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Nafzger Heritage News Vol XX No 4
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v Winter 1994—95
TTT J j iU1ii
Vol. XX, No. 4 : Winter, 1994/95
This issue of the News features the family of Samuel Nafziger of the Lorraine area of France. We received a copy of the 1967 Nafziger Family History by Ezra Nafziger from Raymond Bell of Pennsylvania. Although we have very little new information to add, we hope by sketching an outline of this family, others can fill some gaps
In the Introduction to the sixty five page book, the author writes that Samuel, the primogeniture of this family, was born in 1830 near Trebo, France. [ have a note in our files that he was born April 2, 1830 at Boulay—Moselle, France; we cannot locate our source however.] Samuel emigrated in 1855 with another young man named Leaman. [ have a note that he emigrated in 1850, but again no sources.] Samuel was said to have entered Ontario, Canada.
Samuel’s father, name unknown, was supposedly married twice, once to a Miss Bachman, who was Samuel’s mother. [ do know that a Johann Bachmann, who was born in 1771, married Magdalene
Nafziger and lived near Hassel, St Ingbert, Palatinate, Germany, just across the border from Boulay. Does a reader know if there is a family connection?] According to the Introduction, the father, who was a school teacher, also emigrated to America and was buried in Philadelphia.
Samuel married Anna Keupfer, a Canadian whom he met while working in the Perth
County area. Shortly after their marriage they purchased a farm in North East Hope
Township, Perth County, Ontario, where they spent the remainder of their lives. Anna’s
mother resided with them until her death in 1897. Samuel was buried in Poole A.M.
Cemetery in 1905; Anna died in 1914 and was buried at the same cemetery. Samuel and Anna Nafziger had six sons and two daughters: Hans (married Mattie
Gerber), Christian (married Lena Reschly), Samuel (married twice, Fanny Steinman and
Leah Steinman), Andrew (married Catharine Schweiter), Nicholas (married Mary Steinman),
Joseph (married thrice, Mattie Jantzi, Mary Schmidt and Susan Kuepfer), Mary (married
John Roes) and Barbara (married John Schultz). All but Andrew, who lived for a period in
Nebraska, resided in the same community: North East Hope, Perth County, Ontario, Canada.
-- ‘	Continued on page Four
- _J rn
Editor’s Corner
We hope that the holidays were peaceful and
enjoyable for alt our readers. May 1995 be filled with
THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS health and happiness for all. We received numerous cards and letters wishing us the best and appreciate
1518 GUTHRIE AVE the warm thoughts and kindness.
Many people expressed their surprise and
DES MOINES, IA 50316 enjoyment in receiving the News again and emphasized their encouragement to continue. Hopefully we will
*	*	*	*	*	*	meet their expectations. Let us reiterate however, a
newsletter such as this requires the reader’s support.
Editor: Ray Noftsger We survive on letters, newspaper clippings, articles
and other tidbits with information and queries. So
*	*	*	*	*	*	please do not hesitate in writing to us For those who
are unaware, we will print your queries, regardless of
SUBSCRIPTION FEE the quantity, and forward any information you provide
to other readers w ho we feel may be i nterested and
Ten Dollars Yearly	try to put you in contact with others that may be of
the same families. We will begin with this issue
Published quarterly: Fall, however of publishing your addresses so that others Winter, Spring and Summer. may contact you directly. If you do not wish to have
your address printed, please let the News know with
your inquiry.
The Mast family of Elverson, PA is again printing the News For those who are interested, they also have the capabilities of assisting in printing books and have our recommendation. We hope anyone seeki n g pri nti ng/pu bi ishi n g can use thel r expertise. The News recently obtained a book written by John Byler, one of our readers, that was printed by the Mast’s Olde Springfield Shoppe. The quality, construction and overall appearance is commendable. Our review of John’s book is below.
Again, let us thank everyone for their support and encouragement.
