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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XVII No 4
Raw OCR - 7/12/04

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J:J_ LdKa UTAH 54
In the last issue of the News we wrote about Jacob who arrived ir 1750 aboard the ship ‘Brotherhood”. We indicated
- that Jacbb had settled within the Arnish corrinunity of Lebanon Valley as most of the records we found pertaining to Jacob associated him with other mish, particularly Knegi/Gnagi, Elough, Farni, Seilor, Draschell, Kurtz and Hirshberger.
Jacob died prior to February, 1783. We suggested that either Jacob had been married twice, as his wife Anna lived more than twenty years after his death; or he died a middle aged man.
The last issue also covered Jacob son Joseph. He lived his entire life in ndonderry to and had B children. Sons Abraham, Joseph, Johar and Jacob moved to Ohio just after it obtained statehoed. They settled in Harrison, Wayne and Stark Counties. Joseph’s son Christian died in Dauphin County, but his children went to Ohio. It is not known if daughters also moved to Ohio.
This issue will cover Jacob’s sons Christian and Jacob J
Militia duty was required for all men between the ages of 18 and 53. Christian Nafscar first appeared in the Lancaster County Militia returns in April, 1783. This suggests Christian’s birth was in April, 1765. Christian/Christoly continued to appear on the militia lists through 1794, at which time he was 2nd Class.
Christian was named in the Pennsylvania Septennial Census taken for the House of Representatives in 1786. In 1790 he appeared in the Federal census and there were six in the household. If four were children, it would suggest marriage about 1783. In 1791 Christian and his wife Julianria released Michael Stuckey from the estate of John Ulrich Haber, the father of Julianna. Haber died and his widow remarried Stuckey.
In 1798 Christian Snider, a blacksmith of West Hanover Township, Dauphin County, PA, named Christian Naphskar and John Ellenberger as his executors. Snider was the son of John Snider (who died in 1791 and named Abraham Traschell (Jr?) as his executor).
In 1803 Christian Knafsker pledged money to Biñdnagel’s Evangelical Luthern Church,
located north of Palrriyra, PA. The records for Bindnagel also mentioned sons John,
Christian Jr and Joseph. Christian’s fann was located one mile north of Palmyra in North
Londonderry township. William Ney of Lcndonderry Township had his will probated in
January, 1805. His sons Phillip and Henry and Christian Nafziger were named executors.
Witnesses were Christian Kiefer and John Gloninger.
In Eecernber, 1806 Christoly Natzgar provided the Dauphin County Register with an inventory for the deceased Anna Natzger. The final distribution occurred in 1808, although the folder could not be located. It is not know if Anna was buried on the family farm or in t: family c
In 1810 Christian Naftcher had 8 males and 4 f in his household in
v.17 Winter 1988—89
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TenDo11ars Yearly
Published quarterly every Fall
Summer, Spring and Winter
Ms. Alice J. Jcer of Kentucky inqiiires about a descendent of Rudolph Noffsinger.
Ms. Ealcer writes about her ancestor Lydia Noffsinger who married Abraham Sink Sr, in Montgomery County, Ohio. Later K witnessed 1 papers concerning rew Noffsinger. Ms. Baker would like to know if Lydia was a daughter of Andrew?
Lydia Noffsinger was born circa 1798 in Pennsylvania according to the US Census. On August 1, 1815 she married Abraham Sink in Montgomery County, OH. He was born in Virginia about 1788 according to the census. On December 27, 1852 Lydia filed for alimony in Darke County, C In the docket (Case * 264) she names her children, states her maiden name and place and date of her marriage. She also mentions that her dowry had been used to purchase the farm where she lived at the time. She sold the land in 1854 and no other mention was found for her or Anraham Sink/Zynche/Zink. Who was her father?
In the News (Surrn Issue, 1988) we covered Rudolph’s family. We named Andrew as probably his youngest son. We noted that Andrew first appeared on the Washington County, PA tax rolls in 1793 . Perhaps he obtained a land warrant in Allegheny County, before moving to Shelby County, KY. In 1808 he moved to Montgomery County, Ohio. Ey 1329 he lived in Elkhart County, IN. He died in 1844 in Jefferson County, IA, where he is buried.
