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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XXI No 1
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Th Iie at t g95
iii- VoL XXI, No 1	1995
TJ’i e Nafzger IVligra ti o n ° T EST TEM L E
27 S ep arate Immigrant Arrivals Identified!
The News has received numerous letters requesting additional information on various Nafzger families or updates to their families. For the past few years our response was to feature one immigrant Nafzger family in each issue we print. Many readers have written asking how many families we are going to feature and when we will return to some of the families which we featured a few years ago The simple answer involves an old cliche: America was populated as a nation of immigrants and the Nafzgers were one among many Why they left their homeland to seek out a new life, leaving behind relatives, friends, some of their culture, language, their
familiar settings and embarked on a long, treacherous journey to an unknown continent
can not be easily answered We can say however
- that the immigration movement was impressive.
This issue of the will identify twenty seven Nafzger immigrants, their arrival dates and ships on which they arrived. We will provide as complete listing of the arrivals as we have to date. But we must emphasize that we are only identifying what we consider to be either the male of the family or the eldest immigrant in the group. Most of these people came with their immediate families and/or relatives and friends; rarely did they travel alone. Hopefully by identifying the people and their arrival dates, our readers will appreciate how difficult it is to identify the various familial relationships between the new arrivals and how easily it is to get them confused.
For example, between 1826 and 1853, there were seven Christians, three Peters and Valentines, two Jacobs and one Daniel, Joseph, Ulrich, John and Samuel. However, in most cases when an extended family came, there were often many alike named people on the same ship, such as siblings named after their parents! To further confuse situation many settled in the same frontier areas as the Nafzgers tended to move to the areas where land was cheap, on the edge of the frontier. This, coupled with the general poverty of the new immigrants, who did not become immediate landowners, makes it difficult to find early records. That is one reason w hy it is extremely important to exhaust all resources, to check, and more importantly, cross check all references. And while many people may have made earnest attempts at retracing a family, the current technology and easy availability of published records makes it easier than ever before.
Continued on Page Eight
DESMOINES,IA 50316 We hope this Issue of the News finds our
readers enjoying the season. With summer comes
*	*	*	outdoor activities, travelling, family reunions
Editor: Ray Noftsger and renewing old acquaintances. We hope that
our readers have taken the opportunity to
*	*	*	inquire about their heritage. Occasionally insight
into the past comes from subtle hints suggested
SUBSCRIPTION FEE i n narrati yes, anecdotes or fami I y tales about
Ten Dollars Yearly the p reced I n g generations b y eJ d er relatives.
Hopefully these verbal histories will be written,
Publishedquarterly passed on to future generations, and maybe Fall Winter, Spring, and Summer eventually fi nd thel r way I nto genealogical
publications like the News That is one way to
— share and preserve one’s heritage.
In the last issue of the News we requested that our readers complete and return the Information Sheet which outlined your past. The response was not as great as we had hoped. To reiterate, we are only as interesting and informative as our readers make us; we can only provide so much information; you the reader must give us assistance by participating. We have noticed that it is always the same readers who forward family updates, photos, newspaper clipping, etc. We look forward to receiving the remainder of the Information Sheets in the near future from those who have not returned them.
I am certain some of our readers have noticed that our publishing schedule is not as regular as some publications. One way you can help is by sending us information which will assist us.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Table of Contents	Page(s)
Featured Story: Nafzger	Immigrants	Front and Eight
Editor’s Corner	Two
Queries	Three
Featured Letter: Charlan Graff	Four and Five
In the Literature	Six
Miscellaneous	Seven
* * * *	*	*	*	*	* * * *	*
The next issue of the News will center on new information we have received from one of our readers. We have received a preliminary copy of a book written by Larry Smith concerning the immigrant Heinrich Naftzger/Nofsker, who lived for a period near Harrisburg, PA before removing to Centre County, PA where he died. What is of critical importance is that Larry has tied Heinrich to the family of Hans Casper Neffzger of Basel, Switzerland. It was his grandson Heinrich who moved to America. Heinrich’s children adopted the spelling of Nofsker. For those who have been long time subscribers to the
You may want to find the old issues of Vol. XV No. 4 and Vol XVI No. 1. There we first discussed Henry Nophsker of Lancaster County and Heinrich Naftzger of Centre County. Hopefully we can due justice to Larry’s enormous contribution in the few pages of the News I am certain however that anyone interested can contact Larry at Box 704-A, East Freedom, PA 16637. Again, the next News issue will report on his findings.
