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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XVI No 3
Raw OCR - 8/04/04

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. £ L:be i’ Jt JJ
Peter (his x mark) Nafsker arrived in Philadelphia
aboard the ship Phoenix on 15 September l749 (On the ship’s manifest as all subsequent land sales Peter did not write his name.) On the same ship were Matthias Naft zger and Rudolph Naftzger. At present we are uncertain about the relationship between the three men. Matthias re ceived a land warrant in 1751 in Berks County, Pa. The whereabouts of Rudolph is unknown prior to 1767 when he bought land in York County, Pa.
The earliest public record mentioning Peter was found
in York County, Pa. in 1754 Peter resided in Berwick town-
. ship and entered into an agreement with Jacob Wolff of Paradise township, York county to exchange their propert ies We could not find the initial record of purchase for
Peter’s land. However the deed noted that through ‘sundry of assignments’ Peter had obtained the land Perhaps Peter had exchanged labor and/or crops for the land as capital was probably scarce for a new emigrant Peter’s neighbors in Berwick town- ship were Abrham Housevardt and George Peters. His Paradise neighbors were Jacob Zeigler, Conrad Ament and Peter Enders
In December 1762 Peter sold his land in Paradise township to John Schirsch. There was no mention of his wife in the sale which was required by law if he were married It may have been an omission on the clerk’s part or, more likely, his wife was deceased
In 1760, 1762, 1768 and 1769 Peter bought land in Frederick County, Maryland. In all the above records Peter was a Yeoman (farmer) from York county, PA. He bought land from Valentin Rinehardt, Henry Miller, Veltin Meiers (Myers) and Yost Meiers The question as to why Peter bought land in Maryland while living in Pa. is interesting but unanswered Perhaps he was speculating in land as did many of the men of the period
Generally when the original land patents were made in Maryland they were given names. Peter’s purchases included Rabbitt Hill, Holland, Hickle BerryBottom, Black Oak Hill and White Gravel Springs and all were located near a branch on Little Pipe Creek
In 1771 Peter Naffager and George Yerkhardt (both of Maryland) went to York, Pa to be naturalized It was noted that they were probably Dunkards In the same year Peter Nossinger, yeoman of Frederick County and his wife Phreny sold the piece of land named 1uckle Berry Bottom It would seem that Peter had remarried in the past 9 years and his wife is named Freni In May 1776 Peter Noss.inge.r was fined 6 pounds
10 shillings for being a non-enroller in Captain Dorsey’s State Militia of the Middle District for Frederick County (In April of the same year Peter’s son John had been fined on the same charge The fine was reduced (for John also) three months later
In 1778 Peter and his wife Froney sold more land In 1784 Peter and “Frances” sold White Gravel Springs and Black Oak Hill to Christian Rupp and Joseph Rupp, both from Lancaster County, Pa. The assignment was completed and entered for the record in 1794.
When and where Peter died in unknown. However we found a June, 1785 land sale record in Frederick county, Md. between John Naphsinger and Charles Angall. John was a farmer from the county of Bedford, State of Virginia and son and heir-in-law of of Peter Naphsinger, deceased The sale was for the remaining acres of Rabbitt Hill
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PETER ARRIVES I1’ AMERICA Continued from Page One
and Holland in Frederick County, MD If Peter died in Frederick County or Virginia is an open question However he died prior to June, 1785
Peter’s son John as mentioned above first appeared as a non-ronroller in Mary- land’s militia in 1776 when he was fined At that time in Pennsylvania all men be- tween 18 and 53 were required to enroll in the State’s militia If we assume that Pennsylvania and Maryland’s laws were similar with respect to enrollment age, John would have been born prior to l758 Furthermore, it would seem that Peter had no other male children over 18 years
The earliest public record of John in Virginia is a 1782 tax lists for Bedford County In 1785 John’s neighbors were Peter Snider, John Neeley, Jacob Gish and the Gebes John was a witness to a land sale in May, 1786 in Franklin County. rn April, 1787 he was living on aggdy (Maggerty) Creek near the Roan Oak (Roanoke) River on the county line with Botetourt Between 1785 and 1786 Franklin County was carved from Bedford county, VirginaL
In May, 1788 John Noftsinger of Franklin county apoointed his “trusty friend” Abraham Landis of Frederick county, MD to be his lawful attorney in the settlement of his wife Mary’s dowery Mary had been previously married to Abraham Hackman (Hoffman) who was deceased She had 177 acres of land in Frederick county. The maiden name of Mary was not given in this Frederick County reoced In October of the same year, for “consideration of live, good will and affection” Mary Spandgler signed a gift deed to John in Franklin county, Va Among the items she included were beds, cattle, horses, bonds, etc which suggested that the estate was a sizable one for theperiod Another record, dated 1797, recorded John’s purchase of a certain negro slave named Millie
Children of John who married in Franklin county, Va were Mary (married Christly Peters in 1796), Hannah (married Benjamin Cauffman in 1798) and Nancy (married Daniel Gossett in l8O5) The Cauffman’s went to Muhlenberg County, KY about 1803.
