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Nafzger Heritage News Vol X No 2
Raw OCR - 7/6/04

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rJje J 3Eurttage tttiS
It is with a long delay that I answer your letter. I am sorry to say that my husband, Karl Nafzger died in 1976. It took us some time to collect some infor mation on the Nafzgers in Switzerland. I am sorry that I can not give you more detailed information. This is because in Switzerland, we are not so keen in keeping the family records so many gen erations back and the few brothers and sisters still alive could not supply the data. But perhaps it will be of help to you just the same to know the descend— ands of Karl, born 1866 of Uetendorf, near Thun, Switzerland, Karl Walter was born 1932 is my son and his children, Doris and Robert are the youngest members of this family line. They live at Stell imatteweg.
We thank you very much for sending us the Nafzger Heritage News and are sur prised that you are making such a great effort to trace the family three.
Unfortunately, I do not understand
. English and this is why I had to ask my sister’s son to write this letter for me.
Frobenstrasse 72
CH—4053 Basel
I spoke to you a few times on the tele phone last fall while I was in Washington D.C. I am a descendant of the Jacob and Elizabeth Noftsger who moved from Ohio to Iowa in the 1850’s. In Vol VI, No 2, you riased some interesting thoughts about the Noftsger line located in southwestern Ohio, namely Brown, Clermont, Hamilton, Warren and Clinton Counties. Members of this family was listed as Nelson, Christ ian, John, Jacob, Henry and Rebecca. Fur— ermore, there was the question as to when they entered the U.S., etc. In an earlier letter, Vol V, No. 4, it was suggested by my great-aunt that Jacob came from Ger many, having been born there in 1815. I hope that the following ties together this line, and pushes their origins in the US to an earlier date. I have used many sources for this and will mention only the major ones.
According to A History of Clinton Count (1882), one John Noftsger was born in Fe - ruary 1791, t1ear Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (this is corraborated in both census and cemetary records He married Nancy in Brown County, Ohio and they had ten children, 5 of whom were living in 1882. The names were Leah Jane(who died in 1899 at about 77 years and who married Carver), Sussanah (who died in 1913 and was married to Charles E. Speelman), Naa men P. (born 1824, died 1896 and married twice, first to Mary Jane , then a year before his death, to Martha E. Good— man,Willlam (born in 1831 ,died 1899, who changed his name to Noscar, was married twice, first to Mary Elizabeth Ashcraft, who died in 1858, then to Sibyl Luce) and Mahala (born 1833, and married to William Ward). One additional member in the fam ily listed in the census but not this his tory was Benjamin, born 1836. The other childrens’ names are conjecture at this point. Yet in the 1850 census, Columbia twp., Hamilton County, John is listed as
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See Editor’s Note on Paae Two
editoria I
We have a pleasant problem to resolve. Too many letters and too much copy.After we finished putting together this issue, we find that we could print up another one and still have copy left. We hope our lett writers will bear with us and wait until the next issue. Adding more pages dramatically increase the postage. Sorry.
We are seeking some U.S. Nafzgers who can convert some of our letters •nd copy into the German language for the Fami lien Rundbrief. The pay is poor but the credit for the translation will be con siderable. Write the News if you are interested. We will send you the copy.
Editor’s Note: Ida Kurth was married in 1931 to Karl Nafzger who was born in 1891. Brothers and sisters of Karl are Alfred, born 1896; Frieda, born 1893; Mina, born 1898, Ernst, Born 1906; Rosa, born 1905; Fritz, born 1911; and Alice, born 1913. Fritz, Ernst, Mina and Karl are deceased. Parents of this Nafzger family in Switzer land are Karl and Rosina Nafzger who lived in Uetendorf.
We are happy and proud to have received the foregoing letter. Ida Nafzger-Kurth is the first contact we have had with a Nafzger family from Switzerland. Five Nafzger lines emigrated to America prior to 1751. It is believed that they left from Thun, Switzerland for their journey to America.
I enjoy the paper very much but I cannot find anyone close to my family. I don’t know much about my father’s family He was Christian Lee Naffziger and came to Harper, Kansas from Cass County, Miss-
Naomi Weaver Newton, Kansas 67114
We have received several letters from Howard Guernsey of Florida and Chicago, Illinois, His letter relates well to our featured Nafzger in this issue of the News for he is seeking information on the Jacob Nafzger who married Magdalena Bow man. Howard sends us some interesting in formation. He lists the children of Jacob Nafzger (who emigrated in 1750)and the birthdate for each child. The date listed for Jacob, Jr. correlates well with the Jacob found living in Brown! Clermont Counties. We are writing him to find the source of the birthdates of the children of Jacob Nafzger who emigrated to America in 17500
Every issue of the News is most inter esting. The last issue was especially of interest to us because the Valentine family line was featured somewhat.
