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Nafzger Heritage News Vol X No 3
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Ije J Oeritagc J1etiu
Herbert Nofziger of Archbold, Ohio was
a recent visitor of the Naftzgers of
Grafton, Ohio.	Herb is a descendant of
Valentine Nafziger who emigrated to the
U.S. in 1831.
We are in receipt of a nice, long let— from Wilmer A Nafziger of Gridley, Ill inois. As usual, Wilmer included many news clippings from the area’s local new— papers about Nafzigers, added some back ground information on several of the family lines in Illinois plus a sub scription to the News. It is always good to hear from Wilmer.
Lorraine writes,”I am now interested in a Christian Nafziger family who I think went to Lewis County, New York. Christ ian Nafziger, age 26, son of Valentine Nafziger, married May 14, 1817 to Marie Jantzi, daughter of Christian Jantzi and Anne Farny in Bistroff, Lorraine, France. I do not know when they came to America.”
According to other material sent to us
by Lorraine, this Christian Nafziger,
born 1791 and Marie Jantzi, born 1799,
had three sons and six daughters.	They
are as follows:
1. Magdalena in. John Gerber
2. Mary in. Joseph Moser in Lewis Cty in 1850
3. Jane m. John Yousey
4. John m. Barbara Martin
5. Susan in. Peter Farney II rm. Andrew Steiner, Sr.
6. Anna m. John Widrick
7. Katherine m. John Yousey(Jausi)
8. Joseph M. Barbara Hirschy
9. Christian in. Katie Yousey
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works beside that house at Nafziger’s Ice Cream Co., where he is president.
Because the mailing address for the com pany and for the house are the same, Nafziger has had only one permanent address in 50 years.
We have been in correspondance with Lorraine Roth, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Presently, Lorraine is doing some work in the Mennonite Historical Library, Goshe, Indiana. She is fam iliar with the Nafziger families whose heritage trace to Can ada. She has been very helpful to us in Grafton by assisting us with the unraveling of the lineage of the many Nafziger fam ilies who traveled to the states via the Canada route.
We are pleased to have heard from Patrick Ketner of Lansing, Michigan.Pat— trick is a descendant of Rudolph Nafzger through his son Peter, grandson Daniel
and great-grandson Sarnuel.He is sending us an update on his branch of this fam ily line.
Our thanks to Dean Noffsinger of Green Valley, Arizona for his nice letter and subscri ption,
Ills address is permanent
ARCHBOLD, Ohio — If America is an itin erant society with peo pie constantly moving, Dale L. Nafziger, 50, may be the truest exception in this country.
He sti” lives in the farmhouse in which he was born and still
For several years this Nofziger side of the family has enjoyed the News. Dr. Dwight E. Nofziger was the third son of Alfred and Mary Alta Garber Nofziger born at Stryker, Ohio on March 11, 1916. I regret to write that he passed away on April 4, 1980 of a massive heart attack at the age of 64. He had just retired from the staff of the University of North ern Colorado after twenty years at that institution as a professor of music ed ucation, the past six years as chairman of that department. He and his wife Clara had purchased a country inn in North Carolina as a retirement venture in April
1979. Unfortunately he had just four months there before his death.
He is survived by his wife Clara and his children: Major Richard Wade Nofzi get; Carol Irene Nofziger; Steven Allen Nofziger and Dwight David Nofziger. Two grandchildren Daniel Wade and Kathleen Marie;children of R. Wade and Alice Herb ert Nofziger.
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Editor’s Note: According to our records Dr.Dwight Nofziger is a fifth generation descendant of Valentine Nafziger who em— grated to America in 1831. Valentine and his family settled in Wayne County, Ohio but several of his children moved to Ful ton County, Ohio when they became of age.
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According to some notes made by Christian Nafziger of Lewis County, New York and sent to us by Lorraine, there were three rlafziger brothers(one a half brother) who are as follows:
1. ( name not listed)Nafzig came to Philadelphia — was a school teacher.
