
m . 2 . Nary Birkey C = ? + ? )
2. Christian N. (= 1853 + 1932)
In. Faniie Slatter (= 1858 + 1943)
3. Jobn (= 1856 ± 1879)
4. Magdalena (= 1858 + 1948)
m. Christian Hi (= 1851 + 1938)
3. John (= 1826 + 1885)
In. Mary ir (= 1839 + 1928)
1. Daniel (= 1860 + 1934)
m. Katharine &± (= 1860 + 1956)
2. Christian B. (= 1862 + 1943)
Ui. Catharine Springer (= 1865 + 1936)
3. Barbara (= 1864 + 1951)
It1 Uiristian Kauffman (= 1859 + 1942)
4. John (= 1868 + 1917)
In. Lydia L. LitilUer (= 1867 + 1946)
5. Mary B. (= 1870 + 1941) Did not marry
6. Valentine (= 1879 + 1963)
in. Lydia Sa1tz (= 1882 + 1957)
4. Elisbaeth (= 1836 + 1908)
m. John Springer (= 1834 + 1896)
1. Elisabeth (= 1860 + 1934)
m. Valentine B. Birkey (= 1854 + 1924)
2. Mary Nellie (= 1862 + 1950)
in. John William Naffziger (= 1854 + 1939)
3. Barbara (= 1864 + 1939)
m. christian A. Sears Jr (= 1862 + 1937)
4. Christian (= 1866 + 1874)
5. Lydia (= 1867 + 1945)
m. Jobn Z (= 1862 + 1919
6. Magdalena (= 1870 + 1948)
m. Jobn Eigsti (= 1865 + 1939)
7. Fannie ( 1872 + 1932)
m. Joseph Christian Scmi (= 1871 + 1956)
8. David Valentine (= 1875 + 1954)
m. Lena A. Birkey (= 1876 + 1958)
9. John A. (= 1877 + 1924)
rn. Anna Sarah Birkey (= 1880 + 1935) Page Six
United in rnarr in a 4 pm. ceremony July 22. 1989. at First United Methodist Church. Normal, were Virginia Nafzi and Kevin Ryder, both o: 136 Park City South, Bloomjn
There was a reception at the home of tue br mother, Karen Ry of 103 Highpoint Road, Normal, before the newly- weds left f a honeymoon in Peoria.
The bride. dau of Diana Eft of Champa anti Marty Patrick of 138 Park Clt: S:uta. Eloorninz tori, was attended by Holly Leon- ard, maid of honor. and Macv Jane Lelmar, br
HOPEDALE — Todd Arthur Nafziger of Danville, son of Joel and Nancy Nafziger of rural Hopedale, and Lora Renee Warner of Catlin will be married July 15 in Catlin. Her parents are Darrell Warner of Danville and Patricia Warner of Catlin.
FISHER — Cheryl Springer of rural Saybrook became the bride of Greg Ropp of Albany, Ore., in a ceremony at 4 p.m. June 10, 1 at East Bend Mennonite Church, Fisher.
Royal and Beverly Springer of rural Saybrook and Howard and Judy Ropp of Albany. Ore., are their parents.
There was a church reception.
Kathy Lee was matron of honor; Kim and Jifi Ropp, Erica Yoder and Becky Hunsberger, brides- maids; and Christina Moore and Katie Jo Nelson, flower girls. Rich Tuep was best man; Steve LeinbaTch, Mike and Tim Springer and Dan Roth, groornsmen; and Lucas Clark and Andrew Lee, ring bearers.
The newlyweds attended Goshen College, Goshen, md. The bride will tIe a student at Western Ore- gon State University, Monmouth,
Bernice Zehr
MORTON — A memorial service for Bernice Zehr, 71, of Washing- ton, formerly of Morton wilt be at 3 p.m. Sunday at the First Men- nonite Church of Morton, with the Revs. Glen Homer and Thelma Homer officiating.
She was born June , 1919, in Moline, a daughter of Roy and Folly Eckerdt Hanchett.
She married William Emory in ‘January 1937 in Des Moines, Iowa. He died June 21, 1 She then married Roy Zehr Oct. 5, 1974, in Morton. He survives.
Also surviving are two daugh ters, Yvonne Mueller, Morton, and Carol Reffett, Tremorit.; a son, Paul Emory. Ilarristown; two stepsons, Roger Zehr, North Palm Beach, Fla.. and David Zehr, Stuart, Fla.; eight grandchildren; nine step- grandchildren; two great- grandchildren; seven stepgreat grandchildren; and one sister, Eu een Endsley, Peoria.
