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!fl SEP 2 9 1986 
Ije iaiger erItage i2etv 
VOL. XV, No, 4 FALL ISSUE — 1986 
In 1847, Elisabeth Naftzager, 64 years old and Frderick Naftzager, 38 years, entered the US through New York, The seventh US Census (taken in 1850) of the 4th Ward of Dayton, Montgomerty County, Ohio, lists the following enumeration: 
Elisabeth Naffsger...,...,67 years 
Fred Naffsger..,.,,.......40 years 
Caroline Naffsger....0000047 years 
The place of birth was unreadable, but it did not appear to be 
Germany. Can anyone identify this Naffsger family? Are there 
Any descendants which can trace to this family? 
The next family is simply an outline. However, it does have 
many possbile connections to other Pennsylvania Naffzgers. In the next issue we will examine the connection of this family with another Nofsker family, that of Henry of Centre County. 
The Nophsker Family of Lancaster County, PA. 
The earliest record for this featured family is dated l783 Henry Naphsker was listed in the militia rolls of the 1st, Corn— any, 4th Battalion of Lancaster County in May, 1783, He also appeared with the same company in May, 1784 and Spring, 1785, 
We can guess from this that Hendry’s birth was prior to l766;exactly when is presently unknown, Nor are the names of Hendry’s parents known, It may be possible that he was a descendant of Mathias N. of Berks County, 
In the first US Census (taken in 1790) Henry Naftsecker was enumerated as living in Maytown Township, Lancaster County. Menbers of the household included two females (wife and daughter), one male under 16 years (son?) and one male over 16 (Henry), This would seem to indicate that the family was 
that of a young couple. 
____ A Marriage record dated 22 March, 1797, 
for Henrich Natsger and Margaret Beschtler was recorded in the church book of the Trinity Luthern Church of Lancaster County, Whether this is the same Henry mentioned above and his first wife died, or another Henry whom we have no other information about, is uncenrtain, 
The majority of the information contained in the featured article of theNews comes from primary sources; census, tax lists, property sales, church records, etc. Anyone interested in obtaining these references may write and we will furnish you with the citations. What we need in return is additional sources which we do not have access to such as bible records, marriage certificates, old letters, county history monographis, etc. We would greatly appreciate receiving zeroxes of any source materials you may have which has not previously appeared in the News. The process of keeping the News going is a two-way street; input and exchange. Your information my be sent to the News or to 
RAY NOFTSGER 950 Walnut St, #716 Philadelphia, PA 19107 
This issue will focus which we have not mentioned tously, We hope that by sketches other readers may some of the details, 
on two families in the News prey— providing these be able to fill in 
(A History of Blair Co0 PA0 Vol0 i:i, National Historical Association, Tnc, 1931, Harrisburg, Pa0) 
GEORGE T. NOPHSKER, purchasing agent at Altoona for the Penn Central 
Light & Power Company and associate companies, was born at Bainbridge, Lan’ 
caster County, Pa., November ç, 1884. His parents, Jerome S. Nophsker, a 
native of Lancaster County, and Rosa Anne (Palmer) Nophsker, who was born 
in York County, Pa., are deceased, the father,baving been a merchant at Hunt’ 
THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS ingdon, Pa., for the greater part of his active career. Another son of this couple,’ 
120 Edgewooci Drive Howard W. Nophsker, resides at New Bethlehem, Pa. George T. Nophslcer 
Grakon Ohio 44044 was educated in the graded and high schools of Huntingdon and Juniata College 
but gave up his schooling before he had finished college to enter the employ of 
ED I TORS the Pennsylvania Railroad at Huntingdon and at Pittsburgh, where he was 
connected with the construction department until x9O. At that time, his 
RAY NOFTSGEr superior, W. H. Johnston, Jr., left the railroad to go into railroad construction 
C LA I R NAFTZG Er work for himself at Philadelphia, and Mr. Nophker joined him in the venture. 
