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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XVII No 2
Raw OCR - 8/06/04

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eMt JYZaf Thcrttacjc i
Rudolf Naffzger arrived aboard the ship Phoenix
. on September 15, 1749. On the same ship were Matthias and Peter Naffzger. The relationship between the three men is unknown,. Matthias settled in Tulpehochen town— ship, Berks County, PA, receiving a land warrant in 175L Peter purchased land in 1754 in Berwick Township— near the present day border of Adams and York counties, PA Just where Rudolf resided during his early years in America is unknown
In 1767 “Rudolf Nafziger of Mannheim township” in York County bought a farm from Phillip Thomas; George Eichelberger was a witness. The farm was next to Christ- ian Hochstatter’s land Rudolf sold the property to Adam Grevor(?) six years later, Nonetheless by September,l769 Rudolf Nasseker had bought land from Jacob Grove in Fred— erick County, Maryland Exactly when he moved from Mann- heim township (which is located just north of Maryland) is unknown. We do know however that Peter Noffsinger bought land In Frederick County, MD in l76O
In 1780 Rudolf, Samuel and Matthias Notsinger assumed an assigned lease between Alexander Hawkins and the deceased Jacob Grove,. On the same date Matthias and Samuel Nocthsinger sold their interest in the livestock and other real property to Rudolf in all the above legal transactions only Rudolf signed the documents, suggesting that he must have been unmarried.
In June, 1784, Rudolf Nappsinger, widower, married Sussanna Karn(in), the widow of the deceased Michael Karn Witnesses to the wedding were Jacob and Conrad Blessing, George Brand, and Henrich Martin In an estate settlement for Michael Karn, it was noted that he was ‘one of the people called Dunkers” Other names included in the accounts were Funk, Yost, Sliffer, Grove, Pace, Nicewonger, Ackermann, Kesler, Biser, Beeler and Sneider. In 1785 Rudolf and Susanna sold the Karn farm. Sometime after they moved to Washington County, PA
The First US Census (taken in 1790) enumerate.d the Ruddy Nosenger household in Washington County, Pa with two persons The 1800 census of East Bethlehem township again listed the household with two people Living next to Rudolf were John and Dan— iel Naffsinger. Aside from these two enumerations and tax records from 1793 and 1800, no other public records were found concerning Rudolf in Washington County, Pa
When and where Rudolf died in unknown Rudolf’s son John moved to Ohio in 1802 while the other sons remained for a period in Pennsylvania Whether Rudolf died in Ohio or Pennsylvania has not been determined,. Nor is it known what became of Rudolf’s wife Susanna This is another mystery, as much as Rudolf’s relationship to Matthias (who remained in Berks County, Pennsylvania) and Peter (whose decendents moved south from Maryland into Virginia about the same period Ruldoif’s family moved from Fred- erick County)
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120 Edgewood Drive	Ray Noftsger telephoned me to teilme to
GraFton, Ohio 44044	include this offer to our readers. He has
:	organized his notes that he has collected over
EDITORS	the years and classified them by Nafzger imi—
RAY NOFTSGER	grant that came to the United States. He is
CLAIR NAFTZGFR	1	willing to make copies of the notes and send
.-	:	them to any of our readers who makes such a
SLI&ScRIVTIOH FEE	request, Please be sure to include the cost
:	of copying the notes and postage It could
Tc VoUcJi - YwJi	save a lot of time looking for census and
PabUo1’u Qwv	material in the libraries for a genealogical
Pu.bI.Lshe wcAy	newcomer Write Ray Noftzger, 950 Walnut
S	Street, Apt 716, Philadelphia, Pa
This issue of the news may arrive a little late for some of our readers My apology to all of our readers I have had a problem with my eyes and glasses I could not be- gin to work on the newsletter until I received my new eyeglasses. Also, I must apologized to some who have sent letters but I have not been able to find time for an answer It is obvious to me that my days as co-editor are numbered
Your name was sent to me as a source for information on the Noffsinger family history I am a descendant of the Noffsingers who moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia,. Margurite Noffsinger Johnson was my great-grandmother Margurite was the daughter of John S Noffsinger We aren’t sure if the USU was for Shaver or Stover His wife was Elizabeth Trout They moved to Missouri with seven of their children(one having died in Virginia) in the mid 1800’s This much of my lineage I’m sure of - but here on I am a bit confused I believe John S, was a son of David or one of his brothers Family tradition says it was David and Polly David married Polly Stover 2 July 1799 in Bototourt County, Virginia but David’s will in the same county (appraisal) 29 October 1831 fails to list John S as an heir If my memory is correct, however, I remember my grandmother ( who was a grand- daughter to John S telling me about “Uncle John and Aunt Mary Gish” and John Gish is listed in David’s will,
I am quite positive my line is descended from Peter Nofsker, the immigrant who came to America in 1749 with brothers, Rudolph and Matthias I believe this David mentioned above was a son of Peter
A Noffsinger descendant living in Montana thinks Peter, the immigrant had a wife who came from Germany and was namedSophronia Wise I have seen the immi gration list of the 3 brothers and find mo mention of any wives or children In a book on our family’s history by Glea Brown Richer, she names a Peter who was a son of Rudolph who married a Catherine Wise She was a widow whose husband had started laying out the plans for the town of Fredericks, Pennsylvania After his death and here marriage to Peter #2 they completed the plans. This Peter had children by his first who went to Ohio with their uncle Have someone confused the two Peters?
