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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XX No 1
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1je JY Thtrit J
VOL. XX, No 1	929
v Spr 1991
CHRISTIAN of Mottenhof
The Winter issue of the News featured Valentine Naftziger. We determined that he was the son of Peter Naftziger of Fleckenstein, an estate near Lembach in north Alsace, France. Valentine married Jakobine Schantz and they emigrated to P in 1831. christian Nafziger appears to have been the brother of Valentin. Christian was born in March, 1777. Sometime prior to 1804 he married
Catharine Schantz, daughter of Peter of Froenbourg estate
near Lembach. Their first child Christian was born in 1804
I according to an old bible, which first belonged to Peter
Schantz and later to Christian and Catharine N. At the
time they lived at Mottenhof near Saarlouis in Saarland. j Christian and Catharine’s other children were born in the same area. Maybe later they lived at the Diesburger estate.
According to various sources of information, Christian died in Europe not later than 1849. Christian’s wife Catharine emigrated to America about the same time that her son Jacob moved . She res ided with a daughter for a period and died at her son Jacob’s home in 1866. They were the parents of the following children: Christian, Joseph, John
ID, Catharine, Magdalena, Peter, Jacob W, Barbara and Susanna. There has been suggestions of another daughter named Helen.
Joseph emigrated prior to his son’s birth in 1839. In 1841 he bought land from Peter Wyse in section 23 of Fulton Co, OH. (Was Peter a relative of Joseph’s wife Magdalena Weisz? ) . John lived for period near Bardenbach, then at Harthof Beldigen and later at Echternach before emigrating to America in 1846. According to census information, Peter emigrated to Ohio prior to his son’s birth in 1844 in Ohio. (Later he moved to Whitesicie Co , IL where he changed his name to Naftzger . ) Jacob emigrated before 1850. According to an old bible in the hands of a descendent of Christi , a son named Christ i an remained in Europe . Nothing other than the person ‘ s name is known.
All the daughters of Christian and Catharine were married in America. (There is a tradition that a daughter named Helen married Jacob Bender and remained in Europe. However, the person is not named in an old bible which belonged to Christian.) Two of the daughters married the Raber brothers. Daniel Raber and Susanna first moved to Keolcuk, Lee Co, Iowa prior to moving to Missouri. First they moved near Wheatland, Hickory County, where Joseph Naffziger (relationship to the Ohio Naffzigers unknown at present) had settled in 1855. Later they lived in Johnston County, where Daniel died. Susanria returned to Pettisville. One daughter married a Siegel, while another married a Rycher.
While much research has been completed on this large family, nonetheless, there are a number of major questions which have not been answered. Was Christian the son of Peter of Fleckenstein? And what happened to the first born son Christian and the supposed daughter Helen Bender? When did Christian die? How was John Nofziger, who married Mary Weisz/Wyse and caine from near Metz, France in 1847 and settled near Pettisville, OH, related to the children of Christian? We hope our readers can help!
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Editor’ s Comment
We hope that everyone had a happy Easter.
1390 WIM RD We have suffered from Spring fever and other coninitments and apologize for being late. We
DEERFIEW, IlL 60015	received many letters wishing our family
happy holidays and we appreciate the kindness
* * *	*	*	*	*	and extend our thanks to everyone.
We have been notified by our printer in
Editor — RAY NOFTSGER	Ohio that he can no longer do our printing.
Clair Naftzger and I have been looking around for
* * * * * *	*	another to take his place. However the quotes
we have received are much higher than we are accustomed to pay. Are any of our subscribers interested in suhtiitting a quote to us for our
SUBSCRIPTION FEE eight page, quarterly publication. If you are, please let us know immediately.