suESC1uFrIOt! FEE He was in construction work at Washington, i9o7, with W. H. Johnson, Jr., 
and engaged in demolishing the old long bridge across the Potomac. He 
Te.n VoIi,aA4 -. YeDJ!J maintained that connection until 1911, when he became identified with the Penn 
PLthU he.d 1)jLVl..t€.’LLIJ Central Light & Power Company, but soon returned to the Johnson organiza IP;L h°d tion, this time staying but a year. He returned to the Penn Central Company 
‘“ and has since been identified with this concern. His work was first that of 
Sn’r v’n-W.uvte,’L-FcJt-SUnfl2Ie)L .. 
statistician, and he later headed the engineering department before assuming the 
duties of purchasing agent in iz4 Mr. Nophsker married Sarah Nash DeWalt, 
daughter of Charles P. and Ella (Nash) DeWalt, of Huntingdon, Pa., and to this 
union have been born two children, George Howard, born December it, 1907, 
at Washington, D. C., and Jerome DeWalt, born January z8, 1918, at Altoona, 
Pa. Mr. Nophsker is a member of the Knights of Pythias. 
A good example of what Ray Noftsger.writes about onthe front page about checking your old material suchas familybibles,letters,étc,,-comes toüs from Lowell Nosker of ‘ei1owSprIngs,Qhio.. ‘I will quote fromhis letter0 
“On the chart all data through the first three generations is based entirely on information you have sent to me0 The fourth generation is partly from your data and partly mine0 As- you can see, the fourth generation is children of George Nofsker, one of the “five brothers fromPennsylvania” you featured in the september 14, 1974 issue of your News0 Because of data on a scrap of paper found in my grandfather’s Bible, I included three names of:.girls (Elizabeth, Mary and Rebecaah) your “five brothers” article did notinclude.I am notsure they belong here but their birthdates seem to j ibe’ 
The fifth generation I am quite sure of as they are recorded in the birth section of my grandfather’sBible0 Here my records and yours (based on your 1974 article) are somewhat different0 The oldest, Eveline (5—1), I never heard of except seeing the name in the Bible0 She may have died young, but if so, why wasn’tit recorded as for Frances Cather(5—3)?” 
In the packet of material sent to us by Lowell Nosker we find eight pages of very good information whichmay go a long way towards getting our heritage records in good order0 1 am sending a copy ofthe material to Ray and with his help, it would appear that we will be coming forth with some interesting new material on the “five brothers” from Pennsylvania0 We want to thank LoWell for his genealogical work and at this writing, it would appear that he has given us material for an entire issue of the News at some future date,. 
Some of our readers may remember Mathias Otte of P!ettenberg, West Germany who visited us several years ago0 Matthias received a nice scholarship and is attending university studies at Washington,D0C0 Thus, he is back in the states and we hope to visit with him as soon as we can find time to take a trip to Washington0 His address is 6514 Elgin Lane, Bethesda, Maryland, 20817 - 
Page Two 
The next chronogical record concerning the Nophsker°s of Lancaster county is dated 1799, In November of that year Henry Nofsker and his wife Margaret of Donegal township, Lancaster coUnty sold to William Clark four lots situated in the village of May Town (modern Maytown). The sale was witnessed by Phillip Lighty, John White hill and Anthony Haines, Henry Nofsker had purchased those lots in a sheriff’s auction in December, 1797,, 
The Second US Census (taken in 1800) of Donegaltownship, Lancaster County gave the following description of Henry Knophsker;s family: 
3 females,,.,,.,,age 0-10 years 
1 ma 000000.,..age 0—10 years 
1 female,,,.....age 10—16 years 
2 femal•es..,.,..age 16—26 years 
1 male.00.qq,,age 26—45 years(Bórn between 1755—1774) 
Exactly what happened to Henry Knophsker after the 1800 census is uncertain0 There were no land sales, census enumerations, tax records, etc0 until 1814. 