A descendent of Rudolph who has researched Andrew’s line extensively has made no mention of a Lydia. He n only Elisabeth (wife of James Cloyd), Rebecca (wife of Jacob Puterbaugh) and Catharine (wife of Abraham Livingood). Elisabeth married James Cloyd 13 October, 1814 so we know that Andrew had daughters of age to marry at the same time as Lydia married.
We searched Rudolph’s line for the name Sink. Although we found no reference of the name spelled as such, we did find Zynche. Rudolf’s eldest son John married Catharine Kocntz. His son Daniel married Lydia Zynche in Washington County, PA, where they lived until about 1829 when they moved to Knox County, OH. Daniel’s father John and at least one other Dunkard family moved from PA to Montgomery County, OH about the turn of the century-- that family being George Shidlers. It is unknown if a Sink/Zynche family moved from Washington County, PA with John. Abraham Sink gave his place of birth as Virginia in the census. On the other hand, many Dunkards from Virginia settled near John Noffsinger in Montgomery County, OH. Regardless of whether the Zynche/Sink moved from PA or VA, there was a George Sink was living in the Greenville area about the turn of the century when the first Ohio census was taken.
ien Lydia Noffsinger-Sink filed her alimony petition she resided in Darke County,
OH. The son of John Noffsinger Sr who moved from PA, John Jr married Elisabeth Sirrrnons. In 1820 he resided in Washington township, Darke County, OH. It is possible that Lydia was a younger daughter of John Sr, sister of John jr, who also went to Darke County?
Finally we can ask again if the Lydia was a daughter of Andrew. As we mentioned above, according to our gestimation, Andrew did not have a daughter Lydia. Andrew’s estate papers are in Jefferson County, Iowa, and only references are made of descendents of Puterbaugh, Livingood and Cloyd. No Sink/Zynche/Zink. Yet that. should not imply that Lydia was not a daughter. Could her marital problems have caused Andrew to exclude her from his estate? Cr did he already provide for her? Many readers have much more inforr than we. And that is what we need now. Can anyone help us?
Page Two
Jacob of 1750	Continued from Page One
Londonderry Township, while in 1820 there were 2 males and 2 f The next year Jacob Miller, his wife E1isat (daughter of deceased Jacob Xander) and Joseph Xander
‘ (son arid executor of the deceased Jacob Xander) settled their debts with Christian Nafziger. The origin and amount of the debts were not stated. In 1823 flnanuel Xander and John Reist also settled with Christian. By 1826 Samuel and Jacob Light were in debt to Christian Nafsker Sr for a certain sizn of money; the nature of the debt was not written.
Christian Naftzger’s will named his wife and son Jacob executors. He was buried in the Nafzger family c which is west of Annville in Lcndonderry Township. His stone reads Christian Nafzger, Geboren (born) 7 April, 1765 , Starb (died) 14 April, 1829. Also buried in the c Christian’s wife Julianna Hither (14 August 1766-27 October 1853), son Michael Nafzger and wife Barabara Knoll. Sarah Riest, daughter of Christian and Elisabeth Riest, is also found buried in the family c Her relationship to the Nafzgers is un
In 1520 John Nassger lived in Lebanon Township, Lebanon County as he did in 1830. He had 6 males and 5 f the household. In December, 1836 John Naftzer donated money to purchase newcast iron stoves for Bindnagel’s Evangelical Luthern Church. By 1850 John’ 5 children John Jr , Michael (who married Elisabeth Lentz) , Joseph (who married Sarah Johnson) and Moses (who married Nary Neiswander) were living in Truro and Madison wn, Franki in County , OH.
c S SOn JA
- Jacob Knoftzger lived in Landonderry township in 1820 with 2 males and 2 f By 1830 t were 4 males and 2 f In April, 1836 Jacob and his wife Magdalena (Baeshore), Michael Ginergich and wife Eve, Peter Gingergich and wife Elisabeth, Henry Eseshore, John Eaeshore, Jacob Wittenmeyer and wife Mary, Issac Hayes and wife Catharine, Samuel Yohe and wife Barbara and Tobias rnhardt and wife Sarah, all heirs of deceased H Baeshore, settled with John Krieder, Sr, executor of the Baeshore estate. By 1840 Jacob Naftzger had moved to Truro township, Franklin County, OH and in 1850 he lived in Nontg township, same county. His children were Henry (‘who married Keziah Hanawalt), Christian, Elisabeth, Jacob and Michael.