Could you possible help me straighten all of this information out? Did David Noffsinger and Polly Stover have a son John S? If not which son of Peter di.d have sons with this name? Also did Peter, the immigrant go to Augusta County, Virginia in 1770 and become a large land owner? Did he die in 1783?
Editor’s Note - Eunice’s great-great grandfather, John S Noffsinger appears to be John Shaver Noffsinqer, born in 1803, Botetourt County, Virqinia, He married in
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RAY’ RESEARCH OF RUDOLPH	Continued from Page One
Rudol i::I s John
In September, 1775 John Nossinger---together with Matthias, Samue’, Peter and John uSOfl of Peter”-- were fined as non-enrollers in Captain Dorsey’s Frederick County militia In Pennsylvania, males between 18 and 53 years were considered eligible for the militia Whether Maryland had a sinilar age requirement is jnknown If so, then all would be over 18 years
By 1781 John and Samuel Nossingerw ere living in East Bethlehem township, Wash— ington County, Pennsylvania and paying taxes. When they arried if unknown. A year later John was listed in the militia The earliest land deed for John is dated 1788 when he bought 296 acres from Is Maim Two years later in the First US Census there were eight people in the household--four males and four females
Johannes Noffsinger and his wife Catharine (Koontz) sold 148 acres of the farm to their son Daniel in 1795. In the 1800 census John lived next to Daniel and Rudolf In December the following year Johannes Nofziger sold the remaining acres to Abra ham Knees At the time his neighbors were David Ruble and George Baker The sale was witnessed by John Noffsinger, Jr
John Noffsinger moved to Jefferson township, Montgomery County, Ohio At least one other Brethrern family from Washington County, Pennsylvania moved with John--- George Shidler About the same time the families of John Cripe, John Waggoner and David Bowser from Blair County, Pennsylvania and Eider Jacob Miller, John Caylor and Abraham Kinsely of Franklin County, Virginia settled in the same township of Montgomery county. They and the Rudys, Heinis, Pressels, Simmons and the Hardmanns organized the Lowere Miami Church of Brethern
In June, 1802 “Charles Noffsinger bought 640 acres (section 14) in Jefferson township However the land passed immediately into John’s name Aside from this one reference of Charles, no other records mentioned his name
John’s eldest son Daniel remained in East Bethlehem, Pennsylvania In March, 1829 Daniel and wife Lucy (Zynche) sold their farm to James Register The next month they moved to Clay township, Knowx county, Ohio Their son Daniel Jr settled in 1-lillary township, Knox county Other sons Andrew, David and Samuel also lived in the area Daniel Sr died about l844
In 1809 John Sr sold land in Montgomery county, Ohio to his son John and son- in—law Samuel Cripe In 1805 John Jr married Elisabeth Simmons, the daughter of John Simmons Sr from Botetourt County, Virginia In 1810 the Simmons moved to Miami County, Ohio
In 1816 John Jr sold his. land to Benjami Bowman and followed his .fatt
to Miami County, where he died Three:;bf John Jr’s sons (Eli,- James
eventually corssed the Ohio-Indiana border and settled. in Randolf County, Indiana
In 1815 John Sr transferred land to his son Samuel (Samuel is sonetimes re— ferred to in the records as Samuel Jr in contrast to Samuel Sr his uncle Samuel, son of John Sr appears to have been married threetimes and lived his entire life on his farm In 1847 Samuel donated land to Michael Myers (Moyers) and Daniel Noffsinger, his cousin and Elder of the church, for construction of a one story, brick Brethern meeting house The same year Samuel donated land to Absolom Caylor, John Stauffer and George Holler for the school In 1850, after Sam- uel’s death, his widow Mary divided the remaining property between his four heirs; Susan, Daniel, John and Henry. Samuel and Daniel were buried in Lowere Miami Ceme— tery--sometimes called Noffsinger or Hollar Cemetery -- in Jefferson township
In 1809 John Sr transferred land to his daughter Susan Cripe, wife of Sam- uel Samuel was probably the son of Daniel Cripe Sr brother of the Dunkard Elder John Cripe The Cripes had moved from Blair county, Pennsylvania aroudn the turn
of the century	Continued on Page Four
Page Three