“Nofzigers in Politics” - my father, a staunch Democrat having his picture on the same page with Lyn Nofziger, who is a Republican amused me. My father did hold some township offices, supervisor for a few years as well as a Justice of Peace. Every election was a pretty ex citing time for him. According to all reôords, my father would have been lyn’s great uncle.
Sturgis, Michigan
Mrs. D. JoAnn Johnson Loretto, Michigan
Incidently your readers may want to know that an unbound copy of Glea Brown Richer’s book can be purchased through the Library of Congress. It is quite costly and is only a xerox copy. I have sent for it and at the time I mailed my order, the price was $41.30. However the book is out of print. Also a person must have the number(library of Congress number) plus a special form that can be obtained from the Library of Congress.
Published by the
Grafton, Ohio 44044
subscription price 58:00 yearly
Page Two
raymond floftager writes
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living with Mary ———, who was born in 1793 in Pennsylvania. Also, the ames David (born 1808 in Kentucky, died in 1860) and Demans (born 1826) appear. In the 1860 census of Washington twp., Clinton County, John, Mary and David are listed living with Benjamin (born 1855) and Wesley (born 1857), the latter being the children of William and Mary Elizabeth Ashcraft Noscar(she now deceased). John Mary and David are buried in Washington twp, Clinton County, having died in 1865, 1873 and 1860, respectively. In addit ion to the apparent difference in the two names of John’s wife, in the 1830 census of Pleasant twp., Brown County, John Noft sger is living with a female born between 1800 and 1810, not Mary, who was born in 1793. These anomolies lead me to the conclusion that John was in fact married twice. Also, there is an additional male born between 1815 and 1820, living with John in the 1830 Census. These two peo ple, if there names were known, would answer many questions. (The male may tnrn out to be Nelson, yet I have no proof.
Henry Noftsger, the next brother listed in the News was born in 1792 in Pennsyl vania. Henry was, like John, married twice; first to Katherine--then to Sarah Piles (they were married around 1828 in Clermont Count and they died within a year of the other in 1880). The child ren of Henry and Sarah (I suspect that there were other, by Kate) were: Eliza beth (born 1830 and married Joseph F. Reeves), Jacob, born 1832, who married Anianda ) and Robert D. (born 1836, died 1864 in a POW camp,was not married). In addition,Mariah Kipp lived with Henry and later with his son, Jacob). Mariah was a step daughter of Henry according to a letter written for her by Jacob to the pension board for retribution of burial expenses whe paid to bury Henry and Sarah.I am therefore led to conclude that Katherine must have been married to a Kipp prior to Henry.
Another confusion that the News
mentioned had to do with a “sister” named
Rebecca, who was to have married a
Piles. This Rebecca is found living with
Henry in 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860 census.
I suspect however that she was in fact a Continued Next Column
Continued from Previous Column
sister of Sarah,Henry’s second wife, and not a sister to Henry and John.
Christian was the third brother listed by the News I have very little infor mation on this person. He lived in Feli city twp, Clermont County in 1830 and 1840. In both census, his birthdate is given as between 1790 and 1800, which is during- the same person as Henry and John. Christian is listed as marrying Hannah Joslin in Clermont County, May 5, 1825. In the 1840 census, they were listed in having 6 children; a female born between 1820 and 1825; a male born between 1825 and 1830; a male and female born between 1830 and 1835; and 2 males born between
1835 and 1840. I have not been able to locate Christian after 1840, nor do I have any proof of any names of the child ren. The News listed William,Sussannah, and Mahala as their children, but as I pointed out above, they were John’s children. In addition, I believe they had another girl, Henrietta Noftsger,born in Iowa in 1869)but this is based on un supported information.
There were two additional Noftsgers listed in the News; Jacob and Nelson, As of now, I have no direct proof as to whose children they were, and how they connect to the other three Noftsgers of southwestern Ohio,but I will offer in formation I have, hoping someone may supply the information.
