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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XV No 3
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!Ije J erttagc J
VOL. XV., No, 3	WINTER ISSUE 1983 _______
Editor’s Note: I called Ray Noftsger of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to asked him if he was ready to take over The Nafzger Heritage News. He told me that he wasn’t quite ready because of the problem of finding an extra room or two to house the operation. However, he did indicate that he would begin providing more and more of the material for each issue of the newsletter until eventually, he may be providing all of the written material and I may be doing the typing, paste-up etc. The take—over will be gradual. Indeed, the Nafzgers are very fortunate to have someone like Ray to give the newsletter more zest and research. There is no doubt In my mind that Ray Noftsger has more total know-. ledge of the Nafzger families in Europe and the USA than any other person and that includes me. There are several qood candidates but Ray fits in at the top.
The reason why I want to turn over the material and the newsletter isn’t anything very major except that after close to twenty years. it is time to pass it onto younger blood for added zest. Perhaps, it can continue for another twenty years. Also, my eyes are not as good as they used to be and the work is difficult with out good eyesight. I hope our readers will support Ray just as you have given me Support for inspiration to keep it going Some of you may prefer to write to Ray direct. His address is Ray Noftsger, 950 Walnut Street, Apt,. 716, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19187. I hope some of you will write him to express our appreciation for his interest in our heritage. The following material was sent to me by Ray Noftsger
In a 1975 issue of the News we printed an 88 year old letter written about John Noftsker of. Franklin County, Pennsylvania, At the time we assumed John descended from Ulrich Nafzger of Leacock, Lancaster county, the 1741 immigrant. Although this now seems quite unlikely, we can add much informa tion concerning John Noftsker, For those who do not have the older issue of the News we again reprint the old letter:
My grandfather came from Europe, from what part I do not know, His name was John Noftsker, He settled in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. randmother’s name I think was Farney. They had eight children, four girls and four boys, The names of the boys were John, and Henry(my father), next was Mathias, then Joseph. The names of the girls were Anna, she died in her teens, next was Katherine, they Barbara, then Elizabeth, John married and moved to Somerset County, Pennsylvania near Greensburg, Pa, He had twelve children, nine boys and three girls. I never saw Uncle, as he left these parts perhaps before I was born. There are still, I think, three or four of the family, Katherine and Joseph I know are living near Greensburg, yet the rest are scattered over the western states. Uncle John was upward of 90 years old when he died, Mathias and Joseph died old bachelors, Aunt Katherine married George Grove. She was the mother of Mrs. Keifer, now living in Sterlin, Illinois, Her brother was George Grove and is living in the same place. There are also two of Samuel Grove’s soons living there, The rest of
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120 Edgewood Drive
Gralton, Ohio 44044
SUSSCRI1’TIOU FEE Teii VoLLCA4 - Ve PabV4 ke..d Qua/
Pu,bLLshe.d eve.k
Sp’ -W Fa.U-Summe/L
Our thanks to Galen Kline for his understanding of a problem that we created for him and us. A subscription due notice was mistakenly sent to him. We are sorry for the error, Galen,,
Jim McKitrick of Eatontown, New Jersey send us a nice letter with several im portant questions One question is the listing of Matheis Nafzger in a number of Pennsylvania records. Keep in mind that there are at least four of them from three different Nafzger lines It can become quite confusing when you realize that of the four early Nafzger lines to settle in America, Matheis and Rudolph, emigrated 1749, used the name as did Ulrich who emigrated 1742. Jim visited Northampton County, Pennsylvania and found Matheis Nafzger, born 1734, died 11—4-1803 and married to Elizabeth Sollenberger. This listing would be Matheis Nafzger who emigrated to America in 1749. An important factor to the listing is that it states his birthday as being sometime in the year 1734 which for me, is the first time for any documentation on the year of his birth. Please not that this date is very important because it would mean that he was only 15 fifteen years old when in arrived in America. His first child, John was born in 1754 or when he was 20 years old, Elizabeth Sollenberger was his second marriage. I have heard a lot of speculation about perhaps, Matheis was an much older individual, possibly the father of the other two, Rudolph and Peter
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We received a letter questioning the use of the double ‘f” . According to our mailing lists, Alain Naffzger of Cernay, France and his immediate family is the only European family to use the double “f” in the spelling, We would appreciate hearing from any other European Nafzger family who may use the double “f” spell ing. Also, according to Ray Noftsger’s research, the way Main spells the name is the earliest known spelling of the name, Presently, it represents the original spelling of the name, The double “f” spelling is used by many families in the U.S. but they include an “i” to the name — Naffziger. Perhaps, some of our German cousins can list for us all of the different European spelling of the name and what year it would appear that the various spellings of the name was changed and perhaps, it will assist us in our research by connecting families who may carry a different spelling.