RAY”S RESEARCHI OF RUDOLPH	Continued from Page Three
John Sr’s youngest son Eli married Mary Pressel, daughter of Danile probably from Franklin County, Virginia In 1824 John t ransferred land to Eli In 1848 Eli and Mary sold their farm to DAniel Shively and moved to Wayne township, Randolf County, Indiana.- over the Ohio border Subsequently Eli moved his family to Bond County, Illinois where he died in l86l Later his children are found residing in Oregon, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio and Indiana
. John Sr last paid a tax in Jefferson township in l8l6 His name was not found in the enumerations of l82O When he died is unknown Where he was buried is also unknown
Rudolf’s dau Catharine
In Frederick county, Maryland records, two references to Catharine were found Catharina Naphzinger was a witness with Samuel, Mathias and Peter Naph zinger at the wedding of Anna Maria Naphziñger and Johannes Neuschwanger in December, l78O In 1784 Catarina Nosetter witnessed the wedding of John George Dengler and Anna Maria UardTh Others in the wedding record were George Hardt, Philippina Burchhardt and Jacob, Eltsabeth and Juliann Schneider. No tiler infor mation was found about Catharine
Rudolf’s daughter Anne Marie
In Dec ember, Johannes Neuschwanger married Anna Maria Naphzinger at the Monacary Church in Frederick, Maryland Witnesses were Samuel, Mathias, Peter and Catharina Naph.zInger The Neuschwangers had thirteen children; Susan Crumerine, Eliaabeth, Mariah Landis, Ann, John, Sauna, Jonathan, Juliann Roger, Samuel, Jacob, Daniel, Catharine Sommer and Lydia Hawkins
Rudolf’s•son Matthias
- tht a fine in 1775 for non-enrollment in the Frederick County, Mary- land militia In 1778 he witnessed the wedding of Christoph Hardt and lisabeth Reichardt In addition to Matthias were Elisabeth Hoffmann, Barbara J Christian Osterig and Lorenz Hiem In 1780 Matt.bias witnessed the marriage of his sister Anne Marie In 1783 he.leased property to his brother-in-law Johannes Nice- wonger in Frederick.County
About this time Matthias moved to near Lovettsville, Loudon County, West Virginia Four of Ms children’s christenings were listed in the New Jersuelem Evangelical LuthernChurch bQok. Sometime after the last entry in 1794 Matthias and his wife (Náncy)Anne(Brill) moved to York toWnship, Belmont County, Ohio and bought 70 acres of’land Matthias died between 1808 nd l8lO
Matthias’ willwas written 4 March, 1808 andwitnessed by Michael Atkinson • and Daniel Goetz (his son-in--law) In his will he mentioned’his wife Anñ son John and youngest sonJames. Daniel GQetz and David Ruble were named as execu tors In 1824 a transfer of land named Matthias’ heirs the following, John, Sarah Drum, Nancy Anne Gates (Goetz), Elisabeth Smith, Lydia Drum and John Noffsinger It may be that Matthia widow Nancy remarried in 1817 to Samuel Stahl but addi tional research is needed
Matthia eldest son John lived in York and Washington townships of BelmQnt County, Ohio his entire life His heirs settled his estate in 1849 and those men- tioned were: Sarah Reeder, Mary Ring, Elisàbeth Marring, NancyBrown, John, Matthias, Lydia Hendershoot, Jane Bidclle, catharine, Hannah Pew and Mariah
Jacob Drum was born in Westrnoreland county, Pennsylvania dn was previously
married He married Sarah Noffsinger in 1807 and they lived in Monroecounty; Ohio
. Elisabeth married William Smith and they moved to Monroe County, Ohio where they livedbefore moving to Noble County, Ohio William was the son of William Smith from Chester County, Pennsylvania In 1850 the Smith lived in Stock town- ship, Monroe Cbunty Living with them were Mariah (10 years old) and Sarah (19 years old) Noffsinger Who these girls were and how they were related to the Smiths
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Page Four
RAVeS RESEARCH OF RUDOLPH	Continued from Page Four
Lydia married Simon Drum and lived in Wayne township, Monroe County, Ohio They were buried in Conner Ridge Cemetery
The youngest son of Mdtthias was James. He was born in Pennsylvania and married
Jane Lynn, daughter of John and Sarah Linn The Linns lived in Beallsville and
were members of the Harmony Baptist Church For a period the Noffsingers lived in
Sunsberrty township, Monroe County, Ohio In 1838 they sold the farm to William
McComas. and moved to T:ndependence Town Washington County, Ohio.