2. ( name not listed)Nafziger Married Madeleine Bachman stayed in Europe
3 sons and 3 daughters Christian— 2 sons (unmarried)
John — 5 sons, 3 daughters
1 __________m. Mary Esch
2. ________m. Mary Ldeitz
3.	________rn. Nafziger Sisters)
4.	________m. Nafziger
5. Christian(l862—1953) m. Anna Moser
6.	________m. Schertz
7. ________m. Joseph Otto
8. _______m. John Kennel (John, Jacob, Joseph Kennel went to Fulton County, Ohio. These were cousins of Madalana Bachman
3, The third brother is the one listed above. Christian Nafziger who married Marie Jantzi
In addition to the above material, Lorraine writes that she finds a Peter Nafziger in the 1851 census who was born in 1805 and who had a wife Barbara. The children were Christian, 9; Nicholaus, 8; Anna, 6; Barbara, 4; Magdalena, 2. Refer to the letter in this issue of the News and we find that the Peter that Vinita Cross of Palos Park, Illinois is seeking and the one cited by Lorraine have the same birthdates but it would appear that they are not the same family.
Also, Lorraine writes that she has two other Nafziger women listed •in her rec ords. Magdalena, born ca. 1816 married Christian Wagler. Anna, born in 1821 married Henry Kropf.
In addition, Lorraine sends us a plat map of the area in Canada where the Naf zigers settled. On the map, we find the site where the legendary Christian(se tled in 1826), the site where Peter, the Apostle settled. Also, we find that another Peter Naffziger had settled there whose family cannot be found in our rec ords. Also, there is a Jacob Nafziger and a Daniel Naffziger listed on the plat map and we do not have any records of de scendants of the families.
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I 20 EDGEW000 D
G rro OH IC) 4 40 4 4
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $ yearly Published quarterly
Page Two
In your last issue of the News, I read all the letter to you from Raymond Nofts ger. I know he and I are from the same Jacob Noftsger line. He was unsure of Mariah Kipp and Rebecca Piles. They are in my records and I have pictures of Reb becca Piles and my father’s family. I would like to correspond with Raymond but there was no address listed. Do you ‘save his complete address?
This March 28th, I again visited the very old Noftsger home place that holds many memories for me. It has fallen into hans of stragers and now has been abandoned as a home. How I wish I could claim it as mine, to strip away and re store the old log home that is there.
I will be 80 so I doubt if this dream will come true. But who knows I love that place. The original acreage of my ancesters on Bull Skin Creek was 1000 acres. Now it is down to about 2 acres.
West Chester, Ohio
Editor’s Note: It is difficult to keep an updated address on Raymond. The last
• he telephoned me he was in Washington D.C. But I believe he will get his mail if sent to 1518 Guthrie St., Des Moines, Iowa, 50316.
Cont-d fro Pn 2
Finally, Lorraine supplied us with information that Catherine Nafziger, dau ghter of the legendary Christian Nafziger married Christian Miller and she lists their children. But she writes that she found no one in Ontario who claims to be a descendant of the legendary Christian Nafziger line.
The Nafzigers listed in Loraine’s letter and the enclosed information send to us by her represents some Nafziger lines where we have not heard from de scendants. We hope the reprint of some of Lorraine’s information will encourage our readers to re-examine their Nafziger heritage to see if they can make any con nection of the so called “mystery Nafzi ger lines”. Write if you can help us with any of the foregoing Nafziger lines.
A short letter to let you know that Elmer Nafziger of Springfield, Illinois passed away February 23, 1981. His son, George, survives along with three grand children. He was 89 years of age.
Monticello, Illinois
vows exchanged
HOPEDALE (PNS) — The rural Hopedale farm of the Eldon Dean Nafzigers was the setting for the May 31 wedding of their daughter, LeeAnn Nafziger, to Paul Ewert, son of the Rev. and Mrs. Jacob Ewert of Balko, Okla. A pig roast followed.
The bride, a graduate of Olympia High School and Hesston Kan.) Junior Col lege, is majoring in elementary educa tion at Wichita (Kan.) State University.
The bridegroom graduated from Balko High School and attended Tabor College. Hilisboro, Kan. He is majoring in politi cal science at WSU and is employed by Guradian Industries.
The newlyweds are residing at 1507 S. Bleckley, Wichita
NAFZ1GER. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D.