-- S
Ore., in the fall. Her husband, who attended Western Oregon State University, is self-employed.
Following a wedding trip to Montana, the newlyweds reside at 2909 Gibson Hill Road, Albany, Ore.
Hallie L. Nafziger
A ulemorial service for Hallie L. Nafziger, 89. of 509 N. Adelaide St., Normal, will be at 1030 a.m. Sat- urday at Beck Memorial Home, Bloomington.
The Rev. Kenneth Zinn will of. ficiate. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery, Clinton.
There will be no visitation.
Mrs. Nafziger, a retired seam- stress, died at 1:43 p.m. Friday (July 21, 1989) at Brokaw Hospital, Normal-
She was born Feb. 17, 1900, in Grave Switch, Ky., a daughter of John W. and Sarah F. Sinkhorn Johnson. She married Hugh Rol ofson, who died in 1951. She then married Brian Nafziger. He also preceded her in death.
There was a reception at the Sheraton Inn, Normal, before the newlyweds left for a honeymoon in St. Maarten, the Virgin Islands.
Jeanne Martens was matron of honor: Gail Hoeft, Pam Naffziger and Nancy Martin, bridesmaids; Jarnie Naffziger, junior brides- maid; and Jodi Naffziger, flower girl.
Scott Renno was best man;
Kevin McKay, Mark Dossett and
Marty Sallee, grootnsmen; Jason
Naffziger, junior groomsman; Jor dan Martens, ring bearer; and
Bruce and Dale Naffziger and Joel
Martens. ushers.
Mr. and Mrs. John David Nafzi of Hopedale are parents of their first child, Justina Kay Nafzlger, born Aug. 4, 198g. The 7.p 6½-ounce baby was born was born on the 42nd wed- ding annIversary of her paternal grandparents. Maurice and Eileen Naf ziger of Hopedale, which i also her grandfathers birthday. Arthur and Shirley Burden of Tremont are mater nal grandparents. Great-grandparents are Letta Burden of Delavan; Mrs. Al. yin Good of Eureka; and Silas Nafzlger of Hopedale.
from the newspapers Wilner Nafziger
United in marriage in a cere
motly at 11 am. June 17, 1989, at
.5.	Second Presbyterian Church,
•.:	Bloomington, were Janette Ann
...S..	Nafiziger of 1205 S Linden St. and
Scott Thomas Bruns of lii N. Orr
Drive, Apt. A, both of Normal.
Joseph and Audrey Naffziger of the Linden Street address and William J. and Edna Bruns of South Whitley, md., are their par- ents.
Warner er
Page Seven
Mrs. carolyn christensen of NJ asks about the Nafzgers of Philadelphia.
Mrs. Christensen sent a very nice letter inquiring into her family’s history. She writes that her father John George Nafzger Jr was rn in Philadelphia in Noverr 1898, son of John Sr and Louise (Shuhart) Nafzger. Other children of JOhn Sr were Oscar and Lillian. John Sr may have owned a clam and oyster bar in Philadelphia about the turn of the century. She writes that John’s father may have been Christian/Christopher who may have lived in Philadelphia in the mid-l9th centary.
A few years ago I came across a naturalization r of a Christopher Nafzger from “Germany”. He was naturalized in Philadelphia in Octot 1863. He arrived that same year and appeared on a passenger list of ships that arrived in the port of Philadelphia in 1863. I further recall that he resided ih or around Philadelphia County and if my memory is correct he died in Philadelphia. I remember questioning whether he was from the ‘Gennan’ or ‘Swiss’ branch of the family but I do not recall ‘having answered the question.
Unfortunately I did not copy the pertinent information and I have no additional corrrnents to make concerning Mrs Christensen’s ancestors. I want to emphasize however the error I made by not copying the information. I could have saved her some time and given an answer to her question. Perhaps one of our readers descends from Christian! Christopher Nafzger and can help us out.
Ms harlan Graff of Indiana sent a very informative letter to the News. She believes she is related to many Nafziger lines. Two major lines which are direct:
Mary (Nafziger) Rocke, wife of Joseph, emigrated in 1850 and Barbara (Stahiy) Naffz wife of Christian, emigrated in 1853. Her letter also brings u many other possible Naffziger connections. We will try to sort out the many lines and cover them in a future issue. She offeredto provide the ? with additional archival materials and references, which we will deeply appreciate.
1432 W Harrison St. #28
Chicago, 111. 60607

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