.	.	As most of our readers can guess, we have
Ten Dollars Yearly two major costs for the ws: printing and postage. Published quarterly—- Fall, With the recent postage increase to 29 cents for Winter, Spring and Summer. for domestic letters and our printer’s withdrawal
we are considering the ten dollar subscription
fee, which has not changed since it was intro-
- duced in the Fall Issue, 1984! At that time postage was twenty cents. These higher costs are forcing us to reexamine the subscription rate for the News . As soon as we have found another printer we can get a handle on what we must do . i if any subscriber is a printer or knows of one , please drop a line. We will keep everyone posted.
gain, if your subscription date on your address label is over one year, your dues are late. Help keep our costs down.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
The News has learned that we have lost a long time friend . Mrs Faye (Noftsger) Flaugher died April 1 1 , 1 99 1 , nine months shy of her 90th birthday . Mrs Flaugher was a long time subscriber to the News, at least since April, 1977. And while I have never met her , she has contributed much to the News and we will miss her letters . Our sympathies are extended to her family and friends.
Faye Winifred Noftsger descends from Jacob Noftsger who settled in Brown! Clermont County Ohio in 1812. Jacob’s son Henry and Sarah “Sally” Piles had at least three children: Eliza, Jacob and Robert. The latter Jacob was born in Lewis township, Brown County, Ohio. He married marida Elanor Phillips. Their sixth child was Henry Austin Noftsger, born in 1874. He married Flora Harris in January, 1900. Faye was born December 8, 1901 and spent most of her life near Georgetown, Ohio. She married Carey F . Flaugher ( 1898—1970 ) and they had five children : Flora,
1 Jul ie , Marion and Robert . Faye died at the home of her daughter Flora H. Ahrman and was buried in Linwood Cemetery, Russellville, Ohio.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Newsletter Articles
Anyone interested in having an article, letter, observation or genealogical query printed in the News, forward your request. We will print them as space permits. The newsletter is an open forum for all to use. We will print the contents of letters starting with this issue and only edit them to available space.
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Page Two
I s Corner
Dr John Vogel of California bas ritten a ann letter and mentions that his wife Betty arid Charlan Graff both descend from Joseph Naffziger and Barbara Jantzi , who emigrated from France in 1840. Betty’s father was Edward Joseph Naffziger, a son of’ John and Mary (Roth) Naffziger. John was born in March, 1840 at sea. He married Mary Roth in Washington Coimty, Io in May, 1869. John and Mary moved to Osage County, Kansas, where they lived in 1870. [ have read that John and Mary later moved to Idaho; in another place they supposedly moved to Washington. Maybe a reader can help us out?]
Beverly Schiatter Dickinson of Michigan writes that she is a descendent of Valentin Nofziger, who e featured in the last issue. She has sent to us alot of updated information on her line. A surrir of it follows:
1. Valentin (= 1783 Fleckenstein + 1852 Wayne County, OH) In. Jacobina Schantz (= 1785 + 1866)
11. Peter ( 18 Sept 1809 + 6 Sept 1877)
m. Magdalena Wyse (= 9 Apr 1818 + 18 Apr 1871) 1 1 1 . Peter ( = ? Fulton , OH + ? Archbold Cemetery)
m. Mary (Elisabeth) Sauder (= ? + ?)
1111. Frank (= 7 + ?)
1112. Peter (= ? + ?)
1113. Edward (= ? + ?)
1114. Henry (= ? + ?)
1115. Eli (= ? + ? as an infant)
1116. William (= ? + ?)
1117. Eliza (23 Dec 1872 + ?)
in. Samuel A. Schlatter (= ? + ?) 11171. Floyd (= ? + ?)
111711. Beverly
1 1 172 . Ormond (= ? + ?)
11173. Olen (= ? + ?)
11174. Florence (+ ? + ?)
11175. Ada (= ? + ?)
11176. Nola (= ? + ?)
11177. Miles (= ? + ?)
1118. ? Ollie (= ? + maybe young)
Beverly has dates for many of her aunts and uncles and she has offered to share them with any reader if they are interested. We also hope she will send an updated list to the News.
R.E. (Ted) Naftzger Jr of California wrote concerning his family. He writes that his father always told him that his ancestors came from the Alsace in France. His grandfather lived in North Manchester, Indiana and was in the hardware business, but left for California in 1883/1884 and settled for a period in Riverside, before going to L.A. about 1903. Maybe some of our readers can fill in some information.