In August of 1814, Sgt, Henry Nophsker from Donegal township, Lancaster County, went to York Town, PA for duty with the Pennsylvania Militia. His service expired in Demcember, 1814. It is doubtful however that this is the same Henry Naphsker who was in the militia in 1783 and in the 1800 census. More than likely this later Henry of 1814 miltia was a son of Henry of 1783 militia. Just exactly where the elder Henry went and when he died is unknown. He may have moved from Lancaster county leaving his eldest son, Henry. Perhaps this elder Henry is the same one who moved to Centre County, PA prior to 1810. In the next issue of the News we will coAceñtrate onHenry of Centre county, For now we will only mention the possibility of a connection between the Lancaster County and Centre County families. Regardless, a Henry Nophsker remained in Lancaster County. 
The Fouth (is Census (taken in 1820) of Donegal township, Lancaster County, Enumerated the Henry Noffsker family as follows: 
2 feamles....,ages 1—10 years 
1 ma1e..,.,.,agel—l0 years 
2 females.,.,,age 26-45 years 
1 male...,..,.age 26—45 years(birth between 1784—1790) 
The size of the family in this census (and the next) indicates that the family was that of a young couple, 
The Fifth US Census (taken In 1830) of Maytown in East Donegal township, has Henry Nofsker’s family enumberated as follows: 
1 female0.,.age 0—5 years 1 male ,,,,,, 15—20 years 
1 female....age 5—10 years 1 female,,.., 30-40 years 
1 male....,.age 5—10 years 1 male,,,,0, 40—50 years — suggesting 
1 female...,age 10-15 years . birth between 1780—1790. 
Sometime after this 1830 census, bt pri.or to the 1840 census, Henry Nophsker of East Donegal township, Lahcater county, PA died. No will or record of death was found in the Lancaster county will or estate records. 
The Sixth US Cenus (taken in 1840) enumerated Mary Nofsker, widow, and Jacob Nofsker b oth in EastDonegal townshIp, According to the census the household of May Nofsker, widow included: 
1 male,,0000age 5—10 years 1 male,,,,,015—20 years 
1 female .,.age 5—10 years 1 female,00040—50 years (suggesting bith 
1 female0..0age 10-15 years between 1790 and 1800), 
1 female....age 15-20 years 
In the household of Jacob Nofsker were: 1 female ,.,,,0 — 5 years 
1 female00000020-30 years 
1 male.000,,.,.20—30 years (suggesting birth 
between 1810 and 1840), 
Page Three 
Mary Nofsker, the widow of Henry Nofsker, died sometime prior to 1850 although the exact date is jnknown, PresumablyFlenry and Mary were both buried in Lancaster county probably in East Donegal township. 
The Seventh US Census was the first American census to list every member of each household by name with the age and place’of birth0 This is not to imply that all information coAtained in the census is correctnor complete0 But it is a reasonable guideline. The 1850 enumberations pertaining to the Nophskers are: 
The Town of Bainbridge: 
Jacob Nophsker.,...,.35 years, carpenter, both in PA 
Henrietta000000000,29’ years, born in Germany Henry0.000.0 10 years, born in PA 
Mary00000....,,....13 years, both in PA Emma,,000, 7 years, born in PA0 
Also in the town of Bainbridge are: 
Henry Nophsker, 27 years old, born in PA, laborer Angaline Nophsker, 11 years, Born in PA 
Ellen, 25 years old, born in PA Samuel, 15 years, born in PA 
Mary, 4 years old, born in PA Mary, !6 years, born in PA0 
(The last three mentioned in the household of Henry must have been his younger borther and sisters who lived with Henry after their mother died) 
The final Nophsker enumerated in the township of Bainbridge: 
Christian Nofsker, 22 years old, born in PA. (Christian lived in an INN owned by John Filbert, Other living in the Inn included: Hoffner. Row Nurohv. Green, Solaman, Retters, Blace and Etter,) 
The following records pertaining to the Nophskers of Lancaster county have been chronogically. A Henry Nophsker’was mustered in Co.H of the PA civil war regiment in 1864. In the probate records of Lancaster county, Pa. the will of Jacob Nophsker was filed the 5th of March, 1870’; it was written the 16th of March l863 The will dividied Jacob°s estate into the following shares; part to this wife, Henrietta and the remainder divided equally betwwen daughters of Mary and Emma and sons Henry and Jerome. The will was witnessed by Jos. Metzler and Samuel Stouff, In April 1870, 4 years old Sally Nophsker died from Scarlet fever. Henry C, Nepsker died in ‘1872; however his will was unavailable to the author at that time. In a deed dated 10/10/1867 but recorded 9/28/1875, Henry Nophsker et ux granted to HenryC, Nophsker their proerty in Bainbridge township, (J(erome) .S. Nophsker of Conay township was a member of the IOOF in 1883 Jerome S and Rosa Anne(Palmer) were the parents of two sons, GeorgeT, and Howard W, Nophsker. Jerome Nophsker diedat Huntindon, Pa. 