Rudôl f’ s son Samuel
SamiieVN6ffsTnger paid a fine for non-enrollment in Maryland in 1775 in the militia By 1781 he had moved to East Bethlehem township, Washington County, Pennsylvania,. In 1790 he bought land from William Grooms in Green county, Penn— sylvania and paid tzxes for a farm in Morgan township in l793 In 1800 he was enumerated in the Second US Census with se yen people living in the household In 1806 Samuel and wife Susan (Crumerine) sold land to Peter Heck, Issac Weaver and Issac Heaton. By 1809 Samuel was paying taxes while living in Jefferson township, Montgomery County, Ohio Also John Noffsinger lived there
tn 1812 Samuel first purchased land from David Longhead The same year he was an executor for the estate of Solomon Hardman (The Hardman’s had also come from Washington county, Pennsylvania dn were Dunkers) In 1816 Samuel and Susan sold land to Henry Leeds (When Henry Leeds died in 1828, his daughter was “the deceased Catharine Noffsinger, wife of Samuel Noffsinger”, sonof John) In 1816 Samuel also sold land to Jacob Kaylor, who may have been a son—in- In 1823 Samuel transferred land to Daniel Noffsinger, the church Elder, and Samuel Noff singer In 1831 the later two Noffsingers relingquished their rights to a mill to Samuel Landis Samuel Sr. died prior to 3 September l832
SamuePs son Samuel married Hannah Ritter, the daughter of Michael in 1821 In 1830 Samuel and Hannah sold their water rights to a mill to Samuel Landis The following year they sold their landto DanIel Noffsinger This is the last record found concerning SamueL, When Samuel’s heirs sold the remaining property, they all resi.’ded in Definance County, Ohio with their mother, Hannah;; Mary Lengle Barbara Heck, son Samuel (and maybe daughter Elisabeth Reed)
Samuel Sr’s other son Daniel married Mary Ritter, another daughter of Michael Ritter Daniel Noffsinger has in the past been named a son of Peter of Washington County This appears incorrect In 1823 Samuel Sr transferred land to Daniel after his marriage Daniel lived his entire life on this property He was Elder over the Lower district for a period of time He was buried in the Lower Miami Cemetery (Also called Noffsinger or Hollars Cemetery Some of Daniel’s heirs moved to Definance County, Ohio. ,
Maybe a daughter of Samuel Sr was Susan who married Daniel Rudy Another daughter may have been Elisabeth, who married Lianiel Schenk But additional in- for mation must be found
Rudolf’s son Peter
The record for Peter Noffsinger in Frederick County, Maryland was his witnessing the marriage of his sister Anne Marie’s marriage in 1780. By 1790 Peter Nosinger was enumerated in the East Bethlehem township,Washington County, Pennsylvania census in a household with one childand one female This suggests a relatively recent marriage In 1793 Peter and Andrew Noffsinger were subscribers with 13 other men to an article of agreement with Frederick Wise, the founder of Frederickstown, Pennsylvania,. This agreement was to establish the town and, among other things exclue the manufacture of liquor in the town Shortly after this date Frederick died,. By March, 1795, Peter had married his widow Catharine Wise, Throughout 1797 Peter and Catharineadministered the estate of Frederick
TIn 1800 Peter, a “joiner” paid a tax in Wahtngton County, Pennsylvania. He was dead by 1810 when Catarina Naffsinger was enumerated in the census. At that time she lived between her sons Adam and John Wise In the household with her were two females and one male. When Peter died is unknown Continued on Page Six
Page Five
RAY’ S RESEARCH OF RUDOLPH Continued from Page Five
Peter’s eldest child was probably Peter Jr In March, 1810 Peter Jr married
Freni Keen in Belmont County, Ohjo. In 1820 they lived in Jackson township, Monroe
County, Ohio They later moved to Perry and Nashtngton township in Monroe County.