tn 1808 John’s daughter Elisabeth married Henry Rhoades III in Muhlenberg County,
KY.• Just when John moved there is unknown. He was in Kentucky in 1810 as he and his
wife were enumerated in the Kentucky census, as they were in 1820 and 1830. In 1812
John Nofsinger was named as executor in Christian Gish’s will. John died about 1832/
1833 as hiswill is record in the Muhlenberg County, KY will book in 1833.
Peter’s son Peter
Peter was mention&i in the tithable records for 1783 as living near Fincastle
•tn Botetourt county, Va. In August 1784 “Peter Junr of Bedford county” bought 350 acres in Botetourt county. The tax roll for 1785 for Botetourt lists Peter with 360 acres and 144 acres. In 1787 he was appointed to study a proposed wagon road running from Mrs. Breckenrige’s to the Brunswick Iron Work, In 1791 he bought land on Looney’s Creek and the following year purchased 515 acres on Catawba, The same year Pter voted in the state elections . at the court house of Botetourt county, In 1798 he was apointed a surveyor of the highways.
. In June, 1799 Peter married Mary Persinger, certainly his second wife, When his first wife died and her name is not known Petef was enumerated in 1810, 1820, 1830 and 1840 census’ for Botetourt county. In 1840 his age was given as 80 to 90 years implying he was born about 1750-1760. Given that he was not named as a non-enroller in 1776, it is reasonable to guess his birth to have been about 1759, Peter Noffsinger and Christian Harshberger, executors of the will of Henry WaVEin 1815, sold Wave’s land to Benjamin Carpenter..
Peter’s will was written in January 1841 and filed in Botetourt county in July, 1’
1844. He named his wife Mary and the following children: Jacob, Hannah (who married
John Snider), a deceased son John (his wife Susan and their children were named),
Polly, Nancy(wife of Samuel Hoff), Samuel, Sally (wife of Jacob Stover) and David,
Jacob Stover and David Noffsinger were executors of the will witnessed by William
Kyle and Ferdinand Woltz,
Continued .on PageFour
My great grandmother was Helene Naffziger Bender, born 1827, d 1896 in Granville I would like to know more about her parents I have a list of her brothers and sis ters sent to me from Marion Nafziqer from Stanford,Illinois My cirandmother, Ella Bender Sucher had relatives in Butler County, Ohio and I remember that she corresponded with them Why did so many famflies come to America? Were that persecuted because they were Mennonites? I am also related to the Holly and Bremeriann families E grateful to Mabel K. Strausser of Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania
for the information she sent us Mabel traces to the Mathias Naftzinger who emigrated to America in 1749. As far as we know, anyone in the United States that uses this spelling of the name always trace to Mathias (l749) Several grandchildren that moved to Ohio (Bucyrus) adopted the Nauftsinger spelling of the namee It would appear that either for the lack of male descendants or much smaller families, there are few descendants left in the US that carry either spelling of the name, But there appears to be a good number of descendants in the UeS. who carry different names because of marriage and Mabel Stausser would represent one of them We are very glad to hear from her and the assistance in updating this very important family line
Paul V. Hostetler of Hamden, Connecticut writes to inform us of a project to save the homestead Because so many Nafzger lines cross the Hochstetler lines at different points of our heritage and because Paul was a frequent contributor to the early beginnings of the NHN, we are happy to include his information Paul suffered a stroke nine years ago and he is not physically able to head up a drive Thus, he searching for the name of a descendant who may want to do so flso, he wants to determine the extent of the interest in such a project so if you are interested write to him He wants suggestions about the project in general such as what sort of museum or restoration should take place, etc Write PAUL V HOSTETLER, 50 Todd St Hamden CT, O65l8