Tentative family listing of the Nophskers of Lancaster co., PA. 
.10 Henry Nophsker (born prior to 1766; died ?). Married(1) ??? Maybe died prior to 1797) 
Married (2) Margareth Beschtler (b, ?; D; ?) in 1797, Children: 1. Henry (b. 1784 to 
1790; d, prior to 1840), 2, Daughter (B: 1784 to 1790; D; ?), 3, Male (B; 1790—1800) .D.?) 
Female (B. Female (8; 1790—1800), (5) Female (B 1790—1800) and,6. Female (B. 1730—1800). 
II, Henry (8, 1784—1790; died prior to 1840). Married Mary (B; 1790—1794) D. prior to 1850) Children: 1, Jacob’(B’ l8l5—D, 1872), 2 Female (B 1810—1820), 3, Female (B 1810-1820), 
.4, HenryC. (l823—1870),5 Female (B’ 1820—1825), 6. Female (B’. l825—l830).,7. Christian (B, 1828), 8. Mary (1834— ?),.9, Samuel (1835— ?) and Angaline (1839—?), 
III, Jacob (1815—1870), Married Henrietta (1821 Germany; D; ?) Children: 1. Mary (1837- ?) 
.2, Henry (1840— ?), 3. Emma(l843— ?) and Jerome (B, ?;D, prior to 1931), 
1114, Jerome ( ‘? — ?) lived at Huntingdon, Pa, Married Rosa Anne Palmer (I — ?). Children: 
George T (11/9/1884). 2, HowardW, (I) New Bethlehem, Pa, 
11141.. GeorgeT. (11/9/1884).at Bainbridge, Pa, Married Sarah Nash Dwalt, Children; George Howard (12/11/107),— ?) and Jerome Dewalt(1/18/1918 — ?) 
114 HenryC. (1823—1872) Married Ellen .(,l25— ?), Children: 1. Mary (1846— ?) and Henry (1 —?). 
117 Christian (1828— ?), 
Page Four 
INTEWGENCER JOURNAL, Lancaster, Pa., Monday, September 23, 1985—9 
• Lisa Beiler exchanged wedding vows with Marlin Nafziger, 356 
• Keneagy Hill Road, Ronks, Sunday at Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren, Quarryvifie, with the Rev. Eric Renno offhiating. V 
Parents are Paul and Elsie Beiler, Paradise Ri, and Melville and Esther Nafziger, Gap. V 
Matron of honor was Tina King, Paradise sister of bride. Bridesmaids were Donna Groff, Kinzers, and Rose Guengerich, Princeton, N.J., sister of the bride. V V V V 
Ushers were Ken Nafziger, York. brother of groom; Jim Nafziger, Richmond, Va., brother of groom; Galen Guengerich, Princeton, N.J., V 
V cousin of groom, and Ken Norman, Lancaster. 