Page Two
Noffsinger: Mrs Laura Clapper writes that her Noffsinger ancestor John came from Somerset County, PA and settled i n Bethlehem tow nshi p, Stark County, Oft She writes that her uncle Kenneth Noftsinger from Massillon, OH would return to Somerset County, near Berlin, PA, and visit relatives: Blough/Plough, Hair/Hare, Rohn/Rohne, Gnagie/Gnagy and BakerS These families and the Noffsingers settled in Stark and Tuscarawas Counties. John Noffsinger married Elizabeth Rohri, daughter of Henry.
Mrs. Laura Clapper, 384 Lee Lane, Mansfield, OH 44905
Nafsker/Nofsker/Porter/Baxter: seeking information on the family of Abraham
Nofsker, son of Joseph and Mariam Naffsger of Lebanon (present day Dauphin)
County, PA. Abraham moved to Carroll County, OH. His family included Solomon,
Samuel, Hannah, Susanna and Margaret. His daughter Susanna married Nathan
Porter and they moved to Martin County, IN. Abraham’s daughter Margaret
married George Baxter.
Avis Brister, 2314 Saxon, Houston, TX 77018-4642.
[ note: we have a record from the Stubenville Land Office, Northwest
Territory, dated 1802 for Abraham Naffsker of Dauphin County, PA. Solomon
Nofsker was enumerated in the 1840 census for Harrison Township, Carroll
County, OH. In 1850 Mary Nosker, aged 66, resided with George and Margaret
Baxter. The Baxter’s lived next door to. James Baxter.
Noffsinger/Snyder/Huffrnan/Hoffman: Seeking family information on the York
County PA/Frederick County MD! and Botetourt County VA line of Peter N-
Peter N— Jacob N married to Elizabeth Snyder (daughter of Matthias)— Susanna
N married to James Frank Huffman (son of Reverend George Huffman Jr). Robert Hoffman, 250 W. 1st St, Suite 300, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27101.
Noffsin ger/Crurneri ne/Ritter/Davis: Seek i n g i nformation on the I I neage of
Samuel N (Montgomery County, OH married to Susan Crumerine) -Daniel N
(Montgomery County, OH married to Mary Rftter) - Mary N (married David
Byerly Davis (son of Wiltiam Davis/Davies and Sarah Byerly. Greg Watson, 299 E. Riverbean Dr, Sunrise, FL 33326
*	* *	* *	*	* *	*	* *	* *
October 8, 1 995 Pioneers & Friends of Santa Clara 1 ;00 to 4:00 PM
Place: The Headen-Inman (S.C. Arts & Historical Consortium)
1509 Warburton Ave
Santa Clara Civic Center, Santa Clara, CA
Meeting of founding families of Santa Clara County, a special display honoring German Pioneers, folk music from early California, costumes worn by members of Club Germania and paintings by Al Martinez and Rysona Qoreyva (Georgina Del Oro)
* *	* *	*	* *	* *	* *	*	*
Schyler Brossman sent a copy of contemporary newspaper clippings concerning the Naftzinger families of east central Pennsylvania. Jay Noffsinger of Virginia, sent the News a copy of Phoenix, a summary of the Noffsingers who made their way from Pennsylvania to Botetourt County, VA. It is a very good overview of this branch of the family.
