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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XX No 2
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tht 1 J i
_____________________ ________________________	92927305
iii Vol. cx, No. 2	______ ____ N13n
v.20,nc Summer 1991
Railroad JOHN NOFZIGER- Pettisville
The Spring issue of the News featured Christian
Nafziger of Motterthof. We wrote that we believed he was a brother to Valentine Naffziger of Fleckenstein who was featured in the preceding Winter issue. Many of Christian’s children moved to Fulton County, OH. Christian’s oldest son Joseph married a Magdalena eisz/Wyse and in 1841 they bought land in Fulton Co from Peter Wyse. How Peter Wyse was related to Magdalena Wyse is unknown. To further complicate the Nafzige/Wyse connection, Valentine’s son Peter, iho settled in Fulton County prior to 1836 , was married to another Magdalena Wyse. And if that isn’t confusing enough, our featured Naffziger this issue was also married to a Wyse. They irmiigrated in 1847 and settled 1½ miles west of Pettisville in Fulton County. Were the Wyse and Naffziger families related in Europe? And can their European relationship help in sorting out the why , who and where of the Nofziger connections?
John Nofziger was married to Mary Wyse and emigrated from Metz , France in 1847 according to David Luthy’s The mish in America. Metz is the capital of the French department , laying j ust south of Luxembourg . By the mid nineteenth century there were many Naffziger families residing in the Moselle district. It is there— fore problematic to identify the ancestors of John. We do know however that he emigrated about the same time as the other Naffzigers who settled Fulton County and he too was married to a Wyse.
In the 1850 Fulton County, OH census e find Jacob and Verena (Stutzman)
Nafzigar [ of Valentine ] , Peter and Magdalena (Wyse ) Nafzinger [ son of Valentine I
Joseph and Magdalena (Wyse) Nafzinger [ of Christian and Jean/John and Mary
Catharine (Wyse) Nafzinger. All four Naffziger men identified their place of birth
as France. Living in the same area other families from France were Jean Grirtin,
Peter Miller, Jean Fluery, Samuel Barr, Charles Fluery and Jacob Bender. In the 1 850 census , John 1 ived with h is wife (Mary) Catharine and eight
children, all of whom were born in France. There is a family tradition that John was known as “Railroad John’. According to one source the nickname resulted from the location of the farm west of Pettisville, OH and the crossing of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad, which cut a wedge off the north west end of the farm. Due to the angle of the railroad and the road, it became known as the “slanting crossing” and John picked up the nickname Railroad John to distinguish him from another John Nafziger who lived in the same area. (Later one of Jobn Sons , Christian , became known as “Railroad Chris” ) . At one point in time there were three John Nafzigers who lived in the same locality. There was the following German rhyme which identified each: “Hans the Hungry, Hans the Grumbling One and Hans the Tiny One”fA H LiBRARy
35 N( ‘
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Editor’ s Car
ThE NAFZGER HERITAGE MEWS We hope that everyone has had a pleasant surriner and fall . Between , vacations , scrapping and
1390 WrNcAN’ION RD painting the house, school activities and other cozruiiitrnents, we have fallen behind in getting
DEERFIELD, ILL 60015 the News to the printer. We apologize for that and hope that everyone understands that this is
* * * * * * * a hobby for us and sometimes we miss deadlines. Speaking of printing, in the last issue we
Editor - RAY NOFTSGER wrote that our Ohio printer as leaving us. We had a response to our request and this issue is
* * * * * * * being printed by the Mast family. They are the pubi ishers of Mennc Family Histhry. We hope
we can have another twenty year relationship
SUBSCRIPTION FEE with our printer. We will determine after this issue hether we can keep the present subscription
rate at ten dollars.
Ten Dollars Yearly	Thank you for your patience.
Again, if the subscription date on the
Published quarterly—— Fall, address label is over a year old, your dues are Winter, Spring and Suniner. late. Thanks.
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Reader’ s Corner
Ms Judy Watson of Florida sent an inquiry about her Noffsinger ancestor Mary who was the wife of David Byerly Davis of Montgomery County , OH . She said they lived on Shank Road and had eleven children.