(Miriam E. Herr) of 211 Grove St.,
Hopedale. Ill., a daughter at Pekin
Memorial Hospital. Wednesday
Mrs. Herr is the daughter of Clyde
H. herr of 123 Witmer Road. Lan caster.
Reception to fete Hopedale pair
HOPEDALE — An open reception from2to4p.m. Dec. atthe Hopedale Mennonite Church fellowship hall will celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John Kauffmann of Hopedale.
Kauffmann and Alma Litwiller were married Dec. 29, 1920, at the home of the bride’s parents near Delavan. They retired from farming in 1960.
They are parents of Ivan of Lom bard; Miriam of Chicago; Warren of 305 E. Poplar St., Normal, Merle and Norman of Goshen, md., and Floyd of Imperial Beach, Calif. A son, Weldon. and a daughter, Nadine, are deceased.
There are 15 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
Page Three
VINITA CROSS Palos.J’ark, Illinois
Pettisville, Ohio
I am having particular trouble with my Nofziger line. Peter, my great great grandfather was born about 1805, but I cannot find anymore information on him. He died in 1885. He married Eliz and they had a daughter,Barbara, born in 1835 who married Henry Gautsche. Barbara had been adopted, her obituary lists her as Barbara Meyer Gautsche but she will be identified as a daughter.
We have received a list of the latest marriages and births of the Harry Nafzi ger family line of Archbold, Ohio Harry is a descendant of two of the three Naf siger lines that settled in Fulton County Ohio. Our thanks to them for the updated list.
I heard recently that you publish a monthly newsletter about the Nafzigers. My name was Nofziger but we have relat ives who spell it with an “a”, also cou sins who spell it “Nofzinger”.
I also have three old German bibles, one is dated 1765, one I can’t find a date. I also have a Martyr’s Mirrow It has two dates on it, one is 1660 and the other one says 1780. My grandfather came across from Prussia in 1850. Had four children, My father was one of them. He was four years old.
Editor’s Note: Vinita describes a prob lem that has been with us for sometime. Several Nafzger lines have been working on the problem without success. Peter Nafziger is found in the Census living in Butler County, Ohio. Like so many Nafzger lines, Butler County was used as a temporary place to live for a couple of years until a more permanent arrange ment could be developed. Peter appears to have lived in Butler County less than 10 years. He may have come from the Canadian group. If any of our readers can help us unravel the heritage of Peter Nafziger who lived in Butler County, please write.
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Muriel Oliver of St. Petersburg, Florida. In the first part of her letter, she pro vided us with a first-hand account of the very serious bridge accident when a ship struck and knocked down a portion of the Interstate Bridge at St. Peters burg Mrs. Oliver’s son is the chief maintenance engineer for the bridge.
In the latter part of her letter, she writes of the many relatives in her fam ily line (Naffzigers) who remain Menno— mines. It would appear that the ones in her line who have changed, did so more out of convenience than for belief change. Often, a Mennonite church would not be located near where they lived.
We extend our appreciation to Les and Carol Naffziger of Rock Falls, Illinois for their nice letter and subscription.
Our thanks to Jacques Noftzger of Whittier, California for a nice letter and donation.
Editor’s Note: Mr .Rychener is a de scendant of Christian Nafziger—Nofziger whose children settled in Fulton County, (with the exception of Peter) Christian did not emigrate to America ss he died in Germany. It was his oldest son, Peter who first made the trip. Later, Christ Ian’s wife, Catherine and more of the child ren made the trip. One daughter, Helen married Jacob Bender and did not emigrate to America.
It would appear to us that Peter emigrated to America in 1839 but we were never sure what year he brought his mother and fam ily to America. From Mrs. Rychener’s let ter it would appear to have been the year 1850. Our thanks to her for this informa tion.
HOPEDALE - Randy and Rita Springer of Hopedale are parents of their second child, a daughter born jan. 13 at 2:24 a. m. In St. Francis Hospital, Peoria.
She weighed seven pounds, one-half ounce and was 19 ut inches long. She has been named Renee Lynn and shares her middle name with her mother.
A brother, Craig. 2 1/2. welcomes her.
Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Bob Myers of Hope- dale. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Carroll S er of Hopedale.
