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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XVII No 1
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Our thanks to Lois Ann Mast, Editor of “Mennonite Family Historf, P0 Box 171, Elverson, Pennsylvania for permission to reprint the following article on Ulrich Nafziger who emigrated to America in 1741
Immigrant Ulrich Nafziger
Ancestor of Mennonite Nafzigers
by Hermann Guth* .
Both American and European Mennonite Nafzigers (Nafzier, Naftzger, Noftsger, Noffsinger) can trace their ancestry back to two brothers, Christian and Ulrich Nafziger, who emigrated about 1707 from lJetendorf in Switzerland to the frontier area of the Alsace and Palatinate.
The Nafziger origins are in Wurttemberg where the surname Nefzer/Nefzger can actually be found today. Nefzer is derived from the Swabian verb “nefzen” or “slumber”, and means a somewhat leisurely, phlegmatic man).
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9lermann Guth, Parsevalstr. 1, 6600 Saarbruecken 1, West Germany. As a Contributing Editor of MFH, he writes an article for each issue featuring families’ roots in Europe prior to emigrating to the “New World
Zacharias Nafzger, a blacksmith, settled in 1621 at Thun, Canton Berne, Switzerland. His descendants are residents and craftsmen (tinfounders and silversmiths) there today.
Christian Nafziger lived as a tenant at Birlenbach, Lower Alsace, Zweibruecken territory. His descendants are not completely researched yet.
Ulrich Nafziger first appears on the Barbeisteiner
Hof estate, and then from 1715 appears on the
Rotherthof estate of Eusserthal Abbey in the
About 1728, he barters with the Eusserthal “Obergut” (upper estate) at Essingen near Landau, which, in those days, was a territory of the Barons von Dalberg.
His numerous descendants are well—documented through several generations in southern Germany, France, Luxembourg, and primarily the U.S. and Canada, where families live today.
Just recently, it became known that Ulrich Nafziger left his wife and children at Essingen in 1741 and emigrated to America. Although, his wife, Magdalena, was still alive, he married again to Maria Catharina Bischof on August 12, 1746, before the Lutheran pastor at New Holland, Pennsylvania. They had two children, Magdalena and Johannes, from this
marriage.(1)	-
Why did an almost. si4y-year father leave his first wife and children and sail for America? Can our actual concept of bigamy today be applied to Ulrich Nafziger? It could be that Utrich Nafziger had been banished for some reason by the Amish congregation which automatically meant that he was separated from his wife and children. Did he then
(1) Ulrich Nafziger, the l’141 emigrant to America, was thought to have been the son of Ulrich Nafziger of Essingen. In an essay published in the April 1985 Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, Ray Noftsger discusses the record in which the heirs of Ulrich Nafziger at Essingen filed a release to their co—heirs in America, Johannes and Magdalena Nafziger at Green Garden, Leacock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Ray Noftsger does reflect as to whether or not the words “Vatter” (father) or ‘Wetter” (cousin) are correctly used in the German text, and mentions the possiblity of bigamy. But, then he lists 1741 Immigrant Ulrich Nafziger as a son of the Ershigen Ulrich, which has now been proven incorrect.
Mennonite Family History is a quarterly periodical covering Mennonite, Amish, and Brethren genealogy and family history. A one—year subscription (calendar year) is $15.00 and a two—year subscription is $28.00, available from MPH, P. 0. Box 17J, Elversor PA 19520-0171. UnlIsted regular features in the magazine include queries, research in progress, books for sale, books wanted, genealogical news and notes, noteworthy periodical articles, book reviews, subscriber’s ancestral charts, photos of immigrant’s homesteads and memorial stones, family records, and poetry. Photocopies are available for issues that are out—of-print at $4.00 each.
make the decision to leave for America? It is known that during the first half of the 1700s, European congregational disciplinary measures for the Amish were severe.
Furthermore, it was corn mon knowledge, but no law, that the “ocean would divorce” if a married parther left for America without his partner or didn’t send for her at a later time. Did this opinion exist among the American people at that time?
At this point, we are unable to clarify why Ulrich acted as he did. We do know that he emigrated in 1741, and five years later remarried.