Mary Noffsinger was the daughter of Daniel and Mary (Hitter) . Daniel has been identified as the son of Peter and Catharina (Wise nee Pinehardt) of Washington County, PA. The tradition has been that after Peter’s death sometime prior to 18 10 , Daniel moved with his uncle Samuel to Montgomery , OH . Although the News has found reference to an’ s arr ival in Montgomery County , OH in 1806, we have questions concerning his parents. In 1823 Samuel (Sr) transferred land to Daniel. This parcel of land was part of a larger tract which Samuel (Sr) had purchased from David Longhead in 18 12 . Samuel ( Sr) also transferred land to Henry Le, Jacob Kaylor and Samuel (Jr) . The 1 atter ‘ s heirs sold thei r land to Daniel in 1831 and moved to Defiance County, OH. Other possible children of Samuel (Sr) may be Susan who married Daniel Rudy and Elisabeth ho married Jacob Schenk.
The News bel ieves that Daniel may have been in fact a son of Samuel , rather than a nephew, and this fits with Saniuel (Sr) transferring land to him after his marriage, just as he had done to his other children. There is another piece of property which we traced: On October 8, 1831, Samuel and Hannah (Hitter) Noffsinger sold three acres of land to Daniel. On April 27, 1866 Daniel and Mary (Ritter) transferred land to David B . and Mary Davis ; on March 16 , 1878 , they transferred this land to John D. Noffsinger. Samuel was the son of John, while Hannah was a sister to Mary. But alot more information has to be located before the question is settled.
Daniel was a Dunkard elder in the Lower Miami district for a number of years.
He resided on his farm his entire life. Daniel died October 13, 1866 and Mary
(Hitter) died in 1873. Both were buried in the Lower Miami Cemetery (also called
Noffsinger or Hollars Cemetery) in Jefferson township.
Mary Noffsinger was the third child of Daniel. She was born May 4, 1832 and on August 24, 1854 she married David Byerly Davis. We believe the following are the names of seven. of their children : Cass , Oscar , El isabeth , Mary Jane , Howard Harry and John F.
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Page Two
Reader’ s Corner, Ms Judy Watson of Florida	Continued from page Two
According to History of Wntgcmry County, cii (w.M . Bee, 1 88 2 , vol III), (-Th David B . Davis was born June 16 , 1831 and in 1846 he went to live with the blacksmith John Florey. [ August 17, 1834, John Florey married Susannah Noffzinger; she
was probably the daughter of Samuel , son of John , and Catharine Leeds . I David married Mary Noffsinger, who was the daughter of a father [ born in PA and mother [ Ritter ] born in North Carolina . They both came to Jefferson township in 1806 . The Davis ‘ had ten children.
An interesting question as to the origin of the middle name of David Byerly Davis arises. in the Lower Miami Cemetery Michael and Elisabeth Byerly are buried:
Michael Byerly = 11/10/1806 + 1/19/1900; Elisabeth =5/8/1810 + 4/12/1889. How are they related to David Byerly Davis? Or are they at all.
Maybe some of our readers can help us with this family. Also maybe Ms Watson can supply us with additional information she has which we could print.
*	*	*	*	*	*	* *	*
Mrs Erma Nafzicjer of Illinois sent the News some additional information on the Jacob Nafziger of Hocheim family which we featured in the Summer issue, 1990. Marriage Record of Jacob Nafziger and Barbara Krebeil
In the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty two, the twenty fourth of August, at ten o’clock in the morning, before us, Christian Ackermann, Major, Officer of the Civil Register of the township of Weitersweiler, Canton of Goellheim, District of Kaiserslautern, County of Rheinkries, Kingdom of Bavaria, appeared Jacob Nafziger, twenty six years old, unmarried, a farmer, born in Hocltheim, Grand Duchy of Hessen and during the past year resided in Weitersweiler, as proven by the enclosed certificate of Record of Evidence, major son of the deceased Valentin Nafziger and his deceased wife Nagdalena Spring, during their lifetime farmers living in Hocheim, Grand Duchy of Hessen and deceased there, as proven by the enclosed death record, and rbara Krebiel, twenty six years and nine month old, unmarried, without any profession, born and residing in Weitersweiler as is proven by the enclosed Record of Evidence, major daughter of the deceased Johannes Krebiel and his deceased wife Elisabeth Kennel, during their lifetimes farmers resiaing at Weitersweiler and deceased there as proven by the enclosed death records.
The bridegroom received his civil acceptance to the township of Weitersweiler on 6 February 1822 by the Royal Bavarian High Government of the Rheinkreis with the additional note to present his definite release from the formation of subjects of the Grand Duchy of Hessen, which went into effect 28 June the same year by this government and
demanded to contract their projected marriage which had been published for the first time on Sunday, 11th of August, 1822 at noon and affixed on the main door of the townhall and for the second time on Sunday 18th of August, 1822 at noon according to law.