Maternal great-grandparents are Mrs. Thelma Myers of Mackinaw and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmldgall of Deer Creek. Paternal great-grandparents are Mr Hopedale, and Mrs. Emma Spd Maplelaw5Nurslng Home,
Eureka.	//
Page Four
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Rissmiller, 328 Main St., Leesport. celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
They were married Nov. 22, 1919, by the late Rev. M.L. Herbein in his Reading par. sonage.
Rissmiller, son of the late John and Sarah i g Rissmiller, was em jfoyed by Mohrsville Box Factory.
They have four children:
Ralph W., Elizabethtown; Earl C., Reading R.D. 2; An na M., wife of William I. Kerschner, Leesport; and the late ‘Leon L. Rlssmiller. The couple has seven grand children and three great- grandchildren.
CELEBRATIONS—Mr. and Mrs. William F. Riss miller, above, of 328 Main St., Leesport. cele brated their 60th anniversary
tractor4railer rig crashed into the left side of a bus carrying children to school Thursday, authorities said. Two 12-year- olds were killed and 11 persons, including four young sisters, were hos
One of the dead, E Nofsinger, was the son of a Moncks Corner police officer who rushed to the scene and pulled his lifeless child from the wreckage. The other was identified as Tern Martin.
from Hendersonville, North Carolina
Third Generation
CHRISTIAN WIELERHAUF NAFZIGER(1819-1901) of beth Ehresmann. Children: John, Christian, to the U.S. (Butler County, Ohio)
Seventh Generation
Ueberau, Reinheim, Germany, Married Eliza Eliza, Gustoff, Lena, William. Emigrated
Two Children Die in Bus-Truck Crash
First Generation
JOHANN PETER NAFZIGER(l755-1805) Hofbestander zu Ueberau, Germany. Married Anna Barbara
Unzicker. Children: Anna Catharine, Johann Christian, Johann Valentine, Anna Magdalena
Anna Elizabeth. Remarried to Elizabeth Barbara(Danner)Nafziger(widow of Peter Nafziger
of Ilibach). Children: Elizabeth, Johannes and Johann Jacob. Second Generation
JOHANN CHRISTIAN NAFZIGER(l767—l819) Hofbestander zu Ueberau, Germany, Married Elizabeth Fischer. Children: Magdalena, Peter, Catharine, Elizabeth, Jacob and Christian Wieler
Fourth Generation
CHRISTIAN FRANKLIN NAFZIGER(l851-1939) of Bloomington, Illinois. Married Ida Mullix.
Children: Albert, Pierce, Edward. 2nd. married to Nellie(Thompson)Calvert. Children:
Lorene, Bruce, Robert, Everett.
Fifth Generation
ALBERT WALTER NAFFZIGER(l887-l971) of Stanford, Illinois. r Stella Mae Hulva.
Children: Eldon Sixth Generation
ELDON EUGENE NAFFZIGER(19l6— ) of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Married to
Helen Laverne Walters. Children: Steven and Gary . 2nd. married to Mary(Lanzafama)
) of Bloomington, Illinois. Married to Robin Coney.
Page Five
Frederick Nafziger was born in 1818 at Ilof Ludwigsburg, Wied-Runkel in the Duchy of Nassau. (Gladbacher Hof). His father was Peter and his mother was Henriette Schoen beck. He married Barbara Nafziger who was born in 1816 at Hoerder Hof Wied-Runkel, Duchy of Nassau. Barbara’s father was Jacob and her mother was Catherina Nafziger. This couple emigrated from Germany to Butler County, Ohio, in 1838 and then to Danvers, Illinois in 1844. Children of the couple are as follows:
1. August Nafziger, born 1840 in Butler County, Ohio. Buried at Steen Rock County, Minnesota. He was married to Sally-last name is not known.
2. Frederick Nafziger - unmarried
3. Edward Nafziger, born 1846. Married to
4. Henrietta Nafziger, born 1848. Married Danvers, Illinois. Valentine Naffziger
5. Albert Nafziger, born 1850. unmarried.
. Julius Nafziger, born 1853. Married in Kansas City.