*	IC	*	IC	*	*:	*	*	*	* *	IC	*	*	*
Table of Contents	Page
Featured Family:	Samuel Nafziger of France	Front and Four
Editor’s Corner	Two
Queries/Letters	Three and Seven
Family Update: Information Sheet	Five and Six
Book Reviews	Seven
In the Literature	Eight
Some readers have asked about Clair and Betty Naftzger. Clair, who founded the News over twenty years ago, spends alot time carving wood, having cut back on the amount of time he devoted to his casting efforts after a minor stroke Betty spends time trying to keep him out of trouble. Their daughter Kathleen and her husband Andy Gulish were expecting a baby boy in January, which Clair and Betty were ready to spoil.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
The News is interested in knowing our readers’ experience with the various computer software/programs relating to genealogy that are currently available on the market. If you have experience with a particular program or have written your own, please write and let us know about your experiences. We literally have thousands of families to keep track of and there must be a convenient way to consolidate information other than what we presently have. We currently use an IBM with Windows, dBase, Word Perfect and Lotus.
Page Two
Queries! Letters
Livengood/Nafziger: seeking information on the lineage of Jacob Nafziger, father of Barbara p- Nafziger, born circa 1735, married in 1760 to Peter Livengood/Leibundgut/Leibengut. She ( ‘i died in 1820.
Ralph Livenood, 8907 Maple Glen Dr., Dallas, TX 75231.
[ note: the information that Barbara is a daughter of Jacob is unlikely. Any readers have anything to add?]
Noffsinger/Rohn: John Noffsinger of Stark County, OH in 1815: seeking information to
establish connection between him, the Noffsingers in Tuscarawas County, OH and those
Noffsingers in Somerset County, PA. John married Elizabeth Rohn.
Mrs Laura Malay Clapper, 384 Lee Lane, Mansfield, OH 44905.
[ note: Please see the News Vol XIV, No. 3 and Vol XVIII, No. 1 concerning this family]. -
Noffsinger/Patterson: Seeking information on Matthias Noffsinger and son James, married to
Jane Linn. Daughter Lucinda married William T. Patterson in 1845.
Paul Baker, 30 N. 4th St, Evansville, WI 53536-1002.
Naffziger: Seeking information on Elizabeth Northcliff Naffziger. Her daughter (born 1928
died 1992) lived at Merced, CA in 1930. Any information would be appreciated.
Steven Tonkinson, 1246 Lower Mill Road, Hixson, TN 37343.
Noffsinger/Simmons/Cook/Keister: Seeking parents of John Noffsinger of Darke County, OH
who married Elizabeth Simmons. Child Elizabeth married Amos Cook in 1837 in Darke
County; their son Eli Cook married Susannah Keister in March, 1872. Both were born near
Hillgrove, OH.
Marjorie Hart Buckmaster, P0 Box 485, Pioneer, CA 95666.
[ comment: we show that John (Jr), who married Simmons, was a son of John, grandson of Rudolf- 1749 immigrant. However we show that John Jr’s daughter Elizabeth married William Smith. On the other hand we have the elder John’s other son Eli, brother to John Jr, had a daughter Elizabeth (= 1819 Montgomery or Preble County, OH ± 1856/8) that married Amos Cook on October 1, 1857.]
Unzicker/Gungerich: Seeking information on a Katharina Gungerich, born April 4, 1827, married Frederich Unzicker in Leisewald(?) and is supposed to have emigrated to America. Rudolf Nafziger, Reichenberger Str 32, 58511 Ludenscheid, Germany.
Noftsger: Seeking information on the following Iowa Noftsger lineage: Jacob, Alfred Marion, Bird Henry, Carl Marion.
Carl & Donna Noftsger, 307 W. Division, Colfax, IA 50054.