Marjorie (Hart) Buckmaster has written asking about the Noffsingers in Ohio and possible connections to any of the following families: Hart, Cook, Keister/Kester, care , uch, Burin, Garrnan , Sinir and Davidson . Mrs Buckrnaster d idn ‘ t mention the Noffsinger family she wanted nor the county, but the name Sirrinons appears in Montgomery County, OH arid Randolph County, IN. We suppose that she is interested in Rudolph’s line and his son John, vho married Elisabeth Sirrinons. Unfortunately the other surnames are not familiar. Can anyone help?
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Page three
Reader’s Corner (continued from page three)
Shelly Haflard— has written about her Noffsinger ancestor. Can some one help us out. I (S?) Noffsinger married Molly/Polly Pauline Swick May 5, 1881 in Paulding County, OH. His wife was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Swick. Daniel and Molly/Polly’s children were:
1. Joseph Clements “Clem” (= 4 April 1882 Latty Township, Paulding Co
+ 14 March 1957 Wood County, OH.)
m : Alma Bertha Carpenter (= 22 Aug 1884 , d/o Harmon J & Harriet (Barrett).
11. Margaret Crystal (= 17 Nov 1903 Fulton Co. OH + 1969 Wood Co. OH)
12. Melvin Clare (= 20 Mar 1907 + 7 Aug 1961)
13. Harry Hannon (= 27 Oct, 1908 + 26 Jul 1965).
2 . Sarah 1 . (= June 1 883 + ? )
m: Charles J. Larnbert 23 July 1897 Paulding County, OH.
3 . Margaret (= Mar 1888 Paulding County, OH + ?).
4. Flora Olive (= Aug 1892 + ?)
5. Dottie A (= Sept 1898 + ?).
Ms Beckham points out that sh found a “D. Noffsinger” in the 1880 Latty township Paulding County census who was 32 yrs old (= about 1848) and listed his brothers and sisters as Betty ( 17 yrs) , Elmer ( 13 yrs) , Samuel ( 10 yrs) and Morris (8 yrs). She cites Glea Richer’s History of the Nafzger Family (p. 33) which notes a Samuel Noffsinger and his wife Mary Breckner were married in 1833 in Paulding County and they were the parents of Leo, Olive ( dough) , Angel ma (Clark ) , Morris, Elmer, Retta, Cordelia and Samuel and emphasizes the similarity of names.
The ws can add the following information. Contrary to Richer’s book, Samuel Noffsinger was married to Mary Breckner on 12 December, 1833 by Henry Metzger in Montgomery County, not Paulding County. In the Administrations for Montgomery County, Samuel Beckner died on 25 September 1835 and Samuel Noffsinger and Eli Noffsinger were settling accounts for Beckner ‘ s minor children Daniel ( 15 yrs ) , Janny C 12 yrs) and Samuel ( 10 yrs ) . We are uncertain if Beckner and Breckner are the same . It is doubtful however that Samuel and Mary were still having children in 1872, when the above mentioned Norris was born.
On the other hand, we have an 1850 census record for Daniel C Noffsinger, son of Samuel and Sarah, was born about 1848 in Staunton township, Miami County. Samuel and Sarah were both 25 years old in 1850. In all probability, this Samuel is the same who married Sarah Smalley on 12 March 1848 in Miami County. It is also likely that Samuel ‘ s first wife died and he married her s ister Mary B Smalley on 8 October 1857 in Miami County. We have reported earlier (News, Winter 1989/90) that John Noffsinger and his wife Elisabeth Sininons moved to Miami County about 1816 with John’s father-in-law. John Jr died in 1821 leaving a vife and 10 children. Later the Noffsingers moved from Miami County to Randolph County, IN.
And if this isn ‘ t confusing enough , Paulding County borders eastern md iana counties of Allen and De Kalb and borders Ohio’s counties of Van Wert, Putnam and Defiance. Noffsingers from Montgomery County moved to L County as early as 1850 and resided in Richiand township.
Maybe someone has more information that they would be willing to share with our readers.