7. Ida Nafziger. Married to Arthur Huriburt. Burned in Minnesota.
8. Julia Nafziger. Died in infancy.
(Information on Frederick’s father) Peter Nafziger, born in 1783, Ludwigsburger Hof and died 1859 at Gladbacher Hof. His wife, Henriette Schonbeck was born in 1789 at Trageser Hof. She died in 1833 at Gladbacher Hof. Henriette Schonbeck’s father was Johannes Schonbeck and her mother was Elisabeth Hohi. No other information is known about her parents with the exception that her mother died in 1801 at Trageser Hof. (Infori on Frederick’s grandfather) Also named Peter Nafziger, he was born at Fleckensteiner H. He died in 1813 at Ludwigsburger H.
(Information on Frederk’s grandmother) Catherine Nafziger was born Winsteiner Hof, Germany. She died at Ludwigsburger H.
(Iniiwmation on Barbara’s father and mother) The information we have indicate that Jacob Nafziger was born at Schmiedenhof, Germany and her mother was born at Liebenauer Hof, Germany and that they emigrated to the United States. It would appear that the Jacob Nafziger who married a Catharina Nafziger and came to the U.S. might be the one who was born in 1797 and Catherine, born 1798. They married in 1817 and settled in McLean Count—, Illinois. Jacob died in 1884 and Catherine died in 1863. Children of the marriage are Augustus, Eliza, Helen, Katherine, Henrietta and Christian. No Barbara is listed as one of their children. Perhaps, the records are not correct. Maybe, some of our readers can help us with the problem.
(Iniormation on Barbara grandfather and grandmother). Father of Jacob Nafziger was Valentin Nafztger who married Elisabeth Nafziger. Valentin was born 1748, Flecken— Steiner H. and died in 1826 at Horderhof. Elisabeth Nafziger as born 1760 at Win- steiner Hof, Germany and died 1825, Horderhof. Littler is known of Barbara’s grand mother, who is also a Nafziger, except that their names p” a Valentin Nafziger who Married a Magdalena Springer. Magdalena died at Liebenauer H, Germany
a Jo Forster. Buried in 1928 at Kansas City. to Valentine Naffziger. Buried in 1924 at is a grandson of Peter of Uberau:
Buried in 1886 at Arrosmith, Illinois 1893 to Maud Williams. Buried in 1909 at
Sometimes, the marriage between cousins or second cousins and the inter marriage of Nafziger family lines due to death of a partner make for a tangled relationship among descendants. P. classic illustration is the case of the ex— states of Illbach and Ueberau where two Nafziger family lines lived. As best as we can determine from the records, no intermarriage between the two family lines existed until death of a marriage partner on 3ach estate. The two estates are situated almost next to each other and of course, a marriage soon developed.
Until now, there has been little attempt to figure out the relation ship of Nafziger lines centering around the Frederick Nafziger line who married Barbara Nafziger. As we explored the heritage of this Nafziger line, we found the relationship more tangled than at first believed. Perhaps, some of our cousins from Germany can assist us with developing an accurage history of this Nafziger family line.
Page Six
Mary M. RenLschkr
Services for Mary M. Rent schier, 84, formerly of West Lawn, will be Monday at 11
The Rev. William B. Fryer Jr. will officiate in the M Do mer Leibensberger Funeral Home, Centerport. Burial will be in St. Michacls Ceme tery, Tilden
Mrs. Rentschler died Wednesday afternoon in the United Zion Home Inc., Lititz, where she was a guest three years. cL ji &iQSO
Born in Til Township, she was a daughter of the late Frank and Mar, (Kauffman) Na
Her Msband, Horace B. Rentschler, preceded her in death Oct. 3, 1978.
She was a member of Ad vent Lutheran Church. West La wo.
Surviving are two daugh ters: Grace L., widow of Mark L. Reinsel, West Lawn, and Helen M., wife Of Owen
C. Harvey, Columbia, Md.; three grandchildren, and sev enjreat-grandchi
Josepn W. Weaver
EUREKA — Joseph William Weaver. 80, of 410 Eureka Ave. and formerly of Washington, l..died at 4:40 p.m. Satur day at St. Francis Hospital, Peoria.