Front row - L to R. Glenn Nofainger, Elizabeth(Plank Roy Nofainger
Gladyi Nofziger and Iris Nofziger? Second row,Je Keim, Magdalena(Nolslnger)Keir
Ruth Nofziger and Lucmda(Keim)Nofsinger: Back Row, BeIle(Robinson)NofIIflger
Vernon Nofsinger, Frank Nolsinger, Christian K. Nofsinger and Ira Nofeiger
Picture taken in 1912.
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the Grove family are nearly all living inLaGrange County, Indiana near Valentine., James Clugson was married to one of the girls, David Gross man .ito another. Aunt Barbara married a Stouffer. Her family are all dead except one daughter, who also married a Stouffer, now a widow living near Chamberburg, Pennslvania Aunt Elizabeth married a Cline. The only member of her family left in these parts is Mrs. Kirchbaum of Chambersburg. John and Kate are living near Bloomington, Illinois. Each own a farm. Kate married a man, I think by the name of Davidson. Her brother Nicholas is in Oregon - has been there for thirty years., He visited us last winter., This is the history of father’s side of the house as far as I know, My mother’s name was Zeigler, but I know of no connection on her side, but two or three families - one a niece of mother’s married to a Brandt, another to a Miller, a daughter of whom those Nichols sprang in Chambersburg. Of the Brandts and Henrys, I know very little, In regard to the spelling of our name, my father spelled the name as we do, but I see in several instruments of writing that the name is spiled different, I have a deed of conveyance of a farm to grandfather in Lancaster count, dated 1773 in which the name is splied Nofftsger,
It appears that the John Noffsker mentioned in the letter is the same as
John N who is earlier found living inLebanon township, which in 1773 was in
Lancaster County, Subsequently, Dauphin County was carved from Lancaster and
Lebanon was situated in Dauphin County. Still later, Lebanon county was sep arated from Dauphin County and Lebanon township ended up in Lebanon County.
This history of Lebanon township helps explain how John N appears in both
Lancaster and Dauphin County records.,
In February, 1776, John Nafftsger purchased a farm called Stoney Ridge from the heirs of Jakob Hochstettler (his wife Anna and children John, Joseph & Christian Hochstettler & Barbara Stutsmann). In subsequent years (17/8—1790) Joh Noftsker (variously spelled) appeared on the militia and tax rolls and in the census for Lebanon township.
In the First US Census (1790), John Nophsicker was enumerated in “the re mainder of Dauphin County” with a household of 4 males and 4 females. Prior to the 1850 census, only the head of a household was named in the census, while other family members were numericly counted by age groups). This 1790 census was the last official record found in Lancaster/Dauphin/Lebanon count ies referring to John N. of Lebanon township., When he sold the Hochstettler property is unknown.
In April, 1792, John Noftsger “late of Dauphin County, Pa,,” purchased a farm from James & John Reid in Franklin county, Pa, The farm was located in Lurgen township at that time. Through a subsequent subdivision of the township the farm ended up located in Green township, Franklin County.,
John N, did not appear in the 1800 census., In all probability he had died as Elisabeth Noffsker was enumerated in Green township for that year. Her household consisted o 3 males and 5 females., In Guilford township of Franklin County, Henry Noffsker has a household of 2 males, 2 females and 1 slave,
rn April, 1808, Henry Naftzgar and Henry Reges were granted letters of administration for Elisabeth Naftzgar, “late of Franklin County” and a “spin ster deed”., The 1883 History of Dauphin & Lebanon Counties by Egle identified the wife of John Nafzger as Elisabeth Forney, the daughter of Joseph Forney. Joseph Forney lived in Londonderry township, a township west of Lebanon township on the border of Lebanon and Dauphin counties., (Jacob Naftziger, the 1750 imi— grant, also lived inLondonderry township, not far from Joseph Forney. How Jacob N and John N, are related in presently unknown,) A private genealogy on the Forney Families written in 1911 notes that John Forney, son of Joseph Forney, had married Elisabeth Naftzinger, who perhaps was a sister of John
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Nafzger. Regardless, it seems that JOhn Naftzger married Elisabeth Forney and she was probably the Elisabeth Naftsgar who died in 1808 in Franklin County. This information agrees with that found in the old letter.