Jacob Noftsger was born 1813 in Ohio. Jacob married Elizabeth Frank Cunimins (who was previously married to Hiram Cuni ins and to that union, three children were born; Samuel, born 1832 and married Therza Ann Covington and Jennie A.
John C., born 1831; and married Salena- and Margaret Elizabeth, born 1834 and married Thomas Watkins. Jacob and Eliza beth were married July 1836 and had six children: Alfred Marion (born 1837, died 1918 and married Katherine Luiza Jane
Wion: Marquis Lafayette(born 1842, died 1892 and married to Lucretta Worrell); William Franklin (born 1844, died 1931 and married Elizabeth Clark); Josiah Smith (born 1846, died 1908 and married Margaret Dotson);Nancy Emeline(born 1848, and married Hugh V. Vance) and Albert
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Page Three
Thanks for sending the last issue of the News. Always interested in reading the News and especially information on Lyn Nofziger as he has been associated with President Reagan. President Reagan attended Eureka College with my son-in- law’s mother and so have talked with him
a number of times.
We were sorry to learn of the death of FRANK DAWSON NOSKER, father of Bruce E. Nosker, Frank died December 22nd., 1980 after an operation. He was born June 5, 1901 in Ohio. His father was George Wayne Nosker, born July 8, 1859, died June 12, 1943. His grandfather was Benjamin Nosker
born Sept 25, 1835. I believe Frank would be a 10th generation descendant of Ulrich Nafzger who emigrated to America in 1742.
Our thanks toAnita Fiedler of Springboro, Ohio for writing. She is a Nafzger de scendant who is securing information on her line from older relatives. She re ports that her grandfather, according to family stories, was the first white child born in Dakota County, Nebraska.
60 th.
More Letters
Our thanks to Lynn Nafziger of Goshen, Indiana; Dale Nofzinger of Adrian, Mich igan; Mrs. T. W. Jeffries of Elyria, Ohio and Nancy Yood of Lorain, Ohio for sending us information on the Nafzgers. Some of the information sent to us is being used in this issue of the News and the rest will appear in some future issue. Our thanks to them.
More Nat zgers
Our thanks to D. JoAnn Johnson of Loretto, Michigan for a nice letter that included a very detailed listing of her descendency. JoAnn is an eighth gener ration descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who emigrated to America in 1749. In cluded in her letter is a listing of sev eral hundred descendants of her brach of this line. Thanks for the information which helps us to improve our records.
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Mary Noffsinger Wallace and Thurlow Nof— ziger of Toledo, Ohio.
Enclose is my subscription. I do enjoy the News although I am not very familiar with the names of the ones who write.
I have lost so many of my family and now am the only one of the Jacob and Mary Kieck family of eight children. I will give you the deaths of the last 2 years. Brother Joe Kieck, died Aug 20,1974; sis ter Edna Kieck Johnson, died Dec 19,1979 her husband Edmond Johnson, dieu Nov. 1, 1980, brother Emery Kleck, died Nov. 17, his wife Edith, died Sept 7, 1980,sister in—law Peachie Kleck, died Jan 25, 1978; She was the wife of brother Jacob Kieck who died in 1965; my brother Leon Nafzi ger died Dec 12, 1980. As you can see, it has been a very sad 2 years for me.
Paso Robles, California
Editor’s Note: Our writer is a descendant of Christian Nafziger, born 1777 and came to America around 1845. Early de scendants settled in Fulton County, Ohio.
We have a letter from Betty Jane Goold of Northfield, Minnesota. She writes of Samuel Naftzger that she recently heard speak at a celebration of Aupburg Confes sion honoring Luther and his followers. We know of two Rev. Samuel Nafzgers who are ministers.The way the name is spelled (with a “T”)would seemed to indicate that he is a descendant of Jacob Nafzger who emigrated to America in 1750.
Our apology to A. Wayne Naftzinger of Lebanon, Pennsylvania for a mixup in a number of subscribers he provided the News, We hope the matter has been cor rected.
The 60th wedding anniver sary of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nofsinger, O0 Virginia Ave., Sturgis, will be celebrated with an open house from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 4, in the First United Methodist Chur ch, 200 Pleasant Ave.
The couple’s children and grandchildren will be the hosts.
Hazel Maxwell and Mr. Nof singer were married Jan. 8, 1921, in the Methodist Church parsonage in Coidwater, by the Rev. Robert Wright.