It is interesting that none of Ulrich’s descendants were named after him. Did this Incident embarrass the family? Usually, the first grandson was always named after his grandfather on his father’s side.
Nevertheless, there must have been a connection between ULrich’s children at Essingen and their halfbrother and sister in Pennsylvania, as reported in the following condensed record that was drafted in German at Essingen and translated here into English.
“Proceeding from the fact that the late Ulrich Nofziger of Green Garden, Lancaster County, Leacock Township, North America, had owned and possessed a piece of land in the mentioned county and bequeathed this land to his heirs, we, the left. heirs, namely Hans Nafziger, Peter Nafziger, Christian Nafziger, Steffen Nafziger’s children, and Anna Nafziger, give knowledge and information to everybody that we are willing in our own name and that of our heirs, totally to deliver up, leave and hand over this property of our Wetter” (cousin, but actually is “Vatter” or father) to our brother and sister (1) Joharines Nafziger and Magdalena Ncifziger,... ...we, Hanns Nafztger, Peter Nafziger, Christian Nafziger, Steffen Nafziger’s children, and Anna Nafziger, give full power and authority the above mentioned p’operty of ow’ father Ulrich Nafziger concerning...
Es.singen, the 22nd of March 1770
Hanris Nafziger (seal)
Christian Nczfziger (seal)
Peter Nafziger (seal)
Anna Nafzigerin (seal)
Velten Guengerich as guardian for
. Steffen Nafzlger’s children (seal)
l Reitenberg as witness
Joseph Wolber as witness
Entrance to the old farm in Essingen. Credit:
J. Lemo.r Mast.
This is certified by virtue of my office: E. Bauer, Johann Uffner, krom Baron von Dalberg (Dalberg’s administratiQn).”
Another record (a deed) also verifies that Ulrich
Nafziger was the father of both the children in
Essingen as well as in America. There is no son,
Ulrich, as was thought in the past. The following is
part of a land transaction between John Naftseger and
Martin Meixel.
“...whereas Ulrich Naftziger (father of the said John Naftziger) in his lifetime possessed a certain plantation and tract of land in Leacock Towrishlp...and died intestate, leaving his wife, Catherine (who has since married Hieronimus Brobeck)
Old house in Essingen. Credit: J. Lemor Mast.
\ ::
Old farm building in Essingen. Credit: Lemar Mast.
July 1987 Mennonite Family History
Page Two
o.nd the following persons, his children, the said John Naftziger, Mary Magdalena Naftziger (who has married Henry S Hans Naftziger, Christian Naftziger, Peter Naftziger, Ann Nafftziger, and Stepho.n Nafftziger (who has since died) leaving issue...
—9th day of April in the year of our Lord, one thousand, seven hundred, seventy-one.”(2)
I then checked these photocopied records with verified copies, and came to the conclusion that this sixty-year-old Ulrich Nafziger who emigrated to America is undoubtedly the husband of Magdalena in Essingen and Maria Catharina Bischof in Pennsylvania, as well as the father of the Essingen children and two children in Pennsylvania.
The second record—April 9, 1771 deed—clearly lists the heirs of Ulrich Nafziger including the Essingen brothers and sister as well as the two Pennsylvania children.
Other evidence can be seen in the sixty-year-old Ulrich Nafziger signature on the 1741 shipllst. His signatures, appearing twice, are comparable with the earlier signatures. (See illustration)
Ulrich Nafziger, 1686—1754
b. Uetendorf, Switzerland; d. Green Garden, Pa. son of Christian and Anna (Schnyder) Nafziger (baptized in Uetendorf on Jan. 24, 1686)
m. Magdalen.a, 1694-1759, d. Essingen (footnote 3)
Children: Johannes (1), Christian (2), Stefan (3) Peter (4), Anna in. Velten Gungerich, and Barbara, d. 1746
1 Johannes Nafziger, b. 171•2/13—d. before 1792 minister of the Amish congregation at Essingen
m. 1738 Barbara Holly, d. 1789 at Essingen dau. of Christian Holly of Baerbelsteiner Hof, resided on Mechtersheimerhof, then on the von Dalberg estate at Essingen
Children: Magdalena (1738-1814) m . Johannes Albrecht, dau. m. Christian Birky, Mechter sheimerhof, then Stifterhof near Bruchsal, Katharina (d. 1829 Essingen) in. 1) Jakob Schenk, in. 2) Jakob Vester.