In the 1810 US Census, Henry Nofsker still resided in Guilford Township with 5 males & 5 females in his household. In Green township, John Noftsear (2 males & 2 females lived next door to (another) Henry Nofsear (3 females) How these two Henry’s are explained i no certain.
In April, 1818, John Nofzger & his wife Mary of Green township, Henry Nofsker & his wife Sally of Guilford, George Grove & his wife Catharine of Guil ford, Mathias Noftsger of the borough of Chambersburg, Nikolas Kline & wife Elisabeth and Jakob Stoufer and his wife Barbara, both of Green township and Joseph Noftzger of Gui ford, all heirs to the deceased “John Noftzger who died intestate” (Namely, without a will), deeded their inherited land to Henry Etter (Eller). Just when John N. died in unknown, but it could be that he died suddenly and it could have been 20 years earlier.
In 1820 Henry Naftzger was enumerated in Washington township of Franklin County with 5 males & 5 females. In the same township is George Grove & Jakob Stauffer, However, John Noschur had moved and now lived in Derry township of Westmoreland County, Pa. (with 5 males and 3 females). Derry township if just east of Greensburg, Pa. in Westmoreland County, not Somerset. In April, 1823, Henry Noftzger of Gulford township & His wife Sarah (signed Sally) sold some land to Jakob Small in Antrim township.
In the 1830 Census John Noscar lived in Unity township of Westmoreland County (6 males & 2 females and Henry Noxter lived in Shippenburg (5 males and 4 females). Shortly prior to September, 1838, Henry KNoffsker of Shippensburg died, John Carey was his executor. Although inventories were taken, no will was recorded in the will book,
In the 1840 census, SarahNofscar lived in Shippensburg in a household
with 3 males & 3 females, John Nofsker lived in Unity township with 9 males &
2 females, In September, 1841, Jacob Noftsker and Mary M, Nofsker were coninuni cants in Reformed Church of Shippenburg. (In May, 1834, Margarete Noftsker was
a comunjcant in the same Church,) In April, 1842, Samuel Nofsker & Sophia
Schertz (Schwartz), both of Unity township, Westmoreland county, were married, The 1850 census was the first US cenus which listed the names and ages of
each member of the household which was enumerated, However it should be under stood that the information which appeared on this and subsequent census rolls was not always completely accurate, In August and September, 1850, the following Nofsker’s appeared in the Westmoreland county census of Unity and Derry townships.
Unity township - p. 353	Derry township p, 399
. Nofsker	72 yrs	(1778) farmer	Edward Layton	39 yrs (1811)
Mary Nofsker	67 yrs	(1783)	Innkeeper - many guest
Joseph Nofsker	38 yrs	(1812) blacksmith Mathias Nafsker	63 yrs (1787)
Catharine	30 yrs	(1820)	Taylor
Henry Nofsker	28 yrs	(1822) carpenter D h 440
JaCOb Nofsker	22 yrS	(i828) carpenter	3 yrs (1817) carpenter
y	John Naffsger	14 yrs (1836)
Unity township — p. 357	Samuel Naffsger	38	yrs	(1812) carpenter
Barbara Nofsker 30 yrs	(1820)	Lucy Naffsger	26	yrs	(1824)
Samuel Nofsker 1 yrs	(1840)	William H	Naffsger6	yrs	(1844)
Paul S Naffsger	3	yrs	(1847)
The 1859 census of Cumberland county, Pa, identify the	following:
West Pennston township:	Jacob Nofscer	35	yrs	(1815) cooper
Sarah Nofscer	31	yrs	(1819)
Mary Nofscer	3	yrs	(1847)
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Shippenburg —	p. 198	John Nofser	25 yrs	(1825) carpenter
Anne E. Nofser	20 yrs	(1830)
(living in same dwelling with Thomas Skyler, Tailor
and wife CAroline,)
p.	199	Catharine Nofsker 19 yrs	(1831) (living with the
Thomas Rippey, tobacconist, family)
P 208	Catharine Green	36 yrs	(1787)
Samuel Green	27 yrs	(1823) Shoemaker
George Noftsker	22 yrs	(1828) Plasterer
Susan Noftsker	20 yrs	(1830)
Sarah E Noftsker	8/12	(1849)
p, 214	Henry Noftsger	30 yrs	(1820) Plasterer
Bar I A Noftsger	27 yrs	(1823)
John J Noftsger	4 yrs	(1846)
Sarah C Noftsger	2 yrs.	(1848)
Mary E, Noftsger 6/12	(1850)
p.	215	Elisabeth Noftsker 32 yrs.	(1818)
Sarah Wina1 27 vrs.