Noffsinger/Young/Root: Seeking information about Mary Noffsinger, daughter of Mary Pressel and Eli Noffsinger (Rudolf-> John-> Eli-> Mary). Mary married Hezekiah Young. After his death in 1881, the widow Mary married Christian C. (Commodore) Root. Can anyone provide information on Hezekiah Young’s family of George and Malinda Young; or the family of Daniel Pressel and Magdalene Leedy, parents of Mary Pressell; or the family of Hezekiah Young?
John Pfost, 5140 Lisa Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95409.
[ comments: Eli inherited land from John in 1824 and Eli and his family were in the 1820, 1830 and 1840 Ohio census’. In 1848 he sold his land to David and Daniel Shively. In 1849 he purchased land in Wayne and Jackson township, Randoif County, IN. He lived there in 1861. He died in 1874 in Bond County, IL. Eli’s son Uriah married Lucinda Young. Whether she was related to Hezekiah is unknown, but Uriah did move toCaldwell County, MO. A daughter of Eli, Susannah, married John Root and later moved to Oregon. If he was connected to Christian Root is unknown. Mary Pressel’s father died in 1835.]
Continued on Page Seven
Page Three
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ew!: 8L 6U!) no e; PIflOM SM9N eqj ‘UO! J O 6U!AOW 9A! SO ;J XJO / plo u o PeA!I p uoi; jei u e eo 6u!uo! euoewos 1 spJoce o:j. e uo senjo UflO4 OSJ eA eM ‘ MOU : p 9M q;
sd Aj U! ses!JdJns puno 9A e X1, sa eq; uo S8 Jo se ep!AOJd s no pe ,c11 s e s eq; eAo
LLfldNI :IflOA 33N 3M
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
OO6I qed O (L J 01- + V R O =) z uqor :w
(L c g + 8L81- 1.30 =) •8H
11 ‘ienw ‘e!uuv ‘P!A ‘ :ueJp
O68 oea 9 (896i- qed 9 + L98 OQ L =) S8O uqor :w
(i u + 0L81. O ::) XJ L
9.t AON 8 (I-96 : E: + L981. oea =) JeJ.denN U
O 9I (o- 1.deS + L991- .deg 9 =) .p I
e!uuv ‘ :ueJp
O68 J 9 ( J 8 + L981. J OE ) !ZI e!;1: -t. :w
(Lt’6L u + 8981. • =) qdesor 9
OUU9N ‘UOWO ‘ ‘sowv
‘uqor ‘qdesor ‘ienw ‘U ‘e!1 ‘ie1u :ueJpf!qo
L88L qe 3 (Lfr6 oea 6 + L98t- jnr o =) U :w
(trt Ir Ii. + 998 J 9 =) 3 •GH WW3 ‘ :ue
L68 ( J t + 6981. . =) u q
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o!J ‘JGUUflJ ( 3 L + E981. dV 61. =) ieflW t
0881. X ( u 6 + 98 6n 17 =) ezpa eup :w
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‘q ‘uqo “ ‘q ‘uoJ ‘2JZ3 ‘ :UeJp
(8 :i 3 + Og8 u =) Meapu\1 •E
‘P!A ‘s0u3 ‘ ‘14 ‘ ‘9 :ueJp
(t u 01. + 998 u z) /I(PS uei :w
o!J ‘6u!ddoj ( 6n 61- + 8981- qed 9t- =) u •? I (L (. oea + =) JezpeMqo9 e!uuv
‘u ‘e ‘XJ ‘Je ‘tenw ‘qdesor ‘i’OU :ueJp 6L8 q3d 9 (3oGi. u o + 1-981. O9 . =) eq . :w
o!J ‘00 1fl (oi.6i. inr o + 9ge A =) (uqor) SU • (t’i-6l J E + =) Je uu :uj
o!J ‘,c:i.unoo q (906i. oea + OE JdV c =) :jenw ( + =) ,
( + =) u -I. :w
( P8!Jfl8 , + , =) Je6!Z u i
euo e6 WO penu	Je6!Z (Jej.den uuy pu tenw j.o AI!W
Family Update: Information Sheet.