Sometime after the 1840 the famtly moved to Nodoway County, Missouri, where they
Other probable children of Peter Sr were Willilarn, Judity and Catharine. Judith married Robert Correll In 1819 in Jefferson county, Ohio Catharine married Henry Coffman in 1822 in the same county William lived in East Bethlehem township, Washington County, Pennsylvania and died prior to l84O In 1840 his heirs settled the estate in Frederickstown with the heirs of Frederick Wise.
Rudolf’s child Andrew
— Andrew firstappeared on the tax rolls for 1793 and 1795 in East Bethlehem township, Washington County, Pennsylvania an Andrew Knatzer received a land war ant in Allegheny County, Maryland but it is uncertain if this is the same Andrewe In 1808 Andrew resided in Shelby county, Kentucky The same year he moved and bought land from Peter Weaver in Jefferson township, Montgomery county, Ohio. His neigh bor was David Bowman Sr the elder of Bear Creek Church In 1809 Andrew and Catharine sold land to Henry and Mary Hebner. In 1817 Christian and Susan Weldy bought Andrew’s “of Indiana” sold their land to Peter and Susan Pfoutz In 1830 Andrew lived in Elkart county, Indiana By 1840 Andrew had moved to Jefferson county, Iowa, where he died in l844
Andrew’s son Joseph married Elisabeth Sailor and lived for a period in Darke County, Ohio before moving to Elkart county, Indiana Andrew’s daughter Elisabeth married James Cloyd; another daughter Rebecca married Jacob Puterbaugh sr., and youngest daughter Catharine married Abraham Livingood
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
My grandmother was a Noffstnger, daughter of Enos NoffsInger and Polly Ann
(Stewart)Noffsinger We were doing research in Randolph County, Indiana and met
Mrs Mardell Edwards, quite by accident She turned out to be a third cousin
She is the one who gave me the information on your publication
She also suggested 1 send you our part of history of the Noffsinger family I am very new at this, so I don’t know all that T should about the family yet In the book “History of The Naf2ger Family in America”, when they listed my grand- mother, Laura Manda Noffsinger, they have her second husband listed, not my Dad’s father My Grandfather was Jefferson Davis Potter, and her second husband was William Spangle So by not knowing of her first husband, her sons and their fami lies, of which I am one, are not listed
I also have pictures from her old picture album of her brother, Daniel Leonidus
Nofisinger and his family Of my grandparents, of her sister Alice Aldora(Noffsinger)
Michael and her family Also a picture of Sarah Jane(Noffsinger) and her husband
Jesse Warren There is a picture of Enos Noffsinger, their father, in front of a
store he owned
The lineage we are from is listed on a separate sheet I sent a letter to Leona Magnus, a duaghter of Cintha Bell (Noffsinger) Robinson and it was returned - no known address The last one we had was Troy, Ohio
Thank you for the information that you sent me on the Noffsinger I was so pleased that you wre able to fill in the missing links in my family line. My family here in Oregon were delighted also I was able to contact some of the other “cousins” and get some more family information
I Six
57200 Serreguemines
I was given the address of your paper “The Nafzger Heritage News” by a mem— ber of the Nafziger family of Boulay (France)
I am descended from the Nafzigers through my maternal grandmother whose maiden name was Elfried Nafziger I have enclose a family tree of that family line; the Nafzigers of the Gendersbergerhof (a farm) in the country of Bitche (France),. If you are interested, I could send you photos of the family cemetery and of the house, a farmer hunting lodge of the Dukes of Lorraine that dates back to the 16th century
As you can see from the documents, a good part of the famiy emigrated to the U I would like, if possible, getin contact with them and get to know my possible relates in Mexico or the United States
Editor’s Note: As you can see from the chart below, the ones listed settled in central rllinois However, many members of the early Johannes Nafziger family came to America. It would appear that he has quite a number of relatives living in the U We hope that some of them will write to him in France
$o ‘4w’
dk 4A.M/
‘- t 4g
_ A MU
\NJ rw
b ‘?Q V2w	wL JD
i ‘
Q4AW	s
QA fto 4 igi Q U L’: L ‘E S C.%
4c &
\ t\t&c t’rf ; 4 c ,
Page Seven
EUNICE A OLSEN WRITES - Continued from Page Two
—Yellow Springs News May 6 1987
Lowell Nosker
Lowell z. Nosker, 68, 1214 Livermore Street, Yellow Springs, died Saturday at Greene Memorial Hospital.