in the same dwelling with Elisabeth Craig and her daughter Elisabeth & henry Wingler.
rn 1854, Catharine Noftsker was married to David Fogelsoner in Fulton County by Rev. George W, Glesser. In June 1858, Maggie Anna, the 2 1/2 year daughter of
G. W, & Susan C, Noftsker died in Shippenburg. Jakob Nofsker, a 55 year old farmer died in June, 1870, Henry Nofsker was the executor of the will. Henry Noftsger of Shippenburg died prior to 1895 and G. W. Noftsker was his executor. In 1897 John Nofsker of Shippenburg died and A. E. Noftsker and Sarah Bell Nofsker were executors.
It is now possible to return to the old letter and clarify some of the infor mation contained in it, It seems that the family tree would be as follows:
1, John Nofftsger (born ??; died prior to 1800 Franklin Co.) m Elisabeth Forney (born ??; died prior to 1808)
Lived Lebanon township, Lancaster; Green township, Franklin Co.
1.1 John (born about 1778; died after 1850) m; Mary ? (born about 1783; died ?)
lived Green township, Franklin Co; Derry township, Westmoreland county; Unity township, Westmoreland Co.
Children; Joseph, Samuel, John, Catharine, Henry, George, Jacob and Daniel. 1,2 Henry Nofsker (born ? ; died about 1838)
m; Sarah (Sally) Born ?; died after 1840)
lived in Guilford township, Franklin County; Shippenburg, Cumberland Co.
Children: Jacob, Elisabeth, henry Jr., John, George W,, Catharine 1,3 Catharine (born ?; died ?)
m. George Grove — lived Guilford township, Children: Susan, and others. 1,4 Mathias Noftsker (born about 1787; died after 1850)
Unmarried (if letter is correct)
Lived borough of Chambersburg; Unity township, Westmoreland Co 1,5 Elisabeth (born ?; died ?)
married; Nikolas Kline, Lived Green township, Franklin Co.
1.6 Barbara (born ?; died ?)
Married Jakob Stauffer. Lived Green township
1.7 Joseph Noftsker (born ?; died ?)
Unmarried if old letter is correct, lived Guilford township and Westmore 1,8 Anna (born ?; died in her teens if old letter is correct)
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We would like to receive additional information from any of the descendants of John Nofsker of Westmoreland county, Pa,, With at least 7 known male children, there must be someone who can furnish us information on this family. In a future issue we will trace another line of Nofsker’s, those who stem from Henry Nofsker f Center county, Pa.
Another generation to the above listing of our John would be as follows:
1, John
1 .1
John N,, married Elisabeth. Children: 1, Joseph (b about 1812), 2 Samuel (b, about 1813), married Sophin Shertz in 1842 2nd m, Catharine, Children:
William H., (born 1844) and Paul S. (born 1847), 3. John (born about 1817) m; 1, ? 2nd. Mary (born 1825. Child: John. 4, Catharine (born about 1820) 5, Henry (b. about 1822). George (b. about 1825). 7, Jacob (b about 1828)
8. Daniel (b. about 1832) and 9, Name not known but died before 1850, m, Barbara(b. 1820) Child: Samuel(b, 1849).
1.2 Henry N, Children: 1, Jacob (1815—1809), m. Sarah (b. 1819) Child Mary,
b, 1847), 2. 1818), 3. Henry Jr. (1820—1895) m. Barbara A
(b, 1823), Children: John 1. (b. 1846), Sarah C. (b. 1848) and Mary E.
(b, 1850), 4. John (1825—1897) n, Anne G (b, 1830) Child: A. E.