2 Christian Nafziger, ca1717—1782 lived Kammerhof near Leehehn (Hessen-Darmstadt)
in. Elisabeth Linder from Windstein Children: Johann Peter (21), Christian (22), Elisa beth m . Valentin Nafziger of Ludwigsburgerhof, Nassau.
21 Johann Peter Nafziger, ca1755—1805 lived at Eberstedt near Darmstadt m. 1) Anna Barbara lJnsicker, d. 1797, Uberau
m. 2) Anna Danner, widow of Peter Nafziger, lilbach
Children from first marriage: Peter (211), Anna-
Katharmna (1784—1823), Johann—Christian (212),
Johann-Valentin (213), Anna Magdalena (1792-
1793), Anna-Elisabeth (b. 1794) m. Phillpp
Schneider, Kernel.
Children from second marriage: Johannes (1798- 1822), Johann—.Jakob (1799—1800)
211 Peter Nafziger, 1780—1812 .
b Karn rnerhof, d Uberau, Hessen
n Jakobine Fischer from Edenbornerhof near Worms
Children: Johann Christian (2111), Peter
(2) This is quoted from photocopied typewritten copies of inaccessible originals in the Lancaster County. archiyes. We ha tç depend on the translation of the American transcriber.
(3) In addition to Magdalena Nafziger’s death entry in the Essingen parish register, the following is also recorded: “experienced in remedies and has strongly practised medicine,” Pastor Alfred Kuby, an outstanding Palatine genealogist, discovered a 1734 court record referring to Magdalena Nafziger. It stated that Magdalena in studying a urine specimen that had been sent to her from a lady whom she did not know was pregnant, determined that not only was the lady pregnant, but also that she was five weeks from the middle of her pregnancy.
Gasthof in Uetendorf, Switzerland, site of Lrich Nafziger’s birth. Courtesy: Hermann Guth.
1726 lease contract in Germany.
— i;7f’
1728 lease contract in Germany.
‘I Marlborough” shiplist in
I%L/ ‘3 ( Oath of allegiance v in Philadelphia,
Pa., in 1741.
Signatures of Ulrich Nafzier who always spelled his name this way, although it was probably pronounced Nafzijer. His sons used the “Nafziger” spelling.
Page Three
July 1987 Mennonite Family History
Nafzigers lived here at lllbach between 1784 and 1850. Courtesy: Hermann Guth.
(2112), Anna Catharina (b. 1806) m.
Valentin Nafziger of Hochheim , Johann
Valentin (2113), and Barbara (b. 1811) 2111 Johann Christian Nafziger, b. 1803
b. Uberau, Hessen
In. Barbara Stably Emigrated in 1853 to U.S. with eight children.
2112 Peter Nafziger, 1804—1873
b. Uberau, d. Darmstadt
m . Jakobine Kennel from Herfingerhof near Kirchheim-Bolanden
Children emigrated to U.S.
2113 Johann Valentin Nafziger, b. 1808 b. Uberau, d. Germany
m. Magdalena
Magdalena, widow, emigrated to the
U.S. with her youngest son.
212 Johann Christian Nafziger, 1787-1819 b. Uberau, d. Liebenauerhof near Worms
m. Elisabeth Fischer, dau. of Christian Fi. of Liebenauerhof
Widow Elisabeth emigrated to the U.S with her children: Magdalena (b. 1810), Catharina (b. 1813), Elisabeth (b. 1815), Jakob (b. 1817), and Christian (b. 1819).
213 Johann Valentin Nafziger, 1789-1816 b. and d. at Uberau
22 Christian Nafziger
m. Katharina Nafziger, dau. of Peter Nafziger
From 1778 to 1782, Christian lived with his father and brother on the Kam merhof estate near Leeheim; perhaps later at Mertesheim.