Page Three
Featured Letter to the Editor
Ms Charlan Graff, 3932 Apple St, Lincoln NE 68503 wrote the following letter which we are reproducing the majority of below. Anyone with information tying these families together should contact both Ms Graff and the News
The maternal grandparents [ Anna Jantzi Erismann] were John and Catharine (Gungerich) Naffziger both near Weisenberg, Lorraine [ In 1830 they emigrated to America and after farming for a time in Canada located in Davis County, Iowa, where they engaged in farming. Later he retire and both spent their last days living with their eldest son Christian, a resident of Davis County, Iowa. Both reached the advanced age of 91 years and lie buried in Davis County. (The eldest child may have been named Anna and born in 1796 or 7.)
The above information was provided by Anna Erismann for a book of autob log rap h I cal sketches ti tied Li ncoln and Lancaster Cou nty, Nebraska, Volume II, published by the S.J. Clarke Publishing Company of Chicago in 3 91 6....
According to Hermann Guth’s research published in Amische in Deutschland, (1993), Johannes Nafziger, born 1775 Dirstelstein (?) the son of Johannes Nafziger of Steinbacherhof married to Magdalene Gungerich, was married 1796 at Grossrederching to Katharina Gungerich (b. 1779) daughter of Joseph Gungerich and Anna Ruby of Brandelfingerhof. The only child Guth reports was a son Josef, born April 2, 1808 in Weidesheim, married Barbe Jantzi, and emigrated to Canada about 1840 [ 126, 158]. Guth apparently did not know specific information about other children, although he mentions children at Grossrederching and Kahlhausen without giving names and dated [ 126]. John H, Zornes provided a slightly different version in Mennonite Family History, April 1985, pp 70’-l. ..On March 19, 1834, at 8:00 a.m. in the morning, he [ Nafziger] was married to Barbe Janzi at Hombourg-haut, canton of St. Avold,...Moselle, France. At the time of his marriage, Josef’s father was 55 years old, a miller, living at Brandelting, township of Grossrederching, canton of Rohrbach,...Sarreguemines, Moselle, with his wife, Catharine who was then fifty-four years old. According to Zornes, Josef and Barbe did leave France in 1840 and lived for about ten years in Canada. Josef’s parents were not mentioned again. About 1850 or 1851, the family moved to Lee County, Iowa. In 1868, they moved to near Melvern, Osage, Kansas. Joseph died there in 1882.
In the Nafzger Heritage News, Fall 1994, p. 6, the following note appears. “In the Pulaski Cemetery, Pulaski, Davis County, Iowa, Christian Naffziger 1802-1882 and C.M. Naffziger, 1852-1887 are buried. The editor speculates that these are related to a ‘ Naffziger, farmer, a native of Bavaria. In 1826 came to Canada. In 1 851 came to Lee County, Iowa. In 1858 he removed to Dakota County, Neb, where he has since resided...’
There must be a connection between the Naffzigers of Bavaria and those of Grossrederching, that emigrated to Canada, but where are the missing I i n ks?
With respect to the information printed in the News (Vol XX.3), Ms Graff writes
Continued on Page Five
Page Four
Featured Letter to the Editor (Cont) Continued from Page Four
that the Christian Naffziger (18O2- and buried in Pulaski Cemetery) may be Catharine (Naffzlger) Jantzi’s older brother. Further that Christian, Joseph and their parents would have been part of the 50 famIly Amish Mennonite community that lived in Lee and Davis Counties in Iowa in 1860. She discounts the possibility that Johannes of Dakota County, Nebraska was a sibling due to his birth occurring in the same year as they would be twins and that .Johannes emigrated from Bavaria, rather than Lorraine. She does believe they must be closely related howev9r.
Ms Graff noted that a family tradition has it that the father of her great grandmother Mary Nafziger Rocke was a cousin of Catharine (Naffziger) Jantzi. She hopes someone can authenticate this heritage.
Finally Ms Graff inquires into the family of Christian Naffziger who married Fredrika Erismann in 1864. They had three children, Minna, Bertha and Etmund. Two of the three children and Christian died in 1869. She Inquires who was this Christian? Was he Fredrika’s cousin, the son of Barbara Stahly and Christian Naffziger? Or another Christian? Can any one help with the riddle?