V The bride is a graduate of Lancaster Mennonite High School and iS’, employed by Beiler Crop Service. V V 
The bridegroom is a graduate of Lancaster mennonite High School 
V and attended Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, Va., and Millersville State College. He is a pastor at Bart Mennonite Church. V 
A wedding trip is planned to the New England states. V 
FR1 2Dic. j-3 
RAYMOND J NAFTZ INGER, 86, formerly of Reading, died Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 in the Masonic Home, Elizabethtown, where he had resided since May20, 1980. V 
Born in Dauberville, he was a son of the late Joseph D. and Katie B. (Snyder) Naftzinger. 
V Surviving is alther, WiI- ham G. of Dauberville. 
Also five sisters: Katie J., 
wife of Frank Graeff; V and 
Edna R., widow of Charles 
V Mohn, both of Centerport, and Mabel I., wife of Paul Sheetz,Bernville. V V 
• Aiid Florence M., widow of Edgar Bower, Muhlenberg Park, and Helen S., wife of Marvin Ritter, Hamburg. 
One of the older obituaries which ha beênfouñd pertains V to Christian Naffziger,..the V 1826 emigrant to Canada., 
Death of 
Christian Naffziger 
(From the 5 May 1836 issue of t Canada Museum, the first paper pu lished in Berlin [today, renanLpd Kitchener.] L. G.) 
Mr. Naffziger was born in Rhenish Bavaria in 1776. In 1821 he left h family to look for a new home, and reached New Orleans in Januar. 1822. In Lancaster county he w given money and an old horse ani came in January 1822 to Upper Canada. He went to the Governor an was granted a piece of land west r Waterloo, the present Wilmot tovnship. Then he returned to London and went to the King who granted to him and his fellow country men each 50 acres. In January 1823 returned to his family. Several ct his friends here agreed to advance the money for travelling and in the spring of 1826 he and his family arid other people set out. He arrived ii Philadelphia and later was taken äare of by people of Bucks Cour.:y and given a welcome. In October b reached here with his wife, thr.e sons and two daughters and in 132 he tooc possession of his land i Wi1mot. 
Ler, a utueiw nupaw, ivionaay. 
NAFZIGER, Mr. and Mrs. John (Lois Hess), 106 Manor Ave., Millersvffle, V a son, at GeneralHospital. Monday. 
VT4fe’.ENC T),?4f4k. 
44/tic/I S T6 
TUE C1’M’ /?(?/ 
Founder of ice cream firm V Harry J. Nafziger Vdead at 86 
ARCHBOLD V_ Founder of Nafziger Ice Cream Co., Harry J. Nafziger, 86, Archbold, died Thursday morning at Fairlawn Haven, where he had resided two years. 
He was born near Archbold on Jan. 26, 1899, the son of Samuel and Sarah (Gautsche) Nafziger. In 1922, he married Rosa Short, who surV vives. He established Nafziger Da fry Farm in 1941 and sold It to Babcock Dairy of Toledo in 1953, but he continued the ice cream and restaurant operation until retiring and selling those to his son, Dale, In 1956. For the next 20 years, he spent summers in the Petosky, Mich. area building homes. He was a charter member of Zion Mennonite Church and an associate member of the Burt Lake Christian Church, 
where he served as an elder. 
Also surviving are two sons, Dale L. and Marvin J.,. both of Archbold; two daughters, Mrs. Nelson (Helen) Rychener of Sarasota, Fla., and Mrs. Ilva King of Archbold; and 12 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and three stepgreat-grandehildren. 
Preceding him in death were one infant son, Kenneth, and one sister, Minnie Nafziger. 
Memorial services will be at 3 V p.m. Saturday in Zion Mennonite Church. Ellis Croyle and Donald Jantzi will officiate. Burial will be in Pettisville Cemetery. Visitation at Short Funeral Home will be after 2p.m. today. 