Michael was born 31 July 1794 in Londonderry towrnship and married Barbara Knoll. Prior to 1820, they had two children. In 1850 Michael lived with his mother Julianna, wi fe Barbara and children Mary , Nancy , Michael ( married Mary Kettering) and Catharine. Michael died in 1884, as did his wife. Both were buried in the Nafzger Family C . Michael s son Michael Jr inherited the Nafzger farm.
iRISTThN ‘ s son G Jr
Christian Nafzger was born 8 cernber, 1796 and married Catharine Wagner (daughter of George and Catharine Wagner) in September, 1822 at Tabor’s First Reformed Church in Lebanon. In 1840 they resided in Londonderry township. Christian Noftzger’s will was filed 23 April 1842. He named Jacob Rupp as his executor. Records frnn Bindnagel’s gave Christian’s death as died 10 April, 1842 at 45 years, 4 months and 2 days. Catharine, wife of Christian, was born 19 March, 1802 and died 6 October, 1871. iRISTThN’ S SOfl JOSEPH
Joseph was born in 1803 and married Anna Biely February 1, 1827. Their first child Moses was born in 1829, followed by Adam, Benjamin and Catharine Ann. Joseph was confirmed at Bindnagel ‘s Church in 1 1839 and elected Deacon in 1844. His wife Anna died prior to 1850. In 1830 Joseph lived in Annville but later moved to Londonderry township. Joseph’s will was probated 26 June, 1858. Peter Killinger was his executor. His son Benjamin died in 1668 and Daniel Ulrich was his executor.
iRISTThN ‘ s çxssible dai
: married Conrad William nith (born 1789, son of John and Christina (Miller) nith) in 1811. Barbara died prior to 1825 and Conrad r Susanna Ensininger. ANNA married Joharines Jungst 16 August 1818 at Talxr’s First Refromed Church. Witnesses
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Page Three
Jacob 17	Continued frctn Page Three
were Christian Knoll and Christian Nafzger.
(Eiisaix married Jacob Mccrè 2 March 1823 at Tabor’s. Witnesses were Samuel Shindel and George Moore.
JACOB’ s son JA Jr
Enrolling in the militia was required for all males 18 through 53. Jacob Nafscar first appeared in the Lancaster County Militia Records in Octo 1785 but did not appear in the May, 1785 returns. The rough dates suggest that Jacob was born in the fall 1767. He continued to appear on the militia rolls through 1794. However Jacob did not appear in the Septennial Census taken in 1786. In 1790 Jacob Napsacker was enumerated with only his wife . Jacob and his ;wife Magdalena (Bo deeded to John Bowman, eldest son of the deceased Abraham Bowman, their interest in the Bo estate in June, 1793.
In July 1794, 1st Class Jacob Nafsker attended a militia meeting in Cambellstown. However the Autumn, 1794 Returns noted that 1st Class Jacob Nafsker had “moved away’. In June, 1795 “Jacob Naffzger of Upper Paxton Township”, Dauphin County sold his share from his father’s farm in Londonderry to Michael Killinger. On the same day he bought land in Upper Paxton frnn Phillip Sil}mitter. In 1798 he bought additional land frnn Michael Leidigh who lived in East Hanover township. That same year he sold land to braham Freligh and John Mack. (This land was originally in a patent granted to George , the husband of Elisabeth Bowman , s ister-in-law to Jacob) . Normally a wife would sign any property agre but Magdalena did not sign this sale to Mack as she had earlier sales. lYes this mean that she had died prior to 1798?
In the will of Johannes Bauman of Upper Paxton township, written in April, 1798,
Jacob Nafzger and Peter Gross were witnesses. Johannes’ wife Margaret and Adam
Schweigart were named executors. Jacob Nafsger was listed in the Septennial Census for
Upper Paxton Township in 1800 but no subsequent records concerning him were found. In all probabil ity Jacob moved to southwestern Ohio in the early 1 800 ‘ s . In
Otober, 1812, James Taylor of Cambell County, Kentucky sold Jacob Nofsger of Clermont
County, Ohio 300 acres of land near Bullskin Creek. T years later Jacob and his wife
Catharine sold 50 acres to Samuel Wood. A number of land sales occurred with her
signature but after 1817 she failed to appear on any of the land sales. Where and when
Jacob married Catharine is urilmown as is when she died.