3 Stephan Nafziger, ca1722—1755 at Steinseltz, Alsace m . Magdalena Gungerich
Widow Magdalena m. 2) Johannes Nafziger and had a son, Valentin, b. 1757.
Children: Anna (b. 1742), ChristIan (31), and Magdalena (b. 1749).
31 Christian Nafziger, b. 1749 at Steinseltz (footnote 4)
lived at Geilweilerhof near Siebeldingen in 1771
m. Medicine Gungerich
Children: Jakobina (b. 1771), Johannes (b.
(1775), Christian (b. 1778), Peter (b. 1781),
and Magdalena (b. 1783).
4 Peter Nafziger, b. ca1725 on Rothenhof d. at lilbach
lived at Rheinfelderhof near Gross-Gerau in 1772
(Peter may have first been married to Maria
Schenk and had a dau., Katharina, m. to
Christian Nafziger of Mertesheim.)
m. 1) Barbara, d. 1758 at age eighteen In. 2) Elisabeth Ehrismann
m. 3) Barbara Ehrismann
Child from first marriage: Johannes (41)
Children from second marriage: Peter (42), and Valentin (43)
Children from third marriage: Katharine (1776— “ . 1846) -m .Peter Spring of Neuhof near Flatten-
- heim, and Christian (44). 41 Johannes Nafziger, 1758-1813
b. Essingen, d. lilbach
— - m. Katharina Spring from Rosenthalerhof
(4) More than likely the son, Christian (b. 1778) from Geilweilerhof, organized the emigration of an Amish group from Bavaria to Ontario, Canada, in 1826.
He had been born “in Kurpfalz”, and was married to Marie Stalter. For some years, he worked as a manager of an estate near Munich.
On an exploration trip, he arrived at New Orleans in 1822 and walked the 1500 miles to Pennsylvania. There, he rented a horse, and rode horseback to what Is now Kitchener, Ontario, and purchased a large tract of land from the British governor. .
On his return to Europe, he stopped at London and had the British King George state his . purchase. Then, he organized a group of Mennonites to emigrate to Canada. Peter Nafziger, known as “the Apostle” also belonged to them.
. . -i
- •‘v
- - • • I - _
July 1987 Mennonite Family History
Page Four
Children: Peter (411), Katharina d. young, Magdalena (b. 1780), Barbara (b. 1782) all born on Rheinfelderhof; Johannes (412), Valentin (413), Christian (414), Anna Elisabeth (b. 1797), Jakobine (b. 1799), all born at Ilibach.
411 Peter Nafziger, 1778—1811
b. Rheinfelderhof, d. lilbach 412 Johannes Nafziger, b. 1784, illbach
m. N. Maurer, dau. of Samuel Maurer of Mehlingen
413 Valentin Nafziger, 1791—1836
b. and d. at Ilibach
m. Elisabeth Irnhof from Wilensteinerhof near Trippstadt.
Children: Magdalena (b. 1819), Christian (b. 1821), Peter (4131), K .Johannes (4132), Magda.lena m. Jakob Bender to U.S., Jakob, and Valentin.
4131 Peter Nafziger, Oct. 30, 1822—1855 b. ifibach, d. U.S.
m . Jakobine Bender
Children: Elise (b. 1852), Ottilie (b. 1854), (Brennemann History)
4132 Johannes Nafziger, March 25, 1826-1899
b. Jilbach, emigrated to U.S. in 1849
m. Elise Bender
Children: Marie (b. 1854), Lina (b. 1857), Hugo (b. 1859), Ottilie (b.
1862)	(Brennemann History)
414 Christian Nafziger, b. April 3, 1794
b. Ilibach, probably moved to Weilbach near Dachau, Bavaria; descendants live in U.S.
42 Peter Nafziger, 1766—1792 b. and d. at lilbach emigrated to the U.S. in 1849
m. Anna Danner (as a widow, she m. Johann-Peter Nafziger of Uberau.