Preferred memorials are to the V church or Fairlawn Haven. 
Descendants of Valentine N. (to US in 1831) 
Left to Right - Lucinda(Keim)Nofsinger, Christian K. Nofsinger, Madalena(Nofsinger)Kejm and Jesse Keiin. 
Page Five 
Another important development in our search for an accurate account of our heritage has been completed by Dale Nofzinger of Adrian, Michigan0 I will quote from his letter 0 
“Sorry I missed you on my way to Wayne County several months ago0 I have completed the book Frank Nofziger started,, It is 100% complete through four generations and I am nearly finished with the fifth generation,, Any of your readers who would like one can write to me.,” 
Dale sendsus enough good material to make up another entire issue ofNEWS0 This material is in addition to updating and making corrections where needed in the Frank Nofziger publication,, 
You noted in your letter that you were in need of more infor— rnation on the descendants of Mathias-Nancy Brill Noffsinger line. I have enclosed some pages from my Gates genealogy that outlines the children of Nancy (Noffsinger) and Daniel Gates. I have added updates where I could. This is from the Official Genealogy of George and Sevilla Gates: A Pioneer American Family, 1754-1967, compiI by Dr. Newell L. Gates, 3604 lola, DiMoines, Iowa3312. There is a copy of this genealogy in the DAR Library in Washington, D.C. and it also has a Library of Congress number which I can’t seem to locate right now. 
There is no documentation for this listing given in the book. However, I have pictures of the tombstones for the following: 
Daniel and Nancy; Henry and Louise (raley); Jacob and Elizabeth Jane (Kirnpton); and, of course, Carrie and George (my grandparents) and Elsie and George (my parents). I will also soon be sending for copies of the death certificates for the last three generations. I wonder if you need this sort of material? If so, I could copy it and send it to you. As to the two earlier generations, when I joined DAR, tombstone pictures were accepted as documentation. 
I don’t know if you want any history of Daniel Gates. One interesting note - he was born at Fort Reading, PA and his parents “lived in the same log fort as Major Daniel Boone.” Boone was the godfather for Daniel Gates and the signature is in the family Bible in the possession of Dr. Newell Gates. George Gates (variations of spelling: Goetz, Gotz, Gots, Getz, Gets, Cats, Kitts, and a few others I’ve lost track of) served in the Revolution, but his service is cloudy just now because of a mistake in Dr. Gates’ research in mixing the records of two George Gateses - which sometimes happens in research. I think I’ve got it cleared up now and hope to send my findings to the DAR in order to open his line again. George GAtes married Maria Sybilla (Sevilla) Stiehi (Stiehli, Stiehle, Steele, Steel) on June 11, 1782 and her sister Maria Catherina married Valentine Keyser on the same date. They were d/o Melchoir Stiehl, a Patriot. If you want the documentation of this last paragraph, I can send it to you. (Also, George’s father served in French and Indian War.) 
I thought I’d include the Steel information since Nancy Brill Noffsinger married a Steel after Maths’ death. I do not know if there is a connection. 
Page Six 
Roy Nafziger 
The funeral of Roy E. Nafziger, 82, who died Friday (July 18, 1986) at Newton Memorial Hospital, Newton, N.J., will be at 11 a.m. Monday at Smith-McCracken Funeral Home, 63 High Street, Newton, N.J., with the Rev. Peter Wendell officiating. Burial will be in Newton Cemetery. 
H& was born Jan. 8, 19O4 In An-’ chor, a son of Solomon E. and Laura Hostetler Nafziger. He married Golda Tyler. She survives. 
Also surviving are a son, John B.., Lafayette, N.J.; a sister, Mabel L. Bertram, Bloomington; and four grandchildren. 
He lived in Bloomington and River Edge, N.J., before moving to Lafayette four years ago. He came to New Jersey in 1950. 