Between 1818 and 1826 Jacob Nofsger paid taxes for 3rd rated land in I Towri eventually this land was transferred to John Miller. John and Sally Riley went into debt with Jacob Noftsger for property bounded by John Noftsger, Jacob Miller and Issac Eartley. In 1820 Jacob Nofsger sold land (bounded by those of John Noftsger) to Issac Cochran. No wife was rnentined in this land sale.
In 1820 Jacob Naffsinger lived in Lewis township, Brown County, OH with 4 males and 2 f in the household’. Living next to him was John Naffsinger. In December, 1822 the local Methodist Deacon Peter Hastings married Jacob Knossger and Abigail Joslin at Batavia. In April, 1825 Jacob applied for benefit from debtors as he was insolvent. No one granted a certificate of insolvency. In 1830 Jacob Nofsgar and his wife Abigail sold land to Henry Knoftsger. Michael and Phillip Miller were the witnesses. The 1830 census for Franklin township, Clennont county listed Jacob Noft.sger together with a male and f in the household.
In 1850 Jacob Noftsger was 83 years old, born in PA and living with Abigail, who was 87 and fran New Jersey and the Enoch Joslin family. It is believed that Jacob died about 1855. When his wife died is unJmown.
John Knafziger married Polly Merrill in September, 1815 and in March 1817 they bought land from John Hedrich and his wife Sophia. In 1820 John and his family lived next to Jacob and there were 2 males and 2 females in the household. By 1840 John had moved to Syrrrnes township, Hamilton County, OH and by 1850 he had moved to Columbia
township, same county. He was then 59 years old and born in PA. By 1860 he lived in
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Page Four
Jacob of 1750	Continued frcin Page Four
Washington township, Clinton county, OH. Children include Nelson, Leah Jane, Naamen
Plurrmer, Susannah, William (Noscar), Ma and Benjamin.
J Jr ‘ s son HENRY
In December, 1828 Henry Noffsinger married Sarah Piles. In February, 1830 Jacob
and Abigail Nafzger sold 5 acres to Henry. Henry and Sarah sold this land to George
Wilson in 1830. Witnesses were James and Margaret Wells. The same year Henry and
Sarah Nossinger sold plot *79 in Felicity to the trustees of the Presbyterian Church.
That year they had three children in the Lewis township school district. In 1834
David Miller sold 5¼ acres to Henry.
Henry Noffsger died in Lewis township in February, 1880. He was 88 years old. Accordingto the death record he was born in PA. His wife Sarah died in 1879 at 82 years of age; she was bprn in Virginia. Children were Jacob, Elisabeth and Robert. A step-daughter Mariah Kipp was reared by Henry. Whether Sarah Piles had leen previously married i S url}crlOWn . Another woman , Rebecca , lived with Henry ; perhaps she was sister of his wife.
In August 1817 Christian Nafzger witnessed a land sale between Jacob Nofsger and Daniel Ccx In May, 1825 he married Hannah Joslin in Clermont County, OH. A month he perfonned the marriage of Jobn Dowdell and Elisabeth Noffsgar. By 1830 Christian lived in Felicity township.
In 1835 Christian and Rachel Notsger sold lot *9 in Felicity to William Abrams. Neither when Hannah Joslin died nor when Christian married Rachel Parrish. By 1840 Christopher Noftsgar lived in Tate township, Clennont County. Nine years later he sold Robert Parri sh (Rachel’ s brother? ) 1 50 acres and moved to Perry township, Delaware County, IN.
According to a profile on Samuel Noftsker of Goodview, Randoif County, IN, Christian was born 22 Novemier 1800 in PA; his wife Rachel Parrish was born in 1812 in Ohio. Samuel was a m of the Christian Church. Other children of Christian were David F, Elijah, Matilda, Michael H, William L and Stephen P. rI\qo other children may have been nard and Jacob.
ThOJB Jr ‘ s dau CM
Catharine M. Noffstsger married Joshua Brown 21 June 1826. In 1830 Joshua Brown lived next to Henry Noftsger in Brown County. However there were 5 males and 5 f in the household. So either this is father and son living in the same household, or Josifria was an older person who married a younger woman.