My full birth name is
rm My birth date is __________________ I was born at ____________________________
The name of my spouse is ______________________________________________________
His/Her birth date and place of birth is ______________________________________
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The name(s), date(s) and place(s) of birth for my child(ren) are:
*	*	*	* *	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	* *
Name of my Nafzger lineage parent:_____________________________________________
Birth date: _____________________. Birth place:__________________________________
If deceased, died __________________. Buried at _______________________________
Married:________________________________________ on ___________________________
at ___________________ and resided ___________________________________________
If deceased, died __________________. Buried at _______________________________
Child of	-	and ___________________________________
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	* *	*	* *	*	*
Brothers and sisters of my Nafzger lineage parent, with their place and date of birth, spouses name and other known information:
8.	_________________*
Continued on Page Six
Page Five
Family Update: Information Sheet (Continued) Continued from Page Five
Name of my Nafzger lineage grandparent:_________________________________________
Birth date: ___________________. Birth place:___________________________________
If deceased, died __________________. Buried at ________________________________
Married: . on __________________________
at ________________________ and resided _____________________________________
If deceased, died __________________. Buried at_________________________________
Child of _____________________________ and ___________________________________
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	* *	*	* *	*
Brothers and sisters of my Nafzger lineage grandparent, with their place and date of birth, spouses name and other known information:
*	*	*	*	*
*	*	*	*	*	*	*
*	*	*
Name of my Nafzger lineage great grandparent:___________________________________ Birth date: ___________________ Birth place:___________________________________ If deceased, died . . Buried at ________________________________ Married:_________________________________________ on ____________________________
at ________________________ resided	- S
If deceased, died __________________ and buried at _____________________________
Child of ___________________________ and	-S
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	* *	*
Brothers and sisters of my Nafzger lineage grandparent, with their place and date of birth, spouses name and other known information:
3.	5
4*	5
5.	5
6.	5
Any other information concerning our family might be obtained from the following family historian:
Page Six
Queries/Letters (Continued)	Continued from Page Three
Noffsinger/Thompson: Seeking information on Legrand Noffsinger, born about 1827 in Kentucky; married Elizabeth Ann Thompson in 1847 in Kentucky. Enumerated in 1850 FaIls
- Creek Twp, Adams County, IL census with one year old son Russell Farnium Noffsinger Also in the same township were Mary J Noffsinger (18 yrs), Susan (age 12), Lucy (age 11),
Theodcia (age 7) and Hester (age 4) living with the family of Levi Hamilton. (Ms Martinez believes Levi Hamilton may have married the widowed Malinda, who was married to a Noffsinger. This would also make Legrand a possible child of hers Who were the parents of Legrand Noffsinger? Another question is whether Elizabeth Ann Thompson was first married to Nash Eddy and Russell Farnium was their child or was Russell the son of Legrand and Legrand died shortly after his birth and Russell adopted by Eddy. Evelyn Martinez, 1053 S. White Road, San Jose, CA 95127.
Noffsinger/Rhoads: Elizabeth Noffsinger, born 31 December 1776, died 20 October, 1848, married Henry Rhoads 15 June, 1808 in Kentucky Any Information?
Jane Pate, 823 Lake Amick Dr, Niceville, FL 32578—1739.
*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*
Book Reviews
Amish Immigrants of Waldeck and Hesse, by John M. Byler, Beilville, OH: Olde
Springfield Shoppe, 1993. 231 pages. Hardback. $19.50 plus shipping. [ readers of the
News Mr. Byler has offered the book at $17.50 including shipping. His complete address is:
John M. Byler, 5845-B C.R. 80, Rte 3, Fredrerickstown, OH 43019.]
This sturdy hardcover book covers those who Mr Byler calls the
‘ Immigrants of Waldeck and Hesse. A Record of 263 Immigrants. With a Record of Their Descendent to Those Who Were Married by About 1865. Plus Historical Records of Germany, Shiplists, Etc.