His funeral will be at 10 am. Tuesday at New Castle Bible Church, the Rev. Lawrence Chapman officiating. Burial will be in Glendale Cemetery, Washing ton:
He was born Aug. 6, 1899, in Metamora, a son of John and Magdalena Garber Weaver. He married cathryn
. Anna Nofsinger Nov. 22. 1922, in Wash ington. She died Feb. 22, 1971.
Survivors include three daughters,
Glennis Thomas, Washington; Edith
Kern, Deer Creek, and Josephine Jones,
Coldwater, Mich.; two sisters, Martha
Schrock, Deer Creek, and Mary Weaver,
Eureka: six grandchildren; and 12 great-
Two sisters preceded him in death.
He was a plumber for Strubhar Plumb ing of Washington.
Helen M. Ncffziger
WASHINGTON )PNS — Helen M. Naffziger. 72, of R.R. 2 died at 11:07
p.m. Saturday at Methodist Medical Center, Peoria. She had been a patient there two months.
She was born May 15, 1908 in Galesburg, a daughter of Henry and Bessie Seay Tilton. She married Ken neth P. Naffziger Feb. 15, 1932. in Pec-ia, He survives.
Alno surviving are three sons, Ronald. Keith and Neil, all of Washing ton: two sisters, Iris Willhardt, Mon mouth, and Lois Davis. Pekin: and 11 grandchildren,
. She was a member of Washington United Methodist Church.
She was a 1930 graduate of Methodist Hospital School of Nursing. She had last work at Restmor Nursing Home. Morton.
Esther R. Nofsinger
ROANOKE (PNS) — Esther R. Nofs
inger, 73, R.R. 1, died at 10 a.m.. Wednesday at her home. She had been lU several years.
A graveside funeral will be at 10 a.m
Friday at Roanoke City Cemetery, Befl
Fehr officiating.
She was born Feb. 20, 1906, in
Roanoke, a daughter of Alfred and Anna
Tawzer Wolfe. She married R. Guy
Nofsinger Aug. 12, 1925, in Roanoke. He
Also surviving are a daughter, Anna Kirchner, Springfield; a brother, Wil 11am, Huntington Woods, Mich.; and three grandchildren.
Three brothers and three sisters pre ceded her in death.
She was a member of Church of the Brethern.
Memorials may be made to the Wood- ford County Cancer Society.
Clyde B. Noffsinger, 59, died unexpectedly Wednesday evening of an apparent heart attack at the home of Mrs. Richard I. Rice, 23614 Greenleaf Blvd., Elkhart, where he had been employed six years as a gardener.
A native of Elkhart, he was born June 12, 1921. He had taken part in the Normandy invasion during World War 11 and had served as a staff sergeant with the Army for six years. There are no known survivors.
Friends may call from ‘ to 9 pin. Friday at Walley-Mills Zimmerman Funeral Home where services will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday. Burial will be in Rice Cemetery.
Wannie Nafziger
The funeral of Wannie Nafziger, 84. of 611 S. Maple St., who died Tuesday. will be 1:30 p.m. Friday at Beck Memorial Home, with the Rev, Ralph Faisst officiating. Burial will be in Stanford Cemetery.
Mrs. Nafziger was a seamstress for Moberly & Klenner clothing store for 37 years, retiring in 1974.
She was born Feb. 28, 1895, in Linville, Va., a daughter of William and Sarrah Moyer Hulvey. She married Fred Nafziger on Feb. 16, 1916, in Blooming ton. He died Oct. 3, 1935.
Survivors include a son, Ray, Mesa, Ariz.; a daughter. Virginia Linenweber, 611 S. Maple St.; a grandchild; and a great-grandchild.
Two sisters and three brothers pre ceded her in death.
She was a member of St. Luke Union Church.
Homer Nafziger
MINIER (PNS) — Homer W. Nafziger, 92, of Minier, died at 8:50 a.m. Monday at Mennonite Hospital, Bloomington.
Visitation will be one hour before the service at the funeral home.
He was born Oct. 21, 1888, in Minier, a son of August and Lizzie Erisman Nafziger. He married Pauline Davies Mahitig Sept. 4, 1935, in Peoria. She died April 24, 1973.
Survivors include two step-daugh ters, Willa Ruth Straesser, Morton; and Eloulse Chapman, Brook, md,; four grandchildren, nine great-grand children; and four greatgreat children.