They have two children, Dale Nofsinger, Marietta, Ga., and Mrs. William (Betty) Post, Sturgis, and seven grandchildren, Mrs. Thomas Mhill of Portage, Mrs. Dorey Zimmerman, Burr Oak; Brian Ison, Sturgis; Steven Ison, Elkhart, md.; Karen Ison, Sturgis; and Eric Nofsinger and and Nofsinger, both of Marietta.
They also have four great- grandchildren, Megan Ison, Jennier Mohill, and Sara and Justin Zimmerman.
Page Four
Raymond Noftsger Writes
Continued From Page Three
Nutsen(born 1852 and married Catherine--
. There is a family legend adding another child, Emily Ann (b. 1840) but I have found no trace of her and she must have died betore 1849 if the legend is cor rect. Jacob and Elizabeth left Ohio in 1839 for Bond County, Illinois, then in
1845 moved to Marion County, Iowa, fin ally settling in Decatur County, Iowa. where Jacob died in 1863.
Nelson P.Noftsger is the last mentioned He was born in 1817 in Ohio and died in Ful ton County, Indiana between 1853 and 1857. lIe married Mary Clark in 1841in Hamilton County, Ohio. They had six children I have found; twins, Mary Jane (born 1844, died 1894, married Lewis La- Rue), and Louisa (born 1844, died 1881, married Charles Colwell);Benjamin (born 1846, died 1929, Married Sarah Ann Mit chell); Naamen(born l852,died 1941, mar ried Nancy J. Biggs); William (born 1849 and Margaret(born 1848, and in 1860 liv ing with the Wm. Bermenderfer family in Fulton County). There was another child Armanda,who is listed in Sausamen’s book but I have found no other reference of her.
For the biggest question raised by the
Continued - next column
Continued From Previous Column
News; who was the Jacob and Abigail Noft sger living in Clermont County, Ohio dur ing this period. In 1830, a Jacob Nofts ger is living in Franklin twp., Clermont County and the age was listed to be be tween 50 and 60 years old——implying birth between 1770 and 178O,A female was listed as the same age. In addition, there was a male,born between 1810 and 1815, living with Jacob Noftsger In the 1830 census. (As of now, I do not know the identity of this person, but the date fits Jacob Noftsger, who moved to Iowa. However, that would nean Jacob and Abigail would have been 46 and 50 respectively, and that is rather old to have a child. In the 1850 census, Jacob and Abigail were living with Enoch and Sarah Jos}in in Tate twp., Clermont County. Jacob here listed his age as 83 and birthplace in Pennsylvania, while Abigail was born in New Jersey, being 87. It is useful here to recall that Christian Noftsger married a Hannah Joslin in Clermont County and this may connect Christian and Jacob.
About 8 years ago, we had this branch of Noftsger tied to Jacob Nafzger who emigrated to America in 1750. Part of our logic at the time was the fact that so many of them were born in Pa.(near Lebanon) and that Jacob, Jr.,(son of Jacob who emigrated in 1750) married a Magdalena Bowman and never found in the records since. The birthdate of the Jacob in Brown/Clermont Counties checked with Jacob, Jr. Also, both were born in Pa. The only thing that did not check was the name of the wife - unless you want to assume he had two wives. The name of the first wife was Magdalena Bowman and the second Abigail We back off our theory when we receive too many letters from descendants of this branch stated that they believe the titular head of their branch was born in Germany and came to America via Maryland, to Kentucky, to Ohio and finally to Iowa. Legend has it that he was born in 1810.
The problem remain unresolved. He hope our readers can help. Several questions need to be answered. They are as follows:
1. We need to establish the relationship, if any, of Jacob and Abigail Noftsger to the
many Noftsger found in the Brown-Clermont area.
2. Did this branch come from Pennsylvania or did they come the route of Germany .to
Maryland to Kentucky and to Ohio?
3. Are we dealing with two separate lines of Noftsgers?
4. We do not have any good documentation of the children of Jacob and Abigail except
for one--Henry Noftsger(1792-1888)
5. Also, this Jacob could tie to the Ulrich Nafzger family (emigrated to America in
1742. As yet, we do not have a complete list of children of Ulrich. He lived in
Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Page Five
More Nat zgers
We are happy to have received the fine work of Marjorie Gautsche of Archbold, Ohio, She Drovides us with a comolete listing and update of the Gautsche and GrIeser line as it relates to the Valen tine and Jacobina Nafziger line(emigrat— ed to America in 1831. Her works is about a dozen pages long and it must re present many hours of effort on her part. Our thanks to her.