*	K	*	*	*	*	*	IC	*	*	*	*	*
The News cannot answer this last question concerning Christian Naffziger. We can however add to the confusion:
The News is aware of a Fredreke Naffziger who resided at Princeton, Bureau County, IL She died intestate in March, 1911. According to a petition for Letters of Administration, Fredreke had a farm in Livingston County, IL, land in McLain County, IL and a house in Princeton. She had been married and had children but all were deceased in 1911. She was survived by a sister, Katharine Erismann of Princeton, IL, a brother Jacob Erismann of Hickman, NE,
a sister Helen Naffziger of Narka, KS, a deceased brother Christian Erismann, who had three surviving children (Geneva Dickenson, Emile Erismann and Albert Erismann), a deceased sister Eleasia Brenneman, who had two surviving children (Otelia Watsworth and William Brennernann) and a deceased sister Mary Erismann.
However, there is a Fredreke Naffziger enumerated together with Valentin Naffziger in Pleasant Ridge township, Livingston County, IL in the 1880 census for Illinois. Both were listed as natives of Hesse, Germany and all the children were listed as natives of Illinois. There names are as follows:
Amelia, Edwin, Lizzie, Ida, Otto and Berthe. Any information on them would be ap p red ated
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Thanks to David Stauffer of Palmyra, Pennsylvania for the pictures of the old Nafsger Cemetery, which is located three miles north and east of Palmyra, seventeen miles east of Harrisburg, PA.
Page Five
In the Literature
Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (published quarterly by Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Mlllstream Rd, Lancaster, PA 1 7602):
Vol XVIII, No.2 (1995): an article on the exodus of Anabaptists from the Canton of Zurich to the Alsace through an examination of the Landis family. And while there is not mention of the Naffzigers in the article, it will provide the reader with an overview of the social disruption which occurred in the later half of the seventeenth century Switzerland and the emigration north into the Alsace.
Mennonite Family History (published quarterly by Mennonite family History, P0 Box 171, Elverson, PA 19520—0171):
Vol XIV, No 2 (1995): An 1844 letter from the recent immigrant Valentine Hahn, w ho was Ii vi n g i n Ashland, OH to German y. It p resents an Interesting overview of the transatlantic voyage and early American life.
: A reprint of an article appearing in the Meyersdale Republican in February 1937, focusing on the Livingood family that settled in Somerset County, PA. The article was written by Peter Livingood V. In the article, the author writes that Peter Livingood was from Switzerland and that while living in Lancaster County, PA, he met and married Barbara Nofzinger, who was also a native of Switzerland. The Livingoods settled in Somerset County in 1775 with their eight young children.
Vol XIV, No 3 (1995): An article ‘If it’s In The Timber...’ by David A Berkert. An easily read article by a descendent of Peter and Barbara (Naftzinger) Livingood. Most of the article is related to the Berkert family.
Mennonite Heritage (Published quarterly by Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society, P0 Box 819, Metamora, IL 61548):
Vol XXI, No 3 (1994): The third installment on the Cender/Zendner families. [ other articles appeared in Vol XX No 4 (1993) and Vol XXI No 1 (1 994).] A good overall summary of the “Borders and Place-names in Alsace and Lorraine.
Vol XX. No 3 (1993): ‘Genealogy of Mary Helen Naffziger Hook” demonstrates many inner family relationships through eleven generations.
“Chrishoim Newsletter” (issued by The Friends of Chrishoim, 17 East
State St, Trenton, OH 45067: an organization devoted to restore some of
Christian Augspurger’s farm, to remind others of the significance of the Amish
Mennonite settlement in Butler County, OH. Other settlers include the Kennels,
Slonekers, Iutzis, Ehresmans, Imhoffs, Gingriches, Kings, Shrocks and other
families, including the Naffzigers.
Kansas State Historical Society Library and Archives will be moving prior to September, 1995 to the Kansas History Center, 6425 SW 6th St, Topeka, KS 66615-1099 (913-272-8681).