Mrs Elisabeth Inir sent a card and mentioned that her great grandmother lived for a period in Butler County, OH before moving to Putnam County, IL. ccording to David Luthy’s The inish in Air the first rnish in Putnam County migrated directly from Bavaria, Germany in 1835. Early families were Albrecht, Burkey, loder (Yoder), Gingery, Shetler, Nafziger, Rocke and Zierlein. The first Aniish minister was a Jacob Burkey from Hesse, Germany; the next was Daniel Holly, also a native of Hesse, but who lived for a period in Butler County, OH. Both resided near Granville. Maybe sane of our readers can add to this sketch.
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Page four
Reader’s Corner (continued from page four)
Clyde Nafzinger of Delaware bas written concerning his ancestor Peter of Illbach. Peter as featured in the News, Fall. Issue, 1990. Clyde descends from Peter and Peter’s son Peter Jr. He is also collecting information on his mother’s family, the Krabills. John Lapp of Pennsylvania sent a card and he descends from Peter’s daughter Elisabeth, who married John Stoltzfus. Mrs Eli Byler of Pennsylvania sent information and she descends from Peter’s daughter Jacobina, ho married Jacob Byler.
The following is an edited version taken from The 2\mish in P Settlements that Fa ed, 1 840-1 960 by David Luthy ( Pathway Pubi ishers , Lagrange , IN) . The dhapter is titled “I Green , Baltimore County [ , 1 833-4953 , pp . 169—174.
The Moses Miller family of Lancaster County, PA may have been there in 1833. In 1850 the Bishop Solomon Yoder, minister John Mast and thirty other Amish settlers resided there. Peter Nafzinger Jr was the the son of the Amish minister Peter of Ilibach, who died aboard the ship Henry clay in 1827 enroute to America. Peter’s widow, six children arid her two brothers Peter and Casper Sch.wartentruber. The first winter in Peimsylvania was spent in Chester County , living in Christi an oo’ S Springhouse . After they moved to the Groffdale area of Lancaster County. Peter Jr lived with a Miller family until he as t one. He then worked in Union County, PA where he met his vife Lydia Yoder, daughter of Solomon, the Arnish Bishop. The Yoders moved to Long Green and Peter Jr followed. He married Lydia in 1854. Peter died in 1908; Lydia Yoder Nafzinger died in 1919 at 86 years. Both were buried in the cemetery located on Moses Miller ‘ S farm.
Reader ‘ s Corner continued on page six
In the Literature
From time to time, we will provide a short surrmary of articles which have appeared in other journals/newsletters/publications which may be of interest to Nafzger readers. We will not review all the articles that appear in these publications. We have included the addresses of the publications if you are interested. in obtaining them or contacting the authors.
The Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (publ i shed by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Millstream Rd, Lancaster, PA 17602) has three primary articles each month .
The April 1991 and July 1991 contained a two-part article written by Phillip
Bedient entitled “Descendents of Benjamin Witmer of Lampeter Tawiiship, Lancaster
County, Pennsylvania”. The earlier October 1988 issue, contained “Descendents of
John and Catharine Witmer of Manor Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania”.
I3edient suirrnarizes Benjamin and John’s lives and. traces the Witmer family through
a number of generations.
The July 1991 issue also contains the article by Elizabeth. Macnaubton titled “Farming Among Old Order Mennonites of Ontario [ in the Early Twentieth Century”. The article is of interest to the ancestors of Christian Naffziger, who was featured in the Winter Issue, 1989—90 of the News. Christian emigrated in 1826, together with Peter the Apostle and their families. They settled. near Berlin, in Wilrnot Township, Waterloo county, Ontario. Peter left for Ohio, while Christian remained and died there in 1836. While there s not specific mention of the Nafzgers, Ms Macnaughton covers the agricultural techniques and social forces affecting the old order Mennonite corrrnunities in Ontario, Canada, highlighting the situation hic1 Christian’s descendents would have faced.