We appreciate the listing of the im mediate family members of Mr. & Mrs. Elton Gunden of Naples, Florida. The listing provides us with the latest infor mation on marriages, births, etc.
I wrote Gerhard Nafziger at Hassel berg Germany telling him of our interest in having him stop in our home when he comes to America next year.
I had another great experience at the St.Louis, Missouri public library,Laveta and I went there with the express idea of studying”ship passenger lists” of people entering the United States in 1840’s. Finally, I found the list on which our two brothers, Christian and John came. I I now have a copy of the list of passen gers on the Ship Leades. A Mr. Robbins was the Master of the ship which left the port of Le 1-larve with a group of 178 people. On the 13th. of October, 1846, he signed and delivered a sworn state ment that none had died and the list con tained all that had boarded. I take this Oct. 13th. date as the day of landing in the port of New Orleans.
We looked further through the years it into 1851. We never did find the arrival of the father, mother and sisters, Magda lena and Elizabeth. I believe they came prior to March of 1850 as they are listed in the 1850 census in Tazewell county, Illinois. My guess is that they must have come through a different port. We will return to check further. Now, we change some of the dates we have been using.
More Letters
We appreciate the nice letter from Mrs. Leo Cora Collins of Lancaster,Pennsylvania. She is tracing the family of Peter Livin good who married Barbara Nafziger. Barb ara is the daughter of Jacob Nafzger who emigrated to America in 1750. There are a number of sources that records this marriage. The only problem we have with accepting the fact is that Barbara would have been very young and Peter quite old when they married. Peter Livingood was born in 1730 and that would have made him about the same age as Barbara’s father. We have been looking into the possibility that Ulrich amy have had a son named Jacob and the historical records have the two Jacobs mixed. Another possibility is that Ulrich had a daughter named Barbara. We hope some of our readers can help us establish all of the children of Ulrich that came to the U.S. so that we can put the problem to rest.
Am searching for a Ruth Nofsinger, maiden name Parkhill who lived in Peoria, Illinois in 1926 when her brother, Herman
C. Parkhill passed away.
Our surname is Snyder, we are not re lated to the Nofsinger or Parkhill fami ilies. However, in the years before the first world war,my father Edward Russell Snyder stayed at the ome of Herman Park- hill and they were close friends, so close as to be like a family for my father. I know Parkhills had a daughter, Katherine, who was unmarried in 1926. I am hoping I can find her through Ruth and be able to correspond with her concerning her memories of my father. The search for Ruth was begun from an obituary from a newspaper that my parents saved about Herman’s death. Any information you can acquire on Ruth or her sister Katherine would be greatly appreciated.
417 Maple Street
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Our thanks to Leona Connor of Seal
Beach, California for her nice letter.
Leona keeps us informed on the latest
developments in the Lynn Nofizger and
President Reagan connection.
Minier, Illinois	r-,	-‘
Page Six
george nafzigér •writes
The following article was sent to us by George F. Nafziger of Akron, Ohio. George is from the Gendersberghof line. It was his grandfather, Adolph A. Nafziger, who
. was born in 1887 in Germany, His great grandfather was Johannes and so on until he traces to the Stefan Nafziger of Germany. As I recall from a letter from George”s mother, it was Adolph who emigrated to America in the 1920’s. George’s enclosed article is interesting from the standpoint it makes historical reference to a Hans Naftzger from Wiesensteig during 1433. That date would represent the earliest ref erence we have on a Nafzger in our records. Prior to George’s article, the earliest documented record we had on file was the Nafzgers in Switzerland in the early 1600’s Our thanks to George for the information.
The Meaning of Our Family Name
By George F. Nafziger
I saw, some time ago, an article in this magazine that pondered over the meaning of our family name. I chanced to communicate my curiousity to a friend, who is a linguistics major in a Colorado university. He said that he knew of a source that might be able to assist me in discovering the meaning of “Nafziger.”
Within two weeks he sent me a copy of a page from Professor J.K. Brechenmacher’s, Etymologisehes W der Deutschen Fazniliennamen Gorlitz, 1847. This work has an entry on page 303 that reads,
“Nafz(er), Nafzger, UN — schl&friger Mensche, zu rnhd. nafzen — schJ.uzn— mern. 1433 Hans Naftzer zu 1iesensteig WV VII, 119 — 1460 Conz Nafts, Diener des Herzogs Ulrich v. Wurtt. ZChr. II, 136, u. a. S. Gnefz.”