Page Six
Follow-u p letters on previous t
The family of Samuel Naffziger was featured in the last issue of the
We w rote that we had notes i n ou r records that Samuel was born east of Metz, near Boulay- Mosselle, FranceS We added however that we could not locate the reference where we had obtained the information. Lowell Nafziger writes that Samuel’s grandson, Elia Naffziger, kept a journal In which he had crossed out ‘Trebo” and written I n ‘Tn ppo Lowell cannot locate on a French map either version of Trebo/Trippo Can anyone with a good French map check for ‘Trippo” or “Trebo”? Lowell feels that is must have been close to a border as tradition has it that the family would smuggle eggs over the border under their coats
Lowell also writes that according to Valentine Nafziger (of Brunner, Ontario), Samuel’s father, also named Samuel, was a close relative of christian Naffziger, who emigrated in 1828 and settled in Canada. Can anyone help?
Lowell Nafziger, 459 Southern Oaks Dr, Lake Jackson, TX 77566.
Concerning the same family, Samuel Naffziger, Eldon Naffzlger writes the
following concerning Magdalene Naffziger who was born in 1778 and married
Johannes Bachmann (born in 1771). Magdalene’s parents could be Johannes
Naffziger (1/1734- 1812) and Katherine Schertz, her grandparents could be
Christian Naffziger (born in 1705) and Anna Bleur and her great grandparents
Christian Naffziger (born 7/23/1675 and died 3/6/1754) and Madlena Hildbrand
(died 4/3/1749). Can anyone verify these ties?
Eldon Naffziger, 8907 Mesa Oak Dr, Riverside, CA 92508-3164.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Noffsinger Cemetery, located in Linn Township, Cedar Record copied by Mr & Mrs C.W. Neale.
Garrison, Infant daughter of James & Emma
Garrison, Laura B.
Garrison, Emma I.
Lewis, Margaret A.
Lewis, Simon
Lewis, Elsie Myrtle
Lewis, William J.
Lewis, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Lewis, Thomas U.
Miller, Daughter of W.B. & 0.
Miller, Infant
Noffsinger, Lewis B. inf son of M.N & G.E.
Noffsinger, inf son of M.N. & G.E.
Noffsinger, Elizabeth
Noffsinger, John S.
Ronk, Amy
Rank, Jacob
Trout, George H., son of Michael Trout, Botetourt Ca, VA, 26th & 34th Inf
County, MO.
I 860-1882
I 864—1936
I 872-1872
I 904-1904
I 803-1860
1 777—1860
I 831 -1855
Any one else have information that they want to share?
Page Seven
1 749
I 749
I 826
I 831/38
I 833
I 837
I 837
I 838
I 839
I 839
I 848
I 850
I 853
* *
Sh i p
Sh I p
Sh I p
Marl borough
Henry Clay
Brig Caesar
DeRham	XIX.2
Barque Statera
Marengo	XX
Maregno	XX
Erie	XLI
The Farnfl History Department
Ancestraj File Operations Unit
50 East North Temple St.
sa:t La City, UT 84i
Nafzger Immigrants Continued fr One
This is a provisional listing Nafzger immigrants which we know t present. If
any one can add to the list we would be most appreciative. .
Year	Immigrant	Name of Ship
Ufrich Naffzer
Rudolf Naffzger
Matthias Nafzger
Petter Nafsker
Jacob Naftziger
Christian Nafziger & 6 children
Peter Nafziger & 6 children
Peter Naffziger (died) & children
Dani Nafziger
Jacob Naftziger & 4 children
Valentine Naffziger
Christian Naffziger
Jacob Naffsigger
Christian Nafffziger & family
Catharine Naffziger & family
Joseph Nafziger
Ch ristian Nafstesger
Ulrich Nafstiger & family
John Nofziger with family
Peter Nafziger
Christian Naffziger
Samuel Nafziger
Valenz Naffziger
Christian Naffziger
Valentin Naffzinger
Christian Naffziger & child
*	* *	* *	*
Ship not named Ship Argo
The Nafzger Heritage News
1518 Guthrie Ave
Des Moi nes, IA 50316
Duchess d’Orleans
Duchess d’Orleans
Admiral .
Empire I	•
*	*	*
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