He was the assistant manager for the Por Authority Bus Terminal, working therefrom its inception in 1950 until his retirement in 1966. He was a member of the Arts and Crafts Lodge No. 1017, Bloomington, and was a 32nd Degree Mason. He also was a member of the Bloomington Consistory, the Bloomington Low 12 Club and the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of 
Blooinkigton. - 
HoP.edale man 
killed on farm 
MINIER — A Hopedale man died yesterday after an accident at his son’s farm in rural Minier in which a support beam in a barn fell on him. 
Raymond W. Springer, 78, a retired farmer, was injured about 9 a.m. while working at the farm of his son, Duane, R.R. 1, Minier, according to Minier rescue reports. Minier rescue said a large beam had hit him across the chest while he was working in a barn. 
Springer was taken to Hopedale Medical Complex at 9:20 a.m, where he died 45 minutes later. He• was taken to Davis Mortuary, Hopeda1e.,.- His obituary is on page B5. 
7 2. 
Emma Litwiller 
HOPEDALE — Emma Z. Litwiller, 80, of 416 Madison St., died at 10:50 a.m. yesterday (July 26, 1986) at her home. She had been ill for 1½ years. 
She was born Aug. 23, 1905, in 
Hopedàle Township, a daughter of 
Emmanuel and Barbara Sutter 
Zehr. She married Christian C. 
Litwiller on Dec. 20, 1923, in 
Hopédale. He died Oct. 7, 1975. 
Survivors include one son, Floyd, Hopedale; seven daughters, Debra Bfrkey, Hopedale; Evelyn Good, Urbana; LaVerne Petersen, Fort Wayne, md.; Ruth Mark, Elkhart, md.; Carolyn Welch, Chicago; Judy Muzzy, Dallas, Texas; and Beverly Burmeister, La Porte, md.; three sisters, Lena Guth, Eureka; Alma Schrock, Bolingbrook; and Lylia Ripper, Morton; 22 grandchildren; 22 great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild. 
. Henry Yoder gidid, Mich die% iv’Ionday, Jimly.. 1.4J986,,.at. Gosben Generar. hospital, Góshen, md. 
He was born Match 14, 1904 in Arch- bold, Ohio, to the late A.A. and Mary C. Nofziger Yoder. He moved to Midland in 1919 and married the fonner Velma Miller, July 4, 1925 in Midland. 
He leaves his wife, Velma; sons, Edward Yoder of Archbold, Ohio, Richard Yoder of Indianapolis, md., Laurence Yoder of Midland, Mich., Karl Yoder of Hopedale, and’ Joe Yoder of Pekin; daughters, Vera Wiêbe, of eatrice, Neb., Kathryn Crawford of Wauseon, Ohio, Juanita Roth, of Gridley, and Marjorie Katzenmaier of Little Suanico, Wis; a sister, Minnie Kauffman of Midland; 24 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. 
• Ora Weimer 
Funeral rites for Ora C. Weimer were conducted Saturday afternoon by the Rev. Jerry Gesell in the V Ripperdan-Schildknecht Funeral Home, Mulberry Grove. Interment followed in Noffsinger cemetery. 
Mr. Weimer, retired Bond county farmer, died 8:20 a.m. Wednesday, July 2, at his residence on R.R. 2, Mulberry Grove. He was 85. 
The son of Adam and Mary (Noffsinger) Weimer, he was born September 7, 1900 in Bond county. He never 
• married. 
Surviving are three nephews, Raymond, Irvan and Norman Neathery, all of 
• Mulberry Grove. 
He was preceded in death by a brother, Orn, and two sisters, Rosie and Ruth. 
Mr. Weimer was a member of the Church of the Brethern in Pleasant Mound, and a World War II Army veteran. 
Emma Hieser Lippitt 
Emma Hieser Lippitt, 93, of Aurora, Cob., formerly of Bloomington and Mimer, a retired secretary, died at 7:35 a.m. yesterday (Aug. 8, 1986) at the Camellia Care Center,. 
