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National Nafzger Family Reunion

I am exploring the possibility of a National Nafzger Family Reunion. Such a reunion was held in Sepember1997 in Virginia Beach, VA. The occasion was the 250th anniversary of Rudolf, Peter, and Matthias immigrating to America. The reunion was organized by Jay Noffsinger (descendant of Peter). My wife and I attended and had an enjoyable time. There were descendants of both Peter and Rudolf and well as some other branches of the family present. It was an opportunity to meet with other Nafzger researchers.

If I was to organize the reunion it would have to take place here in Salt Lake City. Iím not ready to take on the logistics of doing somewhere else. A large benefit of Salt Lake would be the LDS Family History Library, the largest library of its kind in the world. We could arrange for a tour and choose a hotel that is close. There are also plenty of recreational opportunities nearby. The obvious drawback to the location is that most of you will have to travel a considerable distance.

If there is someone else that is willing to do the leg work to have the reunion somewhere else, I am open to that. I would be particularly interested in having it in the Midwest, since thatís were most of my Nafzger heritage is found.

As for the timing, I propose September 2004. That would be 5 years from the last reunion and could start a tradition of having a National Family Reunion every 5 years.

Well, what do you all think? If there was a reunion, would you go? Were would you like to have it? Letís discuss this on the RootsWeb Noffsinger forum, but keep an eye on this page for the details when they are decided.

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