Jacob ‘ S daughter ISABE
Elisabeth Naffsgar married John Th 25 June, 1825 in Brown County, OH, according to the oath of Christian Noffsgar. In 1830 they lived in Lewis township, Brown County. By 1840 Elisabeth was living in Washington township, Owen County, IN. By 1850 she had moved to Peoria County, IL. She was 45 years old and born in PA. Children were Catharine, Joim, Margaret, Joseph (all born in OH) and Noses (born in IN) . Joseph M Dowdell married Ellen B Fisher in Peoria County.
Jacob ‘ s son L
David was born 20 February , 1808 in Kentucky and died 7 Nov 1 860 . He lived his entire life with his brother John and died a bachelor. He is buried in the same c as Jobn and his family.
JACOB Jr’ s son JAcOB
On 18 July 1836 Jacob Maftsger married Elisabeth Curt in Clerrnont county, OH.
By 1840 they had moved to Bond County, IL and in 1845 lived in Wapello County, IA.
In 1850 they lived in Marion County and by 1856 had moved to Decatur County, IA. In
1856 Jacob stated he had lived in Iowa for 12 years and prior had lived in Illinois.
In 1860 Jacob listed his occupation as a shoemaker.
An old family bible lists his birth 1 April, 1813. He died 28 May, 1863 at 50 yrs, 1 mo and 29 days. Stepchildren include Jobn C, Samuel H and Margaret Elisabeth Currmins, children of Hiram Currirtins. Children are Alfred Marion, E Ann, Marcus
La, Will jam Franklin , Josiah n, Nancy flr and Albert Neuten.
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Page Five
Jacob of 1750	Continued frcm Page Five
Family Outline
Jacob Nafziger = ? Gerrnany/S
+ prior to 17 February, 1783, Londoriderry township, PA.
m: (perhaps twice, 2) Anna = 7 + Prior to Dec 1806 Londonderry twp, PA.
1. Joseph = about 1753/5; + prior to 16 May 1832 Londonderry twp, PA.
m. Anna = ? ± after May, 1832.
1 1 . Abraham = about 1 776 + ? OH
In. Mary = about 1784 + after 1850 Carroll Co., OH.
12. Joseph = about 1778 + OH
In. Mary Gundy (d/o Joseph)
13. Johannes = about 1780 + ? OH
m.1.? •
2.	Catharine = about 1800 + ?
14.	Magdalena = ? + ?
15. Jacob Sr. = 1782 + 24 June 1850 German Twp., Harrison Co, OH.
In. Elisabeth Miller (= 1786 + ? ) in. 13 Feb. 1802 Jefferson Co, OH 16 Barbara = ? + ?
17 ?
rn. Jacob Moss (Mahr)
18. Christian = about 1787 + prior to 27 April 1829 Londonderry twp., PA In. Anna = ? + ?
2. Christian = 7 April 1765 + 4 April 1829 ndonderry twp. , PA
In . Jul i anna Hither d/o John Ulrich Haber ( 14 Aug 1 766 + 23 Oct . 1853
21. John = ? + 7
m? =?+7
22. Anna = ? + ?
rn. Johannes Jungst C = ? + ?) m. 16 Aug 1818
23 . Jacob = ? + ? Franklin Co . , OH
U’. Magdalena Eaeshore d/o Henry = ? + ?
24. Michael = 31 July 1794 + 17 Jan 1884 Londonderry twp, PA In. Barbara Knoll (Noll) = 1795 + 1884
25. Barbara = ? ± prior to 1825
rn. Conrad William nith (1789 — 1879) sb John in 1811.
26. Christian = 8 Dec 1796 + 10 Apr 1842 Londonderry twp. PA. In. Catharine Wagner d/o George (18 M 1802- 6 Oct 1871)
27. Joseph 1803 + prior to 1858 Londonderry twp. PA rn. Anna Biely (= ? + prior 1850) m. 1 Feb 1827
3. Jacob = ? about 1767 + after 1850 Bros Co. OH
m. 1. Magdalena Bowman d/o Abraham = ? + prior to 1800 2 . Catharine = ? + between 1 8 1 7-1 820 Brown Co . , OH
3. Abigail Joslin ( 1763-1850) in. 16 L 1822 Clerrnont Co. OH.
31 . Johannes I Feb 1791 + 6 Sept 1865 Clinton Co, OH
m. Mary Jane ‘Polly’ Merrill 7 Sept 1815 Clerrnont Co. OH
32. Henrich = 1792 + 22 Feb 1880 Brown c PA
In. Sarah/Sally Piles (=1796 +4 May 1879) ni. 18 Dec 1828.