I found a few dates, etc that I will enclose for your records My grandfather JACOB NOFSGER, born Dec 25, 1856, Rogersville, Ohio married Sept 30, 1880 to Rosina Spahr, April 14, l882 Moved to Hebraska He died June 5, 1905 and is buried Four mile Cemetery, Humboldt, Nebraska My grandmother, ROSINA S?AHR, born Dec,15, 1861 at Shanesville, Ohio Tuscarawas County, Ohio Married Jacob Died December 26, 1935, buried Fourmile Church Cemetery, Humboldt, Nebraska Children of this couple are JOHN, born Jan 15, 1882, marriedRuth Lewis August 6, l932 Died Nov l7,l939 EMMA, born Jan 6, 1884, married Otto Gugelman June 8, 1906, died; 1909.FRED, born March 10, 1886, married Hulda Lionberger, April 10, 1932. died March 3, 1959, burned at Fourmile Church Cemetery, Humboldt, Nebraska,. My father LOUIS, born Mary 6, 1888, maried Feb,. 12, 1912 to Pearl A Seitz, died Oct 2, 1968, buried at Fourmile Church- yard Cemtery, Humboldt, Nebraska SAM, born June 18, 1891, married to Leonora Ernigh, died Sept. 16, 1965,. buried at Montecito Memorial Park California ELIZABETH, born Oct 23, 1893, married to Paul Graff, Nove 9, 1935, died Nov. 27, l98l buried in family plot, Fourmile Churchyard Cemetery, Humboldt, Nebraska GEORGIA, born Feb 19, 1896, died Dec 15, l897 Burial in the family plot at Fourmile Churchyard Cemteny
Editor’s Note - Mrs Beer writes that her father, Louis was the only one of his brothers and sisters to have children She says that she thinks her great grandfather came from Switzerland She states that her grandfather was in Ohio before moving to Nebraska ‘er grandfather, Jacob Nofsger was one of the early pioneers in Tuscarwas County, Ohio Her great grandfather, Christian Nofsger settled in Tuscarwas County in the 1805-1810 period In Ohio history he is listed as one of the pioneers of the county We are uncertain which one of the early immigrants that came to America, this Jacob will trace but there is some indication that he will connect to Ulnich N, who emigrated in l74l And Ulrich did come from Switzerland so once again, little stories past on from gen Cont’d on Page Six
PETER AF tN AMERICA IN 1749 - Cont from Page One. Peter’s son Jacob
Jacob Noffsinger was mentioned in a 1799 petition submitted by the German Baptist Congregation (later Church of Brethern) of Botetourt county, Va The signers offered to commute their labor for public benefit rather than serve a military obli gation Little other public records of Jacob were found His daughters Nancy (who married Jacob Cook) and Mary (who married John Gossett in 1807) were named in Botetourt county marriage records
In March, 1808 Jacob Noffsinger was named in a Muhlenberg county, Kentucky land records as living next to Christian Gish, When he moved there was not determined. Jacob’s daughter Catharine married the Dunard Revernd Samuel Danners in 1811 in Muh lenberg county
Jacob Noftzinger died prior to Aug 1808 (or 1805?) as his inventory was filed in Muhlenberg county. His widow Susan was enumerated together with 11 other people in l8lO She was also listed in the 1820 census as was Jacob’s son Samuel.
Peter’s son Samuel
Samuel Naffsinger boght land on Looney’s Creek in Botetourt county, Va in 1788.
He was proably married at this time His first wife died but her name is unknown.
His second marriage was in August, 1791 to Mary (Polly) Hiner, daughter of John
In 1795 Samuel was appointed surveyor of the highways with William Kyle In 1798 he was appointed constable In 1790 Samuel signed a petition together with other Ger man Baptists of Botetourt county asking that their military obligation be commuted into public service labor in the form of work projects Whether it was accepted is unknown In a history of Looney’s Creek, Samuel was named as a leader of the German group who settled in that area of the shanadoah Valley
In 1810 census Samuel was enumerated with 7 other people in the household In 1812 his daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Bilbrew Samuel was also enumerated in 1820 and 1830 census Samuel died prior to May, 1839. His will named his children as Elis abbeth (married Thomas Bilbrew), Abraham, Issac, Sally (Sarah) and Polly (Mary, wife of Peter Mace) Samuel’s wife Catharine, who was born in MD in 1770, lived with her son Isaac in 1850
Peter’s son Joseph
Joseph Noffsinger was mentioned in the Botetourt County record in February 1792 when he was appointed. as surveyor of the roads. In April of the same year he voted tn an election for State Senator at the courthouse, In 1795 Joseph was reappointed
for another term as surveyor In 1799 Joseph signed the German Baptist Congregation for commuting their military duty intopublic service wori. In 1810 hewas enumerated in the census with 8 other people living in his household.