5. George (1828) m, Susan. Child: Sarah E,(b. 1850) and 6, Catharine
1831) m, David Fogelsonger in 1854,
1.3 Catharine (b 1785), m, George Grove, Child: Susan (b, about 1829)
Our thanks to Howard Noffsinger of Olympia, Washington for writing to us, He is a 7th generation descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749, ____________________
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Elsie Weaver of Glenmore, Pennsylvania. Elsie is a fourth generation descendant of Peter and Jakobine(Schwarzentruber) Nafziger who emigrated to America in 1827, As many of our readers know, Peter died at sea as did one of his daughters on their trip to America. This parti cular Nafziger line is one of the best documented heritage lines that we have in our files, We know where they lived in Germany. Illbach is easily located about 10 miles from Darmstadt We are in possession of many fine pictures of the estate where they lived, Part of the original building found during the period when Pter lived there remains standing today. After the burial at sea of Peter and one of his daughters, the hardships of Jakobine and her family of six children making their way in America is well known and a proud story that other Nafzger families have used over and over to illustrate some of the hardships that they had to endure when they came to America
We are a little late answering the nice letter of the Finneran of Plainsboro, New Jersey. As some of our readers may recall, Tom and Norma(Naffziger)Finneran visited Grafton several years ago. Norma is a descendant of Peter of Uberau, Germany. oecently, they have been fortunate to travel to Durope and visit Swit zerland, Liechtenstein and part of Austria. Norma visited Naffziger cousins in France and Germany while Tom traveled to Kuwait. We are always happy to hear from them as they are a very interesting and busy family, They have four child re n,
We have a letter from Rolf Nafziger of West Germany. Roif seems to be enjoying the life of a soldier in Germany. He is in telecomunications where he says that the primary training is not quite so difficult. All German youth serve a period of time in the armed forces prior to beoinning college.
Clyde Nafziger of Wilmington, Delaware sent us a nice letter which we enjoyed very much, He is a sixth generation descendant of Peter Nafziger of lilbach, Germany who emigrated to America in 1827, We were sorry to learn that Clyde visited Germany but did not get to visit Ilibach. Our thanks to Clyde for writ ing and we hope that he will write again soon,
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BIoomington-Norm III
By EMILIE KREBS A2 THE PANTAGRAPHTWecIneSd Sept. 25, 1985q • Pantagraph staff _______________________________________________________________
is employed Funk Seeds Intérna
PEORIA — A 30-year-old Arm-	tional Inc. Naffziger’s youngest sis-	years.
ington man has one of his younger	ter, Karen, has diabetes.	The former construction worker
sisters to thank for the future doc
tors told him should be brighter	Naffziger has a history of medi-	said the four-hour kidney dialysis
than the past six months.	cal problems starting with the dis-	treatments always leave him weak.
covery of diabetes at about age 9.	“I’ve been going nuts this year
Ricky Naffziger is in St. Francis
Medical Center today waiting for	with nothing to do. I’m worn out in
his morning surgery Thurs-	His eyes started to bother him in	five minutes,” he said. He lives
day. His sister, Janet Gordon, 26, of	his early 20s and he received laser	with his parents, Donald and
Waynesville, is donating one of her	treatment for broken blood vessels	Shirley Naffziger.
kidneys to him.	in his eyes, he said. He has had
Mrs. Gordon is in good health,	high blood pressure for about four
and does not have diabetes. She is
married, but has no children. She
The following interesting and informative article was sent to us by Virginia Ottinger of Belivue, Colorado,. The article is preprinted from “Past and Present Nodaway County, Missouri History 1910, page 957— 959”.. This family, more particularly Peter Noffsinger of Guernsey County, Ohio is a grandson of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749.. We reprint the article because it is so representative of many descendants of the early Nafzger family lines who emigrated westward from their early homes in the eastern states of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our thanks to Virginia for sending us the article.
The present solid prosperity enjoyed in Nodaway county may be attributed largely to her pioneers and early settlers.. In the days of her settlement, when a wilderness was the only welcome tendered a stranger who settled here, little to encourage and much to discourage came to his lot. But these sturdy men who cam to their new home with a determination to succeed, and worked persistently and hon estly, became later the prosperious and honored citizens of this locality, Of this class of people were the parents of the subject of this sketch and his own life he exemplified those characteristics which have contributed so largely to the upbuilding of the community in which he lives.