V Aurora. - 
Mrs. Lippitt was born April 7, 1893, in Arapahoe, Neb., a daughter of Christian and Magdalena Sutter Hieser. V 
Survivors include One brother, .Roy Hieser, Atlanta; Mena Hieser, Aurora, Cob.; and Estella Glaser, Eureka. 
Mrs. Lippitt formerly was a secretary for a motor company. 
SAN JOSE — Lila May Naffziger 
and Bruce D. Wagner Jr., both of 
San Jose, were married at 4 p.m. 
June 14 at St. Peter’s Lutheran 
Church, Emden. 
Their parents are Mr. and Mrs. Lyle E. Naffziger of rural Emden and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wagner Sr. of San Jose. 
Hartsburg-Emden High School and Lincoln College and has a bachelor’s degree from Illinois Wesleyan University. She is a rec‘reation worker. Her husband attended San Jose High School and WIU. He is employed by Commonwealth Edison at the Powerton plant. 
DELAVAN — Mark A. Naffzlger and Ellen Whitehead, both of Marietta, Ga., have chosen Aug. 30 as their wedding date. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Naffziger of rural Delavan and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Whitehead of Marietta, Ga., are their parents. 
The newlyweds reside at 210 E. 
The new Mrs. Wagner attended Arch St., San Jose. 
Page Seven 
We are In receiptof the material on Peter Livengoodwho married Barbara Nafsiger sent to us by Mrs. Gene (Carolyn)Nafziger of Minier, Illinois0 This Barbara Nafziger’s ancestors have notbeen identified0 One source indicated that she was the daughter of Jacob Nafzger who emigrated to Pjiiericain 1749. This is not likely because of the early birthdate although we must admit, that he had a daughter named Barbara0 The birth date would seem to indiäte that’sister’of Jacob would be more likely if md eed she is coñnectéd to this family line0 Once again, with the material sent to us by Carolyn, an entire issue ôftheNews coUld be devoted to the problem0 No- solution to the problem appears to be Fthcothing, Our thanks to Carolyn for sending us the material, 
Our thanks to Rudolph Nafziger for sending us a card while on his vacation. Rudolph and family must represent Europe’s greatest travelers0 He reports that he visited with Roif who is in the service in Germany. Have a njce trip, Rudolph. 
Our thanks to Ella Gieg of Lutzelbach, Rimhorn, West Germany for writing. She enjoyed the accoUnt of Christian Ropp that appeared in the last issue of the NEWS. She tells us she has a church record of a child born to Marie Elisabeth Knieriem, born in 1804 and Christian Farni., I will he to check with Ray but I believe that Christian Farni may relate to some of the arly Nafzger famil4es 
Ethel Zehr of Sarasota, Florida writes to tell of her newly found interest in genealogy0 Her parents passed away in February and while going through their things, she found some back issues of..the’News, I believe that some of our Fulton County, Ohio relatives may be able to help. She is interested in information on Barbara(Nofziger)Gautsche She married Heinrich Gautsche in Butler County, Ohio in l853 As I recall, descendants of this family can be found in Fulton County, Ohio, Perhaps, some of them would like to write to her, Her address is 4827 Dunn Drive, Sarasota, Florida 33583, She sends us information which leads 1835 to the present day of branches of her family line, 
Our thanks to Lynne Farmer for writing to us, Lynne lives in Louisville, Kentucky, She sent her pedigree chart and it is very good as the information adds new material to the list of descendants for Peter Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749, Also, she is a descendant of Dr., John Noffsinger, son of Peter who had a large family of daughters and one son0 Thus, as the daughters took on different names, they became more difficult to trace, We had secured information on the son but until now, we had little information on the daughters of Dr0 John, We will be sending Lynne some information on Peter N, Our thanks to her for this information 
120 Edgewooci Drive 
Grikon, Ohio 44044 
Mennonite Historical Libary 
Goshen College 
Goshen, md. 46526 

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