He was born May 13th, 1918 in Spring- field to Charles A. and Carrie Ze Nos ker. He attended Antioch College and was retired as a senior analyst • with Dayton Press.
Among his survivOrs are his wife, Augusta Justice; one son, Lawrence of Yellow Springs; one daughter, Julia Nosker of Yel low Springs; one granddaughter; and several nieces and nephews. -
He was preceded in death by two brothers. He was a member of the United Methodist Church of Yellow Springs.
There will be no visitation. Memorial services will be held at I 1 a.m., Saturday, at the church.
a son of David or a son of
in 1749	-
Clara M Martin
HOPEDALE — Clara M. Martin, 89, of Hopedale died at 12:55 a.m. yesterday (Jan. 7, l988 Hopedale MedicalComplex. )
Mrs. Martin was born Oct. 7, 1898, at Hopedale, a daughter of Andrew and Katherine Roth Nafzige? She married Elmer E. Martin on Jan. 31, 1918, at Hopedale. He preceded her in death June 26, 1979.
Survivors inc’ude two daughters, Gladys Litwiller, Delavan, and Evelyn Fanlund, Rockford; three Sons, E. Donald and Arlan G., both of Morton; and Vernon J., Hopedale; 16 grandchildren; 22 great-grandchildren; and one brother, Arthur W. Nafziger, Hopedale.
Four brothers and one grandson preceded her in death.
Mrs. Vogt was born March -25,
1905, in Philadelphia, a daughter of
Isaac B. and Lizzie Bergey Kuip.
She married Milton C. Vogt on July
24, 1927, in Colorado. He died in
India in January 1968..
Surviving are two Dr. Merle A. Vogt, Wallingfor Pa., and the Rev. Virgil V. V6 Evanston; three daughters, Laverne R. Nafziger, Hopedale; Elva M. Miller, MolaIla, Ore.; and Myra J. Danielson, Mordon, Manitoba, Can- ada; one brother and two sisters, Amos Kuip, Elizabeth Kulp and Margaret Kulp, all of Cheraw, Cob.; 17 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.
;	I
- Deborah L. Galloway P0 Box 13465
Ft. Wayne, IN 46869
1829 to Elizabeth Trout(1813- at Roanoke, Virginia They moved to Cedar County, Missouri in l856 Their children are Mary, George, Julia, Sarah, Charles, Margaret, Newton and Susan He died in l86O Elizabeth T is the daughter of George Trout and Mary Miller **** The Gish family crosses the Nafzger family several times but it would appear that the one Eunice refers to in her letter is John C Gish, born in 1792 and married Polly Noffsinger in l816 She was born in 1795, Botetourt County Their children are Abram, Lewis, Betsy, Hester, Mary Ann, Hannah, and Frances Polly died and John married Cassie Painter They had six other children Then, John died and Cassie married Jacob Kinzie They had one child named Joseph and he married Hettie Noffsinger Polly died in l832 Eunice is confusing the Peter Noffsinger who married Catherine Wise and Fredricks, Pa with the Rudolph family line ***** Eunice is definitely a descedant of Peter who emigrated- to • America in 1749 but we cannot document her exact lineage Because of the extensive use of the name John by eight of the children of Peter N (1749) we can not
that John Shaver Noffsinger is	Joseph	both of whi
are sons of Peter of emigrated	:-
Esther K. Vogt. ‘ - ;
HOPEDALE — Esther K. Vo
82, of Hannibal, Mø., wl - h
_________	served as a missionary with her
husband in India for 40 years, died
at 11:10 a.m. yesterday (Jan. 3, 1988) at Beth Haven Nursing Home, Han- nibal, where she had resided for the last two years.
I 20 Edg.wood Drive
Grafton, Ohio 44044

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