U r .tely , I do not know all of the abbreviations, but the entry translates approximately thus:
Nafz(er), Na.fzger, — means a sleeping man, its origin is the archaic
German verb “nafzen” — to slumber.
The other entries, to the best of my ability to decypher, make historical
reference to a Hans Nai’tzer from Wiesensteig during 1433. The second is a
Conz Nafts, servant (probably in the sense of a civil servant) to Duke Ulrich
of Wurttemberg in 1460.
During some other research I chanced to find another reference to the family. In D. Gerhardt’s Die Wtlrttexnberger in Russland 1812 Stuttgart, I found an entry in the Ehren—Tafel (Honor Roll) for a “Nafzger, Azntsdiener, Höpfigheiin.” This would appear to be a Nafziger that was a bailiff in the town of Hopfigheim.
This “Nafzger” was appearently a petty official in the Wurttemberg government, serving in the army during the invasion of Russia. I would suspect that he perished in Russia, but I didn’t retain sufficient information to further research precisely what the Ehren Tafel reflected. I do know that the Wurttemberg army suffered tremendous losses and was almost entirely wiped out in that ill fated military action.
This entry, coupled with the earlier mention of a civil servant to the Duke and the comment some years ago by one of your other contributors that her family had a story that her family had fleed Germany during the Thirty Years Wars leads me to strongly suspect that our family is originially from the province of Wurttemberg. it is in southern Germany and borders Switzerland. The two references from the Entomological Dictionary above both predate the Thirty Years War which occured from 1618 to 1648.
Admittedly this is conjecture based on scant hard data, but it does shed some new light on a question that has baffled me for some time. I hope it has provided at least one answer and perhaps a second for you.
Page S
We have made connection with Mary Chase who is a cousin of niy husband, Dale Naf ziger, born 1921, Washington, Illinois. Information passed to us from Mary in dicates that his great grandfather was Joseph, born about 1826.His parents were Peter Nafziger,born 1790 at Guntershafen and Barbara Guth who died in 1874. They were married in 1818. Peter’s parents were the Valentine Nafziger,born 1757 in Steinsaltz, died 1827 in Urbach.
My husband’s father was Albert James Nafziger, born 1879 - died 1937, married Minnie Danforth Holland at Washington, Illinois. Albert J. Nafziger was the son of Jacob Nafziger(married Julia Halbeck) but specific dates of birth and death— we do not have.
I hope this will lead to further info mation that you have gathered from your sources. The item about “the lost Jacob Nafziger” is of interest, however, the birthdate does not correspond with that of Dale’s grandfather - but is approxi mate to his great grandfather’s time of birth.Could Jacob and Joseph be brothers? This is of interest because his father, was born in the Macktnau Dells area.
Fullerton, California
Dale Nofsinger of Marietta, Georgia forwarded the anouncement of the 60th. wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nofsinger of Sturgis, Michigan.
Vilas Nafziger of Hopedale, Illinois writes to tell us of the privilege of meet ing the Else(Nafziger)Just and Helmut Naf ziger family from Germany. Also, we are informed from his letter that Alma and John Kauffmann, who lived in the Hopedale area, celebrated their 60th. wedding anniversary on December 29, 1980
The children plan an open house on
December 28th. at the Hopedale Mennonite
Church. T NafzIger lines are involved.
Alma is a descendant of Peter J. Naffzi ger while John is a descendant of John
0. Nafziger.
congratulations to the kauffmanns
Our thanks to Wilbur Linder of Portland Indiana for sending us a list of correct ions to our Rudolph Noffsinger workbook. We appreciate the corrections because in this manner, the records are updated and made as accurate as we can get them. In addition, Wilbur was fortunate enough to obtain some records from a branch of this line that we have found elusive in past years. Thanks, Wilbur.
Again, we have received more news clipp ings from Schuyler Brossman of Rehrers burg, Pennsylvania. Though not a descend—s ant,some piece of information is usually sent to us by him for each issue. Thanks.
We are pleased to announce that Pastor
P. Melville Nafziger has moved to a new pastorate. Pastor Nafziger is now located at the Faith Mennonite Church at Phillips- burg, New Jersey.
Grafton, Ohio 44044
Our thanks Indiana for from several
to Lynn Nafziger of Goshen, sending us news articles newspapers about Nafzigers.

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