Peter and Anna’s children: Peter (421) and Valentin (422)
421 Peter Nafziger, Sept. 7, 1790—1827 died enroute to U.S. (also enroute, a child was born and another died)
m. Dec. 14, 1790 Jakobine Schwarzentruber at Freinsheim, dau. of Johannes and
Jakobine (Holly) Schwarzentruber
Children: Daniel (b. 1818), Elisabeth (b. 1820), Magdalena (b. 1821), Marie (1822-d. young enroute to US.), Johannes (b. 1824), Peter (b. 1826), and Jakobina (b. 1827 enroute to U.S.)
422 Valentin Nafzlger, b. l7 at Ilibach
m. Dec. 12, 1822 Katharina 2 from Stick in Kurhessen, dau. of Konrad
Scherf; m. at Hochst, Odenwald.
No known descendants as of now.
43 Valentin Nafziger, 1769—1839
b. Lachen-Speyerdorf, d. Elbisheimerhof near Gollheim
m. 1) Magdalena Fischer
m. 2) Magdalena Spring, widow of Valentin Nafziger I at Hochheim near Worms
m. 3) Elisabeth Beck
m. 4) Magdalena Muller (d. before 1839), widow of Peter Nafziger at Gauersheim
Child to first marriage: Christian (b. 1802 at Dirmstein and d. 1826 at Gauersheim)
Children to second marriage: Valentin (431), see footnote 5 for other children.
Children to third marriage: Elisabeth (b. 1811 at Hochheim
431 Valentin Naiziger, b. April 4, 1805 at Hochheim near Worms
m. 1830 Katharina Nafziger of Uberau at Gauersheim; family emigrated in 1853 to the U.S. with his sister, Elisabeth
44 Christian Naiziger, 1779—1847
b. Rheinfelderhof, d. Pfortenhof
m. Anna Maria Unzicker, dau. of Peter and Katharina (Holly) Unzicker of Offenthal near Kaub.
lived on Neuhof near Hattenheim
descendants in the U.S.
The author wishes to point out that the following sources are incomplete, and is prepared to substantiate the information he has uncovered in order to assist researchers.
—Tauf-Heirats Sterberodel der Kirchengemeinde Thierachern, kept at the Civil registrar at Uetendorf, Switzerland.
—Albert Nafzger, Uetendorf, letter dated Dec. 21, 1982, on the Nafzigers at Thun, Switzerland.
—Other persons who supplied information:
Otto Schowalter, Kaplaneihof
Virgil Miller, Sarasota, Florida
Erwin HochstatUer, Cologne
RudoLf Nafziger, Ludenscheid
Ella Gieg, Rimhorn
Herbert Holly, Hofolding
—Special thanks goes to Jane Evnhs Best, New Holland, Pa., for the American records.
—Parish registers for Eusserthal, Niedérsehietten bach, Essingen, Gross-Gerau, Leeheim, Sandbach, Jilbach, and Hochst, Odenwald.
—Files of the civil registrars at Worms, Dirmstein, Freinsheim , and Kirchheim-Bolanden.
—Spire Landesarchiv, Karisruhe Genearllandesarchiv
(5) Valentin Nafziger I probably came from the Fleckensteinerhof estate where he is said to have been born in 1763. He was married to Magdalena Spring and lived at first at Frankisch Grumbach in the Odenwald, then at Hoehheim near Worms, where he died in 1800. They had the following children:
1) Peter “the Apostle”, b. 1789; 2) Magdalena, b.
1791; 3) Elisabeth, b. 1793; 4) Barbara, b. 1794;
5) Johanna, b. 1796; 6) Jakob, b. 1798. All of these children emigrated to the U.S.
Odenwald in 1820, home of Nafzigers. Credit:
Stadtarchiv Rheirtheim.