He was preceded in death by two brothers and a sister,
He was a retired farmer.
INTERCOURSE, PA.—Mrs. E. A. (Salome B.) Nafziger, 80, of
Intercourse, Pa., died Sun.. Jan. 25 at 12:30 a.m. at Lancaster
General Hospital after an illness of one month. She was the
widow of Ezra A. Nafziger.
Born in Somerset, she was a daughter of the late Rev. Daniel and Amanda (Miller) Beachy. She was a member of the Maple Grove Mennonite Church, Atglen. She was a graduate nurse from the Milford Emergency Hospital, Milford, Del., in 1930. She served as administrator at Tel Hai Nursing Home, Honey Brook, for seven years.
Surviving are a son, Daniel E. Nafziger, Lancaster; three step-sons: Harold J. Nafziger Hershey; David S. Nafzigei-, Phoenixville; and John E. Nakziger, Intercourse; two foster- daughters: Anna Marie Smith, Intercourse, and Lucretia, wife of John A. Esh, Quarryville; 12 grandchildren; a sister, Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Jonas E. Miller, Sarasota, Fla.; three brothers: Eli Beachy, Oakland, Md.; Alvin Beachy, Green wood, Del.; and Simon Beachy, Salisbury. She was also preceded in death by two infant daughters, Ruth Ann and Doris Nafziger; 3 sisters Cora (Beachy) Hershberger, Lucy (Beachy) Smoker and Tillie (Beachy) Miller; 3 brothers, Nor man Beachy, Samuel Beachy and Joel Beachy.
Page Seven
to fete Nafzigers
HOPEDALE (PNS) — A family d is planned for Sunday in cele _atin e 50th wed g a
•	Lawrence
Na rural Hopedale:” ‘ d Z Nif and Edith Nüi m 15, 1911, a Annie Wethmeir Sutter and Nolder were their attendants. They are parents of LaDonna Staten
of Pine Bluff, Ark., and Robert L. Nafziger of rural Tremont. There are six grandchildren.
MORTON — Tern Renee Cox of Tremont and Mark Nafziger of Morton were married Aug. 2 at First Mennonite Church. Morton.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cox of Tremont are the bride’s parents. The bridegrooms parents are Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Nafziger, rural Hopedale.
The bride graduated from Tremont High School and attended Grand Rapids Junior College. She is employed by Sears and Roebuck, Pekin.
Her husband is a graduate of Olympia High School and Illinois Central College. He is employed by Bell Enterprises Inc., Deer Creek.
The newlyweds will reside in Morton.
Jan. 21 was the birth date of %lark
James Thomas Nafziger, son of former
Bloomington residents Gerald D. and
Ellen Carr Nafziger of rural Knoxville
He is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Le
Thomas Carr Sr. of 1219 Gettysburg
Drive and Mr. and Mrs. L)elmar
Nafziger of 714 Vale St. Kim, 17, and
Scott, 11, are his sister and brother.
The 6-pound, 11-ounce boy is named for
maternal great-grandfathers, Mark
Carr and James Land, and his mater nal grandfather.
Peters-Na fziger
wedding date set
Rebecca S. Peters of 1506 Northbrook Drive, Normal, and Bruce E. Nafziger of 709 Arcadia Drive, Apt. 1, are plan ning an Oct. 11 wedding.
Clarence Peters of Morton and the late Geraldine Peters are parents of the bride-elect. Mr. and Mrs. Norlan Nafziger of rural Stanford are parents of her fiance.
First child of Gregg and Tina Nafziger of Minier is Loni Jo Nafzlger, who weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces at her June 15 birth. Grandparents are Mr. and M
Cecil Chambers of Ruidosa Dow
N.M., and the Merle Nafzigers of rural Minier.
THE NAFZGER HERITAGE N 120 Edgewood Drive -
Grafton, Ohio 44044
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The Nafzigers
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The Nafzigers
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J1 er—J’ ig
jtamtlten 1
Cms. Keskastel, Dept. Bas Rhin.
Marri ag
NOFFZIGER, Andre and Marie MILLER. 15 Nov. 1825.