We satisfied the reqi and have received no objections against the projected marriage; we have read all the documents given to us and cited above and Chapter Six of “On Marriage” of the Civil Law; and have asked the bridegroom and bride if they were ready to take each other as husband and wife in marriage. Since each of them had answered separately and firmly in the positive, we declared Jacob Nafziger and Barbara Krebiel united in marriage in the name of the Law.
The present document has been undersigned in the presence of four witnesses:
Johannes Kreibiel, forty two years old, farmer and brother of the bride’s mother, residing in Driesen; Johannes Unsicker, thirty seven years old, farmer and unrelated;
Michael Andreas, fifty nine years old, farmer and unrelated; and Michael Kaufold, thirty years old, farmer and unrelated, the latter three residing in Weitersweiler, together with the contracting parties and in the presence of their parents [ see above that all parents are deceased] after having sworn to oath. Signatures.
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Page Three
Reader’s Corner, Mrs Erma Nafziger of Illinois Continued from page Three
Mrs Nafziger also sent the following obituaries concerning Jacob and ‘ s son Peter J Naffziger, his wife Magdalena Naffziger and their children.
Another old Resident Gone
Peter J. Naffziger, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs Amos Litwiller, 5½ miles southwest of Hopedale , Wednesday , June 23rd [ 1909 ] , of tuberculosis of the , aged 79 years , 9 months and 23 days . Peter J . Naffz iger was born Augitst 31, 1829 in Weiter’s Weller [ Germany. He was united in marriage with Miss Magdalena Naffziger, January 22, 1854. This union was blessed with nine children, six sons and three daughters, one child died in infancy. Daniel died February 19 , 1908 . The following children survive : John W. , of Foosland , IL, Jacob A . , of Pekin , IL , Mrs Kate an, Joseph V , and Samuel E of Hopedale , Henry F of Elwell, Mich, and Barbara Litwiller of Delavan. He also leaves 45 grand-children, 3 great grand-children and many friends and relatives to mourn his departure. Hts funeral service was held at the Amish ru, south of town , Saturday June 26th, conducted by Revs N. Kinsinger of Washington, IL and J.C. Birky, of this place and was largely attended.
His sufferings were many and of long duration. Thus ends another useful life of an honored citizen, neighbor and friend.
Gone to Her Reward
Died, at her home, 3½ miles south of town, on Friday, May 4, 1906, after an illness of nearly fourteen weeks, Mrs Peter LI. Naffziger. She has suffered considerably during that time but bore her affliction with true christian spirit , never complaining. Mrs Magdalene Naffziger [ of Peter and Catharine Naffzinger] was born in Germany in the year 1 832 and was married to Peter J Naffziger in 1 854 . To this union eight children were born: John and Henry of Champaign; Jacob of Pekin; Mrs Kate Kaufaninn, Samuel, Joseph and Daniel, Mrs Barbara Litwiller, of Hopedale; all of whom survive her . She was held in high esteem by all who knew her . She is survived by 44 grandchildren. Her many friends were pained to hear of her death, as she was loved and respected by all who knew her. But God doeth everything for the best. Her funeral which was held at the Amish church, Sunday morning at 10 o was the largest that has been held in this vicinity for a long time. Bishop Birkey had charge of the services , assisted by Rev . Samuel Garver , of Tremont . The remains were laid to rest in the Amish cemetery west of town. Thus has another good wanan gone to her reward.
Funeral of Mr . Naffziger
The funeral of I Naffziger, who died, Wednesday morning, February 19th, [ occurred Thursday afternoon. The funeral was private on account of the scarlet fever at the home of Mr Naffziger, the family being afflicted with that disease. The burial was at the Orendorff cemetery and Bishop J. C. Birky officiated at the grave . We are informed that the two chi idren [ 4 and 6 ] who have been afflicted with the scarlet fever are both getting along nicely. Mrs Naffziger and children have the deepest sympathy of each and everyone in their sad bereavement .
Dies of Scarlet Fever
Hopedale, Ill, Feb. 16. [ - (Special). Verner Naffziger, age 2 years, son of Mr and Mrs D. P. Naffziger, living south of town, died Friday after a brief illness from scarlet fever. The remains were interred in the Orendorff cemetery this morning. A little daughter, aged 4, is very ill with the same disease.