33.: Christian = 22 Mar 1800 PA + 1869 Fulton Co., IND.
In. 1 Hannah Joslin (= ? + prior 1835) m. 5 May 1825
2. Rachael ? = about 1811 + ? IND.
34. Catharine = (alxut 1802) + ?
rn. Joshua Brown (= ? + ?) rn. 21 June 1826 Brown Co, OH
35 . Elisabeth (about 1805) + ? probably Peoria Co. ILL after 1850 rn. John Dowdall ? + 1836-4840 IND.
36. David = 20 Feb 1808 KY + 7 Nov 1860 Clinton Co. OH
37. Jacob 1 Apr 1813 + 28 May 1863 t Co. IA
In. Elisaleth Currinins nee Fronk (8 Jun 1812 + 23 Jun 1888) rn. 18 July 1836 Clerrnont Co., i
4$ Barbara = 7 + ?
Page six
Mrs. Lois Taylor of Ohio inquires abol2t a descendent of Rudolph.
. The questions of Mrs. Taylor involves Peter Nofsinger who settled in Nodaway County, Missouri. Did he have a daughter named Sarah who married the Reverend Thomas Cline?
According to a history on the Cline family (Lloyd B. Cline History, written in 1962),
a Sarah Knoffsinger married Thomas Cline in 1832 The Clines lived in Washington township,
Monroe County, OH. The same source names Peter Knoffsinger Cline, who was born 25 tober,
1824 a son of George L. and Nancy (Cline) Cline. Nancy Cline was a daughter of Joseph and
Sarah ( Cline and elder sister of Thomas Cline, husband of Sarah Noffsinger. Was
Sarah a daughter of Peter?
We can clarify the questions of Mrs Taylor by adding these considerations. We }
Peter N. bought land in Washington towr Monroe County in 1828 from Phillip and Anna
Allen. The Noffsingers sold land located on the Clear Fork of the Muskingurn River
(Washington township) in 1841 and 1842.
According to an obituary written 27 April, 1859 in the Central Christian Advocate Peter Noffsinger settled in Nodaway County, l He di 24 January, 1859, having resided in Missouri for 16 years—— which implies he moved to Missouri about 1843. The Obituary
also noted that prior to moving to MD, he had resided in Monroe county, OH for 25 years -— suggesting he settled there about 1818. Prior Peter had lived in lmont County for 25 years -- suggesting he moved to Ohio about 1793, when he was four yearsold. The obituary gave his birth date as 22 April,1789 being born in PA.
Specific considerations we wish to mention are:
1. Our article in the News (Suir Issue, 1988) outlined the children of Rudolph Noffsinger. One child, Natthias, settled in Belmont County, OH. Matthias probably moved into Ohio prior to 1793 as according to the 1860 Federal Census his daughter Nancy (wife of Daniel Gates/Goetz) gave her place of birth as Ohio in 1793.
However, the will of Matthias, which was written in 1808, did not mention a Peter—— it only named eldest son John, youngest son James and wife Anne. Furthe in subsecuent land sales of Matthias’ property the name Peter never did appear with the other heirs. The obituary noted that Peter of Nodaway County was born in PA and moved to eimont County, OH, about 1793, about the same time Nancy (Noffsinger) Gates was born. Is it possible that Peter had distanced himself or been excluded from the family prior to the settl of Matthias will and property and was in fact a child of Mathias?
In that same News issue we wrote that Peter of Nodaway County was probably a son of Peter Noffsinger (who resided in Washington County, PA) and the widow of Frederick Wise. The reason why we associated Peter of MO with Peter of PA was due to our failure to find any mention of Peter in the will and property sales of Matthias and our belief that Peter of PA died early. It may be that we will have to correct our view at a later date.
2. Nancy and Thomas Cline were the children of Joseph and Sarah (Linn) Cline. The youngest son of Matthias was James who was born in 1799. He married Jane Linn a daughter of John and Sarah Linn. We do not ow if these Linns were related. Again we may have another possible connection with the family of Matthias of Belmont county.