Andre Noffziger, b. 3 July 1797, at Schottenhoff, Marie de Sarralbe. Bookseller.
Parents: Valentin Noffziger, dec. was farmer at Schottenhoff. Sussane SOMMER, living at Keskastel.
NAFZIR, Madelaine, 37. b. at Steinbacherhof. d. 16 April 1825. Wife of Pierre KELLER. Parents: Valentin NAFZrR. Farmer. Madelamne Murer.
SCHERTZ, Joseph 87 years, 1 month. d. 1 Feb. 1829. Widower of Barbe NAFFZERN. NAFZIR, Madelaine, d. 16 April 1823.
Commune IMLING, Department de la Moselle.
NOFZIGER, Pierre (Peter) and Abersol(Sebersold), Anne.
Children:	Joseph	b. 3 March 1815
Barbara	B. 11 Sept. 1816.
Jean (John) b. 20 June 1818. d. 2 July 1819
NOFZIGER, Pierre (Peter) 24 Oct. 1819. Age: 28 years
Nafziger, Stefan	23.1.1742	Gungerich, Magdalena
Steinsel tz
28.9.57	Nafziger, Valentine	Esch, Anna
Urbach-Engel shof-Hol 1 enhof-Ferme 01 fedi ngen
1787 Nafziger, Georg 14.3.1821 Gungrich, Elisabeth
Freudenberger Hof-Fronsbacher Hof-Hof Abtei Wadgassen
25.6.1830	Nafziger, Jakob	1860	Guth, Maria 13.3.1840
Saint Bastopol—Offweilerhof-Grosswiesingerhof
21 .8.1863 Nafziger Gg. Andr. Blaser, Jakobine 23.6.1873 Bi iesebersingen — Grosswiesingerhof
12.3.1902 Nafziger, Emma 1923 Lichti, Theodor 16.2.1898 Branchweiler—Hof. bei Neustadt/Weinstrasse
From: Drumm, Ernst. Zur geschichte d. Mennoniten in Herzogthum Pfalz-Zweibrucken. Zweibrucken, 1962.
S. 80. Nafziger, Katherina. geb. zu Waltenburg, 1779 Tochter von: Christian Nafziger
Katharina Jinrer
s. 83 Nafztger, Johannes. Muller zu Steinselz verzieht 1765 auf dsn Katzenthalerhof im Fleckensteinischen (Manumissionsprotokoll 11/171 r)
DI DE DECESfaite en In Maison commune d
dt5partcrncat du Bas-Rhji pardevant FOfficier de i’Et civil,à __ heure, du.
Ic	— n cent vingt-e
i±& i;
Agé	c fl4 — JflOZS	JOUrI; né I
Profession ou qualité,
Domicil6e a t ‘ ‘4L _____ morte. en cette maine,
le £t4 _______________ - du moit.. —	,	h
du , Ia maison située N.’ _____________________________________________________ -— Prênom nom et profession de son PERE ______________
Prénoms et notu de sa MERE ‘ Premier DECLA RANT,
a Z2 2	_______
Dj prenoms, om1 etc.
tt	1’2	- ?4 ‘-
L	déclaranj domicilit, en cettc maine. _________________
Lecturclfzite, L’Officier de i’Eti*t ciqil a signé avec les déclarans. _______________
1 ) DEDF faite enla Maison commune d€. £	— ,
1 ) r!c VE civil, ac h du
I ;,a	‘1	huit cent
Prén oius c t nom d i DECEDE c- 2z - — Agd de i2Y 5) an — mois. jours; née I óeii
C ‘a	Z4-
Profession ou qualité,
Domiciliée a	4’	4 ..	morti cette maine,
le u V	du	-,	heure.i
du	, dans Is mnaison située N.	_______________________________________________________
Prénoms, nom et profession de son PER ir — Prénoms et nom de sa MERE>4
P profession
D x DECLARANT rënom -
L,,	déclaran domiciliéj en-cette mairie.. .L	_______________
Lecture faite, .I’Officier de I’Etat civil a signéaveclesaeclarans.	-
/	Maire,faisars&tesfonctioma 4’C that iii, -
/ ____________
Maire, faisant Lesfonctions d’Officier Se i’Etai civil,

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