John Byler sent us additional information on Jacob of Hocheim, see page eight.
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Page Four
Railroad John Nofziger of Pettisville, Ohio
Continued from Page One
We were unable to identify when John or his wife Mary (Catharine) died and there they were buried. Maybe some of our readers can help us out. We have
additional problems with their son John B. According to one source, John/Johannes B. f went to Wheatland, Missouri in 1869 In 1881 he married his second wife Magdalena Raber in Hickory County. Supposedly he died there.
heatland is located in Hickory County, approximately 100 miles southeast of Kansas City in the central part of the state. In the last half of the 19th century there were three Amish/Mennonite churches in Hickory County. In 1855/56 a Joseph Nafziger was living in Hickory County. At present we have been unable to determine who he was . The second Amish family in Hickory County was t Raber and his wife Susanna Nofsinger/Nafziger who were married in Wayne County in 1848. Susanna was the daughter of Christian and Catharine (Schantz) Nafziger who we featured in the Spring 1991 issue of the News.
Daniel and Susanna Raber lived in Lee County, Iowa after their marriage until 1858, when they moved to Hickory County. Other residents of Lee County were the family of Joseph and Barbe (Jantzi) Nafziger, who caine from France in 1840. They first settled in Ontario Province in Canada prior to moving to Lee County in 1851. In 1 868 they moved to near Melvern , Osage , Kansas . Whether this Joseph resided in Wheatland prior to moving to Kansas and the Daniel Raber family followed, we cannot determine . If that is not the same Joseph , then we cannot identify the earliest Atnish settler of Wheatland Joseph Nafziger. What further complicates the Hickory County issue is that three people of the following five recorded marriages in Hickory County are unidentifiable:
Benjamin N married Elisa Alice NcCaslin Mar 2, 1879
John B. N. married Maggie Raber Dec 22, 1881
Mary N married D. B. Raber Nov 1, 1883
Daniel B. N married Barbara Rich Feb 17, 1885
Christian N married Mary Rich Apr 12, 1885
As we mentioned bo, John B ‘ s second marriage was to Maggie Raber (but how she is related to Daniel and Susanna Raber is unknown ) and Daniel B was John ‘ s son. But who are the others? Are they also children of John B that we had not identified previously? There is a family tradition they had fourteen children. Maybe some of our readers can help us out.
Family sketch of Railroad John Nofziger of Pettisville.
I . John/Jean/Johannes (= c . 1 799 + ? ) emigrated 1847 from near , France.
in. Mary (Catharine) Wyse (= c. 1802 + ?)
11. Christian C. (6 Jan 1827 + 7 Feb 1907) “Railroad Chris
m. 1. Elisabeth Gingrich (= ? + 1860 ) four children
2. Magdalena Yoder (= 13 Aug 1835 + ?) 8/8/1861 d/o Christian & Barbara Schott
111.	John	117.	Mary (m. Resser)
112.	Jonathan G.	118.	Daniel W.
113.	Jefferson	119.	Jacob P.
114.	Elisabeth	11-10.	Leah (m. Yedica)
115.	Christian G.	11—11.	Sarah (m. Yoder)
116.	Anna	11—12.	Catharirie (m. Yoder)
12 . Johannes B . (= 16 Jan 1830 + 1 1 Jul 19 15 Wheatland ,
m. I . Magdalena King (= ? + c . 1 880 ) 1855
2. Magdalena Raber (= c. 1854 + ?) 22 Dec 1881 Hickory County, MO.
d/o Daniel and Susanna (Nofzinger) Raber
3 . Mary Diener ( = ? + ?)
121. Daniel	127. Mattie (m. Roth)
122. Catharine (m. Sheffell)	128.	Sarah (rn. Richener)
123.	Mary (m. Rich)	129.	Anna (m. Klopfenstein)
124.	Lee S.	.	12—10.	Ida (m. Grossç
125.	Susan/ Eliza (m.	Kauffmann)	12—11.	Minnie (m. Witmer)
126.	John B. Jr
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Page Five
Family of Railroad John Nofziger of Pettisville.
Continued from Page Five
13. Maria (= c. 1832 + ?)
m. Christian Wyse (+ ? + 7) 14. nne (= c. 1834 + ?
m. Gotlieb Beck (= ? +?)
15. Catharine (= c. 1836 + ?
m. Peter Beck (= ? + ?)
