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For a long time I have wanted to gather a database of Nafzger descendants. Such was the project that Glea Brown Richer and then Clair Naftzger emabarked on. Unfortunately, I have never felt up to the task of single handedly compliling and linking the descendants. Now I have found a novel way that many of us can contribute what we know. It will allow each of us to maintain control over the data we share.

We now have a shared, master genealogy file for all our latest family history information. All of us can easily view this file, print reports, make changes, etc. It's done over the Internet, using new genealogy software that supports "collaboration." It also has a built-in research manager we use to coordinate our research efforts.

You're invited to join us. To access our family file, do this:

  1. Download Ancestral Quest 2002 free at
  2. When AQ 2002 is installed, go to the Collaborate menu and choose Sign Up to get a free collaboration account.
  3. Sign the guestbook to let me know you are interested and I'll email you

Our file is private and secure, so I have to authorize anyone new. That's why I need your info in step 3.

Once you're all set up, just go to the Collaborate menu in AQ 2002 and choose the Open Published File option to open our file. Browse through it and let me know what family lines you are most interested in. Also, please tell me if you see anything missing or incorrect!

Until Ancestral Quest 2002 is registered, it runs in "viewer mode," which lets you view latest database, preview reports, etc. If you decide to help edit the database or print reports, you may need to register AQ 2002 so you'll have the full functionality. For this reason, I'm asking Incline Software to offer you a discount, if you would like to recieve the discount, sign the guestbook and I will send instructions on how to obtain it.

I hope to work together with you in this group effort!

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