Page five
Reader’S Corner
Continued from page five
Mrs Geneva (Kau Shelton was kind enough to send an update on the
family of Jacob Naffsinger of Hocheirn, which we featured in the Suir issue, 1990. Verle and Margaret Oyer also sent alot of new information on the family.
We have tried to combine the two, but have found some discrepancies in dates, which we noted below. Thanks to for the updates.
Jacob Naffziger (Naffsinger) (= 21 Aug 1798 Bavaria + 6/16 Mar 1888 IL)
M: Barbara Graebiel (= 24 Sept/Oct 1795 + 10 Feb, 1876) 24 Aug 1822 daughter of Johannes and Elisabetha Kennell
I.	Barbara ( 20 Apr 1823 + 17 May 1909)
m.	Peter R. Engel (= 21 Oct 1822 + 11 Mar 1888) 26 Oct 1845
11.	Katharine	14. Samuel
12.	Peter	15. Leah
13.	Alpha	16. Amelia
2.	Elizabeth (= 29 Sept 1825 + 30	Aug 1908)
In.	Christian Gingerich (=29 Oct 1823 Salem France + 14 Aug 1895) 1847
21.	John	25. Elisabeth
22.	Jacob	26. Joseph
23 .	Phoebe	27 . Anna
24 .	Barbara	28 . Emma
3.	Nagdalena (= 24 Aug 1827 + 2 Apr 1908)
In.	1. Valentin Birkey (= 1817 + 30 Nov 1856) 19 Mar 1847
2. Christian Ropp (= ? + ?)	1869
31. Jakobina	34. Katharine
32. Barbara	35. Elisabeth
33 . Magdalena	36 . Valentine
4.	Peter J. (= 31 Aug 1829 Bavaria + 23 Aug 1909)
m. Magdalena Nafziger (= 20 Oct 1832 Baden + 4 May 1906) 22 June 1854 daughter of Peter Naffsinger (= 18 Dec 1800 Baden + 14 Mar 1876)
and Catharine Unzicker (= 18 Dec 1806 Alsace + 16 Oct 1876)
41. John W. (= 20 Oct 1855 + 20 Jan 1939)
42. JacobA. (= 16 Feb 1856 ± 1 Jan 1939)
43. Katharine E. (= 12 Nov 1857 + 21 Dec 1943)
m. Joseph C . Kaufmann (= 2 1 Dec 1 860 + 14 Jan 1 9 1 1 ) 4 Sept 1883
44 . Henry F . (= 1 1 Sept 1 860 + 20 Nov 1944)
45. Samuel E. (= 10 Oct 1862 + 29 Sept 1956)
46. Joseph V. (= 24 Jun 1864 + 22 Mar 1923)
47. Daniel P. (= 18 Aug 1870 + 19 Feb 1908)
48 . Barbara A . (= 10 Mar 1 872 + 26 Mar 1957)
m. Amos Litwiller (= 14 Jan 1876 + 18 Apr 1966) 24 Dec 1899 5 . John (= about 1 833 + ?)
In. Lizetta (Elisabeth) Nafziger (= Sept, 1836 Bavaria + 7) 5 1 . Enina (= about 1862 + 7)
m. Andrew Heiser (= ? + ?)
6.	Phoebe (=	9	Jan	1836	Ohio	+	?)
m. Peter Roth ( = 1 2 Feb 1 829 + 9 Aug 190 1 ) 8 Feb 1857
6 1 .	Lydia	66 .	Peter
62.	Daniel	67.	flmia
63.	John	68.	Amelia
64.	William	69.	Ella
65.	Jacob
7.	Catharine (= 9 Jan 1836 Ohio + 11 Sept 1914)
m. John Baugbman (changed from Bachman) (= 1833 + 1914) 4 Jan 1859
71.	Jobn	75.	Daniel	79.	Lydia
72.	Jacob	76.	Lena	7-10.	Frank
73.	Joseph	77.	Alpha	7—il.	Peter
74.	Anna	78.	Samuel	7—12.	lewis
*** Magdalena and Elisabeth were sisters, daughters of Peter and Catharine (UnziciSee here for the pdf version (scanned images) of this issue.
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