In September, 1815 Joseph Nofzinger’s will was probated inBotetourt county. His wife Betsy was named and mention was given to his children, However, they remained un named Elisabeth (Betsy) was enumerated inthe 1820 and 1830 census. Joseph’s daughter Susan was married to George W Gish in l8l4 . -
Peter’s son David
In April, 1792 David Noftzanger voted at the courthouse for State senators of Botetourt County, VA in 1793 he was married to Hannah Crumpacker, the daughter of Abraham who was deceased Hannah’s mother Barbara and brothers Peter and Abraham were witnesses In June, 1799 David Noffsinger and David Kinsey were appointed as surveyors of the hiqhway
It wOuld seem that David’s first wife Hannah died sometime prior to 1799 In July, 1799 he was married to Molly Stover in Botetourt county In March of 1808 David was a member of a grand jury with Christian Moomaugh in Botetourt County.
- 4 -	Continued on Page Five
120 Eclgewood Drive We have a major problem of getting all of the Gralton, Ohio 44044 more recent information about Nafzgers that appear
in local newspapers throughout the country worked
EDITORS into our Newsletter We are referring to the obits,
RAY NOFTSGER marriage announcements and the arrival of new Nafz CLAIR NAFTZGER gers into the N heritage We believe the data is
valuable because it gives us a chance to keep the
suE.SCRIVIIOH FEE materials and our records updated and equip with the very latest data Also, we appreciate the time and
Ten VoUcA4 - YWJtLy effort of our readers to keep up informed by sending Ptth&. QpLv them to us. We believe it is a real credit to the
Pt.tbLL e Nafzger clan that we have so much material sent to
us. One outstanding example is the effort made by Wilmer Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois He collects
articles from many newspapers and from all over central Illinois and from a number of family lines,. He forwards the material to us. We want to tell Wilmer and many other readers that this material is not wasted and we will use it in our records Hopefully, we can come up with the space in the News in the near future and get this aspect of our newsletter brought up to date We hope our readers will understand when it appears in the News but somewhat outdated
I stand corrected Some time ago, I wrote in the News when we were featuring the Nafziger line commonly referred to as “Bishop of Essingen that I didn’t know of any descendants of this line living in the United States George send me a friendly correction that he is a direct descendant of this line and encloses the genealogical chart to prove it Thanks for the correction I suspect that the next time that I talk to Ray Noftsger on the telephone, I stand to be corrected on several more points as I believe he can trace a number of lines that live in the U to the Bishop of Essingen
PETER ARRI:VES IN 1\MERIC/	Conttru from Page Four
In 1810 US census enumerated David with 9 other people in his household In Dec. 1813 David (his x mark) Noftsinger signed a petition to erect a Protestant Episcapal Church. Three years later his daughter Pol)y married John Gish David was enumerated again in 1820 In 1821 two of his daughters were married, Catey to Henry Frantz and Elisabeth to John Houtz We could not find an other public records for cavid Per- haps he met an untimely death
(The remainder of the article prepared by Ray Noftsger Peter N who emigrated to America in 1749 will continue in the next issue of the News ¶‘ur readers should know that this material was researched by Ray in Philadelphia after many hours of work in the various libraries and archives. The first article on Peter N was researched by your other editor (Clair N and appeared in the News many years ago It was done by traveling to the various county courthouses and compiling records that they left in the counties where they lived In genealogy, there is considerable room to make assumptions and interpretations which may prove to be true or not true. Your two editors used different methods of research to secure material for the News and we make great sport of how some very different conclusions may result because we do not copy the material from each other We invite our readers to do the same. If a part ofthe story does not seem to add up to the same conclusion that you hold, please write us and let us known In this manner, we can come up with the facts of the story
With great interest I read the account of Christian Ropp in the NHN Spring
issue 1986 I believe I am able to help identify some of the mentioned persons We know, that Peter NafzIger the Apostle married Barbara Beck,cMughter of Christian Beck at t4olferhof Peter Beck seems to be the oldest brother of Barbara Beck tnd was born January 13, 1792 at the same estate
In the church records at Rimhorn I found some years ago a birth record at of an illegal child of Marie Elisabeth Knieriem born in 1804 and Christian Farni, “Branntweinbrenner (destillateur) at Wlferhof, a Me,wonite declared to be the father Further is said, that Christian Farmi came from Worth in the Alsace.