The reader is initiated to these immigrants through a dozen short snippets covering various topics. The main body of the book is organized by roughly fifty Arnish family surnames of those who immigrated to the America. Those Amish immigrants and their descendants are easily located in a well organized index comprising 47 pages, listing maybe ten thousand people.
The family history section on the Nafzigers runs eight pages. Mr Byler identifies three. main branches of the family and then covers 24 groups of offspring, briefly describing their heritage, when they immigrated to America, where they settled, etc before listing their descendants.
Other major family groups related to the Nafzigers covered in the book are the Bender, Brenneman, Danner, Ehrismann, Gingerich, Kennel, Kinsinger, Otto, Schwartzentruber and Unzicker.
A final pleasant surprise in the book is a reprint of a 1982 speech given by Steven Estes to the Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society. The speech, titled ‘ Hessian Amish in IIlinois’ gives a valuable overview of the differences within the Amish community and the impact it had on the settlement patterns in America, particularly in Ohio and Illinois.
* *	*	*	*	*	*	*
Nafzger * Noffsinger: 1749—1993, by Dean F. Noffsinger, Green Valley, AZ: private p ri nti n g . 1 993. 1 76 pages. Paper bac k. $25.00, sh i p p i n g i nd u ded . [ read ers are I nterested Dean has ‘a few copies left. His add ress is Dean Noffsi nger, 300 Via Del Heroe, Green Valley, AZ, 85614.]
This well organized book compiles the extensive family of Rudolf Nafzger and eleven
; generations of descendants. The numbering system is one developed by Clair Naftzger in
- the News so it should be familiar to Noffsinger readers. This bock clearly demonstrates a tremendous amount of effort and care by a long time family historian and News supporter. Our hats off the Dean for a job well done.
Page Seven
In the Literature	-
We provide, from time to time, short summaries of articles which have appeared in other journals/newsletters/publications which may be of interest to our Nafzger readers. We include the addresses of any new publication which we have not featured previously.
Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (published quarterly by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Millstream Rd, Lancaster, PA 17602):
Vol VII, No 2, (1984) two articles involving Centre County, PA; one on the Amish of Half Moon Valley and the other on the Mennonite family of Michael Schenck. For those descendants of Henry/Henrich Naftzger/Nofsker of Centre County the articles give a flavor of the life and times of his world as he resided on that county around the turn of the eighteenth century.
Vol XIII, No 2, (1990) an article on Amish Congregations in Germany and adjacent Territories in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries The author identifies a number of Amish and subsequent Mennonite congregations and mentions a number of Naffziger people that were members of the various communities.
Hawkeye Heritage (published by The Iowa Genealogical Society, P0 Box 7735, Des Moines, IA 50322) is published quarterly and concentrates on Iowa history and genealogy:
Vol 17, Spring/Summer, 1982, pp. 66—7: Individuals whose estates were entered into probate in Jefferson County, IA 1839-1849’: Andrew Nuffsinger, probate in 1844. He was also listed in the 1840 Jefferson County, IA census. .
CEditor’s comments: This Andrew should be the youngest son of- Rudolf, who emigrated to America in 1749 with Matthias and Peter. Andrew seems to havelived in Allegheny Couhty, MD, Montgomery County, OH, Darke County, OH, and Elkhard County, IN before locating In Jefferson County, IA. Does any of our readers have a copy of the probate? Other surnames found in the Iowa Probate records that lived in the areas where Andrew had previously resided were: Koons (George, John, Joseph) and Stolenberger. Andrew chtiaren married a Livingood, Peterbaugh, Cloyd and Sailor.]
‘ :	lPE .
The Nafzger Heritage News
. T
1518 Guthrie Ave	ForU
Des Mci nes, IA 5031 6
estr Fl Ory r t
50 East North Temple St.
Salt Lake CitY UT 84150
Page Eight

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