16. Susann (= 16 May 1840 + 21 Mar 1903 Stuttgart, Ark)
m. Jacob Yoder (= ? + ?) 16 Dec 1860 Adopted : 1 . Rudy Sutter
2 . Elisabeth Kuntzee
17. Magdalena (= c. 1842 France + ?)
m. Jacob Soir (= ? + ?) 18 . Barbara (= c. 1846 France + 1915)
m. David Nofziger (+ 1840 + 1899) 1868 grandson of Valentin; sb Jacob
m. 1 . Saloma Rychner (= 1843 +	1868)
181. Mary (child of *1)(m.	Short) 185.	Katharine (m. Sauder)
I 82 . Levi David	1 86 .	Firma (in. Short)
183 . Elisabeth (m. Grieser)	187 .	Jacob
184. Sarah Anna	188.	Samuel David
*	*	*	*	*	I	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Ray Dieffenbach of Pennsylvania sent the News the following infonnation concerning the family of Christian Nafzger, son of Jacob, who arrived in 1750. From the I Libanon t (p . 50) : Christian Nafzger , born 1 765 , died I 829 north east of Pairnyra, PA and was buried in Nafzger Cemetery on Ridge Road. He served in the military, the Lancaster County Militia, First Battalion under Captain McCallens Company. He was married to Jolianna [ who was born in 1776 and died in 1853. They had a son Michael.
: On the 27th of October, 1853 in Londonderry
township, widow of the late Christian Nafzgar died, aged 87 years, 2 months and 12 days [ 15 August 1766, in contrast to the above date of 1776].
Florence Bilbro of Montana writes that she is a descendent of the Virginia Noffsingers, specifically Samuel, son of Peter. Important dates in the family are:
Peter, Rudolf and Matthias N arrive in Philadelphia, PA.
Peter exchanged land in Berwick twp with land in Paradise twp, York Co , PA.
Peter sold land in Paradise twp and bought land in Frederick Co, I’ID.
Peter naturalized in York Ca, PA.
Peter & John N fined in ND for non—participation in militia.
John N on tax list in Bedford Co, VA.
Peter & “Frances” sold land in Frederick Ca, ND.
Peter “Jun of Bedford Ca, VA bought land.
1785 John N, son of “deceased” Peter settle estate in Frederick Co, ND.
1788 Samuel N bought land on Loo’ s Creek, Botetourt Ca , VA.
1791 Samuel N married Mary Hiner ( 2nd wife?).
1792 Joseph N surveyor in Botetourt Ca, VA. David N voted at Batetourt County, VA.
1793 David N married Hannah Crumpacker
1799 Peter N married Mary Persinger/Pettinger ( 2nd wife?). Jacob N 5 igned German Baptist Congregation of Botetourt
David N married Molly Stayer Botetourt Ca, VA.
1808 Jacob N identified in Muhlenburg Ca, KY land records. David N gets land from brother John N which belonged to
1810 John N enumerated in Muhlenberg, KY census.
1815 Joseph N will probated in Botetourt Co, VA.
1839 Samuel N died and will probate’
1844 Peter N died.
3 . John Rich (nephew)
4. Katharine Rich (niece)
Ca letters.
father Peter N.
Pac Six
Reader’s Corner	Continued from Page Four
Ms Iklly Rago of Spokane, Washington sent the News an update of tier line.
She is a descendent of Joseph and Barbe (Jantzi) Naffziger. We mentioned in our featured article on Railroad John Nofziger that his son Jobn moveo to Wheatlana, J, where he married Magdalena Raber, daughter of Daniel and Susanna Nofzinger
Faber. The Rabers resided in Lee County, Iowa prior to moving to Hickory County, MO. Joseph and Barbe Naffziger also lived in Lee County, IA. The question we need to answer is was Joseph the same person who was the first Amish settler in Wheatland in 1855/56 or did he reside in Iowa continuously from 1850 until 1868, when they moved to near Melvern, Osage Co, Kansas. Maybe some of our readers can help us and we can feature Joseph’s line in the future. Polly’s direct Naffziger lineage is Joseph--Joseph F.--C. Enos--Loy M--Polly.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
In the Literature
The quarterly 4 Family History (published by Mennonite Family History 10 W. Main , P . 0 . Box 171 , Elverson, PA 19520-0171 ) has a number of featured articles each issue. We will only mention a few articles which have appeared in the past year that may be of interest to our readers.