I continue to appreciate your Nafzger Heritage News very much I consider it one of the best family apers that we get
Recently I came across something that I thought would interest you. Of course, you may know all about it already In a local Mennonite history of Elkhart County, Indiana it was mentioned that Andrew Noffsinger located as a squatter along the St Joseph River within what is now a part of Elkhart city and built a cabin. It is something of a mystery who he was or where he came from. He was considered something of a recluse. Do you know anything about him or his background?
Editor’s Note - While no dates were mentioned in Delbert’s letter we think we know the Andrew referred to in his letter. He would have been found in Elkhart in the early 1800’s. For almost certain, this Andrew will trace to Rudolph N who emirated to America in l749 I believehe would be one of his grandsons We conclude this for many reasons including the Noffsinger spelling of the name which was only used by Peter N. descendants during this early period Also, in the very early 1800’s, this Andrew is found in Darke County, Ohio. Apparently, he moved westward with his brothers and cousins to southwest Ohio from Pennsylvania or Maryland. He was somewhat of a mystery in Darke County, living in a cabin which he built and considered a re- cluse He disappears from Darke County in the early 1800’s and I believe it is the same one which appears in Elkhart All Noffsinger spelling of the name found in southwest Ohio during the very early 1800’s come from Rudolph’s line. Later, we do find a line of Noffsingers in Michigan which seems to trace to this Andrew. Quite possibly, he was married at some time or other and is the father of a child or two giving up the Michigan descendants. However, I challenge someone to locate the marriage records or some birth records of the early descendants of this Andrew
My great great grandfather was Manuel Miller (August 18, 1810-1893) and he lived In keokuk County, Iowa and is buried in the South English Cemetery He was left an orphan at an early age and went to live in the family of his uncle DANIEL NOFFSINGER of Washington County, Pennsylvania. am tryingto find out who his parents were and if I can’t find out, I would like to know how Daniel Noffsinger was his u Who was Daniel’s wife — A Miller I am related to the Heatons, Bell, Bottenfiled, Sorden,
Braddock families
Editor’s Note - Daniel Noffsinger, born 1801, married in 1822 to Sarah Ewart(l8Ol-1877) at Washington County, Pennsylvania Children: David, James, Rebecca, Maria and William. Daniel moved to Knox County in 1820. I cannot find the Miller name connected to any of the brother or sisters ofDaniel
From the Harold Beer Family of Sabetha, Kansas - Continued From Page Three eration to generation appears to be founded in some truth. Some day, Ray Noftsger may be able to make the documented connection of this line, Another point is that from all we can find, the Nofsger spelling died out in the U.S. and no longer exists.
— 6-
Please add to the Rudolph Nafzger Family history as indicated (For the ones who
have received the workbook on this family line).
No, 6- Walter Noffsinger(5 married in 1925 to Bessie Hogan in Montana
No. 6—123 RALPH NOFFSINGER(5—95) married to Gertrude Inez Harvey. (Harvey is mis
spelled in the workbook), Ralph and Gertrude are buried at Olympia Washington, 1984.
No. 6-125 Kenneth Noffsinger(5-95) married in 1941 to Emma Oserley. City of Tumwater,
Washington is mispelled.
No. 7-98 WILFRED L. NOFFSINGER(6-118) Born 1926, married to Donna in 1950. Donna died
young giving birth to Lynn in 1953. 2nd. wife is Marjoria. Died in 1976. Married again
and divorced, Residence is Amity, Oregon. died in l984
No, 7 HOWARD NOFFSINGER(6-123) 2nd, wife Donna Gorley Robbins in l982 Daughter
Irma is misspelled.
no. 7-436 RONALD NOFFSINGER(6-123) Add children Tammy and Danitta.
No 7—522 MARIE NOFFSINGER(7-’522) Should read (6-.l25). Born in 1941
No, 8-241 PENNY JOHNSON(7—433) married Richard Henry 1981. Children: James and Alisha.
Residence: Olympia, Washington
No.8-246 CINDY NOFFSINGER(7 married Russell Burnham in 1979. Children: Cory and
Christina. residence: Rainier, Washington Russell died in 1986.
No. 8-.247 TRINA(7-’434) Born in Morton (not Yelm) Married in 1978 to Douglas Cook.
Children: Melissa, Melinda and Amanda. Residence: Toledo, WAshington.