Page Five
July 1987 Mennonite Family History
My name is Rene’Nafziger I am the son of Uannelore Nafziger and Julius Nafziger This letter contains a family tree so that you can get a clearer impression of my family line. Since September 1986 and after an apprenticeship in a German bank, I am working in a private school in Italy (instead of military service) to complete my knowledge of the Italian Language This service will last until Jan 7, l988
Before beginning my studies of sports and languages I intend to spend several months in the US In order to learn something more about the country and the
Nafziger. Because I do not have unlimited funds for travel and thus I am look- ing for some places where I could stay for a few days during my trip. Perhaps, some of the readers of the Nafzger Heritage News might be interested
, Now some personal information about myself: I am 22 years old. I have learned English, Italian, Spanish and French. My hobbies are sports and languages Please considered my letter for the next issue of the News
Editor’s Note: We are reprinting Rene’s’ family tree on Page 7 of the News Note in the family tree that Rene relatives includes the Gungerich, Linder etc. names that are common to several Nafziger families settling in the U If our reaers should be interested in providing a German relative and an America visitor with some accomodations you may write the News or you may contact Rene directly by writ- ing to: Rene’Nafziger, Karl-Lehr—str 3, 6200 Wiesbaden 13, West Germany Because of the shortage of time, it may be better to write him direct Also, I would suggest using air mail stamps because of the amount of time that it takes some surfact mail to reach Germany.
We have a nice letter from David W Stauffer of Palmyra, Pennsylvania. It is nice to hear from David because he is a direct descendant of Jacob N. who emigrated to America in 1750 and is the only descendant that we know who lives very close to the original lands of Jacob N. Another good reason why we must give David such high marks is that is that he has been serving as a protector of an old Nafzger family cemetery that is situated amist a quarry operation and because of its location, runs a risk of being destroyed. Our readers may recall that several years ago we supported a drive to making the cemetery presentable and well cared look. David has been the lone individual who has watched over this cemetary He reports that it is a lovely looking cemetery and well cared for He reports that any visotrs to the site may look him up in Palmyra and he will show them the way to the cemetery site and the home farm lands of Jacob. Also, David found the triva quiz interesting espec ially the point about the Amish religion of the early ones He tells us that in 1796, the Naftzger farm near Palmyra was a preaching point for the Ministry of United Brethern Church He writes that Martin Borhm, a Mennite and Philip Otterbein, a reformed minister were founders of this denonomination. Martin Borhm preached at the Naftzger farm I am not surprised to learn of this fact because of the Naftzger children and grand- children who imigrated to Ohio, they were United Brethren and often donated land for
a UB Church soon after their arrival. , °erhaps sorne our.readerscan asnwer why - • so many Amish-Mennoriite DeoPle switched to UB soon after their arrival in America
David writes that in 1757, nineteen people were killed by Indiansjust a few miles from the Naftzger farm at a mill on the Quittaphilla Creek. Our thanks to David forwriting and for the fine report for descendants of Jacob of 1750.
We appreciate the nice letter from John Lapp of New Holland, Pennsylvania. John writes that he is a descendant of Peter Nafzinger who died at sea in 1827 while coming to America, Peter is is great-great grandfather. He reports that both of his pa.’ents have passed away and he came into possession of some items of the Nafzingers including the chest that Peter and Jacobina used when they crossed the ocean, It is nice to know that such a treasure of this family.line is in the hands of a descendant of the line, We hope he will continue to see that the possession remains in the family, The chest is extremely interesting when we pause and realize that many families. leaving for the hourney to America with all of their worldly possessions carried and stored in a large chest such as the one describe by John, In the case of Peter and Jacobina it also meant the needs of six children. all under the age of about eight years
Page Si
Auszu aus dern autreg1eter der eva Ptarrel e I n b a C
. Jahr 1 Sette 147,
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£w g. 2.1
6200 wiesbaden 13
West Germany
Ab c h ri ten.
120 Edgewood Drive
Grikon, Ohio 44044
Ten Vouj - YWJLZy
PabLLJted e
Sp)tAin -W Faff-SwimiC)’.
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Page Seven
JERE R. STAMM. 34. died Sunday morning of natural causes in his residence at 2141 Fpirview St., West Lawnj I c:TLRt iq’g-
He was the husband of Nancy J. (Hawkes) Stamm.
Born in West Reading, he was a son of Robert J. Stamm Jr. and Anna R. (Naftzinger) Stamm, of West Lawn.