3. According to the Cline history, a Peter Knoffsinger Cline was born 25 October, 1824, or about 8 years prior to the 1832 marriage of Sarah Noffsinger and Thomas Cline. tees this mean there was an earlier family connection between the Noffsingers and Clines?
4. Finally we wish to draw an interesting parallel between the names of Peter’s children and the names given to descendents of Henry Nofsker (of Centre County, PA) who settled in
Blair County, PA. Peter of Nodaway County named his children Sarah(?), Catharine, Martin, James, Samuel, Martha, Jacob, Williarri, Peter, Wesley, and Thomas.
Blair County names include Jacob, Martin, James, George, Margaret, William, Sarah, John, Martha, Samuel, Emanuel and Henry. Is there a similarity between the names? We may r
that Henrys son Frederick, who remained in Centre County his entire life, spelled his name Noffsinger/Knoffsinger. But we ow of no “Peter” connected to this line.
Can any of our readers clarify the problems we mentioned at Please write if you think you have some solutions.
page Seven
A ‘ D. JoAnn Jobnson of Lcretto, MI writes about decendents of Rudolf.
The I (Surr Issue 1g88) contained an article on Rudolf Noffsinger and his descendents. Ms. Johnson has written to correct some errors we made in that article. She also provided us with additional information that we will pass on to our readers.
We wrote that Rudolf’s son John died sometime after the 1820 Federal Census and we knew of at least five of John’s children, Eli being the youngest. We wrote that Eli moved first to Randolph County, IN and subsequently to Bond County, IL, where he died in 1861. We also mentioned that perhaps John had a daughter named Judith.
Ms. Johnson has generously provided us with the following additions and corrections:
I. In a family letter written in 1928, there was mention of a family bible in which it was written that “John Noffsinger died 11 October, 1828. The citation did not give a burial place but presumably he died in Jefferson township, Montgomery County, OH. We have not lcxated a will of John Noffsinger but perhaps a reader has a copy and will provide it to us-— if one exists.
2. According to an obituary written July 15, 1874 for The Greenville Adv and probate records and his tombstones, Eli was born July 7, 1794’and died July 9, 1874. He was buried in Noffsinger Cemetery in Pleasant Mound township, Bond County, IL. His wife Mary (Pressell) Noffsinger was born in 1794 and died September 14, 1869. She was buried with her husband.
3. Ms. Johnson has kindly provided the following update on Eli and Ma children:
1. Elisabeth (= 15 Feb. 1819 ± 15 Apr. 1858 Darke Co., OH). M: Amos C
2. Daniel (= 13 Mar. 1821 + 6 May 1895 Bond Cc, IL). H: Mary Jane Scudder
3. Joel (= 13 Dec. 1822 16 Oct. 1901 Randolph Co. IN. N: Mary Jane Johnson
4. Sussanah (= 6 July 1823 + 10 Aug. 1873 Oregon). M: 1. John R 2. David Brower.
5. Uriah (= 30 Jan. 1830 ± perhaps Missouri after 1870). M: Lucinda Young
6. Eli P. (= 18 Mar 1835 + 1910 Randolph Co, IN). H: Mary Ncffsinger, d/o Absolom N.
7. Mary (= 7 Aug 1837 + 16 Feb 1935 Bond Co. IL). M: 1. Hezekiah Young; 2. Corrrnodore Roc
8. SalaT (= 3 May 1840 + ? ). M: James Knisley.
Perhaps there were two males who died young:
9. John (= 1824 + 1824)
10. Joseph (= 1828 ÷1828).
4. Ms. Johnson also identified Judith Noffsinger as a daughter of John and a sister to Eli. Judith married Michael Err They may have settled in Fayette County, IL.
We want to thank JoAnn Johnson for providing the above information. She also sent copies of Eli’s estate papers and transcriptions of obituaries. If any reader has additional information they would like to share, please do not hesitate to forward it.
My apologyto our readers for the error made in reprinting the address of Ray Woftsger in the last issue of the News Please note that Ray lives at 1432 W Harrison St., #28 in Chicaqo..
1432 W Harrison St #28
Chicago, Ills 60607

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