Edward T. Clark was born in 1857 and ten miles west of Maryville, Nodaway county, and is the son of John and Catherine(NOFFSINGER)Clark both of whom came from Guernsey county, Ohio, in 1845, and located about amile east of Skidmore, with the latter’s father, PETER NOFFSINGER, who had located here the year before. Later they secured government land near Minteral Springs, Nodaway township, which they afterwards traded for another tract of two hundred and forty acres, Other trades were made and eventually they located southwest of Maryville where the family home was established when the subject was born, John Clark was a success ful farmer and also a good sawyer, running a saw—mill at various points along the Nodaway river, His wife as an invalid, in consequence of which he spent the greater part of his time at home, In 1866, the family located at the southeast edge of Skidmore; where the subject- now resides, and here the parents spent the remaining days, the father dying November 10, 1876, and the mother on February 2, 1900. They were parents of three sons, Wesley lives at Loveland, Colorado, where he is superintendent of a plant which converts gypsum into plaster, He is married and the father of two children, Mrs Ed Bender of Sligo, Colorado, and Mrs, Walter Strider, of Skidmore, this county, Wesley forelyd worked at the blacksmith trade, first at Maryville, later at Skidmore, and subsequently ran a grist mill at the latter place, He moved to Colorado in 1907, Thomas, who was reared on the home farm, married and became the father of seven children, of which number four are living, In December, 1885, he moved to Monta Vista, Colorado, having taken up government land in the San Luis valley,
The subject’s maternal grandparents were PETER and FRANCES NOFFSINGER, who came to Missouri from Ohio, They became the parents of thirteen children of which number twelve grew to maturity, All lived to old age, married and reared families,
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when they arrived in America. I believe we can forget that speculation. My guess is that Ray Noftsger of Philadelphia can take that date and do something with it from his Swiss records if indeed Matheis did come from Switzerland. Our .thanks to Jim for this nice bit of information. In answer to Jim’s question, we have to keep in mind that he had a son of the same name and both of them lived in Berks County, Pennsylania for their entire lives. There is yet another Matheis turning up in various records which traced to some records in Frederick County, Maryland and because 0 the early dates and the location, would appear to have been a son of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated in 1749. (et, another Matheis will turn up and this one appear to trace to Ulrich but must be a grandson of Ulrich Nafzger who emigratied in 1742. Jim is a des cendant of Rudolph Noffsinger through Sarah Noffsinger who married Jacob Drum in Belmont County, Ohio. And Sarah is the daughter of Matheis who crossed the frozen Ohio River in 1805 to settle in lmont County. Ohio. At one time, Belmont County was a part of Monroe Count so records can be found in both counties. The Nafzgers in this area did not move from one county to another but they cut a new county while t? lived there.
Our thanks to Lois L, Taylor of New Matamoras, Ohio for writing to us. She asks several very difficult question in her letter, I am afraid that I do not have anything new to report on her questions, Perhaps, some of our readers can help with the answers, Peter Noffsinger (1789—1859) must be a grandson of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749. It was not a name used by Mathies Nafzger clan nor the other earlier Nafzger lines namely Jacob and Ulrich. Also, his migration trail and the places where he lived fits into the Rudolph line, But this is where the problem begins, It would appear that three sons of Rdolph had sons named Peter, It would appear that at least one of them did not have any descedants. Ano one named Peter has not been identtfied through any descendants and it is possible that he died young and never married, The third one, Peter (1789—1859) did have descendants but we do not know which son, Ma.tthias, John or Peter is his father. Any help that our readers can shed on this problem will be greatly appreciated. Her second question is attempt to find documentation that this Peter Noffsinger is the father of Sarah Noffsinger Cline (1811—1881), Keep in mind that the migration trail of all of the sons and grandsons of Rudolph is the cause of some confusion and quite a few missing records and links, The migration of them would seem to indicate that they went from Maryland, to Pennsylvania, to Ohio and In some cases, even further westward in a lifetime which means that our records on this line may be scattered in four or five states and even more counties. As far as I can determine, not one of his children remain in Maryland. In fact, there is some indicattion that Rudolph moved to Pennsylvani? children to the later years of his life.
NUF 35 kU :L 1
120 Edgewood Drive NOTIFY SENDER OF
Grakon, Ohio 44044
3. U 2 5 :iNINCJ(::I<
8235 DerbY Circle 84084 West jordan,
C) t :

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