January, 1 99 1 : article on the descendents of Abraham Drachsel/Troxel of Lebanon Co, PA. Jacob Naftziger, ho arrived in 1750, was listed as the executor on the will of braham, which was written in January, 1781. Jacob died prior to February, 1783, while ?brahaxn died prior to November, 1784. Mraham’s estate was administered by John Kurtz of Berks Co and John Synder of Dauphin Co. (Jabob son Christian was the executor of Snyder ‘ s son estate . ) braham was an Amish bishop in Lebanon County and the author Irene Baker left us with many questions concerning the Drachsel family.
April 1991: article on an old oil painting of three Mennonite girls dated 1823/28. The three girls ere of the Jacob Stahly family ho lived near Darrnstadt. The eldest girl was Barbara, ho was born in 1805. She married Christian Naffziger in 1 832 . [ to our information they were married March 26 , 1 826 . I Barbara’ father died in I 82 2 and her mother , Elisabeth Brerin died in 1 85 1 . Barbara and her family, Magdalena (Stahli) and her husband Peter Eri and Peter Stahli and his wife Catharine Gungerich emigrated with their families to America. The article notes they left in 1 851 [ actually arrived November 19 , 1 853 at the Port of New York aboard the ship E . Christian , his wife and ten children settled in Stouts Grove near Danvers.
: article written by Dale Nofzinger of Adrian, on. the Sauders of Arclibold, OH, where he discusses the Sauder fann and craft village.
Dale also included an updated ancestor chart tracing his lineage back to Peter Naffziger of Fleckenstein (Winter issue , 1990/91).
October 1991: article on the Suttor family from Heirriannsberg estate near Ingolstadt. The primogenitor as Johannes Suttor who was married to Magdalena Stahil. First born son was Christian Suttor, who married Elisabeth Nafziger, who was born C. 1789/90 near Runkel in Hesse-Nassau. [ was probably the daughter of Valentin Naffziger born at Flecicenstein and Elisabeth Naffziger; they lived at Ludwigsburg near Seelbach/Lahn in Hesse-Na ssau . ] ? son was Johannes Suttor who married Barbara Esch and they irrmigrated to america in 1850 with ten children. Their son Christian married Magdaleria Naffziger.
: review of publication of the journal of Peter Leibengutt/Livingood, who was married to Barbara Naffziger. This family settled in Somerset County, PA
The next issue of the News will review the 1991 issues of the Illinois .nnonite Heritage, a publication of the Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society.
Contir cn P Eiçjht.
Page Seven
Another note concerning the faniily of Jacob Naffziger of Hocheim comes from John Byler of OH. Jacob ard his family entered America through the port at New
1 arriving December 21 , 1 830 aboard the ship ] Rham. The following is from the ship’s manifest: Jacob Naftziger age 32, farmer from France, Barbara age 32, Barbara age 7, Liza [ age 5, Madaleine age 3 and Peter age 1. On the same ship were the John Knel [ family. John was married to Magdalena Naffziger, a sister of Jacob Naffziger, through that confusing Valentine I and Valentine II situation we last discussed in the Winter issue, 1990/91. On the same manifest were Christian Oswald, Jacob Unzicker, Peter Good and the family of John I Many thanks to John Byler for this information.
Mr Byler is an extr knowledgeable researcher on Amish iiriiiigrant families. If any of our readers has information concerning any Amish family ininigrant and the dates they arrived, he would be very appreciative of exchanging information. Although he is not a direct Nafzger descendent, Mr Byler has sent us much good information on the Nafzgers. According to him more Nafziger families have immigrated to America than any other Aniish family!
The News wishes to thank the following people for letters of support: Mrs
Vilas Nafziger of Hopedale, IL, Traudl and Gerhard Nafziger of Stockdorf, Germany,
Jeanne Noftsger of Seattle, WA, Russell Harris of St. Paul, NN, Muriel Oliver of
FL, Wilmer Nafziger of Gridley, IL for the newspaper clippings, Lowell Nafziger
of Lake Jackson, TX, Ray Dieffenbach of Elisabethto PA, Ruth Siegel of
Cleveland, OH, Eldon Naffziger of Vista CA and Cecil Bilbro of Forsyth, MI
Finally we wish to apologize for not getting the ws out earlier. As we previously mentioned, this is a hobby for us and it takes a reasonable amount of time to get everything together for a mai ling . In , we shi f ted printers. Hopefully we will get the next newsletter in the mail soon.
We wish our readers a health and happiness.
The Nafzger HE Ne
1390 Wincanton Rd
Th IL 60015

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