No. 8-248 BRENDA CRAM(7. married to Bruce Longmire in 1980. Children: Sabrina,
and Kyle. Residence: YeI Washington
8—250 EVONNE CRAM(7-435) Married to Bruce Atkins in 1984. Children: Casey, Tamsha
Residence: Yelm, Washington
Add to the 8th Generation (I) Tammy Lela Noffsinger(7-.436) Born in 1979 in Ol
(2) Danitta Marie Noffsinger(7—436) Born in 1981 in Olympia.
Add to the 9th Generation (1) James Wayne Henry(8—24l) Born in 1983 in Olympia. (2)
Alisha Marie Henry(8 Born 1985 in Olympia. (3) Cory. Lee Burham(8-’246) born in
1981 in Olympia. (4) Christina Rose Lynn Burham(8 Born in 1982 in Olympia. (5)
Melissa May Cook(8-.247) Born in 1981 in Centralia, Washington. (6) Melina Marie Cook
(8-’247) Born in 1982 in Centralia, WAshington. ( Amanda Gene Book(8-247) born in
1983 in Centralia, Washington. Buried in 1984 in Olympia, Washington after 7 months.
(8) Sabrina Renee Longmire(8-’248) born in 1981 in Olympia, Washington. (9) Kyle Jerome
Longmire(8-.248) Born in 1983 in Olympia, Washington. (10) Casey Adam Cram(8-25)
Born in 1981 in Olympia, Washington. (11) Tausha Marie Cram(8-.25O) Born in 1981
in Olympia, washington.
We are in receipt of a nice letter rom Donna Noffsinger Munroe of Tacoma, Washington. ‘The is a descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749. Her parents are Walter Noffsinger born in 1901 and died in l952)who married Bessie Hogan born in 1904—1968), Children of this marriage are Donna, Dorothy, Gerald, Hazel, Richard, and carlene. She sends us the genealogical data on each of her brothers and sisters, We appreciate the information but we will need the name of her grandfather (Noffsinger) and dates to place her name in the proper N. line in our files.
I’s writing this letter to introduce myself to the Nafziger familjes in the United States. I am the daughter of Ernst and Elizabeth Nafziger, 6661 Stausteinerhof, Bezirk 71, West Germany and the granddaughter of Jacob and Anna Nafziger, who both lived and died on Stausteinerhof, All of the above including myself are Mennonites. I live here in the U.S. together withrnyhusband Harold.N. Russel and myson Christian Nafziger
Continued on Page Eight
RusselI,t would very much like to become a subscriber to the NI-IN, which you are already sending to my mother and sev eral other niernbers of our family in Germany My father, Ernst Nafziger, tho died in 1978 was very interested in the family herit age To keep the tradition, my cousin, Klaus Nafziger, same address in Germany, took over where my father left of and is actively involved in family research Over the years, we have accumulated quite a lot of information, which we can, if interested, send to you 1f t can be of any help to the Nafzger news, please let me know
CAN ANY OF OUR READERS HELP EVELYN MARTINEZ OF SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA?????? Seeking parent information on Legrand Noffsinger, b. 1827, Kentucky, married.
Elizabeth Ann Thompson 1847, b. 1833, Michigan Residence Adams County, Illinois. They had a son Russel Farnium Noffsinger, b. 1849, Ft. Dearborn, Illinois (Cook) who became Russel F. Eddy-aoption? Itis more thna likely Legrand is a descendant of Jacob or John Noffsinger, (grandson) if I only knew hich one left Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. These are the descendants of Peter Noffsinger emigrated 1749. Any help or suggestion would greatly be appreciated on this long time research problem.
We are in receipt of a great deal of information from Shirley. Of particular interest to us is that she has gather considerable information on the family line of Nancy Noffsinger (d/o Mathais & Nancy Anrr (Brill) Noffsinger and her husband Daniel Gates (sb George and Sevilla (Steele)Gates. They lived in Powhatan Point area of Ohio She writes that she is willingto supply information on descendants of this family line at no cost to the receiver As many of our readers may know, the Nancy Noffsinger and Daniel Gates line traces to Rudolph who emigrated to America in 1749. We appreciate the offer to help us with line in that it one that we did not have much informat on descendanL We want to think her for her fir1€ effort in gathering the information
I 20 Edg.wood Drive
GraIton, Ohio 44044
Deborah Galloway
P0 Box 13465
Ft. Wayne, IN 46869

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