Stamm was employed for six years as a salesman by the Ram Corp., Reading.
A 1969 graduate of Wilson High School, he graduated in 1973 from Kutztown State College, now Kutz town University, with a degree in secondary education.
He was a member of West Lawn United Methodist Church.
In addition to his widow and his parents, he is survived by a son, Jere R. Jr., and a daughter, Rebecca C., both at home.
Also his grandmother, Carrie
Naftzinger, a resident of the
Leader Nursing & Rehabilitation
Center, Spring Township.
NAFZINGER, Mi. and Mrs. Jerry (Georgia J. Kreider), 314 S. Market St., Schaefferstown, a girl at 4:01 a.m. Thursday, July 26, 1984, in Leba non Valley General Hospital.
HAAS, Mr.andMrs. EarlR. (P&
Gwendolyn K. Moyer and Dan- iel A. Naizinger were united in marriage yesterday in Indiantown Gap, Anuville. ‘A . : ,
The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Moyer of Grant- yule. The bridegroom is a son of Betty Naizinger of Pine Grove and the late Elmer Nafzinger. / ? 3
The ceremony was performed by the Rev. C. Michael Roney. A reception followed at the Lingles town Legion.
The bride wore a satin gown with sequin accents and a cathe dral train. Her headpiece was a band of pearls and sequins.
Maid of honor was Leanna Ha- becker. Bridesmaids were Kathi Zechman and Jodi Ray.
Best man was Scott Smith. Ushers were Carl and Bryan Moyer, brothers of the bride.
The bride is a graduate of
Northern Lebanon High School.
She is a pressman for the Sterling
Lebanon Packaging Corp.
The bridegroom is a mechanic for Sterling Lebanon Packaging Corp.
They plan a wedding trip to Disney World, Fla.
frA% 5¼ Nafziger-
i 3
The marriage of Miss Susan Michele Reitz to Eric Nelson Nafziger took place Saturday. Oct. 3, at 10 am. at the Lan- disville Church of God vjth the Rev. Robert M. Bistline and the Rev. Henry Flershey Sr. offici ating.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Reitz, 76 Main St. , Salunga. She gradu ated from Hempfield High School and is em- ployed by ISC Group.
The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson C. Nafziger, Parkesburg RI. He grad- üated from Lancaster
Mennonite High School
and is employed by Med
‘Frans Inc. , Parkesburg.
Mrs. Heidi Lehman,
Lancaster, was matron
. .	of honor. Bridesmaids
were Denyce Nafziger,
sister of. the bridegroom,
Parkesburg, and Heather
Quiggle, Mountvillè.
Flower girl was Jes
Our thanks to Dale Nofsinger of M Georgia, Eldon Naffziger of Hendersonville, North Carolina Charles N of Atlanta, Illinois. A Wayne Naftzinger of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Ben Eicher of McDavid, F1or Nancy Karnes of Overland Park, Kansas, Helen Wallace of W Pennsylvan Gene Nafziger of Minier, rilinois, Robert Noff singer of Centervi;lle, Ohio, Jo Lapp of New Holland, Pennsylvania, Ronald Nofsinger of Lombard, rilinois, Herschel NoffsInger of Vandal Illinois, Verle Oyer, Gibson City, Illinois. Mathias Nafziger of West Germany, WIlnier Nafziger, Gridley, Illinois, Robert Nafzinger of San Jose, California, Rudolph Nafziger of West Germar for.writing We will try to use some of your meterial mn our next issue of the. News\ •
. . .
,	— ,
.	. .	.	‘h r
,	.	—..-
I 20 Edgewood Drive
Gralton, Ohio 44044
. . . Susan Reitz
sica Megonigal. Quarry- yule. RIngbearer was Loren Nafziger, brother of the bridegroom, Park- esburg.
Serving as best man was Shawn Nafziger. brother of the bride- groom, Parkesburg. Ushers were Michael Reitz, Salunga, and James F. Reit.z Jr., Mountville , both brothers ofthe bride.
The couple will live at Parkesburg Ri.
“ -
Deborah Galloway
Pa Box 13465
Ft. Wayne, md. 46869

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